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									                                                                                             No. 297e

Application Bulletin
Of interest   General analytical chemistry, peristaltic pump, spare parts, liquid handling    P1

                 Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling

                       Peristaltic pumps are displacement pumps. They can be used for many different
                       tasks. Any medium passing it does not contact the mechanical parts of the pump.
                       Media containing solids can be transferred as well as aggressive chemicals.
                       The main part consists of a tubing and a rotor which compresses the flexible tubing.
                       The circular movement of the rollers forces the liquid to flow forward and through
                       the tubing.

Key facts/features

                       • Fast transfer of any type of liquids which may also contain solids
                       • Easy servicing and maintenance
                       • Different throughputs, according to the specific needs
                       • No limitation in the number of pumps
                       • For the control of a peristaltic pump one digital output is needed
                       • Controlled by tiamo with “Digital out” command, time controlled
                       • Input pressure range from –0.2 until 1bar, max. 2m of vertical tubing length (vis-
                         cosity and density may reduce the max. possible length)

                       Three different versions are available, tubing is included
                       40 mL/min
                       Fits if small volumes of liquids have to be added. It is also used in the
                       ProcessLab VA due the small amounts of solution needed.

                       120 mL/min
                       Useful for dosing of for example sample, buffers or complexing agents.

                       320 mL/min
                       This version has a high transfer speed and is normally used for draining and rinsing
                       of the titration vessel.
                                     Application Bulletin                                   No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                                          Page 2


                • Draining and rinsing of the titration vessel
                • Sample transfer to the titration vessel for Dosino loop sampling
                • Sample transfer to the sample loop for loop sampling system
                • Dosing of auxiliary solutions, e.g. buffers or masking agents
                • Transport of solid-containing media or some aggressive chemicals

Service & maintenance
                Service and maintenance are easy. For any works on a pump the tubings have to be
                rinsed and emptied first.
                To open the peristaltic pump, unscrew the two screws which hold the front. Now
                the whole pump head can be taken off for disassembling.
                As a preventive maintenance measure it is recommended to exchange the tubings
                on a regular basis. A typical expected lifetime is appr. 3 months. Use cable ties to fix
                the tubing on the tubing adapter. Please note that different factors like the runtime
                or the chemicals transferred may influence the lifetime of the tubing.
                It is recommended to exchange the roller carrier every 6 months.
                                  Application Bulletin                          No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                            Page 3

Detailed views

  Peristaltic pump (6.7205.0X0)           Roller carrier (6.7205.300)

                                             Norprene tubing (6.7205.100)

  Front cover

                                                                   Screw knob

  Tubing adapter
                                     Application Bulletin                                No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                                      Page 4

Order numbers/spare parts (a pump includes one tubing)

                • 1 x 6.7205.010; ProcessLab Peristaltic pump 40 mL/min
                • 1 x 6.7205.020; ProcessLab Peristaltic pump 120 mL/min
                • 1 x 6.7205.030; ProcessLab Peristaltic pump 320 mL/min
                • 1 x 6.7205.100; Norprene pump tubing 4.8mm (only spare part)
                • 1 x 6.7205.300; Roller carrier for peristaltic pump
                • 1 x 6.1808.090; M8/M6 Thread adapter (only spare part)
                • Any suitable cable ties


                Chemical resistance table for Norprene tubing used for the peristaltic pumps in
                1 = excellent resistance
                2 = good resistance
                3 = mediocre resistance
                x = not resistant
                                                Application Bulletin                                         No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                                                         Page 5

