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Headway April Metro


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                                                            11.IIMMW                  nnn•n                                                           • ESP Awards

                                                                                                                                                      • Joe Scatchard
                                                                                                                                                      • Black Achievement Day
                                                                                                                                                      • Maintenance Awards
                                                                       1.1.1r                                                                         • Jerry Long Farewell
                                                            n	                                                                                        • The Women Who
                                                                                                                                                        Loved Too Much
                  	                         	                                                                                                         • RTD Retirees
     Volume 15               Number 4                                                                                        April 1987
                                                                                                                                                      • AIDS

 Cover Story

Labor and Management Join Forces to Improve Affairs
 The District reached agreement with                                                                                                            move creates a trust between union
 leaders of the United Transportation                                                                                                           and management that has not existed
 Union (UTU) to embark on an aggres-                                                                                                            on this property before. When we sit
 sive campaign to curb absenteeism                                                                                                              down at the bargaining table in 1988,
 and improve scheduling and overall                                                                                                             it will be with a much better image
 working conditions for bus operators.                                                                                                          than we have today," said Clark.
       District managers and UTU offi-                                                                                                                The breakfast meeting was the
cials held a breakfast kickoff meeting                                                                                                          first step toward addressing these
on February 28 at the Headquarters                                                                                                              issues and proposing positive solu-
Building to work out details and put                                                                                                            tions for resolving them through the
the plan into action. General Manager                                                                                                           formation of a labor/management pol-
John A. Dyer and UTU General Chair-                                                                                                             icy committee. The effort was rein-
man Earl Clark along with Acting                                                                                                                forced at each of the 12 operating
Director of Transportation Leilia Bai-                                                                                                          divisions beginning March 16 when
ley attended that session with nearly                                                                                                           the first meetings were held at Divi-
200 management personnel and oper-                                                                                                              sions 1, 18, and 10. Subsequent meet-
ators.                                                                                                                                          ings were held at Divisions 3, 16, and 8
       "This agreement is quite a break-                                                                                                        on March 17; Divisions 5, 15, and 9 on
through and represents a new order in                                                                                                           March 18; and at Divisions 6, 12, and 7
working relationships," said Dyer.                                                                                                              on March 19. Local committees made
 "The plan is broad in scope. On the                                                                                                            up of five UTU members and five
                                                Operators, managers, and labor leaders break bread on February 28 as they begin form-
one hand, we need to put a stop to                                                                                                              members representative of the Plan-
                                                ing joint labor/management committees that aim to combat absenteeism, and improve
attendance abuse, which is draining                                                                                                             ning Department, Schedules Depart-
                                                scheduling and working conditions for operators.
critical resources from bus operations.                                                                                                         ment, and Transportation De-
We also must help the public recog-                                                                                                             partment, were facilitated by the
 nize that the vast majority of our oper-       any we've ever had. We've never had a                 Clark said he had come to break bread     respective division manager and
 ators are doing an outstanding job.            joint labor-management team before. I                 with the RTD in order to talk about       assistant manager with each member
 Moreover, we are anxious to improve            don't think it's ever happened in                     ways to create a better image of opera-   having an equal voice and equal time.
their working conditions by address-            North America. We are going to make                   tors and improve attendance. "Opera-            Acting Director of Transporta-
ing such concerns as scheduling and             a difference." Dyer said that this new                tors have an obligation to the            tion Leilia Bailey said the purpose of
overtime requirements, which may                structure would help the District get                 taxpayers, to the elderly, the handi-     the committees was to improve the
have contributed to attendance Prob-            through the year with some docu-                      capped, and all those who are transit     levels of service, improve attendance,
lems."                                          mented savings. He promised that for                  dependent. We aren't going to over-       and develop incentives that work.
       In addressing the operators,             every dollar saved the District is pre-               turn all the bad things overnight but     Speaking to the operators, Ms. Bailey
Dyer asked them to let go of precon-            pared to put it back into the divisions               we can give the operators something       said, "There are people on these com-
ceived notions. "We want an open                for improvements and services.                        to work with. I feel very optimistic. I   mittees who are very outspoken. I
process, an interaction different from                UTU General Chairman Earl                       believe good will come out of it. This                        Continued on page 3

Fuentes, Former UMTA Counsel,                                                                         Employees Join Over 14,000
Assumes Inspector General Role                                                                        in Rite of Spring Marathon
 A former federal transportation offi-          Manager John A. Dyer.
 cial was selected to head up RTD's                   "Ernie Fuentes brings 15 years                  In the early morning hours of March
 newly created office of inspector gen-         investigating, auditing and contract-                 1, among over 14,000 people, a num-
 eral, effective March 2.                       ing experience to the RTD, including                  ber of RTD employees were looking
        Ernesto V. Fuentes, 39, until           extensive experience conducting                       for their starting blocks at the Coli-
 recently, the San Francisco regional           investigations and program audits for                 seum to get in place for the second Los
 counsel for the Urban Mass Transpor-                                           Continued on page 3   Angeles Marathon.
 tation Administration (UMTA), was                                                                          Many of the 1987 District run-
 named to the $75,000 a year post on a                                                                ners had participated last year and
 2-year contract following the approval                                                               were old hands at this big-city race of
 of the RTD Board of Directors. He was                                                                26.2 miles. Other employees like Mar-
 recruited as part of a nationwide                                                                    tha Fuentes were pumped up with
 search to fill the Position created by                                                               adrenalin and last-minute training for
 the RTD Board last September. He will                                                                their first marathon. Martha, a mes-
 assume supervision of a staff of 9 con-                                                              senger clerk for the District at the
tract auditors with a start up budget of                                                              Headquarters Building, only began
$250,000 to add the new operations                                                                    running a year ago. "Roy Starks {Divi-
auditing and investigating functions.                                                                 sion 7 manager) got me started. He
        "I see this job as a challenge to                                                             showed me how to run;' said Martha.
help RTD clean up and move for-                                                                             Martha completed the marathon
ward," said the new inspector general.                                                                in 3 hours, 20 minutes. "If I hadn't
"The RTD is in a period of considera-                                                                 had leg cramps I think I could have
ble growth; in short, this is a challenge                                                             made it in two hours,"she said.           The streets were crowded with marathon
                                                                                                                                                runners on March 1. Among those run-
I welcome," said Fuentes.                                                                                   During the year, Martha's run-
                                                                                                                                                ning were a number of RTD employees.
       As inspector general, Fuentes                                                                  ning regimen consisted of daily five-
will be responsible for overseeing                                                                    mile runs. Her personal best is a
internal and external audits and inves-                                                               six-minute mile. A week before the        ran 19 miles a day-12 miles in the
tigations regarding fraud, waste, and           Former federal transportation of ficial               race she entered into serious training    morning and 7 miles in the evening.
abuse within RTD operations and con-            Ernesto V. Fuentes was appointed the first            under the supervision of a coach pro-     And, weekends were not made for a
tracts. He will report both to the RTD          RTD Inspector General. He assumed his                 vided by her team sponsor, Channel        runner's rest, she ran 14 miles on Sat-
Board of Directors and to General               duties on March 2.                                    52. During the hard training, Martha                          Continued on page 3
Page 2                                                                                                                                                                Headway

Board Acts to Defer Benefit Assessment Tax Until 1992
RTD Board President Jan Hall pro-            several years so that assessments
posed, on February 26 to the RTD             would be shared by more property
Board's approval, that benefit assess-       owners."
ment payment collections in down-                   RTD's outside financial advisor,
town Los Angeles be delayed until            Siedler Fitzgerald Public Finance,
 after the subway system begins Opera-        advised that it is possible to defer col-
 tion in 1992.                                lection until calendar year 1992
       "The District is taking the initia-    although more interest cost will be
tive in addressing concerns raised by        generated because of that action. This
downtown property owners who                 is because RTD will borrow money in
claim they may suffer a financial hard-      the interim to pay back the interest on
ship during Metro Rail construction          bonds it plans to seil beginning next
and do not expect to realize tangible        September to raise $130.3 million in
benefits until after the subway opens        private sector contributions toward
in five years," Hall said.                   construction of Metro Rail's initial
       "We recognize the pivotal role        downtown subway segment.
the private sector has played in mak-               It is estimated that an additional
ing Metro Rail a reality," Hall added.       $44 million must be generated from
"This effort demonstrates the Dis-           assessments to defray this expense.
trict's appreciation and support for
that contribution."                                 The private sector is expected to
       "We're acting now because criti-      pay 11 percent of the approximately
                                                                                          RTD President Jan Hall announces a proposal to delay Benefit Assessment taxes on
cism of the benefit assessment pro-          $1.25 billion cost of building the first     downtown merchants until 1992 at a press conference held February 18. With her are
gram mounted only after the                  4.4 mile subway segment between              Chris Stewart (center), president of the Central City Association, who told reporters the
assessments appeared for the first           Union Station and Wilshire and               merchants would be "more willing to pay for Metro Rail as they ride on it," and former
time on property tax bilis last Decem-       Alvarado. Two benefit assessment             RTD Treasurer Joe Scatchard.
ber," Hall noted. Under the plan,            districts have been established around
assessments will still be collected for      the first five Metro Rail stations to gen-   ing distance.                                 whichever is greater in size. The initial
1986 but deferred until December 10,         erate funds to pay back the bonds RTD              Owners of some 2,000 parcels of         assessment per square foot in 1986
1992.                                        will sell to raise this capital up front     office, commercial, retail, and hotel         was 30 cents. It is estimated that a 31
       "It's too late to change the 1986     during the construction period, which        and motel property were assessed last         cent rate would apply in 1992 if the
tax bilis but with this plan landowners      is now underway.                             year. All residential property except         assessments are deferred. This rate
have five years to exercise their vari-             A single benefit assessment dis-      for hotels and motels are exempt as           could be lowered if more development
ous options including selling or devel-      trict encompasses a half-mile walking        well as parcels owned and operated by         occurs in the assessment districts,
oping their property," Hall said.            distance around the first four down-         charitable nonprofit organizations            thereby expanding the tax base.
"Metro Rail is expected to spur devel-       town stations. The second district           and public land in public use.
opment downtown, which, in turn,             envelops the Wilshire and Alvarado                 A flat rate is applied to the                 The assessments would con-
should expand the tax base in the next       station within a one-third mile walk-        square footage of assessable property          tinue until the year 2008 when all
                                                                                          improvements or the land, itself,              bonds will be redeemed.

Congiardo Wins Trip to Hawaii                                                             ESP Awards $1,000 to Employees
                                                                                          for Cost-Saving Suggestions

Division 1 Operator Eric Congiardo won a two-week trip for two to Hawaii through a
drawing held at the Credit Union on January 15. From left to right: Credit Union Man-
ager Hyla Howard, Credit Union Board Vice-President James L. Duke, and Operator

Division I Operator Eric Congiardo           District. He is the son of Dorcas Rome,      Employee Suggestion Awards were presented by Director of Personnel Gayel A.
won a two-week trip for two to Hawaii        a long-term driver for the District,         Pitchford at the February 26 Board of Directors' Meeting. Both employees were awarded
in a drawing held by the Credit Union        who passed away in July. "They used          with $1000. Front row, from left to right: RTD Board President Jan Hall, Division 18 Body
                                             to call my mother 'Little Pete.' She got     Shop Leadman Orlando Dotta, South Park Mechanic A Harry Dourian, and Director of
as a promotion to attract new share-
                                                                                          Personnel Gayel A. Pitchford. Back row, from left to right: General Manager John A.
holders on January 15.                       me started at the District and saving
                                                                                          Dyer, Division 18 Maintenance Manager Theral Golden and South Park Refurbish Man-
      "I really appreciate this. For the     money at the credit union. They call         ager Ted Desy.
credit union to incur this kind of           me 'Repeat: "
expense—I couldn't have afforded it
otherwise. It's like winning the lot-              Eric is a member of the Calvary        Two mechanics developed cost-saving            cation will save the District approxi-
tery. It hasn't sunk in yet. I've never      Chapel in Costa Mesa where he regu-          ideas that earned them the top mone-           mately $22,230 annually by
been to Hawaii," he said. In addition        larly attends Bible study classes. One       tary award from the Employee Sug-              eliminating the need to replace rear
to the trip, Eric received $500 for          of his hobbies includes flying high-         gestion Program at the February 26             bumpers that are damaged due to the
expenses. Eric plans to visit retired        performance, radio-controlled model          Board of Directors' Meeting.                   exhaust from the tail pipe.
Operator Matthew Saniga who lives            airplanes. He is a vegetarian and said             Director of Personnel Gayel A.                 Also receiving $1,000 was
in Hawaii while on his vacation.             he enjoys cooking and doesn't mind           Pitchford presented checks and certif-         Mechanic A Harry Dourian from the
      As of this writing Eric is still       doing the dishes. Any women inter-           icates to these employees interested in        System Shop at South Park. Dourian
looking for someone to accompany             ested in getting to know Eric a little       improving District operations.                 designed a tool for assembling the oil
him. He has until January 15, 1988 to        better and perhaps accompanying                    The first award for $1,000 went          pressure control valve used on Detroit
use the tickets. "Any woman inter-           him to Hawaii are encouraged to call         to Body Shop Leadman Orlando                   engines. Use of this tool will save the
ested in a long-term commitment can          him at (714) 839-1754 or send your           Dotta from Division 18. Dotta sug-             District approximately $13,500 annu-
call me. The trip to Hawaii will just be     resume in care of the Headzvay. "If I        gested that the tail pipe on the RTS           ally by reducing the amount of time
a side benefit," Eric said.                  can save this trip to go on my honey-        coaches be extended to enable the hot          needed to assemble these valves and
      Eric resides in Fountain Valley        moon, I think that would be great,"          exhaust to be emitted past the rear            minimizing the number of valves
and has worked eight years for the           said Eric.                                   bumper rather than on it. This modifi-         damaged through manual assembly.
Headway                                                                                                                                                                Page 3

