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									                                                                                    Form # 1
                         Residential Code of New York                       PLAN REVIEW

  Owner: ___________________________         Reviewed by: _____________________________

  Location: _________________________        Date: __________________________

  Building Type: ( ) One Family      ( ) Two Family         ( ) Townhouse

  Type of W ork: ( ) Existing Building                      ( ) New Construction

                                                  Table R301.2 (1)
                                    CLIMATIC AND GEOGRAPHIC DESIGN CRITERIA

Ground       Wind      Seismic            SUBJECT TO DAMAGE FROM               Winter      Ice Shield      Flood         Air
 Snow       Speed       Design                                                 Design     Underlayment    Hazards     Freezing
 Load       (MPH)      Category     Weathering   Frost    Termite    Decay     Temp         Required                   Index

  Plan Review Form #1 applies to ALL buildings regulated by the Residential Code of New York.

  Form s #2, 3W ,3M and 3S are specific to the type of construction m aterial used for the structural com ponents of the

  Form #4 is for use with ALL ROOF COVERINGS.

  Check off each applicable form that was used:

                                                                                              Date Com plete

  [   ]   Form   #1 PLAN REVIEW FORM - MASTER                                                   _____
  [   ]   Form   #2 PLAN REVIEW FORM - FOUNDATIONS                                              _____
  [   ]   Form   #3W PLAN REVIEW FORM - W OOD FRAME CONSTRUCTION                                _____
  [   ]   Form   #3S PLAN REVIEW FORM - STEEL FRAME CONSTRUCTION                                _____
  [   ]   Form   #3M PLAN REVIEW FORM - MASONRY OR CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION                        _____
  [   ]   Form   #4 PLAN REVIEW FORM - ROOF COVERINGS                                           _____

  Form #1 (12/27/06)                                                                                        Page 1 of 8
      ITEM                                      CODE SECTION       REQUIRED                      ACTUAL

 1    NYRC Lim itation                         R101.2              Detached 1- or 2- Fam ily
                                                                     3story, separate egress

      State Agency regulation                  R101.2.1
          Com m unity residence

      Conversion to B&B                        AJ701

 2    Building Height                                              Specific lim itations based
      Num ber of Stories                                           on m aterial

         W ood                                 Tab R602.3(5)       2x6 allows 3 stories
         Steel                                 R505.1.1            2 stories m ax
         ICF Foundations                       R404.4.1            2 stories m ax

 3    Design and Load Lim itations             Tab R301.2(1)       Checklist pg. 1
        W ind                                  R301.2.1            110 MPH

         Seism ic                              R301.2.2            Category D1

         Snow                                  R301.2.3            Over 70 psf ground snow

         Live Load                             Tab R301.5

 4    Location on Lot                          R302                > 3' from lot line - (1hr.)

 5    Light and Ventilation                    R303
         Habitable Light                       R303.1              8% of floor area

         Habitable Ventilation                 R303.1              4% of floor area

         Stairway Illum ination                R303.4              Artificial light req’d

      Com plete the following worksheet to verify light and ventilation requirem ents

Form #1 (12/27/06)                                                                                   Page 2 of 8
     Room              Floor Area       Light            Light              Ventilation        Ventilation
     (Floor)         (Square Feet)    (Required)        (Actual)            (Required)          (Actual)

       ITEM                              CODE SECTION    REQUIRED                         ACTUAL

 6     Room Area
         Habitable room                 R304.1           Min. 120 SF ( 1 room )

           Other room s                 R304.2           70 SF other room s
                                        R304.3           7' m in. dim ension
       Ceiling Height
         Habitable                      R305.1           7'-6" in. m in.
         Other room s                                    7' m in.

 7     Glazing                          R308
       Safety Glazing Locations         R308.4

       Skylights/Sloped Glazing         R308.6

 8     Garage - Attached                R309
                                        R309.1           3/4 hr. self-closing door

                                        R309.2.1         3/4 hr. wall
                                        Exception        One layer 5/8" type X

                                        R309.2.2         One layer 5/8" type X

 9     Em ergency Escape and Rescue     R310

        Minim um Opening Area           R310.1.1         5.7 sq ft / 5.0 sq ft
        Opening Height                  R310.1.2         24 in (Net Clear)
        Opening W idth                  R310.1.3         20 in (Net Clear)

Form #1 (12/27/06)                                                                                 Page 3 of 8
      ITEM                            CODE SECTION   REQUIRED                    ACTUAL

 10   Exits Doors                     R311.4.1       Min. 1 per dwelling unit
          Door type and size          R311.4.2       3 ft / 6 ft 8 in
         Landing                      R311.4.3

 11   Stairs
         Under stair protection       R311.2.2       ½" gyp. If enclosed

         W idth - Minim um            R311.5.1       36 in.
         Headroom                     R311.5.2       6 ft. 8 in. height
         Tread depth                  R311.5.3       9 in.
         Riser Height                                8 1/4 in

         Landing                      R311.5.4

         Spiral                       R311.5.8.1     NP as only m ean of
                                                     egress from a story

 12   Handrails/Railings
        W hen Required                R311.5.6       4 or m ore risers

         Height                       R311.5.6.1     Min 34 in./ Max 38 in.

