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									                                                                                                                     Volume 2          April 2012

                                                         Welcoming DAAN Mentor Ranjit Kumar
Great news!!!

Page 6                                                                                        Many of you may have already had the chance to meet or
Summer 2012 Internships                                                                       work with Ranjit Kumar who heads DAAN activities as DAAN
for DAAN members at                                                                           Mentor. Ranjit Kumar is also a Senior Dakshana Fellow and is
premium companies . . .                                                                       based in Toronto. He graduated from IIT Delhi in the 1970s
                                                                                              and has had an illustrious career in the oil industry. He now
DAAN Internship cell finds summer                                                             volunteers with Dakshana and works on its growing base of
internship opportunities for 10                                                               Alums. In a short span, Ranjit has already helped cement
DAAN members….                                                                                internship tie-ups for DAAN members with premier
                                                                                              companies in India. The DAAN website is a result of his
                                                                                              spearheading leadership and involvement and we are truly
                                                                                              lucky to have him on our team.
Page 4                                                            (DAAN Mentor)
A DAAN member of IIT
Kharagpur starts a blog to
guide his juniors

To solve counseling issues of
                                                                           DAAN website is launched!
Dakshana scholars….

Page 1
DAAN meetings at various

Connecting DAAN members with a
faculty on each campus….

                                                       “This website would reduce the distance between us greatly and help increase the bonding and
                                                       networking among all DAKSHANA Alumni” – Venugopal (DAAN Member)

                                                       Read more on page 5

  Dakshana Recognition Day, each year, is the day we felicitate
  Dakshana scholars who have been successful at the IIT JEE. This                                             Dakshana Recognition Day
  year, the Recognition Day is being celebrated in Delhi on Sunday,
  July 01. We invite all DAAN members to attend the celebration. The                                          Date: July 01, 2012
  DAAN Annual meeting will also be held on the same day. Please
                                                                                                              Place: Delhi
  mark your calendar and see you there!

               Editing credits: Sharmila Pai (DAAN Advisor), Design Credits: Subramanya T H

               Co-ordinators: Priya Arora (DAAN Co-ordinator), Abhishek Rai (Vicepresident, DAAN) Varun Thopucherla, Ranjith,

               Siva Prasad Reddy, Venu Gopal, Priyanka Giri, Mukesh Kumar Meher.
                                                                                                                               Issue: April 2012

            As each year goes by, DAAN’s presence at colleges keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Though we live and study in the same campus,
    DAAN members are not connected in most places. The first step to bring DAAN members on campus together began with the Orientation Parties
    that were a great success. Dakshana proposed the next step as connecting with a faculty member on each campus. And so began high-power
    meetings between DAAN members and a Professor on their respective campuses. These meetings have given DAAN a special recognition with their
    faculty and a promise of strength and support in the future. Let’s have a peek into how these events unraveled.

                                                                                                                      “It was a great experience
                                                                                                                      for us to spend a day with
                                                                                                                      Priya Ma’m sharing our
                                                                                                                      wonderful experiences after
                                                                                                                      joining IIT Bombay”

          It was a great experience for us to spend a day with a                                                                      - T Ashok,
          Dakshana fellow (Priya Ma’m) sharing our wonderful (and                                                                  (DAAN member)
          great ) experiences after joining IIT Bombay. It was 12.30 in
          the afternoon. The actual plan was to have a small meeting
          with Prof. DB Phatak IIT Bombay
          (http://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~dbp) at 2 pm, so we decided to
          spend time getting to know each other.
          Introductions were first on the agenda. We were amazed by Priya Arora (DAAN Co-ordinator)
                                    DAAN members of IIT Bombay with
          Priya Ma’m's experience!!!

                                                                             earning members in the family, how many brothers &
          It was a great experience for us to spend a day with a
                                                                             sisters we have, what are the environmental (social)
          Dakshana Fellow (Priya Arora) sharing our wonderful (and
                                                                             conditions in our hometown, etc.
          great) experiences after joining IIT Bombay. It was 12.30
                                                                             He inspired us to think about helping society as soon as
          in the afternoon. The actual plan was to have a small
          meeting with Prof. D. B. Phatak, IIT Bombay                        we get out of IIT. "You people are very lucky that you had
          (http://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~dbp) at 2 pm, so we decided            Dakshana but think about many other students who do
          to spend time getting to know each other.                          not have enough opportunities to showcase their talent.
          Introductions were first on the agenda. We were amazed             Then he gave a small example of the present Indian
          by Priya Madam’s experience!! We took some pictures of             society which really touched our hearts. Everyone knows
          the campus and moved on to KReSIT (CSE Department
                                                                             this, but it touched our hearts at that moment.
          Building, IIT Bombay) where we had to meet Prof D.B.
          Phatak in the Conference hall.                                     We were all truly inspired by Prof. Phatak’s speech. We
          Sir asked each of us about our family backgrounds. He              thanked Prof Phatak for taking the time to be with us and
          spent around 5-7 minutes talking to each one of us. It             wished him goodbye.
          was really a great experience for us (since it is very rare        It was about 4 in the evening. There is a lake in & nearby
          to have a personal talk with any professor in engineering          IIT Bombay. We went to the lake just to spend some time
          colleges!!). He asked about things like...                         discussing about some improvements in DAAN and some
                                                                             improvements on the selection procedure of GDST also.
                                                                             We then talked about our life, studies, etc. It was a great
                                                                             time for all of us...

1                                                                                 Prof D. B. Phatak said "Consider there are about 6 lakhs
                                                                                  villages and 3 villages have 1 Government school... there
                                                                                  will be at least 2 lakh talented students (taking one student
                                                                                  from each school on an average) who when given an
                                                                                  opportunity can improve the standard of living of their
                                                                                  community and family. Now you have got that
                                                                                  responsibility to take care of such things in the society. This
                                                                                  is one of the finest ways to pay-back to the society. Think
                                                                                  about all those things. You still have time."

