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									                                           JUDITH ROSCH
                                       Chandler, Arizona 85225
                                 480-821-4506 

                                       STAFF PHARMACIST
Licensed pharmacist with flawless history of providing superior customer-focused service in diverse
settings including community pharmacies, retail chain pharmacies, clinical settings, and mail order
pharmacy. Works with precision in fast-paced environments by expertly prioritizing, verifying, filling,
reviewing, and counseling patients on prescription and over-the-counter medications. Scales rapidly
fluctuating needs and demands via development of streamlined processes, improved workflows, and
robust inventory control policies. Builds excellent rapports with colleagues, customers, and all
healthcare team members by providing expertise in pharmaceutical, interpersonal, and quality
assurance realms. Helps maximize effectiveness of drug regimes for variety of patient conditions by
leveraging experience spanning from routine to emergency treatment.

 Prescription Verification & Dispensing  Physician & Healthcare Team Consultations  Compliance
    Customer Service  Inventory & Cost Control  Policy Development  Process Improvement
     Patient Education & Consultations  Customer Service  Team Training  Problem Solving

                                   PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

NOTE: Consultant Pharmacist & Referral Agent for BANKERS LIFE & CASUALTY (12/2011 –
Present) while searching for Staff Pharmacist role in line with professional goals.

ONEPOINT PATIENT CARE, Tempe, Arizona  1/2008 – 7/2011
Pharmacy providing prescription and over-the-counter medications to hospice residents.

Staff Pharmacist
Managed 600-800 orders per shift including transcription, verification, and final review. Consulted with
and recommended optimal patient therapies to physicians, nurses, and other hospice personnel.
Assessed new patients. Counseled patents. Maintained proper storage and security of medications.
Oversaw and coordinated 12 weekend pharmacy technicians performing order entry, prescription
filling, and compounding of specialized strengths of opiates for unique patient needs.

 Ensured timely completion of orders for patients, effectively prioritizing duties for technicians.
 Completed STAT and ASAP orders within strict 10-minute company policy on consistent basis.
 Cultivated strong rapport with hospice nurses, providing calming support and clear focus on task
   at hand amidst chaotic situations.
 Lauded frequently for outstanding problem solving acumen.

WALGREENS, Mesa, Arizona  2/2003 – 4/2007
Retail pharmacy providing prescription and over-the-counter medication to general public.

Staff Pharmacist
Performed prescription counseling and dispensing. Provided specialized services and information to
help patients monitor their unique conditions including, but not limited to, diabetes, hypertension, diet,
and exercise. Advised customers on over-the-counter medication selection and use.


                         JUDITH ROSCH  Page 2 

(Staff Pharmacist, WALGREENS, cont.)

 Helped mitigate excessive financial cost of medications for low-income and retired customers,
   recommending different coverage, discount cards, and generic medication for their unique needs.
 Maintained optimal inventory control levels within company requirements each cycle, diligently
   monitoring and ordering inventory to minimize waste and medication unavailability.
 Filled/refilled prescriptions and billed insurance providers with accuracy within strict 10-minute
   company policy.
 Achieved 0% instances of violations of state or federal regulations during annual inspections.

EXPRESSSCRIPTS, Tempe, Arizona  4/2001 – 11/2002
Mail order pharmacy providing nationwide prescription medication delivery.

Verification Pharmacist
Verified prescriptions inputted into computer system by data entry personnel. Wrote order tickets
pinpointing and detailing how to correct errors.

 Ensured accuracy of up to 62 prescriptions per hour according to 10 parameters.
 Enabled smooth scaling of fluctuating daily workflow, devising cross-training plan for verification
   and inspection pharmacists in order to maximize accuracy and efficiency.
 Reduced 10% error rate of data entry professionals, providing ad hoc training and coaching to
   improve their pharmaceutical knowledge and skills.

HU HU KAM MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Sacaton, Arizona  2000 – 2001
Outpatient hospital on Native American reservation serving members of Gila River Indian Tribe.

Contract Pharmacist
Received, processed, dispensed, and counseled patients on prescriptions obtained by multiple clinics
at hospital. Supervised and aided technicians with use of robotic prescription fill system.

 Built excellent rapports with patients, conducting 1:1 interviews and consultations to ensure
   thorough understanding of medications, disease, and compliance.
 Discovered and resolved root-cause of elderly patient’s uncontrolled blood pressure, despite
   medication dosage increases, learning via patient counseling her dissatisfaction with frequent
   urination due to high-dose diuretic, and successfully recommending 1/day dose.

ALBERTSONS, Chandler & Phoenix, Arizona  11/1997 – 7/2000
Provider of complete prescription and over-the-counter service in grocery store.

Pharmacy Manager  1/1999 – 7/2000
Oversaw and managed all aspects of pharmacy operations, while conducting all regular staff
pharmacist tasks. Ordered and maintained inventory including controlled substances. Resolved any
escalated issues from staff pharmacist or customers.


                         JUDITH ROSCH  Page 2 

(Pharmacy Manager, ALBERTSONS, cont.)

 Achieved 100% accuracy of prescription stock during audits by outside inventory company in 5 out
   of 5 quarterly cycles, expertly maintaining inventory, and preparing pharmacy for audit.
 Eliminated errors and losses of Class II narcotics, instituting monthly inventory monitoring policy.
 Scaled rapid growth in business, successfully recommending, training, and guiding pharmacy
   technician trainee to pass certification test.

Float / Staff Pharmacist  11/1997 – 12/1998
Served as per-diem pharmacist at stores throughout Phoenix; travelled at own expense. Performed
on individual basis multiple tasks including, but not limited to, receiving and entering prescription
orders, processing insurance, dispensing medications, and counseling patients. Provided advice and
education on all over-the-counter medications.

 Memorized each store’s layout and inventory in minimal time in order to provide customers with
   assistance in finding all non-food items; sole employee available to help non-pharmacy customers.
 Provided suggestive diagnosis and triaging of 18-month old with chicken pox, asking mother key
   questions, and successfully identifying rash.
 Helped patient with successfully treating chronic fatigue, consulting with her on lifestyle habits,
   and recommending multi-vitamin high in B vitamins, hydration, and physical exercise for 20
   minutes 3-4 times daily; patient health and outlook improved, and she later became avid cyclist.

NOTE: Float Pharmacist (through Dependable Staffing Services), CIGNA PHARMACIES, Inpatient
Pharmacist, CHANDLER REGIONAL HOSPITAL, Chandler, Arizona, Staff Pharmacist, WALGREENS
PHARMACY #1453, Phoenix, Arizona, Float Pharmacist, LONGS DRUG STORE, Phoenix, Arizona,
and Inpatient & Outpatient Pharmacist, BROADLAWNS MEDICAL CENTER, Des Moines, Iowa.


                                Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
                      Drake University College of Pharmacy, Des Moines, Iowa

                                 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

     15 units of ongoing continuing education on most current pharmaceutical / pharmacy topics


                               Licensed Pharmacist – State of Arizona

                         Insurance License in Health / Life – State of Arizona


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