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					                                     Khabar           E-Newsletter published bi-annually for private circulation only

DAAN takes off to a glorious start!
The idea of DAAN was
formalised last year
when Colonel Ram
Kumar Sharma, CEO,
Dakshana Foundation
christened the alumni of
the Dakshana
Scholarship Program.
Every Dakshana
scholar who finishes the   DAAN was chaired by            ideas for the working of        congratulated the DAAN
2-year program             Colonel Sharma,                DAAN. Mentoring,                members on the
automatically becomes      Chairman DAAN and              setting up of the               occasion. In his address
a DAAN member.             Abhishek Rai, Secretary        internship cell and             to the audience, Mr
The inauguration of        DAAN.                          orientation of freshers         Pabrai envisaged that
DAAN took place this       An enthusiastic                were announced as the           DAAN would go a long
year on June 19, at the    audience of 70 DAAN            priority tasks on the           way in supporting the
Dakshana Felicitation      members were present           anvil.                          Dakshana scholars in
Ceremony held at USI,      at this first meeting.         Mohnish Pabrai,                 preparing for the IIT JEE
Delhi.                                                    Founder & Catalyst,             and achieving their
                           Secretary Abhishek Rai
The first meeting of                                      Dakshana Foundation             dreams.
                           shared the plans and

                                                                                          The Art of
First DAAN member bags his campus placement!!!                                            Resume
Shashank Dubey,            Technologies where he          Shashank majors in              On Page 4 Shashank
Dakshana Scholar of        will start working after       Petroleum Engineering           Dubey shares his
the Class of 2008 has      graduating in 2012 from        and completed a term of         ideas on what makes
clinched a position at     MIT, Pune.                     internship this year at         a resume a
                           Congrats Shashank!!!                                           placement clincher!
Cognizant                                                 Halliburton India.
Volume 1.1 December 2011                              1                         DAAN - Selfless Giving
Volume 1.1 December 2011                                                                  Khabar

Dakshana Freshers’ Parties @ IITs, NITs . . .
The gates of an engineering college can seem very daunting to every student who walks
through them for the first time. Dakshana scholars of the Class of 2011 who joined IITs and
NITs across the country this year were put at ease by their seniors who had organised an
Orientation Meet for them as soon as the session commenced. DAAN members at IIT
Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, IIT Chennai, IIT Bombay organised these get-togethers to
welcome the newcomers and introduce them to the DAAN fraternity on campus.
                                                                                            IIT Roorke
@ IIT Roorkee
The dinner was conducted in a restaurant
in Roorkee. It was organised on Sunday
after two postponements due to first
unavailability of someone-or-other
situation and second time due to
impending doom we call the first mid-
terms in the very first weekend of
September. This was an introductory
session for first years and a get-together for
second and third year students. We talked            form possible. With this batch the Dakshana
to first year students, explained how to do in       Alumni session in IIT Roorkee has grown to
Roorkee (you see, it is really tough in              25 students, perhaps the biggest in any IIT
Roorkee..with all the eighteenth century             (please tell me if it isn't); of which 2 are girls.
traditions still continuing unabated with some       We have seven third years', eight second
real twenty-first century money. To get a            years’ and ten first years’. Major janata is
closer look, watch Robin Williams starrer Dead       from Haryana, UP, Rajasthan, with a
Poets' Society). Suggestions and questions           representation from states of Maharashtra,
were made in copious volumes. The first years        Punjab & Himachal Pradesh.
reported a rather healthy environment and                                                   IIT Delhi
praised both the lack of Ragging, good food,
excellent hostels, nice campus, weather and
scenic, places to visit nearby, State of
Uttarakhand in toto and freedom of movement
provided by the disciplined nature of
university affairs, but were somewhat
disillusioned with academia, some complaining
about too many subjects, to some about
lecturers and professors. We assured it would
get better and suggested them to stick to
CGPA as lifeline, and of our support in any
                                                 2                      DAAN - Selfless Giving
Volume 1.1 December 2011                                                                           Khabar