        Prof D. B. Phatak (IIT Bombay), Priya Arora (Dakshana
        Fellow) with DAAN members of IIT Bombay.
                                                                                                                       Issue: April 2012

    “His experienced and motivating talk
    really inspired us”

                    - Pratap Bhanu Solanki
                           (DAAN member)

                                                                     When one of the members mentioned that even today
      DAAN IIT Kanpur members met with Colonel Sharma, CEO
                                                                     there are JNVs where students have no knowledge of
      Dakshana Foundation. His experienced and motivating
                                                                     Dakshana, Colonel Sharma explained that posters and
      talk really inspired us. We were gathered for the first
                                                                     emails are being regularly sent to each JNV and these are
      time here as DAAN and it was indeed a joyful moment.
                                                                     supposed to be displayed on the school’s notice board.
      Most of us were still unknown to each other so it was
                                                                     One solution to tackle this problem is that whenever
      good that we interacted with each other.
                                                                     DAAN members go home during holidays, they should go
      The notes with important points of the meeting are as
                                                                     and address the JNV juniors and inspire them about
                                                                     Dakshana. One more thing is that a great number of
          1. To make a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to
                                                                     selections take place from a particular JNV because there
             help qualifying scholars in online filling of choices
                                                                     are good teachers of Physics, Chemistry and
             during counselling, as two of our students were
                                                                     Mathematics. To ensure that more students get an equal
             not able to get admission to IIT because of minute
                                                                     chance, there is a plan that as soon as the JNV Bundi’s
             mistakes in the admission process.
                                                                     halls are constructed, 6 teachers from different JNVs will
          2. Details of loans, scholarships and advance
2            freeships should be made available to all Dakshana
                                                                     be trained each year to improve the quality of education.

                                                                     Later, we met with Prof J Ram Kumar (Associate
          3. Internship for not only 3rd years but also for the      Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering &
             1st years who want to get a flavour of industries of    Chairman, Student Placement Office, IIT Kanpur) and
             their field of interests. As Colonel Sharma said,       discussed the following:
             "Our scholars’ achievements are my strength             1.       Brief description about areas of concerns.
             when I talk to firms".                                  2.       Filling online choices.
          4. New Dakshana Scholars should be welcomed as             Prof Ram Kumar recounted about the district wise
             soon as they reach the College gate so that they        informal library system in his college (NIT Trichy) where
             feel confident enough to start a new life here.         books used to pass on to the next batch.
          5. One general tip: We are given so much of                He also informed the members that there are
             exposure to lot of things. But we should make a         scholarships available to students whose parental income
             good choice and make good use of it in our life.        is less than a defined amount. Such a student will get a
             We should learn here in our college life by meeting     tuition fee waiver, money for basic meals and even then
             with lot of people who have excelled in various         if he/she is not able to cope up then they can apply to
             fields.                                                 DOSA (Dean of Student Affairs) who has some grants
      While talking to Rajiv Krishna, he gave a reference of Mr.     from which money can be given to students with genuine
      Felipe who has renounced his wealth and presently he is        needs.
      helping international students reach US Universities. He       Lastly, when we were chatting in the Hall 4 canteen,
      negotiates for scholarships with the universities on behalf    Colonel said “Paise to koi ullu ka pattha bhi bana sakta
      of students.                                                   hai". The consecutive discussion set me thinking about
                                                                     this statement.
      Colonel Sharma also informed us that the Bangalore
      construction work will start in March this year but the
      problem is with the capacity of hostels which is
      responsibility of government.

      He advised us that if we go to government jobs we should
      change the system and try to get things done on time so
      that the general opinion of people should change about
      the government.
                                                                                                                      Issue: April 2012

                                    NIT SURATHKAL

DAAN meeting with Prof. Gopal Mugeraya (Dean Student Affairs)        Ms. Reema and Basavesh( DAAN member) with Prof. Mugeraya.
and Reema Mukherjee (Dakshana Volunteer) on March 10, 2012.

                                                                  Then Prof. Mugeraya spoke about his life and career. He
                                                                  counseled us about how we should stay away from bad
                                                                  habits and the need to socialize amongst ourselves. He
      The DAAN members at NIT Surathkal recently met with         asked us to give back to Dakshana, Navodaya and the
      Prof. Gopal Mugeraya, Dean of Students Welfare NITK in      society whatever is possible by us. The highlight of his
      the presence of Ms. Reema Mukherjee from Dakshana.          talk was his desire to celebrate his birthday this year with
      The meeting was co-ordinated by Ms. Priya Arora, Senior     the DAAN members!
      Fellow, Dakshana, and DAAN members Venu Gopal and
      Sanjay YR.                                                  A vote of thanks was offered and Ms. Reema and
                                                                  Basavesh, a 3rd year DAAN member, were presented with
      The meeting was held at the Mining Seminar Hall of          a bouquet by Prof. Mugeraya.
      National Institute Of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. It
      began at around 1.20p.m. with an interactive session        The meeting ended after Ms. Reema exchanged her
      between Ms. Reema and the 30 DAAN members present.          contact details and promised to be in touch and help us
      The members introduced themselves and spoke about           in the future. The meeting was motivational,
      their lives at NITK. There were even some comparisons       inspirational, and humorous.
      between life as an NITK student and as a Dakshana
      Scholar.                                                        “Prof. Mugeraya spoke about his life and career. He

      Prof. Gopal Mugeraya joined the meeting around 2.15
                                                                      counseled us about how we should stay away from
                                                                      bad habits and the need to socialize amongst                        3
      p.m. After a welcome and introductions, Kamlesh, a 1st          ourselves. He asked us to give back to Dakshana,
      year DAAN member, briefly explained to Prof. Mugeraya           Navodaya and the society whatever is possible by
      about Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti and Dakshana                    us.”
      Foundation. He was supported by Ms. Reema as she                          -   Sanjay and Venu Gopal (DAAN members)
      added some valuable points regarding Dakshana.

                                                                  DAAN meeting With Prof. Shevgaonkar, Director IIT Delhi &
                                                                  Col. Sharma, CEO Dakshana Foundation on February 23, 2012

                                                                  Following the visit of Mr. Ranjit Kumar, Mentor DAAN, to IIT Delhi in
                                                                  January 2012, DAAN members at IIT Delhi met with Colonel Sharma
                                                                  on the evening of February 22, 2012. The meeting was co-ordinated
                                                                  by DAAN member Tanuj Kumar. The members shared their
                                                                  experiences at college with Colonel Sharma. The first year DAAN
                                                                  members felt very happy to see a familiar face from Dakshana after

                                                                  The next day, Colonel Sharma met up with Prof Shevgaonkar,
                                                                  Director IIT Delhi to discuss about DAAN. Tanuj Kumar was present
                                                                  at the meeting as well.
                                     IIT DELHI
DAAN Khabar | DAAN Happenings                                                                                                           Issue: April 2012

                               DAAN members at IIT Kharagpur create a blog to guide their juniors

                                                                  DAAN members at IIT Kharagpur have launched a blog "DakshanA Alumni Network"
                                                           with the aim of helping Dakshana scholars with counseling issues.