accumulator acid (sulfuric acid 30%)              2          anol (cyclohexanol)                                 2
acetaldehyde                                      3          anone (cyclohexanone)                               x
acetamide                                         1          antifreeeze s. precise chem. Designation
acetic acid 10%                                   1          antimony chloride 50%                               1
acetic acid 100% (conc.)                          x          apple acid, aqu.1) (apple juice)                    1
acetic acid 25%                                  1-2         aqua fortis (nitric acid 50%)                       x
acetic acid 3%                                    1          aqua regia                                          3
acetic acid 50%                                  2-3         argon gas                                           1
acetic acid anhydride 50%                         2          aromatics s. benzene, toluene, xylenen and
                                                             homologues, applicable in general
acetic acid ethyl ester (ethyl acetate)           3
                                                             arsenic acid                                        1
acetone                                           3
                                                             asphalt (pitch)                                     2
acetylene gas                                     2
                                                             ASTM fuel A                                         1
acids s. spez. designation, aplicable in
                                                  x          ASTM fuel B                                         x
acrylic acid ethyl ester (ethyl acrylate)         x          ASTM fuel C                                         x
acrylonitrile                                     3          backing-powder (sodium bicarbonate, aqu.)           1
adipic acid (hexane diacid)                       2          bacon fat1)                                         x
alcohols s. specific designations, applicable                barium chloride, aqu.                               1
in general)
aliphatics s. gasoline low aromatic,                         barium hydroxide                                    1
applicable in general                                        barium sulphate (barite)                            1
alum (potassium aluminium sulphate)               2          barium sulphide                                     1
aluminium acetate, aqu. (basic aluminium                     bases (lyes) s. exact designation, applicable
                                                  1                                                             1-2
acetate)                                                     in general
aluminium chloride, aqu.                          1          beer1)                                              1
aluminium fluoride                                1          benzaldehyde                                        x
aluminium hydroxide                               1          benzene s.also gasoline                             x
aluminium nitrate, aqu.                           1          benzoic acid, aqu.                                  x
aluminium phosphates, aqu.                        1          benzyl alcohol                                      3
aluminium sulphate aqu.                           1          benzyl benzoate                                     x
ammonia nitrate, aqu.                             2          benzyl chloride                                     x
ammonia, aqu. 25% (ammonia water)                 2          bicarb, bicarbonate of soda (sodium
ammonia, gaseaus 20°C                             1          bicarbonate)
                                                             bio-gas clean                                      2-3
ammonia, liquid 100%                              1
                                                             bio-gas (marsh-gas)                                *2)
ammonium carbonate, aqu.                          1
                                                             biphenyl (diphenyl)                                 x
ammonium chloride, aqu. 3%                        1
                                                             biphenyls, polychlorinated (pyranols,
ammonium diphosphate, aqu.                        1                                                             2-3
                                                             transformer oils)
ammonium hydroxide, aqu. (ammonia, aqu.)          2          bismuth carbonate                                   1
ammonium metaphosphate                            1          bisulphite lye containing SO2                       1
ammonium nitrite                                  1          bitter-salt (magnesium sulphate)                    1
ammonium persulphate, aqu.                        2          bitumen 20°C (s. also hot bitumen)                  x
ammonium phosphate, aqu.                          1          Blanc-fixe (barium sulphate)                        1
ammonium sulphate                                 1          bleaching lye (Javelle-lye, potassium
amyl acetate1) (acetic acid pentyl ester,
                                                  3          bone oil                                            x
banana oil)
amyl alcohols (pentanols)                         1          borax (sodium borate)                               1
amyl borate                                       1          boric acid, aqu.                                    x
amyl chloride                                     x          brandy, all kinds1)                                 1
aniline (aminobenzene)                            x          brine (table or common salt solution)1)             1
aniline dyes                                      2          bromine                                             x
aniline hydrochloride                             x          bromine water                                       x
animal fats (oils and greases, animal)            3          bromobenzene                                        x
anise seed oil                                    x          butadiene                                           2
                                               Application Bulletin                                     No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                                                    Page 6

