Windows 8 Beta Hits a Hundred Downloads by cashforlaptops


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									Unsurprisingly, Microsoft seemed to be off to a good start with the new Windows
8 Beta version. Windows grabbed a million download hits in just one day after
releasing the beta version of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on February 29.
Microsoft tweeted only one day after the release saying, “One day later… one
million downloads of the consumer preview,” using their Building Windows 8
Twitter account. The Developer Preview version of Windows 8 was released the
same day that they showed off the new OS at the Mobile World Congress in

Clearly, laptop and PC owners who have been using Windows OS for years are
curious and excited to finally see, and use, Windows 8. While still in a working
progress state, Windows fans got a sneak peak of what’s to come with it
especially since Windows 8 is said to target a wide variety of consumer
electronic products from smartphones to tablets PC, desktops and laptops.
Since the release, Microsoft has reportedly done more than a hundred
thousand code changes to the operating system’s beta version to make it more
user friendly for those who have been using laptops and desktop PCs.


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