                                                           The blog has counseling advice for the scholars. The blog also has tips in the form of small
                                                           mistakes made by the previous year alumni at the time of counseling advising them not to
                                                           repeat them again in order to avoid last minute tension. These messages have been written
                                                           by First Year students (Dakshana Batch -2011) studying at various institutes. IIT Kharagpur
            Please submit your articles to                 First Years have shown great enthusiasm in launching DAAN Blog.

            Siva Prasad Reddy - sivajnv@gmail.com          Here is the link of the BLOG: www.dakshanaalumninetwork.blogspot.com.
            Varun Thopucherla varun.daan@gmail.com
                                                           Rahul Yeluri, first year DAAN member at IIT Kharagpur, has been managing the blog.

                  Alumni interested in giving any suggestions to Dakshana Scholars for counseling and career guidance are welcome.

                                             A new platform for DAAN to connect!

                                                                                                                     Key features include
                                                                                                         My profile
                                                                                                         My Profile (visible to other DAAN members) -
                                                                                                         includes photograph, educational background,
                                                                                                         college, discipline of study, year of study, summer
                                                                                                         internship experiences, achievements and awards,
                                                                                                         interests and activities.

                                                                                                         .                                          1

                                                                                                          Message board
                                                                                                          Post a message/request/query to all other DAAN
                                                                                                          members in his/her own college/ institution of
                                                                                                          study/or to the whole DAAN community.
  4                                                                                                                                                 2

                                                                                                             Main page
                                                                                                             The Main page will have updates and info about
         `Though we are miles apart we are still together. We are in different colleges now, but             Events and functions, scholarship and financial
 are still covered under one banner "Dakshana".                                                              assistance, summer internships, job search/post
                                                                                                             graduate study, Fresher’s orientation etc
 How can we let memories of spending the two prime years of our life perish???
 We, here at DAAN, want you to cherish those memories throughout your life and add many
 more to them. Keep listening to seniors who shall be working for corporate companies and
 learn from them. Take up internship in the corporate world and share those memories with the                DAAN Newsletters and News Updates can be
 DAAN community.                                                                                             published on the website, which can be
                                                                                                             downloaded by users.
 These thoughts were raised and the outcome of these thoughts is our new website "DAAN".                                                            4

 Ranjit Kumar (Senior Dakshana Fellow & DAAN Mentor), Priya Arora & Syed Helal Qamar                         E-Books
 (Dakshana members), Abhishek Rai (DAAN President) and Subramanya T H assisted by 12                         There is an option of uploading and
 other efficient volunteers finished the herculean task of building a website from scratch. The              downloading study materials, eBooks etc.
 website, aimed to help alumni members communicate with other members is now in its testing                                                          5
 stage and will soon be launched for our use. Seneca Global, Hyderabad under the leadership of
 Mr Sarma Chadha, has designed and hosted the website at no cost at all! We are truly blessed to             Election portal
 have such guardian angels with us!                                                                          The site will contain a portal for conducting
                                                                                                             elections for DAAN committee heads and
 In simple words, this website would bring us closer and help to increase the bonding and                    secretaries.
 networking among all DAKSHANA alumni.                                                                                                               6
                                                                 Article by Venugopal (NIT Suratkal)
DAAN Khabar | DAAN Website                                                                                                           Issue: April 2012

                                                                 The new DAAN website
                                                                                                              -Ranjit Kumar
                                                                                                               (DAAN Mentor)

                The new DAAN website is for the exclusive use of the Dakshana Alumni community only. Official launch is planned for early
          May, 2012. The URL for the DAAN website will be: http://www.daan.dakshana.org. It will be open for registration and sign in for all
          Dakshana Alumni very soon.

          Its purpose is to promote communication and networking among the DAAN members, with seniors helping juniors with:

                     1.   Student loans and scholarships
                     2.   3rd year summer internships
                     3.   Mentoring and career path options
                     4.   Counseling on campus/hostel life and environment
                     5.   Volunteering for Dakshana activities and events

          This interaction should help all DAAN members to successfully complete their engineering college studies and then go forward with
          confidence into the workplace and the business world.

          The first batch of Dakshana scholars - those students who completed Dakshana coaching in 2008 – will be graduating from college with
          undergraduate degrees in the summer of 2012. And we encourage these Dakshana Alumni to also register on the DAAN website, so
          that we at Dakshana can follow their progress and careers in the years ahead, and likewise they can keep in touch with their fellow
          Dakshana Alumni and perhaps assist their juniors wherever they can.

          Each DAAN member will have his/her own exclusive account on the DAAN website, where he/she can upload their photo and put
          together their Public Profile – for viewing by other DAAN members – and their own confidential Private Profile – for their own
          personal use, with access to this confidential information restricted to the Dakshana/DAAN management only.

          Each DAAN member would login and then register as a first-time user. On successful login, every DAAN member will automatically be
          assigned a new DAAN-assigned email address that will be valid for lifetime. This DAAN-assigned email address will be the User ID for
          all subsequent logins. This Dakshana email ID/address would be linked to the personal email ID/address chosen by the DAAN member.

          Soon after initial registration, each DAAN member would enter his/her contact data, public profile information and upload his/her
          photograph. The confidential private profile section will provide the facility to enter detailed personal contact data including
          permanent home address and mobile phone number, personal academic record and a resume/CV for their personal use for summer
          internship and employment purposes.

          On subsequent logins to the website, members would go to the tab marked My Dashboard. This screen will be the virtual work-desk
          for the DAAN member! From here, he/she can access all information provided on the DAAN website, send and receive messages,
          browse through emails posted on the “message board”, search and look up the public profiles of others, engage in a “chat session”
          with one or more DAAN members and also be able to view/edit/update/upload all personal data in their personal website account.