butane gas                                       2          chlorinated hydrocarbons s. specific
                                                            designations, applicable in general
butane, liquid                                   1
                                                            chlorinated lime (calcium hypochlorite)         3
butanol (butyl alcohol)                          1
                                                            chlorinated water 3%                            x
butanone (methyl ethyl ketone MEK)               3
                                                            chlorine dioxid                                 1
butter milk1)                                   2-3
                                                            chlorine, dry                                  3-x
butter1)                                         2
                                                            chlorine, wet                                   x
butyl acetate (acetic acid butyl ester)          x
                                                            chloroacetic acid (monochloroacetic acid)       3
butyl benzoate                                   x
                                                            chlorobenzene (monochlor benzene)               x
butyl carbitol                                   3
                                                            chlorobiphenyl (clophen)                        x
butyl ether                                     2-3
                                                            chlorobromomethan                               x
butyl glycol                                     x
                                                            chlorocalcium (calcium chloride)                1
butyl oleate                                     x
                                                            chloroethanol (ethylen chlorhydrine)            x
butyl stearate                                   x
                                                            chloroethyl (ethyl chloride)                    3
butylamine                                       3
                                                            chloroform (trichloromethane)                   x
butylene, liquid (butene)                        x
                                                            chloromethane (methyl chloride)                 x
butyraldehyde                                    3
                                                            chloroprene (chlorinated butadiene)             x
butyric acid, aqu.1)                             x
                                                            chlorosulfonic acid                             x
calcinated soda (sodium carbonate
                                                 1          chlorothene (trichloroethane)                   x
calcium acetate                                  2          chromic acid 10%                                3
calcium bisulfate, aqu.                          1          chromic acid 25%                                x
calcium bisulfite, aqu.                          1          chromic acid 50%                                x
calcium carbonate                                1          chromium trioxid s. chromic acid
calcium chloride, aqu.                           1          citric acid, aqu.1)                             1
calcium hydroxide, aqu. (slaked lime)            1          citric acid1)                                   1
calcium hypochlorite, aqu.                       3          clophen (chlorobiphenyl)                        x
calcium nitrate                                  1          coal tar (s. also hot tar, cresotote)           3
calcium oxide = calcinated lime                  1          coconut grease and oil1)                        2
calcium sulfate (gypsum), aqu.                   2          cod-liver oil1)                                 2
calcium sulfide                                  1          common salt (sodium chloride)                   1
cane-sugar                                       1          copper acetate                                  2
carbitol (diethylene glycol monoethyl ether)     3          copper chloride, aqu.                           2
carbolic acid (phenol)                           3          copper cyanide                                  1
carbolineum, aqu.                                1          copper nitrate, aqu.                            1
carbon bisulfide                                 x          copper sulphate, aqu. (blue vitriol)            1
carbon dioxide, gaseous, wet and dry             1          corn oil1)                                      2
carbon monoxide                                  2          cottonseed oil1)                               2-3
carbon tetrachloride (tetrachloromethan)         x          cow suet                                        3
carbonic acid s. carbon dioxide                             creosote                                        3
castor oil1)                                     2          cresol, cresylic acid                           3
caustic lime (calcium hydroxide)                 3          crotonaldehyde (2-butenal)                      1
caustic potash s. potassium hydroxide                       crude oil, high aromatic                        3
caustic soda s. sodium hydroxide                            cumene (isopropylbenzene)                       x
cellulose acetate (acetyl cellulose)             1          cyankali (potassium cyanide)                   1-2
cellulube (hydraulic oil, phosphate ester                   cyclohexane (hexahydrobenzene)                  x
                                                            cyclohexanol (hexaline)                         2
ceolithe                                         1
                                                            cyclohexanone                                   x
chile salpetre (sodium nitrate)                  2
                                                            decalin (decahydronaphthalene)                  x
china wood oil (wood oil)                        x
                                                            detergents, synth. 20°C                         2
chloral hydrat                                   2
                                                            dextrose (glucose)                              1
chloric acid, aqu.                               1
                                               Application Bulletin                                          No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                                                         Page 7

