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Hawaii Travel Tips and Secrets


Hawaii Travel Tips and Secrets

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									Hawaii Travel Tips and Secrets
Check out these Hawaii travel tips and see if you get excited like we did.

Are you a little adventurous? Do you enjoy a bargain when it comes to travel?

This is how we travel and it has always worked out great for us. Try it at your
own risk, but if you love travel bargains, you'll love the way this works.

We like to travel in the off season and see Hawaii when it isn't so crowded. Off
season travel has its benefits and drawbacks.

The weather isn't always the most ideal, yet, it can be every bit as good as the
peak season.

We've gone in peak season and had crummy weather and we've traveled in the
off season and had great weather, it's always a crap shoot any way so we take
the chance.

Normally, we get awesome air travel rates in the off season to start of the trip.

We usually only book the first night or maybe the second and then we hit the
streets and the hotel lobbies searching for the booklets, newspapers and coupon
guide books.

Last time we did this, it was in January, right after the new year and everything
was dead.

Hawaii was like a ghost town and we were able to find some of the most
incredible deals you could imagine.
We got a flight to Oahu, with a three night stay in a luxury hotel complete with a
rental car for just a little more than the normal price of the inter-island flight.

Another time, while on the island of Maui, we called a hotel on Oahu and asked
for the price of a suite we had stayed in on a previous trip.

For the price of a normal room, we got a 2 bedroom penthouse suite overlooking
Waikiki Beach and facing Diamond Head. This was a corner room with four 10
foot sliding glass doors so it was like having glass walls and you could see
everything. It had every amenity and our kids almost went nuts using Jacuzzi
tubs, making meals in the kitchen and sitting on the two verandas overlooking
the beach. There was a special elevator that only went from the lobby level to
the tenth floor.

These are just some of the Hawaii travel tips that we've accumulated. We think
you might like traveling by the seat of your pants as much as we do. It gives us
braging rights with the relatives also.

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