          The DAAN website would provide useful and important information regarding:

                    1. Dakshana & DAAN team charts
                    2. Loans and scholarships
                    3. Newsletters and news updates
                    4. 3rd year summer internships
                    5. Job search and/or post graduate studies
                    6. Events and functions
                    7. Campus initiation for new DAAN members
                    8. Volunteering for Dakshana activities and events
                    9. URLs for DAAN blog sites at various colleges
                    10. Accessing study materials and eBooks uploaded on to the website
                    11. Photo Gallery
                    12. Feedback/Contact info on key DAAN council members and Dakshana/DAAN administrators

          A separate Election Module has also been created. This will allow the DAAN members to conduct Annual Elections each summer by
          voting online to elect the various DAAN office holders for the next academic year.
DAAN Khabar | Internship Cell                                                                                                      Issue: April 2012

                                  Summer 2012 Internships for DAAN members at premium companies

                                                The Internship and Placement Cell of DAAN has begun working successfully. In its first
                                         initiative, the Internship cell was successful in getting internships for 10 DAAN members at
                                         Deloitte Consultancy Hyderabad, Syntel and Systems Technology Group.

                                         The Internship Cell has been the brainchild of Colonel Sharma, CEO Dakshana Foundation.
                                         Ranjit Sir has played a very crucial role in the kick start of the Internship Cell. He contacted
                                         various companies for internship opportunities for Dakshana Alumni. Shashank Dubey, as
                                         Head of the Internship Cell, has been very active in spearheading this activity.

                                         The Internship Cell provides internship opportunities to pre-final year Dakshana Alumni.

            Here is the list of the alumni who secured internship through DAAN for the year 2012:                                                      6

                            Name                      Qualification          Specialization                 College

                                                            Deloitte Consultancy Hyderabad
                    Shriman Narayan Tiwari                   B.Tech          Electrical Engineering                     IIT Kanpur

                         PratapBhanu                         B.Tech          Electrical Engineering                     IIT Kanpur

                       Sharavana Kumar                       B.Tech          Mechanical Engineering                   IIT Kharagpur

                            Shithali                         B.Tech          Electrical and Electronics                NIT Suratkal

                                                                             Computer Science And
                         Basavesh A.A                        B.Tech                                                    NIT Suratkal


                                                                             Computer Science And
                         Anitha Bhatia                       B.Tech                                                   NIT Hamirpur
                                                                             Computer Science And            Sardar Vallabhai National Inst of
                        Karshan Karmur                       B.Tech
                                                                             Engineering                                    Tech
                                                                             Computer Science And
                           Poonam                            B.Tech                                                    IIT Roorkee
                                                                             Computer Science And
                       Hemant Mundra                         B.Tech                                                   NITK Surathkal

                                                               Systems Technology Group

                      Shyam Sunder Singh                     B.Tech          Computer Science Engineering             IIT, Guwahati

                            We are looking forward to more internship opportunities for Dakshana Alumni in the coming years.
 DAAN Khabar | GDST and DAAN’s Involvement                                                                                       Issue: April 2012

                                                                      GDST 2012
       The Grand Dakshana Selection Test this year was conducted on 01 April 2012 at 24 locations across India. This year too, like last year, DAAN
   members volunteered to conduct the test at all locations. They travelled from their colleges to the test centre locations, some of which were in
   close vicinity while some others were an overnight journey away by train. The volunteers opted to sacrifice a weekend of being with their friends
   at college and spent it at the JNV test center planning, organizing, managing people and situations, leading the way at the most important
   Dakshana event of the year.

   Volunteering at the GDST is not an easy task. It involves tremendous effort, patience, enthusiasm, and tolerance. The volunteer has to keep calm
   in highly tense situations and have great presence of mind to take the right decision in case a crisis arises. The DAAN members who volunteered
   for GDST 2012 have done an excellent job of conducting the test with ease. In some locations they were assisted by Dakshana volunteers who are
   professionals in various fields.

   Dakshana is grateful for the dedication and zest displayed by the following DAAN members for this event:

Sl no                       Name                                                 College                                    JNV Visited
   1.   Shreesha Chatra                                 IIT Indore                                                  JNV Bhopal
   2.   Shashank Dubey                                  MIT Pune                                                    JNV Raipur
   3.   Nitesh Patra,, Manojit Biswas, Mayank           IIT Bhubaneshwar                                            JNV Cuttack
   4.   Satpal Singh                                    NIT Kurukshetra                                             JNV Ghaziabad
   5.   Rajat Goyal                                     IT BHU                                                      JNV Gorakhpur
   6.   Prashant Kumar                                  IIT Kanpur                                                  JNV Lucknow
   7.   Amritbir Singh                                  University Institute of Eng. & Technology, Chandigarh       JNV Chandigarh
   8.   Jaiprakash and Mohit Yadav                      IIT Mandi                                                   JNV Bilaspur
   9.   Nishikant Kadam                                 Marathwada Mitra Mandal College of Engineering Pune         JNV Pune
   10. Sumit Kumar                                      Santh Longowal Instituite of Engg & Tech, Sangrur           JNV Samba
   11. Dhananjay Choubey, Anandkumar Singh              NIT Srinagar                                                JNV Ganderbal
   12. Neeraj Verma                                     IIT Kharagpur                                               JNV Patna
   13. Himanshu Kumar                                   IIT Patna                                                   JNV Patna
   14. Dinesh Kumar                                     IIT Kharagpur                                               JNV Burdwan
   15. Varun T                                          NIT Warangal                                                JNV Ranga Reddy
   16. Rajesh Kumar                                     IIT Hyderabad                                               JNV Ranga Reddy
   17. Sanjay Y R                                       NIT Suratkal                                                JNV Bangalore Rural
   18. Shijil Vijayan                                   NIT Calicut                                                 JNV Palakkad
   19. Poonamchand Meena                                IIT Gandhinagar                                             JNV Gandhinagar
   20. T Ashok                                          IIT Mumbai                                                  JNV Pune
   21. Swapnil Nikam & Dinesh Kumbharwar                NIT Nagpur                                                  JNV Wardha
   22. Harshdeep Maheshwari                             Rajasthan Technical University, Kota                        JNV Bundi
   23. Asanath Sidh                                     IIT Mumbai                                                  JNV Jaipur
   24. Shyamsunder Singh                                IIT Guwahati                                                JNV Rangiya
   25. Urwashi Kumar                                    IIT Guwahati                                                JNV Jorhat

DAAN members as mentors

        Mentoring Dakshana scholars at coaching JNV locations is an important activity on the DAAN manifesto and DAAN members have undertaken
this activity with great gusto. What happens at these mentoring visits? The mentor reviews the topics covered from the syllabus and clears doubts
that scholars may have on those topics. Between December 2011 and March 2012 these DAAN members made the following mentorship visits:

             Ranjith J N (IIT Madras) & Naveen S N (NIT Suratkal) visited JNV Bangalore Urban
             Vishnu K (IIT Madras) & Vinod E R (IIT Madras) visited JNV Kottayam

DAAN members volunteered to conduct the Post IIT JEE Orientation (which was designed by the IIT Bombay DAAN members)

             At JNV Bangalore Urban on 9th April 2012 - Varun T (NIT Warangal)
             At JNV Ranga Reddy on 13th April 2012 - Pravin Kumar Shedolkar and Rajesh Kumar Meena (IIT Hyderabad)
DAAN Khabar |Tour with Spier’s family- Abhishek Rai                                                                                        Issue: April 2012

                                                             Tour with Spier’s family
                                                                                 - Abhishek Rai (IIT Kharagpur)
             There is a concept that when two bodies having different               The New Delhi railway station was crowded and was looking
             internal pressure are brought in contact then the pressure             frightening to me; it never looked that way before.
             tends to stabilize somewhere in the middle called the                  Unfortunately, the train was 2hours late. We travelled in AC-
             equilibrium point. Analogy to the above statement is that              III, kids were happy to see the beds like seats. After seeing the
             when two people meet similar kind of equilibrium point is              compartment from inside, Issac said ‘it’s like a home,
             reached with respect to thoughts. The conversation among               mommy’. Unlike the normal Indian kids, all 3 were interested
             the people surrounds that equilibrium point.                           in going to upper berths. It was a great experience.

             When I met Guy and the Spier family, the situation was like,           I had a wonderful time with the family. It was a very unique
             one side is very high pressure and the other side is vacuum.           experience of its kind. I entered and stayed in five star hotels
             Due to such huge pressure difference, I had learnt so many             for the first time.
             things, which are difficult to explain in one article.                 Except Red Fort, that was my first time too visiting all the
             Let me introduce you to                                                                                                       ts. For the
              the Spier family. Starting with                                                                                              first time I
              the boss who is Mr. Guy Spier,                                                                                               wasn’t
              then next person I would like                                                                                                concerned
             to introduce is Ms. Lory Spier;                                                                                               about the
             she is the boss of Mr. Guy Spier                                                                                             Naxals in
             and then 3 very cute children                                                                                                 Jharkhand
              Eva (7), Issac (5) and Sarah (4).                                                                                            as I was
             Guy’s mother is from                                                                                                          flying to
             South Africa and father is                                                                                                    my college
              German. He grew up in Israel.                                                                                                from
   8          Lory’s mother is from US and
              father is from Mexico. She grew
              up in Mexico. Kids were born in                                                                                              was royal
              New York, US, and are being                                                                                                  and
              brought up in Zurich, Switzerland                                                                                            luxurious.
             . Sarah the youngest one speaks
              in Spanish with her mother, in English with her father and            For those 4 days, I got so much associated with the family; I
             goes to a German School. So it’s a great cultural emersion for         was feeling as if I am also a tourist. I learnt a lot of things from
             one to meet with the Spier Family.                                     the family. It was very inspiring and motivating. I wish I could
                                                                                    take my family for a similar trip soon.
             Mr. Guy Spier is a great disciple of Warren Buffett and a very
             good friend of Mohnish Sir. He is a graduate from Oxford               THANK YOU NOTES
             University with an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is             Guy shared a small story with me. Monish Sir invited Guy at
             owner of Aqua-Marine Funds, an investment partnership                  his annual meeting. After the meeting, Guy replied to Monish
             inspired from Buffett-partnerships.                                    Sir with a thank you note for inviting him. And Guy told me
             (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Spier)                               that this instance has brought many changes in his life.
                                                                                      Guy keeps sending ‘Cards’ to people on every occasion e.g.
             Guy is a very passionate person, a very keen observer of
                                                                                      Christmas, New Year etc. He heartily thanks everyone for even
             things, and a great learner. The most common thing in all the
                                                                                      the smallest contribution.
             successful people is that nothing stops them from learning
                                                                                      During the trip he explained to me the importance of ‘thank you
             something new.
                                                                                      notes’ and ‘how it can differentiate you from the rest of the
             This trait was clearly visible in Guy. Lory is a fun loving lady
             and a great mother. She likes children a lot. She is tough
                                                                                      I have tried the power of thank you notes. On 18th Jan, 2012 we
             enough to adapt in every situation easily. The kids were very
                                                                                      had the Alumni Meet at IIT Kharagpur. In the evening, I was
             cute. Eva is calm, sweet and creative. She likes to solve puzzles
                                                                                      near the hostel gate with my friends. Some of the alumni came
             and difficult tasks. Issac is quiet, cute and interesting. He has
                                                                                      to visit the hostels. They took a photograph with us on the
             developed a passion for bombs, wars and fights. In Agra,
                                                                                      hostel gate. They talked with us for some time. Later, I searched
             during lunch, Guy told him a story about Atom Bomb
                                                                                      one of the alumni on Facebook and thanked him for having a
             explosion, he passionately replied ‘Cool’ (with a deep breath).
                                                                                      good conversation and inspiring me. The name of the alumni is
             One would love to watch his expressions. Sarah sweet, cute,
                                                                                      Mr. Kunal Bhattacharya. Now we are friends.
             drama-queen, interesting, adorable, loving, talkative… (The list
                                                                                      I have read the book ‘How to win Friends and Influence People’
             is exhaustive; you can put all the adjectives you know). On the
                                                                                      by ‘Dale Carnegie’. It helped me to understand the need of
             first meeting, Guy told me ‘she is the real character’. She
                                                                                      thank you notes quickly. Warren Buffett has referred this book
             enjoys everything. She makes friends everywhere. We
                                                                                      in his biography as a must read book.
             travelled by train from Delhi to Agra. The train was delayed by
                                                                                      It’s the most comfortable and easiest tool to make life easier
             2 hours. Spending 2 hours at the crowded New Delhi railway
                                                                                      and comfortable. One might wonder how thank you notes work.
             station must be a tough experience for the family. But Sarah
                                                                                      It’s a very simple thing, what’s so special about them. Guy says
             was still enthusiastic. She was jumping as usual, while walking
                                                                                      it works because very less people do it, which is a very valid
             on the railway station.
                                                                                      Gratitude gives you a satisfaction. It makes you feel content.
             Monish Sir asked me if I can join the family when they are in
                                                                                      Also, it is the best way to control your ego. It is a very simple
             India. I had an obvious positive reply. I joined the family in
                                                                                      practice which brings wonderful changes in our life.
             Delhi at Hotel Imperial Palace. We visited Red Fort, Jama
                                                                                      At the end, I must thank Guy for explaining such a simple and
             Mosque and Akshardham temple in New Delhi. We moved to
                                                                                      hidden concept of making living life better. 
             Agra. On Jan 1st, we were in front of Taj Mahal. The interesting
             part was train journey from New Delhi to Agra.