diacetone alcohol                                3          ethylene diamine                                     2
dibenzyl ether                                   x          ethylene (gas) (ethene)                              2-3
dibutyl amine                                    x          ethylene glycol (glycol, ethane-1,2-diol)            1
dibutyl phthalate                                x          ethylene oxid (1,2-epoxy methane), liquid             x
dibutyl sebacate                                 x          fats in general s. oils and greases                  x
dichlorobenzene                                  x          fatty acids, with >7 C-atoms, in general             3
dichloroethylene                                 x          fatty acids, with 1-7 C-atoms, in general            3
dichloro-isopropyl ether                         x          fermented fruit juice1)                              1
dichloromethane (methylen chloride)              x          ferric chloride (ferri), aqu.                        1
diesel oil                                       x          ferric sulphate, ferric vitriol, aqu.                1
diethyl ether (ether)                            3          fish-liver oil1)                                     2-3
diethyl sebacate                                 x          fluohydric acid s. hydroflouric acid
diethylamine                                     2          fluorine, liquid                                     x
diethylbenzene                                   x          fluorobenzene                                         x
diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (carbitol)     3          fluoroboric acid 65%                                 2
diethylene glycol (diglycol)                     1          fluorosilicic acid, aqu.                             2
dimethyl ether (methyl ether)                    x          formaldehyd (methanal)                               2
dimethyl formamide (DMF)                         x          formaline (30-40% aqu. formaldehyd
                                                            solution with 8 -12 % methyl alcohol                 2
dimethyl phthalate                               x          additive)
dimethylamine                                    x          formic acid:
dimethylaniline (xylidine)                       x          3%                                                   1
dioctyl phthalate (DOP)                          x          10%                                                  1
dioctyl sebacate                                 x          100%                                                 1
dioxane (diethylene dioxid)                      x          frost protection agents s. exact chem. designation
diphenyl                                         x          fruit juices1)                                       1
diphenyl oxid (diphenyl ether)                   x          fruit pulp1)                                         1
dipropylene glycol                               1          fuel s. gasoline
dodecyl alcohol (lauryl alcohol)                 1          fuming sulphuric acid: (oleum)                       x
DOWTHERM A (glycole)                            2-3         furan                                                 x
Eau de Javelle (potassium hypochlorite)         2-3         furfural alcohol (furfurol)                          3
epichlorohydrin, liquid                          x          gallic acid                                          2-3
epsom salt (magnesium sulphate)                  1          gasoline in general (s. specific designations)       1-2
esters s. specific designations                             gasoline, ASTM fuel A                                1
ethane (gas)                                     2          gasoline, ASTM fuel B                                x
ethanol (ethyl alcohol)                          1          gasoline, ASTM fuel C                                x
ethanolamine (2-aminoethanol)                   2-3         gasoline, diesel, heating oil                         x
ethene (ethylene)                               2-3         gasoline, aviation (kerosene)                        2
ether (ethyl ether, diethyl ether)               3          gasoline, high aromatic                              1
etheric oils1)                                   x          gasoline, low aromatic                               1
ethyl acetate                                    3          gelatins, aqu.1)                                     1
ethyl acrylate (acryl acid ethyl ester)          x          glacial acetic acid (acetic acid conc.)               x
ethyl alcohol (denatured = spirits)1)            1          Glauber's salt (sodium sulphate)                     1
ethyl benzene                                    x          glucose1)                                            1
ethyl bromide (bromomethane)                     x          glue, animal                                         1
ethyl chloride (chloroethane)                    3          glycerine (glycerine, propane-1,2,3-triol)           1
ethyl dichloride (dichloroethylene)              x          glycole determine exact designation,
                                                            applicable in general
ethyl ether (ether)                              3
                                                            grape juice unfermented1)                            1
ethyl mercaptan                                  x
                                                            greases s. oils and greases
ethylene chloride (dichloroethylene)             x
                                                            gypsum (calcium sulphate)                            2
ethylene chlorhydrine (chloroethanol)            x
                                                  Application Bulletin                                        No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                                                            Page 8

helium                                              1          lard (oils, animal)                                   3
heptane                                            2-3         laughing-gas (nitrous oxide)                          1
hexahydrobenzene: (cyclohexane)                     x          lauryl alcohol (dodecyl alcohol)                      1
hexaldehyde                                         2          lavender oil1)                                       2-3
hexaline (cyclohexanol)                             2          lead acetate, aqu.                                    2
hexane (n-hexane)                                  1-2         lead arsenate, aqu.                                   1
hexanol (hexyl alcohol)                             1          lead nitrate                                          1
hexene                                              2          lead sulfate                                          1
hot air s. air                                                 lighting gas (lamp gas, town gas)                     x
hot bitumen to °C                                   x          lignite tar oil (s.a. coal tar)                       3
hot tar to°C                                        x          lime, burned (calcium oxide)                          1
hydraulic oils and -liquids:                                   limestone (calcium carbonate)                         1
~mineral oil based                                  2          linseed oil1)                                         3
~phosphate ester based (pydraul)                    x          liquiefied petroleum gases (LPG) s. chem. identification of the
hydrazines (diamides)                              2-3
                                                               lubricants and greases s. oils
hydrazine hydrate, aqu.                             2          lyes s. exact designation, applicable in
hydrobromic acid                                    1          general
hydrochloric acid 15%                               3          machine oil, s. oils, mineral