         Continuity                   R311.5.6.2

      Guards                          R312
        W here Required               R312.1         Surfaces raised 30"
          Height                                     Min. 36"

         Openings lim itation         R312.2         4" sphere
                                                     6" triangle exception
                                                     4 3/8" stair exception

 13   Sm oke Alarm s                  R313.1         Inside, outside, and each
                                                     level. Interconnected and
                                                     hard wired

      Autom atic Sprinkler System s   R313.3         3 stories

      CO alarm s required             R313.4         If CO source exists
        Locations                                    Story with sleeping
                                                     Story with CO source

 14   Foam Plastic Insulation         R314

Form #1 (12/27/06)                                                                        Page 4 of 8
      ITEM                              CODE SECTION       REQUIRED                   ACTUAL

 15   W all and Ceiling Finishes
         Flam e Spread Classification   R315.1             not greater than 200

      Interior Coverings                R702 Tables        Based on m aterial used
          Plaster                       R702.1(1) to (3)

          Gypsum                        R702.3.5

      Exterior siding                   R703               Based on m aterial used
           Coverings                    Tables R703.4
                                        and R703.5.2

 16   Dwelling Separation               R317
        Two-fam ily - Required          R317.1             1 hr m in
        Sprinkler Exception                                ½ hr m in

      Townhouses, separate bldgs.       R317.2
        Exterior wall                                      Each 1 hr m in
        Exception: Com m on W all                          2 hr m in

         Parapet W alls                 R317.2.2 and       1 hr m in

         Structural                     R321.2.4           Independent

 17   Protection of the Structure
         Decay and rotting              R319

         Term ites                      R320

 9    Exterior W indows and             R613
               Glass Doors

      Perform ance                      R613.2

      Testing/Labeling                  R613.3

      W ind-borne Debris                R613.4             Sam e Req.
                                        R613.6             (613.4 all glazing)
                                                           (613.6 m ullioned glass)

      Anchorage                         R613.5

      Mullions                          R613.6

 18   Fireplaces and Stoves             Chapter 10

      Masonry Fireplaces                R1003

      Factory-Built Fireplaces          R1004

      Exterior Air Supply               R1005

Form #1 (12/27/06)                                                                             Page 5 of 8
      ITEM                         CODE SECTION     REQUIRED                  ACTUAL

 19   Chim neys and Gas Vents      Chapters 10,
                                   18, and 24
      Masonry Chim neys            R1001

      Factory-built Chim neys      R1002

      Draft                        M1801.2

      Fire Blocking                M1801.9 R602.8

      Multiple-Appliance Venting

 20   Plum bing                    R306, R307
                                   Chapt. 25 - 32
         Fixtures Required         R306

         Fixture Spacing           R307.1
                                   Figure 307.2

      W aste Type/approval         R306.3 & P2602

      W ater Source/approval       R306.4 & P2602

      Anti-scald Devices           P2802.2

 21   Electrical Requirem ents     Chapters 33
                                   thru 42
       Receptacle Placem ent       E3801.2.1        12 ft. m ax

       GFCI and Arc Fault          E3802            GFCI 9 locations
                                                    Arc Fault for bedroom s

      Switch Locations             E3803            1 per habitable room &
                                                    bathroom s

Form #1 (12/27/06)                                                                     Page 6 of 8
      ITEM                        CODE SECTION    REQUIRED                ACTUAL

 22   Energy Com pliance          Chapter 11

         Clim ate Zone            Table N1101.2
         Heating Degree Days

      Building Envelope           Table N1102.1

         Fenestration U-factor
         Skylight U-factor                        .60
         Glazing SHGC                             Not required

         Ceiling R-value

         W ood wall R-value

         Floor R-value

         Basem ent wall R-value                   10 cont./13 cavity

         Slab R-value, depth

         Crawl space                              Ventilate OR Insulate

      Energy Code alternative     ECCNY Chap 4

      Res Check com pliance                       Docum entation for


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