                   “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” - William Arthur Ward
DAAN Khabar | Internship experience                                                                                              Issue: April 2012

                                                        My Internship Experience
                                                                             - Shashank Dubey(MIT Pune)
     Miracles happen every day, change your perception of what a           Manager and the Manager has a right to ask to him for
     miracle is and you will see them all around you.                      explanation.

     Last year around December, I was bit worried about my                 In the second and third week I spent my time in the
     Internship which is meant to be first hand industry experience        Halliburton Andheri Office and started working seriously on
     for any budding engineer. Fortunately, Halliburton Offshore           my project. My office timing was from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. but
     Inc. came to my campus mid-January to offer the Summer                sometime I was working in office till late night like 9 P.M. also.
     Internship program to couple of students which would take             The office environment was very friendly as they encouraged
     place in Mumbai and then maybe in Malaysia also.                      me to communicate with each and every employee and you
                                                                           could ask your minutest doubt without any hesitation to the
     Halliburton came with such a nice internship structure that           Manager too.
     would make any aspirant engineer thrilled with a 75k monthly
     stipend and residence in a luxurious 5-star hotel.                    In the fourth and fifth week, I had completed most of my
                                                                           project work and I was given permission to visit Halliburton
     Halliburton has a rigorous selection procedure which becomes          Sperry Lab and Cementation Lab at Taluja, Navi Mumbai. I had
     blatant when you realize that they selected only 2 students           to undergo 3 days safety training prior to starting work in the
     from of all departments that applied from MIT-Pune. They              lab. So, couple of days I went through basic safety and
     shortlisted resumes, conducted personal interviews via                precaution training. For about a week I had to regularly wear a
     telephone and video conferencing. After I got selected, I             helmet and overalls with steel-toed boots to work. Halliburton
     realized that every company not only looks at your academic           cares for the safety of their employees to an extent where
     record but also your attitude, enthusiasm and ability to work         drivers are not allowed (by some fancy gadget) to exceed
     under pressure.                                                       55kmph and everyone sitting in the car must be wearing a
                                                                           seat belt. They take excellent care of their employees
     My Internship began from early June and lasted 45 days till I         (110,000 of them spread over 80 countries!)
     completed my assigned project with a week’s exposure at a
     Malaysian Oil field too. Halliburton Offshore Inc. provides oil       Halliburton conducts daily meetings to set targets for each
     field services. They are into oil exploration, drilling wells, well   day’s work. I’m lucky to get a closer look into the Halliburton
     services and other complex terminology and once the oil is            business in India because I’d got chance to attend its quarterly
     pumped out of the ground it is passed on to other companies           meeting which basically explains the progress of the
     to be refined into products that are sold to the wider markets.       companies and rewards the top performer from within the
                                                                           company for the past three months.
     An oil well is a sensitive and tempestuous hole in the ground
     made by man to better populate the planet with machines.              The last week was very crucial to me as I had to present my
     My first project was in the Production Enhancement                    project work and had to impress my Manager. I prepared the
     department with ‘Hydraulic Fracturing in CBM Wells and                presentation about my project and presented it. He
     Inventory Management in SAP’ as a topic. Hydraulic Fracturing         appreciated my efforts and the best part of it was that I got
     basically consists mainly of pumping water with sand and              permission to visit Halliburton fields in Malaysia.
     slurry at a high pressure into the ground and fracturing the
     formation to enhance the recovery of oil. There were a total          In the last four days I packed up my things and flew to Kuala
     of 5 other co-interns with me from different colleges around          Lumpur where Halliburton has a massive onshore rig. I was
     India including IIT-Kharagpur and PDPU. I was part of a team          taken on the oil rig, I had never seen such a thing before. I was
     of three and it was then that I realized why the industry places      working in an envelope of sand dunes and the landscape is
     such an emphasis on team-work.                                        purely unimaginable. Once while having food, there was a
                                                                           sandstorm and I had to run with my plate in search of some
     The accommodation was close to perfection - a flat on the             shelter!! Those experiences were mind blowing.
     17th storey of Lalco Residency Skyscraper with free fast food,
     free high speed internet and an awesome swimming pool. My             I was working with experienced engineers to help them
     room overlooked green hills (right across the street, can it get      perform fracturing, living in bunk houses, which were no less
     any better?). There was a company car that would pick me up           than 5 stars, with the cook serving whatever you ordered. I
     and drop me off and the ride (while not trudging over the             remember someone ordered fish in the afternoon and the
     string of potholes that are rain-flooded roads in Mumbai) was         cook was running around the entire city to get fresh water
     scenic.                                                               fish!!

     In the first week of internship I underwent tough training to         After spending five splendid days I was back in Mumbai. On
     really understand the company business, strategy and the              the last day, I submitted the hard copy of my project report to
     policy they follow. Halliburton strictly follows Health Safety        my Manager.
     and Environment issues whether you are in office or on the
     rig. Each employee has been provided the facility of raising an       I really hope that I’ll get to do some more projects of this kind
     HOC-card against anyone who follows any unsafe or unhealthy           in the near future, where I enjoyed a lot and at the same time
     practice inside the company irrespective of what his                  gained immense practical knowledge. All in all, had a
     designation is - whether he is Manager or intern! Each HOC            wonderful experience!
     card raised against any employee gives information to his                                                                                       9
 Issue: April 2012                                                                       DAAN Khabar |Sports Achievements

              Sports achievements of Dakshana scholars

        Name               College                  Branch               Achievements

 Dheerendra Kumar         IIT Kanpur              Mechanical             2nd in 800m race in Intramural competitions

  Devendra Kumar           IIT Delhi               Chemical              1. Participated in "47th Inter IIT sports meet" in Athletics
                                                                         (400m and 110m Hurdles); 2.Won silver in Volleyball inter-
                                                                         Hall competition; 3.Won gold in inter-hall Basketball

  Uday Chaitanya        IIT Kharagpur              Electrical            Won Silver medal in Inter Hall Weight Lifting competition -