hydrochloric acid 38% (conc.)                       3          magnesium chloride, aqu.                             1-2

hydrochloric acid, (hydrochlorous) gaseous          2          magnesium hydroxide                                   1

hydrocyanic acid s. prussic acid                               magnesium silicate (talc)                             1

hydrofluoric acid 10%                               2          magnesium sulfates                                    1

hydrofluoric acid 30%                               3          magnesium sulfite, aqu.                               1

hydrofluoric acid 75%                               x          maize oil1)                                           1

hydrofluoricsilicic acid, aqu.                      2          maleic acid, aqu.                                    3-x

hydrogen (gas)                                      1          manure                                                1

hydrogen cyanide s. prussic acid                               margarine-greases and oils1)                          2

hydrogen peroxide 10%                               x          mash1)                                                1

hydrogen peroxide 30%                               x          MEK (methyl ethyl ketone)                             3

hydrogen sulphide, dry                             2-3         melamine                                              x

hydrogen sulfide, wet                              2-3         mercury                                              1-2

hydroquinone, aqu.                                  3          mercuric chloride (sublimate)                        1-2
iodine tincture (5-10% alcohol iodine                          mesityl oxide                                         x
solution)                                                      methane (gas)                                        2-3
isobutanol (isobutyl alcohol)                       1
                                                               methanol (methyl alcohol)                             1
isooctane                                           3
                                                               methyl acetate (acetic acid methyl ester)             2
isooctanol (isooctyl alcohol)                       3
                                                               methyl acrylate                                       2
isophoron                                           x
                                                               methyl alcohol                                        1
isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol)                     2
                                                               methyl bromid (bromomethane)                          x
isopropyl acetate                                   x
                                                               methyl chloride (chloromethane)                       x
isopropyl benzene (cumen)                           x
                                                               methyl chloroform (trichloroethane)                   x
isopropyl chloride                                  x
                                                               methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)                             3
isopropyl ether                                     x
                                                               methyl glycol (methylcellosolve)                     2-3
Javelle lye: s. potassium hypochlorit)             2-3
                                                               methyl glycol acetate                                 x
jet fuel DP1-IPS                                   2-3
                                                               methyl isobutyl keton                                 x
kerosene                                            2
                                                               methyl oxiran (propylene oxide)                       x
ketones s. specific designations, applicable
                                                    x          methyl phthalate (dimethyl phthalate)                 x
in general
lacquers, composition must always be determined                methylamine, aqu.                                     2
lactic acid1)                                       3          methylated spirits (ethanol denaturated)              1
lanolin (wool grease)                               3          methylen chloride (dichloromethane)                   x
                                                     Application Bulletin                                       No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                                                            Page 9