Labor, Management: Join Forces to Improve                                                                                              LA Marathon:
                                                                                                                                       Employees Run
Absenteeism and Working Conditions
                                                                                                                                       Continued from page 1
Continued from page 1                         please give me a bus that gets away                                                      urdays.
believe in you. I believe you will take      from the corner and enough time at                                                              While in training, she kept to a
charge, be productive, and meet these         the end of the line to eat a sandwich                                                    simple diet of granola, carrot juice,
goals. We know that when you take a          and go to the bathroom: Invariably, I                                                     and either fish or chicken for dinner.
beating out there, so do we." Ms. Bai-       get a bus that doesn't do more than 20                                                          When she finished the race, she
ley is hopeful that the committee will       miles an hour and no time to stop at                                                      said she feit great, elated. "I feel very
develop a plan to improve the quality        the end. We make the money for this                                                       satisfied with myself," she said. Mar-
of life for operators which in turn          company, we do the PR, and we take                                                        tha will run the marathon next year
would improve the operators' attend-         all the c--p." Other operators blamed                                                     and has every intention of improving
ance. "We are not placing you in a role      the Trustrating lack of communication                                                     her time. "It can be done. Anyone can
of disciplining your fellow operators.       between employees and management                                                          run and finish. It's all in your mind."
We want you to work with your peers          as the cause of Operator absenteeism.                                                     she said.
in harmony. How well will you work           However, most operators appeared
with your fellow workers regarding           willing to suspend judgment and join
attendance problems without embar-           with management in the venture.
rassing them? You will take your great       Local Chairman Stephen Smith said,
personalities and your interpersonal         "In the beginning, I was opposed to
skills to reach these operators."            this plan. But, now I believe it can
      In response to the managers a          work. I'd like to challenge all the other     Acting Director of Transportation Leilia
number of operators responded,               locals in this effort. I bet we will be the   Bailey explains the purpose of the joint
detailing their frustrations with tight      best.'                                        labor/management committees at a kick-
schedules, overcrowded buses, and                   Assistant General Manager for          off breakfast held in the Headquarters
irate passengers. One Operator com-           Operations Robert Korach encour-             Building cafeteria on February 28.
mented: "When I get up in the morn-           aged the operators to listen and to
ing I say this simple prayer: 'God,           share their problems so that manage-         ment would be aware of them and
                                                                                           could offer resolutions. He brought
                                                                                           good news — the first shipment of 90
                                                                                           Neoplan buses will be arriving on the
                                                                                           property within the next month.
                                                                                                 In concluding the discussion,
                                                                                           Dyer told the employees and union           Messenger Clerk Martha Fuentes fin-
                                                                                           officers that this joint venture is a       ished her first marathon in a remarkable 3
                                                                                           golden opportunity to do what needs         hours and 20 minutes.
                                                                                           to be done in Los Angeles. "We've got
                                                                                           to work at unifying ourselves. This is            Division 7 Operator Carter Nor-
                                                                                           the first step. Everyone has the right      wood would probably disagree with
                                                                                           to his or her opinion but everyone has      Martha. He completed the marathon
                                                                                           a responsibility to be informed, to par-    in 3 hours, 40 minutes. "This year was
                                                                                           ticipate, and to move forward. I am         harder for me than last year. The
                                                                                           convinced that when we look back on         weather had something to do with it.
                                                                                           this a year or two from now, we will        That temperature really sapped me,"
                                                                                           say we did things we never thought          said Norwood. He had trained to
                                                                                           we could."                                  come in at 3 hours, however, along
                                                                                                 The general manager's action          with the weather, the change in the
                                                                                           plan for revamping the District's per-      course from last year added to his dif-
                                                                                           formance on a variety of fronts, calls      ficulty. The day after the race Nor-
                                                                                           for a five percent reduction in absen-      wood commented, I can't begin to teil
                                                                                           teeism within six months. This would        you what I feel like today. I've got blis-
Operator David Jordan shows his write-ups at the February 28 joint labor/management        generate an estimated $540,000 sav-         ters on each toe. . ." Norwood was on
breakfast and teils the audience, "Get the spotters off me and let me do my job. I want    ings during this period and $1,080,000      his way to a shiatsu massage when last
this program to work. I want to support management."                                       in the next fiscal year beginning July 1.                         continued on page 5

Fuentes: Former UMTA Official Assumes Inspector General Post
Continued from page 1                        staff design, standards and operating         served as an advisor in the UMTA            in Government Act. He also evaluated
the U.S. Departments of Justice and          procedures. I will be the internal critic     chief counsel's Washington office           waiver requests of private companies
Transportation," RTD Board President         for management and the Board."                enforcing rules protecting private          and served as a member of the federal
Jan Hall said.                               Fuentes stated he will not issue any          transportation companies from com-          price board. He also advised agency
       "He is especially knowledgeable       evaluation prematurely without com-           petition with public agencies using         executives on the application of fed-
in the area of federal contract compli-      plete information or based on superfi-        federal subsidies. He also guided the       eral personnel laws and conducted
ance, an asset that will help the Dis-       cial reports. "That's not my way," he         agency's executives in the administra-      cost benefit analyses of statutory and
trict improve its auditing functions         said. When asked how those at the             tion of equal employment, minority          regulatory proposals.
and satisfy federal procurement rules        RTD should view him, Fuentes                  business enterprise, and elderly and              Between 1973 and 1977, Fuentes
and regulations," Hall noted. "Mr.           responded, "I hope as someone try-            handicapped programs. He also               served as an attorney in the U.S.
Fuentes has worked day-to-day with           ing to bring out the best the RTD has         helped improve the agency's system          Department of Justice where he
the federal inspector general's office,      to offer. My effectiveness will only be       for conducting compliance reviews to        designed an administrative system for
and he is a recognized expert on fed-        commensurate with the cooperation             include quality assurance and produc-       investigation, conciliation, and reso-
eral regulations relating to UMTA            of the rest of the organization. An           tivity measures.                            lution of employment complaints and
grants and local agencies."                  evaluator has no value if no one lis-               Fuentes also served as a member       grievances. The system was used to
      General Manager Dyer termed            tens."                                        of the Coast Guard Board of Correc-         eliminate in one year a backlog of hun-
Fuentes as "a real pro in the field of              For the past five years Fuentes        tion of Military Records.                   dreds of grievances. He also formu-
transportation. He comes to this              has managed the legal review and                   Concurrently, Fuentes was             lated a system for conducting program
agency with an independence from              approval of $800 million in federal          assigned as UMTA regional counsel in        audits of contractors, and police agen-
local activities and issues."                 transportation contracts and grants          Philadelphia where he was responsi-         cies within state and local govern-
      While it is too soon for Fuentes        and enforced UMTA's Buy America              ble for approving all grants, drafting      ments . In addition, he served as
to have established a concrete agenda,        program, real estate acquisition, envi-      contracts for regional operations, and      project manager for a team of 30 inves-
he is clear that he wants to make RTD         ronmental mitigation, and public             settling contractor disputes.               tigative contractors and consultants.
management more efficient, more               contracting functions and require-                 As a result of excellence in han-           A native of Los Angeles, Fuentes
effective, and more economic.                 ments . He also approved proposed            dling both assignments, Fuentes was         is a graduate of Rutgers School of Law
      In the meantime, Fuentes will be        bonding and tax-benefit sales transac-       awarded UMTMs citation for superior         in Newark, N.J. where he received his
preparing standards and procedures            tions and investigated contractor pro-       achievement.                                Doctor of Jurisprudence. He is a mem-
for his new office and hiring opera-          tests of grantee procurement actions.              Between 1978 and 1979, Fuentes        ber of the Bar in Washington, D.C.
tions and performance auditors to                   During his tenure in UMTAs San         served as an attorney in the general        Fuentes also earned a bachelor of sci-
supplement the existing District con-         Francisco regional office, Fuentes           counsel's office of the Executive Office    ence degree in economics from Loyola
tract auditors. "This office has never        earned the agency's certificate of           of the President, Council on Wage and       University in Los Angeles.
existed before so I have to put the           excellence.                                  Price Stability, where his duties                  He and his wife, Beverly, reside
organization together, including its                Between 1979 and 1982, Fuentes         included implementation of the Ethics       in Tiburon with their three children.
 Page 4                                                                                                                                                                        Headway


Certificates of Merit were presented to the January Employees of the Month at the Febru-          RTD Retirees were recognized at the February 12 Board of Directors° Meeting and were
ary 26 Board of Directors' Meeting by RTD Director Charles H. Storing. Those employ-              presented plaques by RTD Director Norman Emerson. Front row, from left to right: Divi-
ees included, front row, left to right: Information Operator David Ullrich, Division 5            sion 18 Operator Hamilton Lynum, Division 12 Operator Merrill L. Fretwell, EDP
Mechanic A John Stonum, and Division 1 Operator Lonnie Anders. Back row, left to                  Scheduling Supervisor Murphy Swindell, and Division 9 Operator Lewis W. Thomp-
right: RTD Director Storing, Division 5 Maintenance Manager Luchus Smith, General                 son. Back row, from left to right: Assistant General Manager for Operations Robert
Manager John A. Dyer, and Division 1 Transportation Manager Chris Coleman.                        Korach, RTD Director Emerson, UTU Local 1563 Chairman John Cockburn, RTD Board
                                                                                                  Vice-President Carmen Estrada, and General Manager John A. Dyer.

                                                                                                 Mechanic A Rayfield Greathouse was             News Bureau Representative Greg Davy
                                                                                                 chosen South Park Shop's Employee of           was named Employee of the Quarter by
                                                                                                 the Month for January. Greathouse has          the Marketing and Communications
RTD Retirees were recognized at the February 12 Board of Directors' Meeting and were             been with the District for 21 years, he is     Department for the Fall Quarter 1986.
presented plaques by RTD Director Norman Emerson. Front row, from left to right:                 presently employed in the Upholstery           This title is awarded to the department
Division 4 Utility A Albert E. Black, Division 12 Operator Donald J. Biehn, Division 15           Shop. He has been at South Park since         employee whose performance goes
Operator Laverne A. Darling, and Division 1 Operator Robert J. Felder. Back row, from            1973. His supervisors describe him as a        beyond the expectations of the job
left to right: Assistant General Manager for Operations Robert Korach, RTD Director              self-starter who assumes full responsibil-     description and has a significant, positive
Emerson, UTU Local 1563 Chairman John Cockburn, RTD Vice-President Carmen                        ity for any job he is assigned. He consist-    effect on the department and the District.
Estrada, and General Manager John A. Dyer.                                                       ently produces high quality upholstery         Davy, with only seven months at the Dis-
                                                                                                 work. His attitude, attendance, and            trict, is the contact person for the Herald-
                                                                                                 dependability are excellent.                   Examiner reporters. He channels the
                                                                                                                                                requests of the seven reporters assigned to
                                                                                                                                                the RTD beat and deals with them in a
                                                                                                                                                cordial, professional manner — true grace
                                                                                                                                                under pressure. Davy received a plaque
                                                                                                                                                and a $50 Savings Bond.

                                                                                                                                                Making Gains
                                                                                                                                                RTD has made significant gains in
                                                                                                                                                reducing operating costs and improv-
                                                                                                                                                ing productivity, General Manager
                                                                                                                                                John Dyer reported March 5.
                                                                                                                                                      Midway through Fiscal Year
                                                                                                                                                1987, RTD's operating cost per reve-
                                                                                                                                                nue service hour has averaged $64.53,
                                                                                                                                                which is below the budgeted goal of
                                                                                                                                                $71.50. Cost per boarding passenger
                                                                                                                                                has averaged $1.03, which is better
                                                                                                 Cabinet Maker Joe Sprein from Vernon           than the District goal of $1.05.
Transportation Division 9 and Maintenance Division 16 were recognized as the divi-               yard was selected as the Facilities Mainte-          Improved productivity has
sions that achieved the most improved safety record for the fourth quarter in 1986. Dur-         nance Employee of the Month for January.       enabled the District to reduce expend-
ing the quarter, the operators at Division 9 kept their traffic accident rate at an impressive   Sprein has been with the District since        itures. RTD projects its operating
3.7 accidents per 100,000 miles. This is well under the District's goal of 4.4. They also        1981. His supervisors value him for his        expenditures in FY 87 will be $21.5
reduced lost time injuries from 24 accidents per 100,000 hours worked to 5 for each              excellent craftsmanship. They are              million under the adopted budget of
100,000 hours worked. This is also well below the District's goal of 9.5. Division 16            impressed with his ability to handle all
                                                                                                                                                $516.1 million. However, farebox reve-
Maintenance employees reduced their lost time injury rate by 85 percent—down from                facets of a project from start to finish. He
18.6 in the third quarter to 2.8 for the last quarter. This rate is below the District goal of                                                  nue also is running below the original
                                                                                                 has an excellent attendance record and is
9.0. As an added "safety bonus" each manager receiving the award was presented a $100            well liked and respected by his peers and
                                                                                                                                                budget estimates. The District will
check for their personal efforts in attaining safety excellence. Front row, from left to         superiors. The sweepstakes winner for          complete the fiscal year June 27 with a
right: Safety Manager Joseph Reyes, Division 9 Manager Don Karlson, and Division 16              January was Electrician Bobby Bray from        balanced budget after taking further
Manager Jim Findley. Back row, from left to right: RTD Board President Jan Hall and              Vernon Yard. Bray received a $25 cash          steps to trim costs by eliminating 33
General Manager John A. Dyer.                                                                    prize.                                                               Continued on page 5
Headway                                                                                                                                                                                              Page 5

LA Marathon: Employees Run                                                                                     RTD Makes Gains
                                                                                                               Continued from page 4                        Top Operators
Continued from page 3
we spoke.                                                                                                      administrative positions in February
                                                                                                               and reducing non-driver overtime,
                                                                                                                                                            for January
      Division 1 Mechanic A James                          said Wilson. Wilson is a triathlete who
Wilson finished the marathon in 3                          plans to run in the Long Beach Mara-                among other actions.                         The awards for the Operator Recogni-
hours, 52 minutes. "My feet are really                     thon in May.                                                                                     tion Program for the month of January
                                                                                                                     The following are other mea-
sore, but it was an enjoyable run. The                           Operators David Martinez and                                                               were announced in the latter part of
                                                                                                               sures of productivity tracked in the
crowd was unbelievable. I told the TV                      Mary Soloman from Division 12 com-                                                               February. The presentations include
                                                                                                               RTD performance profile for Decem-
commentators that I was an RTD                             peted this year for the first time. Mar-                                                         the Manager's Award with a $35 check
                                                                                                               ber 1986:
employee, one who didn't use drugs,"                       tinez made it in 4 hours, 22 minutes,                                                            and the Sweepstakes Award which
                                                           while Solouran finished in 6 hours, 59                • Hub miles between road calls for         offers a windfall of $100. The program
                                                           minutes. Martinez will be running in                    equipment breakdowns averaged            has as its purpose to recognize and
                                                           the Long Beach marathon with the                        4,319 miles for the first six            reward the many bus operators who
                                                           hope of improving his time.                             months of the fiscal year. This far      consistently perform in an outstand-
                                                                Other RTD participants in-                         exceeds RTD's FY 87 budget goal          ing manner.
                                                           cluded Division 5 Operator Ernest                       of 3,300 miles. The average was                The theme of the program is "In
                                                           Mulvey, 5 hours, 57 minutes; Division                   4,604 miles in the last quarter,         Pursuit of Excellence." Those opera-
                                                           3310 Mechanics Tommy Elisaldez, 4                       which is 46 percent better than          tors excelling in their pursuit are listed
                                                           hours, 21 minutes; Miguel Enriquez, 4                   the same period last year. Road          below.
                                                           hours, 38 minutes; Marco Pedemonte,                     calls are defined as responses to
                                                           3 hours, 33 minutes; Armando Urena,                     bus breakdowns that cause serv-                                      MANAGER'S AWARD
                                                           4 hours, 42 minutes; and Sergio                         ice delays of 10 minutes or more.        Division	                       Recipient
                                                           Rubalcava, 3 hours, 59 minutes; Divi-                   The District credits its deploy-         3201	                          Alfred Portillo
                                                           sion 3306 Mechanics Joe Medrano, 4                      ment of additional field mechan-         3203                           Armando R. Jimenez
                                                           hours, 23 minutes; and James Owens,                     ics, in downtown and other parts         3205                           Homer E. Thomas
                                                           3 hours, 59 minutes; Senior Planner                     of the city where bus service is         3206                           Harold L. Hadley
                                                           Haim Geffen, 3 hours, 47 minutes;                       concentrated, for reducing serv-         3207                            Gene L. Gennarini
                                                           Division 3203 Operators Steven                          ice delays.                              3208                           Lillian M. Ford
                                                           Morales, 4 hours, 22 minutes; Arturo                                                             3209                           Wordrow Williams
                                                                                                                 • Wheelchair boardings were up 63                      	
                                                           Cardone, 4 hours, 39 minutes; Divi-                                                              3210                           Donna Murdock
                                                                                                                   percent in the last quarter com-                             	
                                                           sion 4 Mechanic Alphonso Villa-                                                                  3212                            Donald Biehn
                                                                                                                   pared to the same period last                          	
                                                           nueva, 3 hours, 40 minutes; Staff                                                                3215                            Alfred Celentano
Division 10 Mechanics Tommy Elisaldez                      Assistant Drew Forrest, 4 hours, 20                                                              3216                            Arthur Fleming
and Armando Urena as they pass the 5-                      minutes; and Telephone Information                                                               3218                            Marvin Fite
                                                                                                                  • RTD averaged 1.7 crime incidents
mile point on Spring St.                                   Operator Joshua Torres, 5 hours, 40
                                                                                                                    per 1 million passenger board-
                                                           minutes.                                                                                                    SWEEPSTAKES AWARD
                                                                                                                    ings in the last quarter, 6 percent                  	
                                                                                                                                                            Division        Recipient
                                                                                                                    below the same period last year.             	
                                                                                                                                                            3201            Albert Medina
                                                                                                                 • RTD averaged 3.8 complaints per                          Gilberto Hernandez
                                                                                                                   100,000 boardings in the last                            Ruth Mayfield
                                                                                                                   quarter, slightly below the year-        3203	           Ralph Ponce
                                                                                                                                                                            Jesse Curtis
                                                                 You be                                            to-date average of 3.9.
                                                                                                                                                                            Stephen Leming
                                                                                                                  • In the last quarter, RTD averaged       3205	           Harry Chandler

