The Truth About GEO Circle Lenses Exposed

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					The Truth About GEO Circle Lenses Exposed

Nowadays you may be overwhelmed by the numerous selection of Color lenses or circle Lens that are
available in the market. But there is only one that is really standing out from the mass, GEO Circle

GEO Circle lenses are design and produced by a reputable Korean company named GEO medical Co. Ltd.
They are an advance and innovative company that specialised in designing circle color lenses and has
attain numerous Local & International certification for its products, quality control and innovation.

( Approved & certified by KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration), MHLW (Japan Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare), ISO (International Standard Organisation) & CE (Conformité Européenne - Europe).

In additional to the above outstanding credentials you will find below, 4 major benefits of GEO Circle

Benefit 1 - Color & design style

GEO Lenses are famous for their color and design style. You will find various interesting color to choose
from I.e. Blue, green, brown, black purple, violet, sea green, olive and many more and in term of style, it
will be even more exciting, you can find lenses with various design pattern on the lens itself, I.e. starry
effect, butterfly effect, tearing effect etc.

Benefit 2 - Money Saver

GEO lenses are make to last for a Year of usage with proper cleaning and storage!

However, we will strongly recommend that you use it for every 6-8 months as fresh, new contact lens
are always better and safer for the wearer.

Our recommendation: Change it every 6 months if you wear them often. Change it every 8 months if you
don't wear them as often.

Benefits 3 - Corrective Power is available

For Those people who wear corrective contact lenses, GEO Lens also available with corrective
lenses.Thus there are no excuse for you to look Great All The Time!

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