Dakshana Freshers’ Parties @ IITs, NITs . . .
@ IIT Madras
The 10 DAAN members at IIT Madras (2nd years’)
organised an Orientation Meet for the three freshers who
joined IITM this year. The freshers were confused about
the Campus as they thought that there was a lot of chaos
because of the forest belt and deer running around
everywhere etc. We oriented them about the location of
various departments, labs and other facilities on campus to
help them understand the complex IIT system. The
freshers had not yet applied for the MCM scholarship, though they qualified, as they were not
aware of it. We also discussed with them, the various courses available to them and IIT’s rules
while assigning grades, branch changes, CGPA calculations and shared our first year experience
in the hope that they would do better than us. We introduced them to the various clubs at IITM -
robotics, music, fine arts, literary, and the various festivals (technical and cultural) and motivated
them to participate based on their interests. Thereafter, respective branch seniors
talked to the freshers in a one-to-one session explaining about
the branches in details.
We concluded the session
                                       @ IIT                                                 mal way
                                                         r                    t in  an infor         ars’, 4
highlighting the work planned out
                                        Kh  aragpu n Orientation mee ragpur. 14 first ye
                                                   ized a          at IIT-
for DAAN and how important it             e organ         reshers                       he
                                        W               f                      ended t
is for each of us to contribute to its the Da  kshana              ye ars’ att
                                                           3 third
                                                years’ +
success. It felt very good to meet      second                                   ragpur
                                            eting.                       IIT Kha
our own Dakshana juniors at              me
IITM!!!                                  We  shared            funda
                                                     ve them
                                            details,        p life w
                                            about                 e about
                             NIT Rourkela
                                                     hak ala spok
                                             Nitin S           Anshul
                                                      ics and
                                             Academ             bout EA
                                                      talked a

                                                                                   NIT Surathkal

While going to press, report on the meets
held at IIT Delhi, NIT Rourkela and NIT
Surathkal were still awaited. Hence only
the photographs of the three events are
being published here.
                                                        3                      DAAN - Selfless Giving
Volume 1.1 December 2011                                                                                               Khabar

