; 7 Hong Kong Travel Tips
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7 Hong Kong Travel Tips


Hong Kong Travel Tips is for you who wants to visit Hong Kong.

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									7 Hong Kong Travel Tips
Hong Kong has much to offer the tourist with interesting sightseeing, delicious
food, great shopping and an experience in a country with probably a very
different culture to your own. These 7 Hong Kong Travel Tips will be useful in
preparing your itinerary and knowing what to expect when you arrive in this
fascinating travel destination.

Tip 1 - Climate

Hong Kong enjoys a subtropical climate with two distinct seasons. Summer
temperatures 26-31oC Winter - 14-20oC It can get very humid.

(credit image to: atravelaroundtheworld.com

Tip 2 - Currency

The Hong Kong dollar is floating and pegged to the US dollar, so it will fluctuate a
little. Cash and Travellers cheques can be changed at banks (recommended for
the best rate), hotels and money changers. All main credit cards are accepted in
most shops, hotels, restaurants etc.
Tip 3 - Dining Tips

   •   To ensure a seat it pays to book at popular restaurants during lunchtime
       (1-2pm) and evenings.
   •   Dress Code - Casual wear is acceptable for most restaurants. Some
       exclusive restaurants will have a dress code requiring a jacket and tie.It
       may pay to check if you are dining in a top class restaurant.
   •   Service Charge - Most hotels and restaurants will add 10% service
       charge. Otherwise tipping is your choice.
   •   Condiments, tea, snacks - these will often be brought to the table but
       you will need to ask the waiter if there is an extra charge for them. This
       varies in different restaurants
   •   Paying by Credit Card - Most restaurants accept credit cards....ask your

Tips 4 - Smoking

Smoking in Hong Kong is prohibited in all indoor areas, and some public places
such as beaches, swimming pools, transport terminals etc
Tip 5 - Litter

Hong Kong has strict laws and a HK$1,500 fine for littering or spitting.

Tip 6 - Hong Kong Travel Passes

   •   MTR Tourist Tickets are available.
   •   Airport Express Travel Pass - Choose the pass suited to your stay -
       either a Three Day Pass with unlimited travel on MTR with one or two
       single trips on the Airport Express or

   •   A Tourist Day Pass - Both Child and Adults Passes are available - with a
       full day of unlimited travel. They are valid for a month from the day of
       issue. NOTE: These passes are for non Hong Kong residents staying for
       less than 14 days..
   •   Octopus Card - This is an electronic fare card for all public transport. Buy
       them at restaurants and stores. You can top up the card like a phone
       card... these are excellent saving the need to carry small change

Tip 7 - Taxis

You can easily tell which is the correct taxi as they are different colours for each
area of Hong Kong.

   •   Red - Urban taxis
   •   Green - New Territories
   •   Blue - Lantau Island

You will see the taxis when you leave the airport... it is good to know which
colour you will need to get to your hotel!

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