  Urwashi Kumari         IIT Guwahati          Civil Engineering         Participated in 47th Inter IIT sports meet and won silver
                                                                         medal in Basketball

 Rabin Kumar Naik       IIT Kharagpur              Electrical            1. Cross Country Race in NCC Camp - Gold (in his first
                                                                         year); 2.Open IIT Road Race – Gold; 3.Inter Hall - Individual
                                                                         Gold (5 km ); 4. Inter IIT Sports Meet - 5th in 5km race (with
                                                                         timing of 17 min 53 sec ); 5.Spring Fest Marathon Race –
                                                                         Gold; 6.Gold in 6.6 KM Race
 Gunnam Sreedhar         NIT Suratkal    Electronics and communication   Participated in all India Inter NIT Kabaddi competitions

 Nitesh Kumar Patra    IIT Bhubaneswar       Electrical engineering      Inter IIT Athletics - 2009 + 2010

     Mana Ram            IIT Jodhpur              Mechanical             1. Two bronze medal (400m and 800m) in 46th Inter IIT
                                                                         Sports Meet-2010; 2. One gold medal (800m) and one
                                                                         bronze medal in 47th Inter IIT Sports Meet-2011; 3. Three
                                                                         gold medals (200m, 400m, and 800m) in Varchas '11, Inter
                                                                         college sports festival, IIT Rajasthan; 4. Five gold medal
                                                                         (200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and 4x100 relay) in Varchas
                                                                         '12, inter college sports festival, IIT Rajasthan; 5. Best
                                                                         athlete in Varchas '11 and Varchas '12, inter college sports
                                                                         festival, IIT Rajasthan
  Sharvana Kumar        IIT Kharagpur             Mechanical             1. Participated in Inter IIT Sports meet from first year; 2.
                                                                         Won Silver in 47th Inter IIT Sports meet 2011 held at IIT
                                                                         Kharagpur; 3. Gold in 2010 and Silver in 2009 "Shaurya -
                                                                         Annual Sports fest of IIT Kharagpur; 4.Gold in Inter Hall
                                                                         volleyball meet 2011 and Got "Best Spikier of
                                                                         the tournament”.
   Deepak Tiwari        NIT Warangal           Computer science          Champion of table tennis, inter-NIT sports meet 2010 and

  Ranu Chaudhary        IIT Kharagpur                 AG                 Won gold medal in T.T championship(women) in 46th and
                                                                         47th inter IIT sports meet

 Siva Prasad Reddy      IIT Kharagpur             Mechanical             1. Inter IIT probable candidate in weightlifting; 2.Won bronze
                                                                         medal in open IIT power lifting; 3. Won silver medal in inter
                                                                         hall competitions held this year

   Priyanka Swain       NIT Rourkela       Electronics and electrical    Secured 1st prize in the athletic meet 2011-12 (cross
                                                                         country race)

Dhruva Charan Muduli     IIT Guwahati    Electronics and communication   1. Main player of "bronze medal team" in inter hostel
                                                                         Volleyball championship 2010-11; 2. Participated in 47th
                                                                         inter IIT sports meet in Volleyball; 3. Main player of inter
                                                                         hostel Volleyball Gold medal team in 2011-12
DAAN Khabar | Achievements- Academics                                                                                             Issue: April 2012

                     Academic achievements of Dakshana scholars

              NAME                        COLLEGE                                    BRANCH                                YEAR         CGPA

Pratima Dixit                Vellore Institute Of Technology   Electronics & Electrical                                     2nd         9.03
Sachin M M                   NIT Suratkal                      Mechanical                                                   2nd          8.9
T.Ashok Kumar                IIT Bombay                        Computer Science                                             2nd         8.85
Priyabrata Bhuyan            IIT Delhi                         Civil Engineering                                            2nd          8.7
Prabartika Sahoo             NIT Rourkela                      Electronics & Communication Engineering                      2nd         8.68
Giri Raj Angoria             NIT Rourkela                      Chemical                                                     1st          8.6
Sagar Das                    NIT Rourkela                      Mechanical                                                   2nd         8.52
Manu K K                                                       Mechanical                                                   3rd          8.5
Santosh M B                  NIT Suratkal                      Mechanical                                                   2nd          8.5
Vivek N V                    NIT Suratkal                      Electronics & Communication Engineering                      3rd         8.48
S.Thandava Sesha Talpa Sai   NIT Rourkela                      Electronics &Electrical Communication Engineering            2nd          8.3
Priyanka Swain               NIT Rourkela                      Electrical                                                   1st         8.27
Sanjay Y R                   NIT Suratkal                      Electronics & Communication Engineering                      2nd         8.26
Nilay Jadwani                SVNIT ,Surat                      Mechanical                                                   3rd         8.24
Dinesh Chaudhari             VNIT, Nagpur                      Computer Science                                             3rd         8.24
Ranjith                      IIT Madras                        Mechanical                                                   2nd         8.19
Shamanth Kumar D N           IIT Madras                        Electrical sciences                                          2nd          8.4
Povanna K P                  NIT Suratkal                      Information Technology                                       2nd         8.12
Rajat Goyal                  IT-BHU, Varanasi                  Ceramic Engineering                                          2nd         8.03
Nirakar Rout                 NIT Rourkela                      Electrical sciences                                          2nd           8
Risabh Saurabh               NIT Jaipur                        Mechanical                                                   2nd           8
Pratap Bhanu Solanki         IIT Kanpur                        Electrical                                                   3rd           8

                                                                *If your CGPA is more than 8.0 please do mail your details to varun.daan@gmail.com
DAAN Khabar | Achievements- Academics                                                                                                                  Issue: April 2012

                                                 A Dakshana scholar designs a” Robot Fish”

    Pratap Bhanu Solanki,
    3 Year Electrical Engineering,                                 Research Paper:
    IIT Kanpur.                                                    Recently, I presented a paper ‘Design and 3D Simulation of a Robotic Fish’ at an international
                                                                   conference ACODS held at IISc Bangalore in Feb 2012.

                                                                   This was part of my project which began in summer 2011 under Dr. Laxmidhar Behera,
                                                                   Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur, and it is still in progress. The main idea of this
                                                                   project is to develop a robotic fish which can swim like real fish in water. Alongside is a picture of
                                                                   the hardware skeleton of the fish.

                                                                   The future scope of this project is to make a fish equipped with pollution sensors that can go
                                                                   deep inside a water body to detect the pollution level of the water. Since I have another year, I
                                                                   will continue this as my B. Tech Project (every B.Tech student has to do it in his 4th year).