Resume Writing - an art and a science!
The resume is a summary of        employer can contact you.              boring listing of job duties      12% should be changed to:
a person's educational            4  Career Highlights /                 and responsibilities. Go          Developed new product that
background and work               Qualifications (optional)              beyond showing what was           added $2 million in sales and
experience. Resume should         A customized section of your           required and demonstrate          increased market segment's
be documented in a very           resume that lists key                  how you made a difference at      gross margin by 12%.
systematic order. It is a good    achievements, skills, traits,          each company, providing           £ information
                                                                                                              4. Irrelevant
idea not to use very              and experience relevant to             specific examples. Ask            Many people include their
complicated words and not to      the position for which you are         yourself:                         interests, but they should only
make very big sentences.          applying.                              • How did you perform the job     include those relating to the
The main thing that your          4  Education                           better than others?               job. For example, if a
resume should emphasize is        In this section, list the              • What were the problems or       candidate is applying for a
your skills, education,           colleges you attended, the             challenges faced? How did         position as a Software
professional history and your     degrees you attained, and              you overcome them? What           Engineer, he should list
aim, which you wish to            any special awards and                 were the results? How did         Gaming with Java as a hobby.
achieve. Explain your career      honors you earned.                     the organisation benefit from     £i n c l u d i n g a
                                                                                                              5. Not
objectives based on your                                                 your performance?                 Summary Section that
                                  4  Skills
abilities. Impress the                                                   • Did you receive any             Makes an Initial Hard Sell
                                  Include skills related to the
employer by telling him/ her                                             awards, special recognition       This is one of the job seeker's
                                  position / career field that you
how committed you will be for                                            or promotions as a result?        greatest tools. Candidates
                                  are applying for i.e. computer
the company. Make them                                                   £ or Too Long
                                                                            2. Too Short                   who have done their
                                  skills, language skills.
understand that you will                                                 There is no rule about            homework will know the skills
always work towards the           4 References                           appropriate resume length.        and competencies important
growth and development of         Do not include references on           When writing your resume,         to the position. The summary
the business and company.         your resume. Rather, have a            ask yourself, "Will this          should demonstrate the skill
Show the employer through         separate list of references to         statement help me land an         level and experiences directly
your resume objective that        give to employers upon                 interview?" Every word            related to the position being
you are ready to learn new        request.                               should sell you, so only          sought. To create a high-
things and technologies and                                              include information that          impact summary statement,
put them into practice as         Customize Your Resume                  elicits a "yes."                  peruse job openings to
soon as possible so that you      Personalize and customize              £g p e r s o n a l
                                                                            3. Usin                        determine what's important to
can provide profitable            your resume, so that it                pronouns and articles             employers. Next, write a list of
results.                          reflects your skills and               A resume is a form of             your matching skills,
                                  abilities and connects them            business communication, so        experience and education.
Important components of a         with the jobs you are applying         it should be concise and          Incorporate these points into
resume:                           for.                                   written in a telegraphic style.   your summary.
Resume Objective:                 Make sure your resume is               For example: I developed a
This is a very crucial part and   top-notch by avoiding the top          new product that added $2
                                  5 resume blunders:
                                                                                                           Compiled by -
is written at the very                                                   million in sales and              Shashank Dubey
beginning of a resume. The        £  1. Too Focused on Job               increased the market
                                  Duties                                                                   (DAAN member - Class of
main aim of writing resume                                               segment's gross margin by         2008)
objectives is to summarize        Your resume should not be a
one's skills and career goal.
Clearly specify what your
future objectives are in the       3 tips for a great resume!                                              grammar. Don't rely on
                                                                                                           computer based spelling
                                                                                                           and grammar checks.
resume objective section.
                                  # 1. Comprehensive,                    and choose to highlight what      Check it yourself, and if
This will help the employers
                                  yet Succinct                           is relevant, and eliminate or     possible, get someone else
understand which profile
                                  While your resume should               downplay the items that are       to check it for you as well.
exactly suits you. Do not write
                                  contain a detailed account             irrelevant.
a long objective and always
use positive words.               of your qualifications and                                               # 3. Show Enthusiasm
                                  accomplishments, be                    # 2. Neat Format                  You are excited about the
Resume Format:                    specific to the job you are            You want your resume to           job you are applying for,
Creating a resume is one of       applying for. The                      appear as neat and tidy as…       correct? Well, then show it!
the most important steps          prospective employer will              well, yourself, right? A          Your excitement will come
towards getting a job. Hence      be interested only in the              typewritten resume using          across in your resume and
it needs careful planning and     skills and work experience             standard fonts such as Times      cover letter and will impress
crisp design.                     that relates directly to the           New Roman and Arial on high       perspective employers.
                                  position. Give them what               quality plain white paper will    Whenever it makes sense
4  Contact Information                                                   be a winner every time. Also
                                  they are looking for. Take a                                             to, use action words to
The first section of your                                                pay close attention to
                                  thorough account of your                                                 describe your career history
resume should include                                                    spelling, punctuation, and
                                  work history and skill set                                               and goals.
information on how the

                                                                     4                           DAAN - Selfless Giving
Volume 1.1 December 2011                                                                                                       Khabar

                               DakshanA Alumni Network (DAAN)
                                                       Organization Structure

                                                               Colonel R K Sharma

                                                                 Ranjit Kumar
                                                                 DAAN Mentor

                                  DAAN Advisor & Co-ordinator                 DAAN Advisory Board: Ex-Presidents, Previous Committee
                                         Sharmila Pai                         Heads, DAAN volunteers for 3 years, Dakshana Advisors &
                                    Senior Dakshana Fellow                                Volunteers, Faculty members

                                                         Vice-Presi dent – DAAN Council
                                                                (3 year strictly)

                                      General Secretary                             General Secretary                 College
                                       (2 nd year strictl y)                         (2 nd year strictly)          Representati ve

     Committee          Committee                Committee              Committee               Committee          Committee
     Head (3rd yr)      Head (3rd yr)            Head (3rd yr)          Head (3 rd yr)          Head (3 rd yr)     Head (3rd yr)
     JNV Activities     College Activities       Internships &          Communicat ions         Financial Aid      Hi gher
     & Mentorship       & Alumni                 Placements             & Media                                    Education &
     Committee          Networking                                                                                 Career Guidance

     Sub-Head (2        Sub-Head (2              Sub-Head (2            Sub-Head (2             Sub-Head (2        Sub-Head (2
     positions)         positions)               positions)             positions)              positions)         positions)
      nd                  nd                      nd                     nd                      nd                 nd
     2 year Stu dents   2 year Students          2 year Stu dents       2 year Students         2 year Stude nts   2 year Stu dents

                          (1st year students and other interested DAAN members)