                                                                the judge                                           4.6 accidents per 100,000 hub
                                                                                                                    miles traveled, which compares
                                                                                                                                                                            Robert McLaurin
                                                                                                                                                                            Rubye Smith
                                                                                                                    to 4.7 for the same period.             3206	           Kevin Eves
                                                                                                                                                                            San Wilson
                                                                                                                                                            3207	           Yandell Lister
                                                                                                                                                                            Edwin Jackson
                                                       1                                                                                                                    Jowett Mason
                          WÖRTH                        1                                                       Amending IRS Returns                                	
                                                                                                                                                            3208            Randy Scott
                                                       1                                                                                                             	      Ken Rogers
                                                                                                               Income tax conversations are the             3209            C.W. Sterling
               n••n	                         11311.                   ...WM. sm» .1n1. amli•                   norm during this time of year and tax-                       James Morris
                                                                                                               payers thrive on swapping tax filing                         Ralph Ruiz
               MEI WIIMIn                                             111•11M   ••••	     1.11Mb 4111..n
                                                                                                               stories. Quite often during such con-        3210	           Elizabeth
                                                                                                               versations, some taxpayers realize                           Chuntaranakorn
                        PI CO BLVD.
                                                                                                               that they have made an error on their                        Jesse Gilder
                                                                                                               tax return by forgetting to report                           Sheila Grover
                                                                                                               income or claim tax credits and deduc-       3212	           Alan Pitchard
               mar     nnn•	      arm domb                                              nnn•
                                                                                        •      «IM» 1.1.
                                                                                                               tions to which they are entitled, or                         Walter Wadlington
                                                                                                               they have erroneously claimed deduc-         3215	           Michael Turner
               0111M .10MIM •1n111	          11.1111                       ••••n •nn raMm wa
                                                                                                               tions or credits to which they were not                      Donald Cullom
                                                                                                               entitled.                                                    Gerald Bromwich
                                                                                                                      These errors made on previously       3216	           Larry Jarman
                                                                                                               filed tax returns can be corrected by fil-                   Eddie Sanchez
                                                                                                               ing an amended return, Form 1040X,           3218	           Benjamin Weathersby
                                                                                                               the Internal Revenue Service says.                           Yvetta Wilson
                                                                                                               Taxpayers who find it necessary to                           Marshall Hunter
    Someone once pointed out that                                             •als aqz aas jou                 amend this year's tax return should
    it is better to judge than to be                         - UPD Xatp 'uazjo • sueaw snq atp                 wait at least 10 weeks after they origi-
    judged, so here's your chance.                           Jo luoij all} uo ug!s agI zuqm jo                 nally filed to submit Form 1040X.
    Read the operator's statement,                           a.IVAAV sXemje lou aze szamip afici               However, if money is owed, they
    examine the diagram and deter-                           -oulozne 'aDjx.ias u! 4ou sum snq                 should submit the amended return by
    mine if this accident was preven-                        atp q9notp uang sza2uassed        -
                                                                                                               April 15.
    table or unpreventable. The                              a2zetpsq) xo dn >IDO oz eaza                             It is not necessary to file an
    answer is printed below, upside                          pue °Dm dols pjnom snq atp                        amended return to correct addition
    down to discourage cheating.                             letp m2notp. axeq pinoD isjzozotu                 and subtraction errors. It is also not
                                                             aqz `auej ging atp u! gujaq Xq                    necessary to file an amended return if
                                                             zugt paled!Dpue aneq pjnotis .101                 a required schedule was not submit-
         Operator's Statement: I                             -exado aqz 'puoDas •uappDp atp                    ted, IRS adds. If this is the case, IRS
   was out of service operating in                           gupuanazd XIegold `zaaj LT Xq                     will write to request the schedule or
   the curb lane westbound on Pico                           aDuezsilD utddols atp paDnpaz                     attachment.
   Boulevard at approximately 25                             aneq pjnom appDezel s!tu uop                  -          The amended return which is
   miles per hour. The signal was                            -Dasiamt atp palpeozdde snq                       filed on Form 1040X, Amended U.S.
   green and, when I was about 35                            atp se jepad a)jeacj atp zaxo moj                 Individual Income Tax Return, can be
   feet from the intersection of La                             peq anuti pjnoqs zoluzado snq                  used to correct any previously filed
   Brea Avenue, an automobile                                aqz	         amsuajap e se `zszjd                 Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ. Form
   traveling eastbound attempted                              •suoseaz oral zoj ajciumanaad                    1040X raust be filed within three years
   to make a left turn in front of the                       pa2pnt sem mappDe sp.p. 'um;                      from the date of the original return or
   bus, causing me to run into his                           4Ja1	        ue apetu allqoulojne                 within two years from the time the tax
   right side.                                               atz} q2notp uaAH :zamsuv                          was paid, whichever is later, accord-
                                                                                                               ing to the IRS.
Page 6                                                                                                                                                              Headway

 Scatchard Rebres from RTD Treasurer Office
 Over 160 friends, co-workers,                                                                                                         she would deemphasize his first ini-
 employees, board directors, retirees,                                                                                                 tial and put heavier stress on the last
 and representatives from the Los                                                                                                      two, responding with "Yes,
 Angeles County Transportation Com-                                                                                                    ...J...B. S." "1 am sorry he's leaving the
 mission and the Orange County Tran-                                                                                                   RTD. He's been my mentor, he is spe-
 sit District attended the retirement                                                                                                  cial to me, I named my son after him."
 dinner for RTD Treasurer-Controller-                                                                                                 Trading compliments, Scatchard
 Auditor Joe Scatchard on February 20                                                                                                 grabbed the microphone as Josie left
 held at the Castaway Restaurant in                                                                                                   the podium and said, "There goes the
Burbank.                                                                                                                              best accountant in the business."
      After 15 years as the District's                                                                                                        Former Director of Finance
top money manager, Scatchard ends a                                                                                                   Frank Carr said he never met a person
distinguished career at the RTD that                                                                                                  who didn't like or respect Scatchard.
included developing one of the top                                                                                                     "He was always doing something
ten fully-funded pension plans in the                                                                                                 innovative. Everyone has already said
state, the deferred compensation                                                                                                      what I was going to say so I am going
plan, and financial plans that enabled                                                                                                to dose with this, and no one should
the District to purchase 930 buses in                                                                                                 ever say this to a treasurer — 'Take the
1980.                                                                                                                                 money and run!' "
      Director of Government Affairs                                                                                                          Sharon Neely and Paul Taylor
Barry Engelberg acted as master of                                                                                                    from the Los Angeles County Trans-
ceremonies employing humor so              Treasurer Joe Scatchard and his wife Wyla celebrate the onset of retirement at his party   portation Commission (LACTC) pre-
sharp-tongued it could have trimmed        held February 20 at the Castaway in Burbank.                                               sented a resolution to Scatchard
a hedge. Engelberg opened the eve-                                                                                                    commending him for fostering effi-
ning's program by introducing the          unerring accuracy. With underplayed           that I think he'll enjoy very much," he      cient management at the RTD. It was
members at the head table who              mirth, Richeson said, "Scatchard              said.                                        signed by the chairman of the com-
included former Assistant General          could, on the back of an envelope,                  Wally Ryland, Metro Rail's             mission Mayor Tom Bradley.
Manager for Operations Sam Black           estimate our expenses and somehow             insurance consultant, flew in from                   RTD Board President Jan Hall
and his wife Rosalie, Assistant Gen-       always have them match our reve-              Dallas, Texas to pay homage to Sca-          told Scatchard that the District had
eral Manager — Management John             nues."                                        tchard. "He's the only financial per-        been very lucky to have had him on
Richeson and his wife Kathy, Joe Scat-           Planning Manager Steve Parry            son that the state of California has         staff for as long as it has. On behalf of
chard and his wife Wyla, General           declared Scatchard a "financial wiz-          allowed to use public funds in the           the RTD Board, Mrs. Hall presented a
Manager John A. Dyer, RTD Board            ard." "For years now we've always             futures market." Scatchard got               framed proclamation to Scatchard.
President Jan Hall, and former RTD         seen Joe with a ready smile and he            approval from the State Legislature to       "You brought an aura of honor and
Director of Finance Frank Carr. The        never shows any signs of stress. We've        invest funds in heating oil futures as a     respectability to your post. You've
board members in attendance                always wondered how he's done it."            hedge against rising diesel fuel costs.      made many friends. We wish you a
included John E Day, Gordana Swan-         Stealing into his office Parry said he        "It has been an honor and a privilege        happy, healthful retirement."
son, Jay Price, Charles Storing, and       found the Acme Financial Wizard set           to know a man like Joe," said Ryland.                Director of Finance Mike Butler
former RTD Board Vice-President            that enabled Scatchard to so magically               General Accounting Manager            presented Scatchard with the gift of a
Ruth Richter.                              produce his numbers. The set                  Josie Nicasio was a real standout            clock from the Headquarters Building
      Master of ceremonies Engelberg       included a numbered dartboard and              among the speakers with her remark-         third floor employees. Butler also read
introduced a near score of speakers        enough darts to estimate the District's        able comedic sense of timing. Very          a tribute to Scatchard made by U.S.
that alternately roasted and ap-           expenditures within one-tenth of a             gently did she skewer and roast her         Representative Carlos Morehead on
plauded Scatchard's 15-year tenure at      point. Lest Scatchard feel unarmed,           boss to the audience's obvious enjoy-        the floor of Congress.
the District. Despite the good-natured     Parry offered Scatchard a whole box            ment. She described Scatchard as                    Finance Department Senior Sec-
barbs aimed at him, most of the eve-       full of the backs of envelopes from           calm and well mannered. "He's quite          retaries Linda Reed and Dee Cook,
ning's roasters were in agreement that     which the fronts had been neatly              unique among RTD management.                 also the planners and coordinators of
Scatchard is a man well liked and well     trimmed by the Planning Depart-               He's so quiet that he's on the border-       the retirement party, presented their
respected among his friends, co-           ment.                                         line of being downright boring." Josie       boss and his wife, Wyla, with tickets
workers, and employees.                          Former Assistant General Man-           said she always had difficulty pro-          for a week's vacation in Hawaii.
      Assistant General Manager —          ager of Operations Sam Black said he          nouncing Scatchard's name, so she                    RTD Board Director John F. Day,
Management John Richeson told the          admired Scatchard for his ability to          took to calling him by his initials, JBS.    a councilman from Glendale,
guests that Joe Scatchard could esti-      improve the District's financial health.      When she wasn't in agreement with            unveiled a resolution from the City of
mate the District's expenditures with      "He's embarking on a new tour in life         any particular decision of his, she said     Glendale, signed by the mayor. Scat-
                                                                                                                                      chard and his wife are residents of
                                                                                                                                              General Manager John A. Dyer
                                                                                                                                      said he was pleased to see all the peo-
                                                                                                                                      ple who came to celebrate Scatchard's
Don't Forget Your Secretary This Month                                                                                                retirement. "What a void there will be
                                                                                                                                      when he leaves. In looking back we
                                                                                                                                      recognize what a moving force he's
The secretaries of our company help        into long strips and invented paper.          training young women to operate this                 Other speakers included Direc-
to keep things running smoothly.           This rapidly took the place of the cum-       difficult piece of equipment! What a         tor of Management Information Sys-
Writing letters, answering phones,         bersome clay tablets, thus giving sec-        surprise when eight young ladies             tems Robert Pentek, former Labor
making sure reports get to the right       retaries a break and causing the              graduated six months later without           Relations Manager John Wilkens, and
person, weeding out "important"            decline of the local chiropractor's busi-     any ill effects! Their pioneering spirit     UTU General Chairman Earl Clark.
from "unimportant" details, sorting        ne,ss                                         opened a whole new field for women.                  Arriving at the bottom line of the
mail, protecting your privacy from               Egyptians, Hebrews, and Per-            By World War I, women were being             evening and allowed the last word,
canny sales reps and pesky fellow          sians were among the first to use             actively recruited for secretarial jobs.     Scatchard thanked all in attendance
employees, doing public relations          shorthand. But Tiro, a Greek slave,           The opportunities have grown since           for the party and their kind words. "I
when complaining customers call,           developed the first true shorthand            then, and continue to grow today.            had the best people around to help me
and when you need someone to press         method in taking down the lengthy                   Show your secretary how much           when I started at the RTD. Back then, I
for a special favor.                       speeches of his boss, the Roman ora-          you appreciate the hard work, loyalty,       didn't know which end of the bus was
       Today's secretaries are business-   tor Cicero. It wasn't until the 1800s         professionalism, and exceptional abil-       the front." Scatchard joked that he felt
minded, poised individuals, compe-         that the Gregg and Pitman shorthand           ities . Send flowers, go to lunch            his retirement was timely in that he
tent, and highly skilled. Today's          systems were developed in England.            together, send a thank you card, offer       was leaving before the grand jury
secretaries play major roles in each       They became tremendously impor-               a cup of coffee, or—if the budget            investigation, the state audit, and the
boss' success 260 working days (more       tant with the Invention of the type-          allows—send your secretary on a              fare hearings were concluded. "I want
or less) each year.                        writer.                                       weekend trip to a place she or he            you all to know the Herald-Examiner
       A secretary's job has never been          The first practical typewriter was      helped you get to before.                    offered me a deal to spill my guts and
easy. The earliest secretaries were        patented in 1868. A true mechanical                 Thank you, ladies and gentle-          reveal all. Their price is a two-month
Babylonian scribes who took dictation      wonder, it was mounted on a sewing            men, for your wonderful job.                 subscription. I'm holding out for
on clay tablets. Filing those tablets      machine stand and operated with a                                                          three months. Good-bye, see you
must have been quite a chore! Can          quick and accurate hand, and a foot                 We Salute Our Secretaries:             all in the newspapers."
you imagine the filing room?               pedal, as well. Secretaries were men.                 Professional
      The first break for secretaries            Imagine the uproar when the
came from the Egyptians, who with          New York Young Women's Christian
                                                                                               Secretaries' Week
their ingenuity hammered papyrus                                                                        April 19-25
                                           Association announced they would be
Headway                                                                                                                                                                  Page 7

