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									            Women's Health and Smoking
Females Who Smoke

Every smoke you smoking is doing you damage. Whilst both genders experience many of the same ill
results of smoke smoking cigarettes, women experience certain harmful repercussions which are
exclusively theirs. In the US alone 23 million women smoking and it is approximated that over 140,000
will die every year as a result of their habit. Of particular concern is how young they start, with 1 in 5
secondary school girls categorized as regular smoke smokers. Women take up the habit in their
teenagers and due to the addicting characteristics of smoking they quickly become connected.

Women Smokers and Center Disease

Heart condition takes its cost of both men and women smoke smokers however women smoke smokers
have an improved comparative chance of cardiac arrest than their main alternatives. The factors are not
fully known but excess estrogen may play a critical part. For ladies smoke smokers who also use dental
birth control methods the comparative chance of heart relevant illnesses increases to 40 periods that
experienced by women non-smokers.

Smoking and Fertility

Smoking decreases both men and women infertility however, the effect on women infertility is
particularly noticeable. The infertility rates for women smoke smokers is only about 70% that of non-
smokers. Reduction in infertility is due to a variety of factors although reduced ovulation and zygote
implantation account for most of it. Sperm cell stability in men, after climax, is also reduced due to the
build up of smoke smoking relevant harmful toxins in the mucous coating of the cervix. Females smoke
smokers, on average, experience the change of life 3 years earlier than non-smokers.

Smoking and Pregnancy

Smoking in maternity is bad information for the creating fetus. Few pregnant smoke smokers are
unacquainted with the threats although roughly 33% choose to continue to smoke throughout the
maternity. Each woman wants the best for their growing child but the characteristics of smoking habit
make it very difficult to stop. The harmful toxins present in cigarettes complete into the mom's blood
vessels to the placenta and from their complete straight into the child's blood. The consequences for the
unborn are well known. Moms who smoking are more likely to have pre-term infants, with all its
associated problems. In addition, smoke smoking mothers are in danger of losing the unborn child and
neonatal loss of life. Even after birth, children created to smoke smoking mothers display greater
situations of breathing and ear attacks.

Women and Smoking

Giving up smoking smoking is hard and research has continually shown that ladies find it more
complicated to set-up than men. The reason, or factors, for this continually noticed sex difference is not
apparent. However, the answer, partially at least, probably includes a simple, but complicated,
behavioral variations between the genders. This is not very good information for women smoke smokers
as overall they are at greater chance of smoke smoking relevant illnesses than men. In earlier years the
loss of life cost from smoke smoking was disproportionately one-sided towards the men's persons. Sixty
years ago a man smoke smoking in public was very common and a woman realized her place. At that
time, few women used and if they did they used in private; periods change, mostly for the better.
Emancipation is a wonderful thing and we should all compliment the goal of social success. The key of
course, for all individual kind, is to learn from history and to engage in a healthy course of habits. To eat
less and to smoking not at all are counsels of efficiency. The individual condition is not perfect. As long
as we exist there will be those amongst us who will tend to over engage in the world's treats regardless
of the health repercussions or cultures censure.

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