                                                                         5                                  DAAN - Selfless Giving
Volume 1.1 December 2011                                                                                           Khabar
Organization Structure and Council - An Overview
DAAN Council:                                                           Charter of activities for Committees
                                                                        1. JNV Activities & Mentorship
Vice President:                  Elected 3rd year student                  a. Co-ordination with Dakshana scholars at coaching
(heads the Council)              Serves a one-year term                       JNVs in the neighbouring region
                                                                           b. Mentoring Dakshana scholars at JNV coaching
General Secretary                Elected 2nd year student                     locations
(2 Posts)                        Serves a one-year term                    c. Motivation to junior JNV students on aspiring for
                                 Eligible to stand for                        Dakshana scholarship
                                 Committee Head elections in               d. Dissemination of awareness material on Dakshana
                                 the ensuing year                             at JNVs
                                                                        2. College Activities & Alumni Networking
Committee Head:                  Elected 3rd year student                  a. Follow calendar of events at various member
                                 Serves a one-year term                       institutes
                                 Eligible for Vice President in            b. Provide info of events to all members through
                                 the ensuing year                             facebook update, e-newsletter etc
                                                                           c. Enable alumni networking through regular
Committee Sub-head:              Appointed 2nd year student                   communication, updates, meets etc
(2 Posts)                        after interview                           d. Organise the Felicitation Ceremony under guidance
                                 Eligible to stand for VP &                   from Dakshana management
                                 Committee Head elections in            3. Internships & Placements
                                 the ensuing year                          a. Reaching out to probable internship companies
                                                                           b. Compiling a pool of internship opportunities available
Volunteers:                      1st year student by                       c. Maintaining database of HR contacts in the industry
                                 Application                                  spectrum
                                 Eligible to stand for General             d. Co-ordinating internship needs for DAAN members
                                 Secretary elections in the                e. Supporting DAAN members with resume writing &
                                 ensuing year.                                interview skills
                                                                           f. Assisting DAAN members with placements
                                                                        4. Communications & Media
                                                                           a. Designing and producing E-Newsletter
Forthcoming DAAN events                                                    b. Designing e-mailers to regularly update members on
                                                                              events & happenings
                                                                           c. Assist in maintenance and update of DAAN website
The JNV Activities & Mentorship Committee plans to hold two                d. Ensure and increase DAAN presence in various media
events during the winter vacations:                                     –     College magazines, local newspapers, Annual
1. SHARE: Appeal to all DAAN Members to donate their books,
                                                                              Yearbooks etc.
notes provided by Dakshana or TIME to the library of their parent
                                                                           e. Control design parameters for all publicity needs of
JNV or at a JNV close to their colleges.
                                                                              Committees on the Council
2. INSPIRE: Appeal to all DAAN Members to organize a
motivational session at their parent JNV or a JNV close to their        5. Financial Aid
Colleges. In this activity we are putting our hands forward to             a. Provide all information and guidance to Dakshana
mentor and guide the current JNV students about various career                Scholars on education loan schemes, scholarships, fee
options and specific details of the career they want to pursue.               schemes and financial aid options for all colleges.
Date/Time: December 2011.                                                  b. Prepare e-mailers with Communications Committee on
Work Flow process:                                                            financial schemes by December each year.
The event will be publicized among DAAN members by the co-                 c. Co-ordinate with agencies offering education
ordinators of the activity. This will be done through social                  assistance and ensure smooth and seamless
networking @                                                                  application to disbursement process.
http://www.facebook.com/DakshanA.Alumni.Network                         6. Higher Education & Career Guidance
http://groups.google.com/group/dakshana-alumni-                            a. Liaise with higher education counselors to gather
association?hl=en                                                             information on options available for higher education
Relevant material containing motivational material for JNV                    to DAAN members.
students will be prepared and provided to volunteers who will              b. Provide complete information to DAAN members on
visit the JNVs.                                                               standardized tests for admissions to overseas
A reminder will sent just before holidays to volunteers and they              universities.
can revert with doubts if any.                                             c. Arrange meets once a year at various campuses to
Volunteers will be asked to submit the report of the event.                   provide insight into career opportunities available for
A 'Thank You Note' (addressed to JNV Principal) will be sent to               DAAN members.
the JNVs for their co-operation in the event.
                                                                    6                         DAAN - Selfless Giving

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