Division 3 Hosts First Black Achievement Day
Transportation Division 3 celebrated
Black Achievement during the last
week of February, culminating the
week-long observance on February 27
with live entertainment, special guest
appearances, ethnic foods, and an
awards ceremony.
      Operator Michele Taylor, who
conceived the idea and the chairper-
son of the division's Black Achieve-
ment Committee, acted as mistress of
ceremonies for the event that began at
9 a .m.                                                                                                                                   Assistant General Manager—Equal
      The periphery of the train room                                                                                                     Opportunity Walter Norwood accepts his
was made into a gallery with color                                                                                                        Eagle Award from Operator Michele Tay-
photo portraits of black RTD employ-                                                                                                      lor at Division 3's Black Achievement Cel-
ees who have achieved status by mov-                                                                                                      ebration.
ing up the ranks at the District. Seen
                                                                                                                                          tary Juanita Wright.); and Dr. Earl
as role models for all employees, those
                                                                                                                                          Claiborne and his wife Marie, who
depicted included Director of Cus-
                                                                                                                                          once were dose friends of Martin
tomer Relations Bob Williams, Divi-
                                               Operator Loretta Haliburton cuts the cake celebrating the first achievement day at Divi-   Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.
sion 3 Assistant Manager Maceo
                                               sion 3.                                                                                          In the early afternoon, attendees'
Bethel, Division 3 Manager A. J. Tay-
                                                                                                                                          were treated to a sportswear fashion
lor, Acting Director of Transportation                                                              The audience, composed of             show with models wearing original
Leilia Bailey, Transportation Superin-                                                       Division 3 operators and various Dis-        designs created by Margarita for Esse
tendent Wes McCarns, Assistant Gen-                                                          trict personnel, was invited to partake      Fashions and Jacquell.
eral Manager — Equal Opportunity                                                             in the generous helpings of ethnic                  Eboni Johns, 10, a student at
Walter Norwood, and Director of                                                              foods which included savory soul             Normandie Avenue Elementary
Local Government and Community                                                               food prepared by the Taylor Catering          School, was the show stopper of the
Affairs Lou Collier.                                                                         Company. The menu offered red                 day as she entranced her audience
                                                                                             beans, rice, pork and beef ribs, pork        with her brilliant performance of Rosa
                                                                                             chops, collard greens, black-eyed            Parks from the reading "I Just Got To
                                                                                             peas, corn bread, and peach cobbler.          Sit Down — A Tribute to Rosa Parks"
                                                                                             Other dishes included a Filipino dish,        written by Delores Dixon Lakey.
                                                                                             pancit, prepared by Operator                        When she conceived the idea of
                                                                                             Luduvico Castro, cabbage salad and            a Black Achievement Day, Michele
                                                                                             shoo-fly pie prepared by Operator             Taylor felt it a mistake that we tend to
                                                                                             Kris Sharp, and chicken mole prepared         honor people after they are Bone.
                                                                                             by Instructor Alberto Rodriquez.              "What about all the people who are
                                                                                                                                           achieving now? This year we chose to
                                                                                                                                           recognize blacks on our first annual
                                                                                                                                           achievement day; we plan to recog-
                                               Director of Transportation Leilia Bailey                                                    nize other minorities in the following
                                               was given an Eagle Award by Operator
                                                                                                                                           years. We want to know more about
                                               Michele Taylor at Division 3's Black
                                                                                                                                           each other's backgrounds so we can
                                               Achievement Celebration.
                                                                                                                                           work better together:"
                                               Taylor, Maceo Bethel, and Chuck                                                                   Members of the Black Achieve-
                                               Lerud have established just such a                                                          ment Committee who helped make
                                               relationship with their operators."                                                         the day such a success included Leon
                                                     Assistant General Manager —                                                           Robertson, Loretta Haliburton,
                                               Equal Opportunity Walter Norwood                                                            Thomas Metoyer, Dorothy Allen,
                                               accepted his eagle award and said,                                                          Robert Shuffer, and Greg Gower.
                                               "Recognizing black achievement as
"I just got to sit down," shouts young
actress Eboni Johns in her dramatic rendi-
                                               well as that of other minorities is criti-
                                               cal to the progress of our society.           Division 3 Manager A. J. Taylor accepts
tion of a tribute to Rosa Parks at the Divi-
                                               Through this sharing we come to               his Eagle Award from Operator Michele
sion 3 Black Achievement Celebration.
                                               know each other better. It doesn't            Taylor.
      Speakers' presentations were             always mean that we'll all like each                Other noted speakers and hon-
followed by entertainment that                 other but that we can get along and           orees included the Rev. James A.
included singers Chiko Floyd and               can work in harmony."                         Brown, pastor of the Abundant Grace
Bernita Smith who also gave a dra-                                                           Christian Fellowship in Pasadena; ex-
matic reading entitled "In Troubled                                                          Raider defensive back Charles Phil-
Times."                                                                                      lips; Steven Mack, long-time activist
      The entertainment program was                                                          with the Pasadena NAACP and this
interspersed with honors presenta-                                                           year's winner of the Tenth Annual            Retiree Ben Lynum teils what it was like
tions to each of the RTD achievers.                                                          Martin Luther King, Jr. Award given          being the "Jackie Robinson" of the RTD
Michele Taylor offered each recipient a                                                       by Anheuser-Busch, Inc. (Mack is the        by breaking the color barrier and becom-
statuette of an eagle. The eagle, sym-                                                        father of RTD Metro Rail Senior Secre-      ing the first black RTD Supervisor.
bolizing the "soaring high" of each of
the honorees, was hand made by the
committee. A.J. Taylor, the first recipi-
ent, expressed appreciation for the
recognition and lavished praise on his
operators. "Division 3 is a melting
pot. Our success is based on team
work," he said. Division 10 Manager             Transportation Superintendent Wes
Harold Hollis, also a recipient, told           McCarns received an Eagle Award from
the audience, "Attitude is what is              Operator Michele Taylor at Division 3's
most needed to be an achiever."                 Black Achievement Celebration.
      Acting Director of Transporta-
tion Leilia Bailey received an eagle                  When Superintendent Wes
award. In her remarks, Ms. Bailey said          McCarns received his eagle, he
she told managers to act as role                recounted his 29 years at the District
models for operators by letting go of           breaking new ground as the first black
the old "accusation" system. "We                staff assistant, the first black planning
have high goals; to reduce absentee-            analyst, the first black assistant divi-
ism and to have operators feel that             sion manager, the first black division        The Black Achievement Celebration Committee included, left to right: Division 3
management is accessible to them                manager, and the first black transpor-        Instructor Dorothy Allen, Ronald Taylor, Division 3 Operator Leon Robertson, Division
beyond the level of a write-up. A.J.            tation superintendent.                        3 Operator Beverly Gayton, and Rudy Greg Gower.
Page 8                                                                                                                                                                                     Headway

       Division 3306 Takes Top Honor as the
 Maintenance Division 6 took Division                                                                                                         Maintenance General and Divi-
 of the Quarter for Fall 1986 for show-                                                                                                 sion 4 jointly recognized their
 ing the greatest total percentage of                                                                                                   employees of the quarter. Director of
 improvement among the other operat-                                                                                                    Equipment Maintenance Davis
 ing divisions.                                                                                                                         addressed the employees prior to the
       General Manager John A. Dyer                                                                                                     presentation, commenting on the lat-
 presented Division Manager Michael                                                                                                     est press stories. "We are taking a
 Singer with the traveling trophy and                                                                                                   beating from the press. You have to
the division's permanent plaque on                                                                                                      have a hide like an alligator to work in
February 27. "I appreciate how hard it                                                                                                  the public sector. I think we are the
 was for you to win this recognition.                                                                                                   biggest non-story in Southern Califor-
This is a difficult environment to work                                                                                                 nia. In spite of all our 'ineptness;
in . . . I know it feels like you are                                                                                                   today 2,400 buses rolled out on the
under siege;' Dyer told the mechan-                                                                                                     streets and 95 percent of them on
ics. Division 6, in recent years, has                                                                                                   time." Davis cautioned the employees
been unpopular with its residential                                                                                                     to keep things in perspective and said
neighbors because of the noise emit-         Recognized as the Maintenance Division of the Quarter for the fourth quarter, Division 6   that management was initiating a
ted from the yard despite many efforts       Maintenance Manager Michael Singer is presented the traveling trophy by General            more proactive approach with the
to abate it. Dyer assured the employ-        Manager John A. Dyer.                                                                      media.
ees that the neighbors will soon all be                                                                                                       Employees chosen for recogni-
happier as a new site for Division 6          to participate in the raffle which           Prize — $300 trip for two — choice of Las    tion were Administrative Analyst Jane
has been purchased. The new facility          offered prizes of weekend trips for          Vegas, San Diego, or Palm Springs — Joe      Bouffard from Maintenance General,
will be constructed on eight acres            two, sporting events, concerts, and          Williams; $80 Employee Activities tickets    Senior Supervisor Jules Gautier from
known as the Lopez Ranch site on Jef-         dinners for two.                             to a show, concert, or sporting event —      Division 4, and NDI Technician
ferson Blvd. The move will occur                    The employees were treated to a        William Jones; $80 Employee Activities       Richard Damron from Equipment
within the next two years.                    morning break of cake and coffee.            tickets to a show, concert, or sporting      Engineering. Each employee received
      The division's performance dur-         Coffee was served in the new mugs            event — Fausto Flores; $50 Charley           a check for $150 and an employee-of-
ing the quarter was judged against            they received as members of the win-         Brown's Restaurant — Humberto Arango;
                                                                                                                                        the-quarter plaque.
                                                                                           $50 Charley Brol,vn's Restaurant — John
baseline indicators in the following          ning division. They also received                                                               In the drawing held, the follow-
                                                                                           Calidonio; $25 Reuben's Restaurant — Jim
areas: absenteeism, miles between             commemorative pins detailing the                                                          ing employees won prizes at Division
                                                                                           Owens; $25 Reuben's Restaurant — Mau-
road calls, repeat road calls, cleanli-       recognition program's logo.                  reen Esquiroz; $25 Reuben's Restaurant —     4:
ness of buses and work locations,                   Maintenance Manager Michael            David Flores; $25 Reuben's Restaurant —      $50 Charley Brown's — Francisco Perez;
occupational injuries, preventive             Singer received an incentive check for       Jewel Junior; $25 Reuben's Restaurant —      $50 Charley Brown's Restaurant — Jane
maintenance, late pull-outs, cancel-          $250, Supervisor II Alex Dinuzzo             Michele Collins.                             Bouffard; $25 Reuben's Restaurant — Jim
lations, wheelchair lifts, and VMS log        received $150, Supervisors I Jim Sher-            Director of Equipment Mainte-           Porter; $25 Reuben's Restaurant — Charles
on/off.                                       man and James Pilon received $100,           nance Rich Davis presented Division 6        Davis; $25 Reuben's Restaurant — Alvin
      Those employees whose attend-           and Equipment Service Supervisor             Transportation Manager Eugene                Parker; $25 Reuben's Restaurant — Drew
                                                                                                                                        Forrest; $25 El Torito Restaurant — Art
                                                                                           Hamilton with a plaque in apprecia-
                                                                                           tion for his cooperation and help
                                                                                           toward the winning division.                                                       continued on page 9

                                                                                           Health Fair Coming to Div. 5
                                                                                           Rumors are rife that this year's annual      effects of smoking and, then and
                                                                                           health fair for employees and their          there, swore off cigarettes forever.
                                                                                           families will be adding a whole new                 All health screening information
                                                                                           morning of special events. The com-          whether it relates to your heart, your
                                                                                           munity park next to the fair site at         blood, your back, your lungs, your
                                                                                           Division 5 has been reserved for the         weight, your vision or hearing, your
                                                                                           exclusive use of employees and their         flexability, your risk for diabetes or
                                                                                           families. As usual, the annual Transit       stroke etc., all such information is
                                                                                           Police Walk/Run will be the kick-off         strictly confidential. No information is
                                                                                           event followed by food and drinks            released to the RTD as it is illegal to
All the folks at Division 6 and the people behind them who made it possible for them to
achieve Division of the Quarter.                                                           available back in the Van Ness Park.         release such information without a
                                                                                           Between the Walk/Run and the fair            release of information form signed by
                                                                                           proper will be a whole morning of            the person undergoing the screening.
                                                                                           special fun and physical fitness con-        So feel free to come and enjoy and
                                                                                           tests and games with awards and              learn and participate in a full day
                                                                                           prizes. In addition, it is rumored that      devoted to your very own personal
                                                                                           John Mackey, president of the                health and well-being. Be sure to
                                                                                           National Football League and some            watch your bulletin boards, mailbox,
                                                                                           Olympic champions will be on hand            handouts, and this newspaper for
                                                                                           to meet and speak to employees and           news of further developments.
                                                                                           their families and children. Following
                                                                                           the awards presentations and snacks,
                                                                                           the fair will begin at 12:30.
                                                                                                 For those who are unfamiliar             Smokers:
                                                                                           with the RTD annual health fair, sev-
                                                                                           eral hundred dollars worth of free
                                                                                                                                          Here's Your
                                                                                           medical screening is available for any-        Chance to
                                                                                           one interested, that is, employees and
                                                                                                                                          Put Your
                                                                                                  Samples and information about           Lungs to the
                                                                                           all kinds of health-related products
Division 6 Transportation Manager Eugene Hamilton was given a plaque of appreciation       are also available. Usually there are          Test. Free!
by the Director of Equipment Maintenance Rich Davis for his assistance and cooperation     around 40 booths, many of them with            Have you ever wondered what shape your Jungs are
                                                                                                                                          in? Here's your chance to find out If you're between
to Maintenance. Front row, from left to right: Division 6 Transportation Manager Eugene    things to do as part of their offering.        35 and 59, come in for a free lung tunction test You
                                                                                                                                          may even be invited to join in a national lung research
Hamilton and Director of Equipment Maintenance Rich Davis. Back row, from left to          For example, there is a fingerprint            program. And you mey be offered a free program to
right: General Manager John A. Dyer and Division 6 Maintenance Manager Michael             booth for children to help protect             help you stop smoking.
Singer.                                                                                    them. Some booths will offer healthy           CAIl TODAY. You might even breathe a little easier.
                                                                                           snacks in place of candy, or juice in                    UCLA LUND HEALTH STUDY
                                                                                                                                                         (213) 62 6-3452
ance was perfect, had no chargeable           Allen Richards received $100.                place of soda. Others will provide vis-
occupational injuries, had no charge-              Prizes were awarded to the fol-         ual or hands-on experiences. One                              SANTA NONICA WALL

able vehicular accidents, and no disci-       lowing Division 6 employees eligible         young person looked at the real                            ISIS 75/512 ST. ROON 103

plinary action reported were eligible         for the raffle:                               human lung displays showing the               letunpAbleTeNtAtmonetArt mär
Headway                                                                                                                                                                     Page 9

Division of the Quarter for Fall 1986
                                                                                                  Typist-Clerk Annette Goodlett,            tract maintenance employees who
                                                                                            with the District for two years, was            worked in a division winning division
                                                                                            selected from the South Park office             of the quarter, a shop which won shop
                                                                                            personnel as Employee of the Quarter.           of the quarter, or individual employ-
                                                                                            She received an employee-of-the-                ees selected as employees of the quar-
                                                                                            quarter plaque and a check for $150.            ter. This summer Headway readers will
                                                                                                  As the end of the fiscal year             discover the lucky employees who
                                                                                            approaches, two trips to Hawaii will            will win the Equipment Maintenance
                                                                                            be raffled off to contract and non-con-         Department's Big Spin.

Administrative Analyst Jane Bouffard was chosen Maintenance General's Employee of
the Quarter. Along with the honor came a plaque and a check for $150 presented by
Director of Equipment Maintenance Rich Davis.