                                                                   How did I get this project?

  Projects that we do during college turn out to be very useful to show our work experience in the field of our interest. When we apply for
  higher studies (MS and Ph.D.) our project work supports our application and increases chances of our selection into the University of our
  choice. If our project is good, then definitely the mentor will give us a ‘Strong’ recommendation which is also helpful when we apply to foreign
  Universities. I went to Professor Dr Laxmidhar Behera, from the department of Electrical Engineering who is good in the field of Robotics. I
  went with an idea of making a robot of some kind, discussed the feasibility, and requested calculations from him. He was not convinced with
  my idea but he asked me to develop a Fish (Probably he was convinced that I will work sincerely from the discussion). Then I started working
  on the project with a PhD student Samrat Dutta as a mentor and the work is in progress.

                                                              Message to Dakshana Scholars

          When we enter college, in the beginning, studies seem                      Be Self-Motivated: Self-motivation is necessary to perform
          difficult because of many reasons like difficulty in following             better. It helps us in overcoming failures. Reading good books,
          English of the professor, change of pattern from school to                 watching motivational videos helps removing negative                                   12
          college, and involvement in so many other activities, etc. The
                                                                                     emotions from our mind and makes us feel relaxed and
          ‘change’ is somewhat similar to the change in level of studies
                                                                                     refreshed. I used to read Swami Vivekananda’s books on
          we observe when we move from Class 8th to 9th and from
          10th to 11th. So even if our performance is not good initially             development of youth. Most of his books are provided by
          we can do better later. Moreover the initial basic engineering             ‘Ramkrishna Mutt’ at subsidized prices.
          courses are generally more difficult than the departmental
          courses which we study later. So the thing is we should not                One more thing I wish to share is that generally we start
          think low of ourselves. Sometimes it does make us depressed                following a general belief about something without getting to
          and feel like this is not as per our potential, so we give up and          know it ourselves. For example our friends say, “Woh prof
          then our performance degrades. I also felt the same in my 1 st             achha nahi padhata hai yaar, Class jaane ka koi matlab nahi
          semester when I was not able to grasp what professors taught               hai”. In those situations, even if we understand what that
          in the class and got a 6.9 in the 1st semester. I did not lose             professor teaches, the general belief tries to set our mind and
          hope but started giving more effort and studied regularly and              subsequently we do not find any harm in missing the
          then my SPI improved to 8.4 and 8.5 in subsequent semesters                professor’s classes. Doing so, we miss something which might
          (From second semester onwards I also started asking doubts                 be good for us. This is just an example in class, but similar
          in the lectures which got clarified at the same time). In my 4 th          things happen in other activities also, like when we want to
          sem I got 6.5 as I was unable to give attention to my studies              join some club or activity we consult our friends. They talk
          due to other involvements. I was not happy with my results.                according to their opinion which could also be a part of false
          So I decided to study hard and regularly (to follow lectures in            general belief. At that time consulting good seniors or
          pace with the instructors) next semester. In my 3rd year I gave            counselors is a better idea so that we get the right information
          up other involvements except the Project where I work in my                to act through.
          free time. Then I got 9.7.
          Few Other Things:                                                          Co-Curricular activities: There are many new and exciting
          Meet Counselors: I advise everyone to meet with the                        things to which we are exposed in our first year. So if we make
          counselors who are present in every institute. It generally                good choices which we like and can manage with our studies,
          happens that sometimes we feel low, frustrated because of                  we can learn to excel in them and can follow them throughout
          various things like our performance or any other problem that              our life. This thing was also told by Colonel Sir in his visit to IIT
          we cannot share with our friends. In those situations, we can              Kanpur as similar things happen in Army also. But generally
          consult counselors who listen to us patiently, identify                    what happens is we take part in various activities initially, get
          problem, discuss various possible solutions to our problem,                busy with them, mess up our academics and then we leave all
          and make us feel motivated and good. They can advise us on                 of them. So we do not gain anything in total. I too took part in
          our time management strategies, our priorities, etc. They also             many things appealing to me, but followed only some of them
          help us in taking decisions whenever we are in situation of                like Robotics and I’m doing well in it. Now I am trying to follow
          dilemma as they are experienced and have better knowledge                  it as my career and I will try to pursue my higher studies in a
          than us. I started visiting a counselor at IIT Kanpur’s                    field related to robotics. I also managed to learn swimming here
          Counseling service, Ms. Sarmistha Chakraborty, in my second                in the summer of my first year and now I can swim considerably
          semester and since then I visit her regularly even if I do not             well. I enjoy swimming but due to climatic conditions here, the
          have any problem. She is a source of motivation for me as I                swimming pool remains open for less than 8 months.
          regularly talk with her regarding my life and other things                           So guys, give your best always. Learn as much as you can from
          happening around me. It feels good when we share our                                 your professors while at college. Try something new and
          achievements and thoughts with someone older to us.                                  innovative always and shine in your life.
Issue: April 2012                                                                             DAAN Khabar | DAAN Organizational Structure

                                                       DAAN Committee members

 Ex-Officio CEO, Dakshana                    (DAAN Mentor)                                                                (DAAN Co-ordinator)
                                                                                   (DAAN Advisor)

 (Vice-president-DAAN)                                                                                                        Head (College activities
 3rd Year, IIT Kharagpur                                            (General secretory-       Head (JNV activities and        and alumni networking)
                                   (General secretory-DAAN)
                                                                           DAAN)                   mentorship)                   3rd year IIT Delhi
                                      2nd year, IIT Madras                                     3rd year IIT Roorkee
                                                                 (2nd year, NIT Warangal)

   Head (Internships and
        placements)                       Head (Higher education and                                                Sub-Head (Communication and
    4th year MIT, Pune                        career guidance)                                                       media) 2nd year NIT Suratkal
                                                                               Sub-Head (JNV activities and
                                              3rd year IIT Delhi                       mentorship)
                                                                                   2nd year, IIT Madras

    Sub-Head (College activities and
         alumni networking)
        2nd year IIT Kharagpur
                                                                                    Sub-Head (JNV activities
                                                                                        and mentorship)                  Sub-Head (Communication
                                                  Sub-Head (College                   2 nd year IIT Bombay                       and media)
                                                activities and alumni                                                     2nd year BMS Institute of
                                               networking) 2nd year IIT                                                    Technology, Bengaluru

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