                                                                                            South Park's Automotive Shop took the Shop-of-the-Quarter title for the third quarter
                                                                                            running. Those champion shop supervisors include, front row, left to right: R. C. Gon-
                                                                                            zalez, Jim Reynolds, and Senior Supervisor Howard Shelter. Back row, left to right: Nor-
                                                                                            man Boucher and Bob Boyer.

Senior Supervisor Jules Gautier was named Employee of the Quarter from Division 4.
He was presented his plaque and a check for $150 from Director of Equipment Mainte-
nance Rich Davis.

                                                                                            Annette Goodlett was named South Park's Employee of the Quarter. She was presented
                                                                                            her plaque and check by Director of Equipment Maintenance and Superintendent Ken

                                                                                                                 POETS' CORNER
                                                                                            Editor's Note: In January 1987, I was           many people
                                                                                            asked to speak to Blasses of sixth-, seventh-     thousand
                                                                                            and eighth-graders at the De Anza Middle        big wheels
                                                                                            School in Ventura. We discussed the RTD         Ads on the top of the roof
                                                                                            and production of the Headway. After            charge money
                                                                                            the visit, the students' teacher, Myra            85e
                                                                                            Fernandez, asked her dass to compose            Serving L.A.
                                                                                            poems about "the bus." I wish 1 could pub-                                   —Victor Leon
                                                                                            lish all of them but space does not permit
                                                                                            it. A selection from those I received follow
NDI Technician Richard Damron was selected as Equipment Engineering's Employee of           below.                                             IN MEMO RIAM
the Quarter. He earned a check for $150 and a plaque from Director of Equipment Main-
tenance Rich Davis.                                                                                                                         Andrade, George R., began with the
                                                                                                             Bus's                          District as an Operator on November
      South Park's Automotive Shop           ance, raffle prizes were won by the fol-       The bus window stretches out
                                             lowing employees:                                                                              13, 1945, passed away July 26, 1986.
was named the Shop of the Quarter                                                           So all the people can shout
                                                                                                                                            Bryant, Wiley S., began with the Dis-
for the third quarter running. The                                                          But please oh please save a window
                                                                                                                                            trict as an Operator on September 25,
jubilant automotive mechanics cele-          $300 trip for two — choice of Las Vegas,       seat for me
                                                                                                                                            1945, passed away on December 20,
brated with afternoon coffee and cake.       Palm Springs, or San Diego — Fidel Ruiz;       The reason why is because I need
Senior Equipment Supervisor II               $80 Employee Activities tickets to a show,     fresh air for me
                                                                                                                                            Hanna, Robert L., began with the Dis-
Howard Shelter complimented his              concert, or sporting event — Melvin            If the window wasn't there I'd pout
                                                                                                                                            trict as an Operator on June 14, 1948,
crew by saying, "The mechanics won           Levine; $80 Employee Activities tickets to a   and never look out
                                                                                                                                            passed away on January 28, 1987.
this for me, I didn't win it." Shelter       show, concert, or sporting event — Tony        That's why the RTD is good for me
                                             De La Rosa; $50 Charley Brown's Restau-                                                        Grijalva, Alberto C., began with the
accepted the shop's plaque and                                                                                       —Am ika Love
                                             rant — Thomas Hummell; $50 Charley                                                             District as an Operator on December
received a check for $150. Supervisors                                                      RTD Buses have many seats
                                             Brown's Restaurant — Choon Lee; $25                                                            18, 1942, passed away on September
Jim Reynolds, Norman Boucher, Bob                                                           it round from the top
                                             Reuben's Restaurant — Gilbert Gomez;                                                           20, 1986.
Boyer, and R.C. Gonzalez each                                                               yeah
                                             $25 Reuben's Restaurant — Gary Markar-                                                         Schwer, Wallace M., began with the
received a check for $100.                                                                  Is wheel-chair accessible
                                             ian; $25 Reuben's Restaurant — Ted                                                             District as an Operator on July 22,
    Of those eligible for the drawing        Brown; $25 Reuben's Restaurant — Eldon         many colors                                     1952, passed away on January 23,
based on performance and attend-             Kelly.                                         many stops                                      1987.
Page 10                                                                                                                                                           Headway

President Jerry Long Steps Down from ATU Post
Jerry Long, past president of the              ways. Jerry has taught us what
Amalgamated Transit Union—Local                strength and courage really are. We
1277, heard labor and management               say 'Thank you,' " La Sala concluded.
chiefs extol his achievements at a                   Ed Moran, the vice-president of
retirement dinner held in his honor at        the Multiple Sclerosis Society based
the Hyatt Regency Hotel on February            in New York and present at the dinner,
13.                                            said since the ATU has adopted the
                                               society as its national charity, a block
      The sounds of the . Steve Hideg         grant had been given to fund a
orchestra created a light, relaxed            research project at the University of
ambience in the Regency's Royal Ball-          Southern California. "Someday the
room as ATU President Neal Silver             ATU will sponsor their own research
opened the ceremony by introducing            project. They play an extremely
the guests at the head table. Long's          important part in finding the eure for
retirement undoubtedly creates a vac-         this disease. In fact, the National Mul-
uum in the labor movement as                  tiple Sclerosis Society has named the
attested to by the ATU International          ATU the Outstanding Supporting
President James La Sala, the Canadian         Organization of the Multiple Sclerosis
Labor Council's Executive Secretary            Society for 1987« A plaque was pre-
Ken Foster, and representatives from          sented to both Long and La Sala by
other locals who were present at the          Moran.
dinner.                                              General Manager John A. Dyer         Jerry Long, accompanied by his oldest daughter Cindy, enjoys the many deserved trib-
                                              said he regards Long as one of the out-     utes paid him at his retirement dinner.
      ATU President La Sala post-             standing union leaders in the United
 poned his trip to the AFL-CIO's              States, "if not the world." Dyer            Ken Foster from the Canadian Labor          bad. There's a whole lot of people out
 annual convention in Bal Harbour,            remarked that there were three gen-         Council, ATU International Vice-Pres-       there a whole lot worse off than I am.
 Florida for a day because he felt it as      eral managers, two labor relations          ident Oscar Owens, President—Local          Just take a look around at all the
 important to pay tribute to Long.            managers, and the Canadian repre-           192 Edward R. Billie, ATU Counsel           friends I have in this room. It's been a
 "Decisive leadership is exactly what         sentative in the audience. "This is a       Joseph Freitas, Jr., and ATU Local 1277     real pleasure. I've got a whole lot of
Jerry gave you. In the 1974 strike, he        real tribute to this man of leadership.     Treasurer Mike Bujosa who presented         memories to take with me."
was able to hold the membership               Jerry's greatest challenge in the last      Long with a model cannon made by                  At the conclusion of the pro-
together for eight weeks while negoti-        two-and-a-half years was in closing         South Park Mechanic A Cecil Bard.           gram, friends and acquaintances of
actions went on," said La Sala. "It is to     up the last of the contract negotiations                                                Long queued up in a long line to wish
Long's credit," La Sala said, "that RTD       in a no-strike agreement."                        In response to his friends and        him a happy retirement. Long will
mechanics enjoy the third highest                   Former RTD Labor Relations            colleagues, Long said, "Thanks to all       work with the Multiple Sclerosis Soci-
level of pay among mechanics in the           Manager John Wilkens said he had            my friends. You know, people ask me         ety to create awareness about the dis-
nation:'                                      come out of retirement to Los Angeles       all the time how I can deal with this       ease, counsel patients, and raise
                                                                                          disease. I always teil them it ain't so     funds for research.

                                                                                          Wellness Reps Add Quality
                                                                                          and Care to Co-workers Lives
                                                                                          Each division in the District has a         encouraged you to participate in the
                                                                                          wellness representative who has vol-        GREAT AMERICAN SMOKE-OUT
                                                                                          unteered to take on an extra job, to do     DAY. They hang the posters and
                                                                                          more, stretch further to add quality        announcements, set up displays, pro-
                                                                                          and care to the Lives of their co-work-     mote the annual Health Fair and gen-
                                                                                          ers. Instructors, safety representa-        erally help make wellness projects
                                                                                          tives, administrative assistants,           successful.
                                                                                          secretaries, clerks, managers, super-             Following is a list of their names.
                                                                                          visors, and operators, have volun-          I personally thank them for that extra
                                                                                          teered to help out with various health      they give, and I hope you do too.
ATU Local 1277 President Neal Silver presents retiring President Jerry Long with a com-   or wellness projects.
memorative plaque at the dinner held in Long's honor at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on
                                                                                                Most of you know your wellness
February 13.                                                                                                                          Transportation
                                                                                          representative. They are the ones who
                                                                                                                                      3201 Jack Farley
      La Sala detailed for the audience      to reactivate the old "John and Jerry                                                    3203 Dorothy Allen
Long's trauma in being struck with
multiple sclerosis at the height of his
                                             Show," a reference to the many televi-
                                             sion appearances the two had made
                                                                                                     BIRTH                            3205 Barbara A. Hayforth
                                                                                                                                      3206 Audrey R. Alexander
career. "With the help of his many           during past strikes. "Jerry was always                                                   3207 Betty Williams
friends and his family he was able to        a man of his word. After a long fight                                                    3208 Diane Collins
make the transition that affected his        we always wound up with an agree-                                                        3209 Earl Rollins
sight. He was too proud to teil anyone       ment. When he shook my hand that                                                         3210 Louella Houston
he had the disease and he tried to           was it. It was an honor to fight him                                                     3212 E.L. Paternoster
bluff everyone for years," La Sala con-      and I grew to love him very much,"                                                       3215 Antenor G. Dominguez
tinued. Long was so familiar with            said Wilkens.                                                                            3216 Rogelio Valdez
labor contracts and by-laws that he                Director of Equipment Mainte-                                                      3218 Dana Coffey
had them virtually memorized and no          nance Rich Davis and Superintendent
                                                                                                                                      Transit Police
one doubted he was reading when in           Sam Singer presented Long with the
                                             traditional Maintenance keepsake—a                                                            Steve Eargle
reality he was only reciting from mem-
ory. "Five years later it caught up with     farebox lamp. "I regard Jerry Long as a      Born to Communication Representa-           Maintenance
him. Or, he might still be putting on        statesman," said Davis. "His word is         tive Carlene Noyes and her husband          3301 Robert Adams
his seeing act," said La Sala. "Some-        his bond. I respect him a great deal.        Mark; their first child, a son, Evon        3303 Richard Luj an
one noticed the book he claimed to be        He is a tremendous example of what           Anderson, October 24, 1986, in Fuller-      3304 Mary Helen Vega
reading from, and I might add flaw-          the labor movement can do."                  ton. Evon weighed 8 lbs., 15 oz., and       3305 Miranda Tucker
lessly, was upside down."                          UTU General Chairman Earl              was 21 1 /2 inches long at birth. Carlene   3306 Maureen Esquiroz
                                             Clark said jokingly, "Now you can            coordinates the newly established cor-      3307 Henry Prater
      Long was the inspiration for the       enjoy the pension plan that the UTU          porate pass program for the RTD Mar-        3308 Emilio Caballero
ATU adopting the Multiple Sclerosis          negotiated for you." Clark sees Long         keting Department. Her husband,             3309 James McKinney
Society as its charity and creating the      as the model among labor leaders. "It        Mark, is the executive assistant man-       3310 Tommy Elisaldez
Jerry Fund. To date, the ATU has             was a privilege to work with you. You        ager of the Alicante Princess Hotel in      3312 Jim Davis
already donated $25,000 to the U.S.          are a man among men and a leader             Orange County.                              3314 Bill Crise
Multiple Sderosis Society and $25,000        among leaders." On behalf of the UTU                                                     3315 Mike Shepherd
to the Canadian Multiple Sclerosis
Society. The ATU International plans
                                             and in the name of Jerry Long, Clark
                                             presented a check for $1,000 to the                      For Sale                        3316 Don Shields
                                                                                                                                      3318 Theral Golden
to donate an additional $50,000 this         Jerry Fund.                                  Operator's watch—Ball, Official Standard,        Vernon Yard
year. "The members of Local 1277 are               Other speakers to pay tribute to       Transmaster, gold frame, manual. Only            David Ikeler
richer materially and in intangible          Long included Executive Secretary            $65.00 Call Dave at extension 2260.                                    —Luanna Urie
Headway                                                                                                                                                             Page 11

From Loving Too Much to One Who Can Love Herself
Connie Amstone says she is a woman                                                      RTD who are battered. I see them             wonderful and supportive. They were
who loves too much. She describes a                                                     come to work with black eyes. If I can       recently married. She has shared her
woman who loves too much as one                                                         just help one woman not to be like I         past with her husband who finds it
who obsesses about her partner and                                                      used to be. . ." Her group uses a 12-        hard to believe she allowed people to
calls that obsession love, allowing it to                                               step approach similar to the one used        treat her so abusively. "Now that I'm
control her emotions and much of her                                                    by Alcoholics Anonymous but                  healthier, I can't either," she said. A
behavior, realizing that it negatively                                                  adapted for the women's situations.          healthy woman, Connie says, is a
influences her health and well-being,                                                   Women are encouraged to share their          woman who takes care of herself, she
and yet finding herself unable to let                                                   experience, strength, and hope, and          can say 'no' without feeling guilty,
go. In short, she measures the degree                                                   not to keep their pain a secret. Women       and she can allow her partners to be,
of her love by the depth of her tor-                                                    from all walks of life attend her group.     with no need to change or manipulate
ment.                                                                                   "I always thought if I were thinner,         them.
        Although Connie admits to a                                                     prettier, or wealthier, men wouldn't               "Healthy relationships can seem
history of abuse both in her childhood                                                  treat me so badly. . . that I would          boring to those of us hooked on nega-
and later in her relationships, she has                                                 have to weigh 135 lbs. or drive a new        tive excitement for so many years. But,
begun her recovery process toward                                                       car; seif-love has nothing to do with        for the first time in 40 years I've got
seif-empowerment and seif-love. She                                                     that! Seeing the women who come to           someone taking care of me. I was my
likens her pattern of destructive lov-                                                  our group has helped me see that             family's caretaker and played that role
ing to that of a drug addict's behavior.                                                none of those outside things matter          in every one of my relationships. It
"I believe these patterns of addiction                                                  much. Today I love myself. That's new        feels good now but sometimes it's
began when I was a little girl. Rather                                                  for me."                                     scary because I'm still not comfortable
than deal with my feelings, I stuffed                                                         Looking back, Connie acknowl-          with it."
them down. I did that by becoming                                                       edges that she kept trying to relive               New behaviors for the woman
addicted to food." Overeating was her       Division 10 Operator Connie Amstone is      those early childhood relationships          who is in recovery can seem frighten-
reaction to a dysfunctional family.         making the transition from a "woman         she grew up with. "I think at some           ing. And, what is normal seems Lack-
        As a teenager, Connie became        who loves too much" to a woman who can      point you feel that that's all you           luster. Women worry that the
                                            love herself and say no without feeling
pregnant while in high school and                                                       deserve. I've got a lot of physical scars    happiness or security they experience
                                            guilty. She was honored for her work with
married her child's father. She terms       battered women by the Los Angeles
                                                                                        to remind me of my experience, but           may not last. "When I get those fears I
that relationship as an abusive one.        Human Relations Commission in Janu-         the worst are inside, you can't see          know I have to work my program and
"The relationship lasted two years,         aty.                                        them."                                       realize I'm happy today. I have to stay
just long enough to have two children,                                                        Three years ago she met a man           out of tomorrow. I have me today. I
and then he left me."                       was getting write-ups for eating on         on her bus whom she describes as             never had me before!"
        As a battered and abandoned         the bus. I cried all the time for no
wife, Connie turned to alcohol and          apparent reason. As an operator I
drugs. 'After he left, I became a peri-     couldn't use laxatives like I had done
odic alcoholic. The booze took over         in the past to keep my weight down. It
and I became a black-out drinker. I         was bad. If it had not been for my car-
once lost five days in Tijuana. That's      ing division manager (Don Karlson)
scary when you don't remember any-
thing that happened."
        Along with the alcohol, Connie
                                            and supervisor (Chris Coleman), I
                                            don't know where I would have
                                            ended." Karlson referred Connie to
                                                                                        Be Smart, Don't Start
took diet pills, barbiturates, "any-        the Employees' Assistance Program
thing that would make me not feel my        (EAP). Through the EAP, Connie              Just when parents think their task will      well as they can in all activities; and to
feelings." In order to support her chil-    received the help she needed. She dis-      be easier, as children become settled        set goals for themselves.
dren and her addictions, Connie             covered her compulsive personality          in elementary school, some new chal-               It's never too Tate to start. Even if
became a waitress. "It was like one big     by becoming a member of a 12-step           lenges emerge. If you are a parent of a      you drink, you should know why
party. Even though I was drinking a         program. "At first I thought those peo-     preteen—or care about the future citi-       moderate amounts of alcohol may be
lot, I managed to make a lot of money.      ple in the program were crazy. But, I       zens in your community—you can               acceptable for an adult but not for a
I was able to save and open up a dress      was so desperate, hurting so bad, I         now join with people in all 50 states to     younger person. You are not being
shop and dance studio." She says her        would have done anything to stop the        take positive steps to help children say     hypocritical when you expect pre-
life seemed to take an upswing at this      pain:'                                      "NO" to the gateway drug: Alcohol.           teens to say no to experiences their
point. She was respectable. She                   It was during this period that                                                     young bodies cannot handle. You can
owned four houses, two cars,                Connie also sought therapy. Early in
                                                                                              But children so young don' t           take these positive steps to help pre-
belonged to the country club, the           their sessions, her therapist gave her a
                                                                                        drink, you think. They do. By the age        teens say "NO":
chamber of commerce, and the Busi-          copy of the book Women Who Love Too         of just 13, nearly one-third of our Boys
ness and Professional Women's Asso-         Much by Robin Norwood. "What an                                                           1. Talk together about any topics,
                                                                                        and one-quarter of our girls call them-
ciation. "I was so successful that I was    impression that book made on me. It                                                          including alcohol and drugs.
                                                                                        selves drinkers. And minds and
asked to run for the mayor of Baldwin       changed my life. In it I saw my family,
                                                                                        bodies that are still growing can't han-      2. Really listen. Avoid criticism, ridi-
Park."                                      my sisters, friends, every relationship                                                      cule, and self-righteousness.
                                                                                        dle alcohol the way an adult's body
        In spite of her accomplishments     I ever had was described in that book.      does. Early drinking can lead to lost         3. Demonstrate your confidence.
and the esteem her community lav-           I had to do something. I gave my sis-       opportunities at best, tragedy at                Use praise, give responsibility, be
ished on her, Connie was in and out of      ters and friends that book. I was so
                                                                                        worst. When they drink, children's               affectionate, encourage ques-
abusive relationships with men dur-         excited, I said, 'Look, we don't have to
                                                                                        thinking is impaired, coordination is            tions.
ing that period. "When things get too       live this way anymore!' "                   affected, and personalities often             4. Help children develop strong val-
good with people like me, we always               Connie began to read every book
                                                                                        change.                                          ues .
worry that it's going to end."              about battered women that she could                                                       5. Set a good example.
        Within a few years, Connie's life   find. One year ago she started a            Why do kids drink?                            6. Help kids deal with peer pressure:
began a downward spiral after a series      Women Who Love Too Much support                   You remember what it was like              Suggest cool ways to say "NO."
of tragic accidents that resulted in an     group in her home. The group grew           from ages 8 to 12. How much you                  Be the heavy: "My mother will cut
insurmountable number of liens              so quickly Connie was forced to find        wanted to be like everyone else, to feel         off my allowance."
being issued against her.                   larger quarters. She was given space        grown up, to have friends, and to be
                                            at West Covina Hospital under the                                                         7. Set a clear penalty and enforce
        "Back then I thought someone                                                    independent! Every child experiences
                                            auspices of the Renaissance Program.                                                         your rules.
had put a spell on me. I couldn't deal                                                  those feelings—but they also can lead
with all the liens filed against me. I      The group meets Mondays from noon                                                         8. Encourage healthy, creative activi-
                                                                                        kids to try alcohol. For troubled chil-          ties. Join in the fun yourself!
lost it all, all I had. I remember dis-     to 2 p.m. and Tuesday nights from           dren, drinking offers an escape from          9. Talk with parents and community
tinctly on July 4, 1979, the U.S. Mar-      7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at 1740 Cameron,          problems as a crutch to bolster a sag-           groups.
shal coming to my house with an             Suite 100 in West Covina at the corner      ging self-confidence. Fortunately,           10. Know where to seek professional
eviction order."                            of Cameron and Orange. As of this           there are steps all of us can take to help       help if you suspect a problem.
        She kicked the alcohol and          writing, Connie estimates that              preteens develop the strength to say
 drugs and put her children in a foster     approximately 200 women have                "NO, thank you!"                             This month, watch for announce-
home. "I had to do that or I'm sure the     attended her group. While driving her                                                    ments on TV and radio aimed at help-
courts would have taken them away           bus Connie guesses she has given            What can you do?                             ing kids "Be Smart! Don't Start!"—a
from me." Soon after, she opened a          away more than 500 copies of the book             Sooner or later, every child will      national campaign sponsored by the
bakery of which she is still part owner.    to her passengers who have identified       be offered a drink or something to           National Institute on Alcohol Abuse
 "In 1982, I came to work for the RTD       themselves as battered women.               smoke, or presented with the chance          and Alcoholism. Superb take-action
 as an operator out of Division 10. I             Connie is currently working on        for early sex. Healthy kids, prepared        materials are available for preteens,
thought it would just be for a short        her bachelor's in psychology. She says      to make wise decisions to say NO,            parents, and community groups. Call
 while." Without drugs to control her       if she ever hits the big one she'Il use     need adults to raise them to feel good       301-588-5484 or write to NIAAA, Box
 weight, Connie went from a size 12 to      the money to open a women's center.         about themselves. They need to know          BSDS, Room 16C10, 5600 Fishers
 24 1 /2 in a matter of a few months. "I          "I know there are women at the        people care about them; to perform as        Lane, Rockville, MD 20857.
Page 12                                                                                                                                                          Headway

 RTD Retirees Social Club Now Meeting in Commerce
                                                                                        The retirees moved from their meet-           the organization," said Clark. He also
                                                                                        ing place at the Rubidoux Grange Hall         mentioned the proposal to establish a
                                                                                        to the spacious Aquatorium in the             transportation zone in the San Gabriel
                                                                                        City of Commerce. All 88 members              Valley that is supported by County
                                                                                        present were most enthusiastic about          Supervisor Pete Schabarum. "Here
                                                                                        their new quarters at the February 12         we have a county supervisor who is
                                                                                        monthly meeting.                              out to destroy the RTD. Schabarum's
                                                                                               The potluck luncheon was pre-          philosophy is to work people at mini-
                                                                                        pared by Dorothy Costello, wife of the        mum wage. He thinks this proposal
                                                                                        club's vice-president. Belva Hall, wife       will save money. He doesn't know that
                                                                                        of Treasurer Bill Hall, managed the           he's got a battle on his hands."
                                                                                        signing and selling of the raffle tickets.          Robert Schneider, administrator
                                                                                               Following the invocation by            of the Health and Insurance Trust
                                                                                        Belva Hall, UTU General Chairman              Fund for the UTU, also on hand, was
                                                                                        Earl Clark addressed the retirees             introduced to the group.
                                                                                        briefly, commenting on the UTU's                    Vice-President Jim Costello
                                                                                        progress in obtaining better benefits.        asked the members if they would, to
                                                                                        "As long as I'm chairman there will be        donate toward a collection of memora-
                                                                                        an increase in pensions in every con-         bilia detailing their years of work at
                                                                                        tract. We won't forget what you gave          the RTD. The group hopes to compile
                                                                                                                                      a personal, written history of their
                                                                                                                                      work experiences and the develop-
Retirees enjoy their new meeting quarters at the City of Commerce Aquatorium.                                                         ment of public transit in Los Angeles.

                                                                                                                                      Join Conservancy
                                                                                                                                      in Art Deco
                                                                                                                                      The Los Angeles Conservancy
                                                                                                                                      presents a new downtown walking
                                                                                                                                      tour of Art Deco architecture on Satur-
                                                                                                                                      day, April 11. The tour explores the
                                                                                                                                      decorative splendors of Art Deco,
                                                                                                                                      some of it in buildings that have been
                                                                                                                                      beautifully restored and others that
                                                                                                                                      are undiscovered gems.
                                                                                                                                            The flowering of Art Deco in the
                                                                                                                                      Tate twenties coincided with a period
                                                                                                                                      of tremendous growth in Los Angeles,
                                                                                                                                      both of population and of business
                                                                                                                                      activity. The film industry, oil, mer-
                                                                                                                                      chandising, and finance have left their
                                                                                                                                      mark in many early "skyscrapers"
Former RTD Retirees Social Club Vice-President Mary Johnson (center) with her hus-      UTU General Chairman Earl Clark was           which continue to grace the cityscape.
band Oscar (far right) and friends.                                                     the guest speaker at the first RTD Retirees   Los Angeles has one of the riehest col-
                                                                                        Social Club meeting in Commerce on Feb-       lections of Art Deco architecture in the
                                                                                        ruary 12. The 1987 Club President Bob         country.
The Best Years of Your Life: Plan Now                                                   Miller is standing on the right and Vice-           The guided walking tour
                                                                                        President Jim Costello on the left.           includes visits to the interiors of many
It's undeniably the most stressful time     Consult a physician before you start                                                      Art Deco buildings downtown. The
in life. It's not adolescence. It's not     any exercise routine or change your                                                       tour begins at the Design Center on
                                                                                                                                      Spring Street and includes the Edison
looking for that first job. It's not get-
ting married. It's not even living with
                                            eating habits—moderation and com-
                                            mon sense are the keys to a healthy
                                                                                        CHIP Goes Over                                Building, the Oviatt Building, the
your teenagers.                             lifestyle.                                  With HQ Employees                             Garfield Building, the William Fox
      It's retirement—when your                    Choose a physical activity that                                                    Building, the Los Angeles Jewelry
whole way of life changes overnight,        you enjoy and stick with it. Fitness        The American Cancer Society                   Center, the Title Guarantee Building,
and when life can become traumatic if       and endurance come from exercises           received an enthusiastic response and         the Eastern Columbia, and others.
                                                                                        a big turn out for their CHIP (Compre-              The tour begins at 11 a.m.;
you have not planned for it. By pre-        that use a variety of the major muscle
                                                                                        hensive Health Information Program)           advance reservations are required.
paring, however, older people can           groups and can be maintained contin-
                                                                                                                                      The tour is free for Conservancy mem-
enjoy a smooth transition. If you or        uously for about 30 minutes. These          presented at the Headquarters Build-
                                                                                                                                      bers and $5 for the general public. The
your parents are about five years from      aerobic exercises include walking,          ing during the month of February. In
                                                                                                                                      April 11 tour will be repeated the sec-
retiring, the National Safety Council       running, bicycling, rowing, and             fact, the response to the series of four
                                                                                                                                      ond Saturday of each month at 11 a.m.
suggests that you start planning now.       swimming. If you haven't exercised in       different presentations was so over-
                                                                                        whelming that part of the series will
                                                                                                                                      For reservations or information, call
      In retirement, what you do with       a long time, be patient, and, once                                                        623-CITY.
your time obviously will change. Your       you've been examined by your doctor,        be repeated during the summer. In
physical environment may change,            start your exercise program gradually.      addition, efforts will be made to
too, if you decide to move into a new       As your fitness level improves, you         present this program to interested            RTD Employees
                                                                                        divisions. Those managers and/or
home. Even if you stay in your present
home, you'll need to make some
                                            may be able to get involved in a wider
                                            range of physical activities.               employees wishing to learn more               Run for Office
changes to keep it safe as you get                Exercise can keep you flexible,       about cancer prevention, detection,           While it may be a bit premature to say
older. At this stage of your life, health   strengthen your heart and lungs, and        and treatment should contact Luanna           that a couple of RTD employees
is just as important as ever, so you may    give you the stamina to fight illness.      Urie at extension 6450.                       caught Potomac Fever, it just may be
need to make some lifestyle changes         You also may feel less tense, sleep bet-           The American Cancer Society's          that they are laying the groundwork.
to compensate for the effects of aging.     ter, and look better. It is best to exer-   CHIP Program includes two very spe-           Recently, Community Relations Rep-
Now, while retirement is still several      cise with a friend, especially if you       cial sessions. These sessions are for         resentative Nell Soto won the nomina-
years away, is the time to make those       have had health problems in the past.       men only and for women only. The              tion in the Pomona City Council
necessary adjustments.                             Just as you have all of your work-   men's session teaches self-examina-           primary. She will face Mike Lowe in
       If you start making the changes      ing life, set goals. The amount of          tion to detect testicular cancer early,       the run-off election to be held April
now, you won't have to think about          weight you want to lose, the number         before this cancer becomes a problem.         21, 1987.
them later. Besides, you'll be a little     of miles you walk, the number of laps       Prostate cancer, symptoms, detection                Equal Opportunity Representa-
older when you retire and tasks that        you swim—establish realistic goals,         and care, are also covered. For               tive Monica Delgadillo announced her
are easy now might be a lot more diffi-     chart your progress, and move closer        women, the private session teaches            candidacy for the State Assembly,
cult then.                                  to each one.                                self-examination to detect breast can-        56th District, the seat vacated by Glo-
       Age may slow you down, but it              By thinking about retirement          cer in an early stage and symptoms,           ria Molina when she assumed her
doesn't have to stop you. Healthy           now, you can be ready to enjoy the          detection, and care for uterine cancer        position on the Los Angeles City
habits are just as important as you get     change right from the start. A safe         as well. In other sessions bowel can-         Council. This special election will be
older, and that means a sensible diet       home and healthy lifestyle can only         cer, smoking cessation, cancer in the         held May 12, 1987. Headway congratu-
and exercise. If you're overweight,         make retirement more rewarding.             work place, and ways to prevent can-          lates these employees on their courage
start shedding those pounds now.            And you deserve it!                         cer are also discussed.                       and may the best women win!
     Headway	                                                                                                                                                               Page 13

                                                                To Your Health
                                                Get the Important Message about AIDS
     At the end of 1986 the Center for Dis-                                                     District employees are invited to	           nomic boundaries. Statistics indicate
     ease Control and National Institute of                                                     attend a special session on AIDS             that each of us will be directly or indi-
     Health reported 40,000 cases of AIDS                                                       (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syn-             rectly affected in the near future
     in the USA and more than one million                                                       drome) in the workplace on Tuesday,          unless we become informed now and
     infected with the AIDS virus. No one                                                       April 21.                                    practice what we know. Come and lis-
     knows for sure how many of these will                                                             Mr. Phil Scheley, training spe-       ten to the latest update on this impor-
     come down with the disease or how                                                          cialist for the AIDS Project-LA will         tant subject.
     long it will take for the symptoms to                                                      present this important program. As                      Tuesday, April 21
     show up.                                                                                   information related to AIDS accumu-               11:30-12:30 and 12:30-1:30
           Meanwhile the disease will con-                                                      lates, it is becoming obvious that it is a           Headquarters Building
     tinue to spread and the rate of spread                                                     disease crossing all sexual and eco-               Board Room, Second Floor
     will be much faster than how many
     show up with symptoms. Why?
     Because the incubation time between
     infection and actual symptoms can be
                                                                                                    RTD Goes to the Movies
     from five years to as long as ten years.
           The high risk groups remain the
                                                                                                Radio Days — ****                            cable comic timing. The chief stars are
     same — gay men, intravenous drug                                                                                                        Dianne Wiest as Bea and Mia Farrow
                                                                                                Why is it that Woody Allen can get
     abusers, and hemophiliacs. But the                                                                                                      in an absolutely plum role as Sally.
                                                                                                away with films that really have no
     others at risk are those who need                                                                                                       This is the first film of 1987 that's a
                                                                                                plot whatsoever, but are just collec-
     blood transfusions and promiscuous                                                         tions of memories and incidents? I           likely Oscar candidate, and Wiest and
     men and women, heterosexual or                         by Elia Hager                       wish I knew the answer. If I did, I' d be
                                                                                                                                             Farrow are going to be strong con-
                                                                                                                                             tenders for 1988's awards, just as they
     homosexual.                                            Visiting Nurse                      making films like Woody Allen
                                                                                                                                             were this year. If the truth be known, I
           The most important message                                                           instead of writing this column. What-
     about AIDS and its spread is that sex                                                                                                   like this one better than Hannah and
                                                          You can get AIDS if you:              ever that special spark is, it's alive and
     can no longer be casual — each person                                                      wen and living in Radio Days, which
                                                                                                                                             Her Sisters.
     must become totally responsible and           1. Share a needle injecting drugs.           deals with Allen's childhood memo-           Lethal Weapon — ' 112
     be very careful. Yes, that means care-        2. Have casual sex with many part-           ries of growing up in Rockaway, New          On occasion, I will admit to having
     ful sex — limiting the number of one's           ners.                                     York, and how the radio affected him         very American feelings for a good
     sexual partners, knowing your part-           3. Have anal intercourse.                    and his family. Like his other films, it's   guys versus bad guys plot, and a need
     ner, and insisting that condoms be            4. Choose not to be careful with your        difficult to describe, mostly dealing        to see justice and goodness prevail.
     used. Safety in sexual intercourse can            sex partners.                            with small incidents which weave             That's what this film is all about, with
     be increased by using certain prepara-             The Surgeon General recently            together to form a picture of the times.     Danny Glover as the middle-aged
     tions containing nonoxynol-9, which           published a report on AIDS and it            The major thread deals with Allen's          detective who must take on "psycho-
     seems to kill HTLV-3 (AIDS virus) rap-        may be obtained by writing:                  family, mainly his Aunt Bea, who's           path" Mel Gibson as his new partner
     idly. Nonoxynol-9 is found in some                 AIDS                                    trying to get married, but just can't        because no one eise wants him. From
     female contraceptive gels and is avail-            P.O. BOX 14252                          seem to find the right man, no matter        a wary and uneasy beginning, they
     able over the counter.                             Washington, D.C. 20044                  how hard she tries. The other story          form a dose relationship that
           AIDS is not spread by shaking                                                        deals with Sally, an aspiring actress        develops into a wonderful chemistry.
     hands, or touching objects touched by         Telephone Hotline: PHS AIDS                  and cigarette girl, who's dying to get       Together, they set out to investigate
      someone with AIDS. You cannot get            Hotline 800/342-AIDS; 800/342-2437           on radio. Along with this are finely         the apparent suicide of the daughter
     AIDS by donating blood. You cannot            National Sexually Transmitted Dis-           drawn portraits of radio personalities,      of Glover's Vietnam buddy, and find
      get AIDS from someone sneezing or            eases Hotline: 800/982-5883.                 Allen's family and friends that he           themselves over their heads uncover-
     coughing on you.                              En Espariol: 213/222-SIDA                    grew up with, all played with impec-         ing a drug empire with ties to the
                                                                                                                                             upper echelons of the CIA.
                                                                                                                                                    As you can guess from the above
     Consider This, Next Stop, the RTD Twilight Zone                                                                                         plot, there's a great deal of violence in
                                                                                                                                             this film, including a scene where an
                                                                                                                                             RTD-like bus (I mean, the city is obvi-
           by Rissa Bernstein                                                                                                                ously LA, and the bus is currently in
       Now, we have all lost our temper once       ued. "Now how could he get off the                  So if after a long day you get off    service) slams into the escaping drug
       or twice, lost our way around town,         bus not realizing he had left all that       the bus and realize you no longer have       dealer's car and flips it. For once the
       and even lost our heads now and             behind?"                                     your baby stroller, flashlight, deodor-      audience was cheering for us in an
       then. But honestly, have you ever lost             Lost items are either turned in by    ant, drapes, girdle, rug, beach chair,       accident. This brings up another
       someone else's head?                        passengers or by the operating divi-         Bible, handcuffs—handcuffs?—um-              point, though. While the story is taut
             Believe it or not, here in RTD's      sion from which the bus is deployed.         brella or your What Do You Want to           and emotionally gripping, and also
       very own "twilight zone" (the Lost          Attempts are made to contact the             Know About Guppies? book, just give a         somewhat cathartic, at the same time
       and Found Department), sit a skull          owner when some type of identifica-          call to RTD's Löst and Found Depart-         it suffers from a gratuitous overload of
       and a bizarre array of articles left        tion is apparent. Otherwise, the artic-      ment at (213) 937-8920. It just might be     violence. Between the horrific torture
       behind by passengers hastily exiting        les sit on display at the center for 30      there.                                        scenes and the fact that the drug deal-
       buses.                                      days, awaiting pickup from the                      We regret, however, to inform         ers are so evil I wanted to join Glover
             No, the skull was not that of         owner. After 30 days the finder is enti-     the woman looking for the sister she          and Gibson with an uzi and get the
       someone waiting in an express check-        tled to take the unclaimed article.          left behind on the bus that she has not       sleazoids — at what point does it all
' out line. It was left behind by a science               Only 30% of items turned in are       been turned in yet. But if you lost your     become too much? If not for that, I
       student, who inadvertently left it          ever claimed, Amos notes.                    lower denture, chances are it's the one       would have given this film a higher
       behind on the bus on his way home                   "I think that's because most peo-     sitting on the third shelf.                  rating. Still, it's good entertainment,
       from school.                                 ple believe that no one will turn in lost                                                but I would definitely suggest caution
             He never claimed it.                   items, especially if they are things of                                                   and parental supervision with your
             The skull, which by the way is        value," she explains. "But it's nice to                                                    children on this one.
       being returned to the Los Angeles            know there are still a lot of honest peo-
       Unified School District, is one of the       ple out there."                                                                              "The vessel with the pestle has the
       more memorable items that the Lost                 On the Lost and Found shelves                                                           pellet with the poison, while the
       and Found staff have chuckled over as        sit testaments to the honesty of many                                                       chalice from the palace has the brew
       they display them on the shelves,           RTD riders—television sets, radios,                                                        that is true. But they broke the chalice
       drawers, and along the aisles of the         stereos, cassette players, purses and                                                       from the palace, so now they have a
       Lost and Found center at 5315 Wilshire       wallets, many with cash inside.                                                           flagon; a flagon with a dragon. So the
       Blvd.                                                                                                                                   flagon with the dragon has the pellet
                                                         "Someone found a paper bag                                                             with the poison, and the vessel with
             "We get things in here you
                                                   with quite a bit of cash in it—$2,418 to                                                     the pestle has the brew that is true."
       wouldn't believe," says Johnnie
                                                   be exacta' Amos relates. "It belonged                                                                     —The Court Jester, starring
       Amos, ticket clerk at the pass sales
                                                   to an elderly woman who had the full                                                            Danny Kaye and Angela Lansbury
       outlet that houses the lost articles. " I
                                                   care of a disabled brother who didn't                                                      This month's column is dedicated to
       can't understand how people could
                                                   trust putting money in the bank. I                                                         the mem ory of Danny Kaye,
       get off the bus without them."
                                                   can't tell you how happy I was to turn                                                     1913-1987, star of stage, screen, and
             Can we talk here? This is serious
                                                   over the paper sack to her. It was one                                                     television, ambassador-at-large for
       stuff: wheelchairs, red-tipped canes,
                                                   of my better days."                                                                        UNICEF, humanitarian. I laughed
       even an artificial leg.
             "Someone got on the bus with a               Many other items, however,             Ticket Clerk Johnnie Amos displays a         when I first saw his films as a child,
       very large leather suitcase and two          don't have as happy a fate, and here         case of mousetraps left behind on an RTD      and they've kept me laughing
       huge plastic bags filled with clothes,       they sit waiting to be reunited with         bus and now housed at the District's Lost     through the years. He will be missed.
       books and other items," Amos contin-         their owners.                                and Found Department.                                              — Carolyn Kinkead
Page 14	                                                                                                                                            Headway

                                            SCHEDULE CHANGES
            COMMENDATIONS	                                                            SCHEDULE CHANGES                                            cont.
       Division 1                            Division 9                          Bueras, Peter E., from Operator          Gaitanis, Ruth L., from Operator
       Foster, Anna E.                       Carlyle, Lonnie                     Trainee to Operator.                     Trainee to Operator.
       Green, Jimi                           Edens, Anthoney C.                  Bush, Arlene F., from Operator           Galindo, Johnny, from Operator
       Hernandez, Daniel                     Gutierrez, Jose                     Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Trainee to Operator.
       Hughes, D.H.                          Mitchell, Warren                    time.                                    Gallegos, Arthur M., from Operator
       Novello, George E.                    Outlaw, Eddie                       Byone, Tony A., from Operator            Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
       Tapia, Jerry                          Rumbada, Kathleen M.                Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      time.
       Villa, Manuel P.                      Williams, Ben                       time.                                    Galvan, Jorge A., from Operator
                                                                                 Caldwell, Michelle, from Senior          Trainee to Operator.
       Division 3                            Division 10                         Training Coordinator to Administra-      Garcia, Jose, from Operator Trainee to
       Byrd, Thomas J.                       Alcantar, R.S.                      tive Services Officer.                   Operator.
       Correa, Ernest                        Dawson, John                         Campos, Daniel, from Operator           Gardea, Linda M., from Operator
       Green, Rachel E.                      Hamilton, L.M.                       Trainee to Operator.                    Trainee to Operator.
                                             Kensinger, Robert H.                                                         Gates, Barton E., from Operator
                                                                                 Canate, Bersilio, from Operator
       Division 5                            Morales, Nathanael                                                           Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
                                                                                 Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
       Carroll, Robert                       Patterson, Richard C.                                                        time.
                                                                                 time.                                    Gaw, Brian K., from Operator Trainee
       Edwards, Linda M.                     Perez, Narcizo M.                   Carias, Carlos S., from Operator
       Emmons, Zetelle M.                                                                                                 to Operator.
                                                                                 Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Gilbert, Gary S., from Operator
       Grande, Jose A.                       Division 12                         time.
       Hoshida, Milton Y.                                                                                                 Trainee to Operato r.
                                             Gibson, Darrell R.                  Carlisle, Eric T., from Operator
       Labauve, Rushton I.                                                                                                Gilliam, Michael E., from Operator
                                             Nobili, Valerie A.                  Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
       Perkins, Robert                                                                                                    Trainee to Operato r.
                                             Rogers, Marvin L.                   time.
       Pilgrim, Claude L.                                                                                                 Gomez, Eduardo J., from Operator
                                             Scott, Susan D.                     Castillo, Luis H., from Operator
       Samuels, Xavier                                                                                                    Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
                                                                                 Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      time.
       Victor, David A.
                                             Division 15                         time.                                    Gonzalez, Manuel, from Operator
       Wedlow, Ricky
                                             Pereira, Miriam L.                  Castro, Rogelio U., from Operator        Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
       Williams, Germaine T.                                                     Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
                                             Sunfield, Nancy                                                              time.
       Woods, George D.                                                          time.
                                             Vaughn, Bill                                                                 Gordon, Harriett E., from Operator
                                                                                 Celaya, John D., from Operator           Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
       Division 6                                                                Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
       Chriss, Marie A.                      Division 16                                                                  time.
                                             Bailey, Joseph                      time.                                    Gordy, Randolph H., from Electronic
       Cook, Barry A.                                                            Ceniceros, Jorge L., from Operator
       Cowell, Michael J.                    Haley, Edward C.                                                             Communications Technician to Sys-
                                             McCrary, Lawrence E.                Part- time to Operator Trainee.          tems Electronic Communications
       Ephriam, Charles E.
       Hill, Thomas P.                                                           Chavez, Edward M., from Mechanic         Technician.
       Winston, Patricia                     Division 18                         A to Mechanic A Leader.                  Gray, Terrell A., from Operator
                                             Adger, Joe                          Chavez, Joe, from Operator Trainee       Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
       Division 7                            Allen, Daniel E.                    Part-time to Operator Part-time.         time.
       Benoit, Vincent                       Barnes, Elton L.                    Combs, Robert W., from Operator          Green, Luther, from Operator Trainee
       Craig, Tyrone L.                      Blair, Alonzo E.                    Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      to Operator.
       Dorado, Alberto D.                    Concepcion, Alberto                 time.                                    Griffin, Valery D., from Operator
       Foreman, Clyde W.                     Costeletto, Johnny                  Cueva, Juan, from Operator Trainee       Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
       Hejjawi, Maria H.                     Foster, Kingsley                    Part-time to Operator Part-time.         time.
       Holland, Joe                          Francis, Joseph D.                  Deboe, Donald D., from Operator          Guardado, Maria, from Operator
       Jenkins, David V.                     Fujioka, Kevin K.                   Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Trainee to Operator.
       Miller, Wilton J.                     Holland, Ernst B.                   time.                                    Guerrero, Hector A., from Operator
       Porche, Otis, R.                      Knight, Debra                       De La Paz, Ramon, from Laborer A to      Part - time to Operator Trainee.
       Trevino, Alfonso D.                   McHenry, Margaret                   Painter Trainee.                         Gutierrez, Emma, from Operator
                                             Murphy, Paul V.                     Dellosa, William N., from Property       Trainee to Operator.
       Division 8                            Rockward, Dexter                    Maintainer B to Property Maintainer      Gutierrez, Jose J., from Operator
       Clancy, F.T.                          Wade, Roy B.                        A.                                       Trainee to Operator.
       Eskiewicz, Joseph                     White, Corliss J.                   Desy, Melvin A., from Senior Equip-      Gutierrez, Ramon S., from Power
                                                                                 ment Maintenance Supervisor to           Yard Sweeper to Power Yard Sweeper
                                                                                 Refurbish Equipment Maintenance          Leader.
                                                                                 Manager.                                 Hackman, Frank, from Operator Part-

           SCHEDULE CHANGES                                                      Dhillon, Sukhdev S., from Senior
                                                                                 Staff Assistant to Transit Operations
                                                                                                                          time to Operator Trainee.
                                                                                                                          Harris, Carolyn L., from Data Entry
                                                                                 Supervisor.                              Operator to Cash Clerk.
                                                                                 Dickey, Ronald J., from Operator         Hart, Janice M., from Transit Police
Aceves, Timoteo, from Operator         Barcus, Juanita J., from Stock Clerk to   Trainee to Operator.                     Officer Trainee to Transit Police Offi-
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-    Relief Stock Clerk.                       Dye, Marcela M., from Operator           cer.
time.                                  Barr, Robert N., from Operator            Trainee to Operator.                     Henderson, Edward N., from Opera-
Agosto, Harry M., from Operator        Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-       Dzurisin, Frank L., from Operator        tor Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-    time.                                     Part-time to Operator Trainee.           time.
time.                                  Barron, Antonio, from Mechanic A to       Edwa, Robert B., from Truck Driver       Hicks, James B., from Operator
Aguilar, Victor M., from Operator      Mechanic A Leader.                        Clerk to Relief Stock Clerk.             Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-    Bell, Jeannette M., from Acting           Ellis, Julie L., from General Clerk to   time.
time.                                  Assistant Equal Opportunity Repre-        Materials Management Systems Ana-        Huerta, Ronnie L., from Operator
Alami, Driss Y., from Operator         sentative to Human Resources Assist-      lyst.                                    Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-    ant.                                      Escalera, George L., from Operator       time.
time.                                  Ben -Yair, Mordechay, from Operator       Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Hutson, John L., from Operator
 Alexander, Jimmy D., from Operator    Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-       time.                                    Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Part - time to Operator Trainee.       time.                                     Espinoza, Ruben, from Operator           time.
 Alexander, Theodore T., from Opera-   Bevon, Leo J., from Planning Man-         Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Inocencio, Paul D., from Operator
 tor Part-time to Operator Trainee.    ager to Acting Assistant Director of      time.                                    Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
 Alatorre, Ramon, from Laborer A to    Transportation.                           Felder, Michelle P., from Operator       time.
 Painter Trainee.                      Blake, Holly L. from Operator             Part - time to Operator Trainee.         Jackson, Searcy M., from Operator
 Alsdurf, Carolyn J., from Operator    Trainee to Operator.                      Flint, Linda D., from Operator           Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-    Borcea, Florin, from Operator Trainee     Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      time.
time.                                  Part-time to Operator Part-time           time.                                    Jimenez, George, from Operator
Austin, Wilma F., from Operator        Briley, Joel K., from Operator Trainee    Flores, Jerronimo P., from Transit       Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-    Part-time to Operator Part-time.          Operations Supervisor to Senior          time.
time.                                  Brinkley, William J., from Transit        Transit Operations Supervisor.           Johnson, Charles A., from Operator
Azekri, Carlos G., from Operator       Operations Supervisor to Assistant        Flores, Richard D., from Operator        Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Trainee to Operator.                   Division Transportation Manager.          Part - time to Operator Trainee.         time.
Headway                                                                                                                                                   Page 15

                                                  SCHEDULE CHANGES
                                                      SHIFTING GEARS
                                                    SCHEDULE CHANGES cont.
Jo Jola, Theresa A., from Operator        Mueller, Karl H., from Transit Opera-    Rucker, Michael S., from Operator        Wu, Jerry, from Operator Trainee Part-
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-       tions Supervisor to Assistant Division   Trainee to Operator.                     time to Operator Part-time.
time.                                     Transportation Manager.                  Sanabria, Francisco J., from Operator    Ybarra, Anthony R., from Operator
Jung, John G., from Operator Trainee      Nakatani, Kaysuya, from Mechanic B       Trainee to Operator.                     Trainee to Operator.
to Operator.                              to Mechanic A.                           Sanchez, Valerie, from Operator          Zapata, Gary L., from Mechanic C to
Kelley, Pamela P., from Word Proces-      Nguyen, Dan L., from Operator            Trainee to Operator.                     Mechanic B.
sor Operator I to General Clerk.          Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Sanders, Gail, from Secretary to Act-    Zimmerle, Fred G., from Laborer A to
Kilgroe, Kamlin L., from Operator         time.                                    ing Staff Aide.                          Painter Trainee.
Part-time to Operator Trainee.            Nowell, Ernest G., from Relief Stock     Samaa, Nabeel N., from Operator
King, Vaughn L., from Mechanic B to
Mechanic A.
                                          Clerk to Stock Clerk.
                                          Odell, Anne E, from Supervising
                                                                                   Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
                                                                                   time.                                          SHIFTING
Kitchen, Debra R., from Operator
Part time to Operator Trainee.
                                          Planner to Acting Planning Manager
                                          - Policy/Guideway.
                                                                                   Saucedo, Nooh, from Operator
                                                                                   Trainee to Operator.                            GEARS
Knight, Leola E., from Operator           Onopa, Daniel M., from Operator          Scott, Susan D., from Operator
                                                                                                                            Biehn, Donald, an Operator with the
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-       Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Trainee to Operator.
                                                                                                                            District since February 15, 1960,
time.                                     time.                                    Seiler, Walter, from Schedule Checker
                                                                                                                            retired February 3, 1987.
Largaespada, Roger, from Electronic       Ornelas, Gustavo A., from Operator       Supervisor to Acting EDP Scheduling
                                                                                                                            Black, Albert Eugene, began with the
Communications Technician to Sys-         Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Supervisor.
                                                                                                                            District December 2, 1975, retired as a
tems Electronic Communications            time.                                    Sheer, Dan D., from Operator Trainee
                                                                                                                            Utility A on January 31, 1987.
Technician.                               Ortez, Alecia A., from Operator          Part-time to Operator Part-time.
                                                                                                                            Breitz, Roy K., an Operator with the
Larios, Joe L., from Relief Stock Clerk   Trainee to Operator.                     Silva, Ricardo, from Mechanic B to
                                                                                                                            District since October 28, 1958, retired
to Storekeeper.                           Owens, Elton L., from Electronic         Mechanic A.
                                                                                                                            on January 31, 1987.
Lawler, Fred, from Operator Trainee       Communications Technician to Sys-        Singh, Harbaksh, from Operator
                                                                                                                            Chambers, James A., an Operator
to Operator.                              tems Electronic Communications           Trainee Part time to Operator Part-

                                                                                                                            with the District since September 17,
Lohman, Robert W., from Operator          Technician.                              time.
                                                                                                                            1952, retired on February 21, 1987.
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-       Pachuca, Gerardo A., from Operator       Singh, Joginder, from Operator Part-
                                                                                                                            Diaz, Leonildes, began with the Dis-
time.                                     Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      time to Operator Trainee.
                                                                                                                            trict May 27, 1975, retired as a
Lopez, Nestor D., from Operator           time.                                    Singh, Sarabjit, from Operator
                                                                                                                            Mechanic A on January 31, 1987.
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-       Padilla, David R., from Operator         Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
                                                                                                                            Fleming, Arthur D., an Operator with
time.                                     Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      time.
                                                                                                                            the District since January 30, 1971,
Luebs, Janell R., from Operator           time.                                    Skvarna, Leslie A., from Operator
                                                                                                                            retired on February 3, 1987.
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-       Parrish, Michael R., from Operator       Trainee to Operator.
                                                                                                                            Felder, Robert L., an Operator with
time.                                     Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Supall, Louis E., from Mechanic B to
                                          time.                                    Mechanic A.                              the District since January 30, 1975,
Luna, Ramon, from Operator Trainee
                                                                                                                            retired on January 31, 1987.
to Operator.                              Pedroza, Enrique G., from Operator       Tabares, Robert R., from Operator
                                                                                                                            Flyer, Harold, an Operator with the
Ma, Shingya, from Operator Trainee        Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
                                                                                                                            District since October 27, 1972, retired
to Operator.                              time.                                    time.
                                          Pedroza, Raul M., from Junior Engi-                                               on December 7, 1986.
Marrufo, Armida, from Operator                                                     Tagger, Claude L., from Operator
                                                                                   Part time to Operator Trainee.           Lawson, Harold M., an Operator with
Trainee to Operator.                      neer to Civil Engineer Assistant.            -

                                          Peoples, Debiera A., from Operator                                                the District since March 22, 1974,
                                                                                   Talbot, Patricia, from Operator
Martin, Kerry H., from Operator                                                                                             retired January 31, 1987.
                                          Trainee to Operator.                     Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-                                                                                         Leslie, Dillard Houston, an Operator
                                          Phillips, Christine B., from Laborer A   time.
time.                                                                                                                       with the District since June 24, 1958,
                                          to Painter Trainee.                      Tanon-Diaz, Gilberto, from Operator
Martinez, Eduard F., from Operator                                                                                          retired on January 31, 1987.
                                          Pinto, Gilberi P., from Mechanic B to    Trainee to Operator.
Trainee to Operator.                                                                                                        Lynum, Hamilton, an Operator with
                                          Mechanic A.                              Tatum, Jerry L., from Cash Clerk/
Martinez, Julio C., from Operator                                                                                           the District since June 21, 1957, retired
                                          Plascencia, Guillermo, from Opera-       Mopper Waxer to Cash Clerk/Relief
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-                                                                                         on January 31, 1987.
                                          tor Trainee to Operator.                 Vault Truck Driver.
time.                                                                                                                       Montes, Manuel, began with the Dis-
                                          Pongos, Salvador T., from Operator       Trevean, Vicki A., from Operator
Martinez, Max H., from Senior                                                                                               trict October 1, 1958, retired as a
                                          Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Equipment Maintenance Supervisor                                                                                            MeChanic A Leadman on January 30,
                                          time.                                    time.
to Acting Equipment Maintenance                                                                                             1987.
                                          Presser, Laurence E., from Operator      Trevino, Alfonso D., from Operator
Manager.                                  Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Part time to Operator Trainee.
                                                                                                                            Pollack, Fred F., began with the Dis-
Mathis, Michael H., from Operator         time.                                    Tubbs, Lawrence G., from Operator        trict May 6, 1975, retired as the Risk
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-       Price, 0. Wendell, from Operator         Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Financing Administrator on February
time.                                     Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      time.                                    3, 1987.
Mayweather, Anson, B., from Opera-        time.                                    Turner, Dennis L., from Operator         Powers, Philip B., began with the Dis-
tor Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-   Pulliam, Rosalie A., from Operator       Trainee to Operator.                     trict September 15, 1945, retired as a
time.                                     Part time to Operator Trainee.
                                              -                                    Velasquez, Rodolfo, from Operator        Senior Transit Operations Supervisor
McCoy, Edward D., from Mechanic B          Rivera, Leticia E., from Operator       Trainee to Operator.                     on January 31, 1987.
to Mechanic A.                            Trainee to Operator.                     Velazquez, Damaree, from Operator        O'Regan, Irene A., began with the
                                           Roberts, Reginald D., from Operator     Part-time to Operator Trainee.           District May 1, 1974, retired as a Sen-
McComie, Joseph H., from Mechanic                                                                                           ior Staff Assistant on February 3, 1987.
                                          Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Veloz, Reyes, from Operator Part-time
A to Mechanic A Leader.                                                                                                     Thompson, Lewis W., an Operator
McGlothan, Michael, from Stock            time.                                    to Operator Trainee.
                                           Robinson, Robbie L., from Operator      Walls, William L., from Operator         with the District since February 8,
Clerk to Truck Driver Clerk.                                                                                                1960, retired on February 21, 1987.
                                           Trainee to Operator.                    Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Medina, Antonio, from Operator             Rodriguez, Rosario 0., from Opera-      time.                                    Williams, Roy De Forest, began with
Part time to Operator Trainee.
                                           tor Trainee to Operator.                Watts, Ronald, from Operator Trainee     the District June 18, 1954, retired as a
Mendoza, Donald R., from Stock             Romero, Thomas W., from Operator        Part-time to Operator Part-time.         Traffic Loader on January 27, 1987.
                                           Trainee to Operator.                    Williams, Juanita, from Operator
Clerk to Storekeeper.
Mize, George T., from Operator
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
                                           Romo, Sergio, from Mechanic A to
                                           Mechanic A Leader.
                                           Rosas, Juan C., from Operator
                                                                                   Trainee to Operator.
                                                                                   Williams, Karl J., from Operator Part-                      zAsTe
time.                                                                              time to Operator Trainee.
Montgomery, Brian B., from Opera-          Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-     Williams, Tommy J., from Manage-
tor Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-    time.                                   ment Intern to Acting Contract
time.                                      Rose, Billy J., from Mechanic A to      Administrator.
Morris, Carrie V., from Temporary          Equipment Maintenance Supervisor.        Winters, Linda A., from Cash Clerk to
Division Stenographer to Division          Rose, Russell K., from Mechanic A to    Relief Vault Truck Driver.
Stenographer.                              Mechanic A Leader.                      Whitaker, Jacquelyn, from Operator
Morris, Delwin R., from Operator           Roybal, Paul M., from Operator          Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-
Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-        Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-     time.
time.                                      time.                                    Woolley, Donald L., from Operator
Morris, Lawrence W, from Schedule          Rucker, Derick L., from Operator         Part time to Operator Trainee.

Checker to Acting Schedule Checker         Trainee Part-time to Operator Part-      Worrell, Teresa, from Operator
Supervisor.                                time.                                    Trainee to Operator.

                                                          I— <
                                                          CC (f)

           Employee Activities
                                                          _I 0-

   9  Clippers vs Lakers - Sports Arena
      Dodgers vs Giants - Opening Day
  10 Dodgers vs Giants $5.00 - Fireworks/
      Poster Night
      Lakers vs San Antonio $9.50
  11 Dodgers vs Giants $5.00 - Calendar
  12 Dodgers vs Giants $5.00 - Pin Night #1
      Lakers vs Phoenix $9.50
  14 Dodgers vs Houston $4.00 Fielder's
      glove night
  16 Clippers vs Seattle $10.00
  19 Lakers vs Seattle $9.50
  24 Dodgers vs San Diego $5.00 Baseball
      Card Night
  26 Dodgers vs San Diego $5.00 Pin Day #
      Laker Playoff Tickets Available starting
      April 1
      Lazers Indoor Soccer $20.00 value for
                                                                        ... . 76 -
                                                                                 o                   	         ,r<
                                                                        c D , — C — 0 C D	                     0 0
  May                                                                                                            0
                                                                   o               c2 Ö Ö 3	                    -
                                                                                                               1.1_, ui.
   2 Dallas Sidekicks                                                   ce zr-	         0 c.)
                                                                        O u	                _
                                                                                            _ cp	
                                                                                   _0' cn . 0 ,_               -zz —.
      Magic Mountain Fun Days April 11-                                 •—	        .2 = _0 Cl	                 N Ca
                                                                        i     0 0      i::, g   CD

                                                                              e :, „
      19 and 25-26 $7.95 (Save $8.00 per                                                             	             ..<
                                                                                                                 CO 0
      ticket)                                                           g)    n  o ..2' -mo
                                                                                 m ° t,5
                                                                                 `a      =	 -0 _,
                8-9 Dodgers vs St. Louis $5.00 - Helmet                    ,i) , 0
                                                                        7	 	 a) .0 CL ,	    2 a),
                                                                                  c. — —
                    Weekend                                             5 ',5	 15 0 0	                          0     —

                                                                        k. . 	 . 	 > .75-c_ccs 2
                                                                                   a)          "c75      ei	
                                                                                                         0 CD
                 12 Dodgers vs Chicago $5.00 - Pin Day                                     E-
                                                                                          Vj C D                 .C

                     Renaissance Pleasure Faire Week-                   C      1   L.)          F6
                                                                                           CD ..-•             -0
                                                                        —  5	
                     ends and Memorial Day. April 25                          ..c [2., +--
                                                                              a)	 -cy 	 0co 0)
                                                                        71 (cl,'
                                                                        b" (3cccc	 5 8 •.E.
                     thru May 31 Adults $8.75 Children                         (r)
                                                                                      a; ..— -•c • ii5 0 ,,,3
                                                                        w E	 ci. a . 0 N — Cn E
                                                                        5 a;	                                  - -

                     (11 and Under) $2.95                                      >" u 03 G., c, ., in
                                                                   An      0 o 	f g -0.	C \71, rn
                                                                           0         -t.    >

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