aqu.milk1)                                                1       -hydraulic oils and -liquids:
mineral oil s. oils, mineral                                      ~glycol based
mixed acid II (sulphuric acid/phosphoric                          ~mineral oil based                                2
                                                                  ~phosphate ester based (pydraul)                  x
mixed acid I (sulphuric acid/nitric acid/water)           1-2
                                                                  -mineral, without additives, at 20°C              x
molasses1)                                                1
                                                                  -silicon based                                   2-3
monochloroacetic acid                                     3
                                                                  -transformer oils (pyranols)                     2-3
monochlorobenzene                                          x
                                                                  -vegetable)1)                                     2
monochloromethane (methyl chloride)                       x
                                                                  oleic acid, olein                                 x
monostyrol (styrol, styren, monomeric)                    x
                                                                  oleum (fuming sulfuric acid)                      x
morpholine                                                3
                                                                  oleum vapours                                     x
motor oil s. oil and greases, clarify mineral additives
                                                                  olive oil1)                                       2
must fermented (fermented fruit juice)                    1
                                                                  oxalic acid, aqu.                                 3
must, unfermented1)                                       1
                                                                  oxirane (ethylene oxide)                          x
mustard                                                   1
myristyl alcohol, myristic alcohol (tetradeca-                    ozone                                            2-3
nol)                                                              palm oil, palm pip oil1)                          x
naphtha                                                   3       palmitic acid                                     3
naphthalene (stone oil)                                   x       paraffin, paraffin oils                          2-3
natural gas, wet                                          1       paraformaldehyde                                  2
natural gas, dry                                          1       pentane                                           2
n-hexane                                                  1-2     pentanols s.amyl alcohols)                        1
nickel acetate                                            2       perborate (sodium borate)                         1
nickel chloride, aqu.                                     2       perchloric acid, aqu.                             2
nickel sulphate, aqu.                                     1       perchloroethylen (tetrachloroethylen)             x
nitrating acid (mixed acid I)                             1-2     perhydrol s. hydrogen peroxide
nitric acid 10%                                           2       permanganate (potassium permanganate)
nitric acid 25%                                           3       10 %ig
                                                                  peroxy monosulfuric acid                          x
nitric acid 50% (aqua fortis)                              x
                                                                  petroleum (s. also oils, mineral)                 2
nitric acid 60%                                            x
                                                                  phenol (carbolic acid), aqu.                      3
nitric dilution                                           1
                                                                  phenyl ether (diphenyl oxide)                     x
nitro-benzene                                             x
                                                                  phenylbenzene (biphenyl)                          x
nitrogen                                                  1
                                                                  phorone (diisopropylidene aceton)                 x
nitrogen oxides (nitrouse gases)                          x
                                                                  phosphoric acid 3%                                1
nitro-methane                                             3
                                                                  phosphoric acid 50%                               2
nitro-propane                                              x
                                                                  phosphoric acid 85%                               3
nitro-toluole                                              x
                                                                  phosphoric alumina (aluminium phosphates,
nitrous fumes (nitrogen oxides)                           x                                                         1
nitrous oxide (laughing gas)                              1       phosphorus oxychloride                            3
nonyl alcohol (nonanol)                                   3       photo-emulsions, in general (s. exact chem.
octane                                                    x
                                                                  phthalic acid                                     1
octanol = octyl alcohol                                   1
                                                                  phthalic acid anhydride, aqu.                     1
oils and greases
                                                                  picric acid                                       2
-animal1)                                                 3
                                                                  pigs fat (oils, animal)                           3
-ASTM-oil Nr. 1 20°C                                      1
                                                                  pine oil1)                                        x
-ASTM-oil Nr. 2 20°C                                      1       polychlorinated biphenyls (pyranols,
-ASTM-oil Nr. 3                                           1       transformer oils)
-ASTM-oil Nr. 3 20°C                                      x       potash (potassium carbonate)                      1

-crude oil, high aromatic                                 3       potassium acetate, aqu.                          2-3

-diesel oil                                                x      potassium aluminium sulfate (alum)                2
                                                                  potassium bicarbonate (potassium hydrogen
-heating oil                                               x                                                        1
                                               Application Bulletin                                       No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                                                     Page 10

potassium bichromate (potassium dichro-                     sewage x *2)                                      1
                                                            silicon dioxide (silicic acid)                    1
potassium borate, aqu.                           1
                                                            silicon oils and -greases                        2-3
potassium bromide, aqu.                          1
                                                            silver nitrate, aqu.                             1-2
potassium carbonate (potash)                     1
                                                            skydrol (hydraulic liquids, phosphate ester
potassium chlorate, aqu.                         1                                                            x
potassium chloride, aqu.                         1          soapsuds, -solution, detergents)                  1
potassium chromate, aqu., 40%                   1           soda lye s. sodium hydroxide
potassium cyanide (cyankali), aqu.              1-2         soda salpetre (sodium nitrate)                    2
potassium dichromate, aqu.                       1          soda, calcinated (sodium carbonate
potassium hydroxide (caustic potash,-lye)
                                                 1          soda, crystallised (sodium carbonate aqu.)        1
potassium hydroxide (caustic potash,-lye)                   sodium acetate, aqu.                              2
                                                            sodium benzoate, aqu.                             1
potassium hypochlorite (Javelle)                2-3
                                                            sodium bicarbonate (sodiumhydrogencarbo-
potassium iodide, aqu.                           1                                                            1
                                                            nate), aqu.
potassium nitrate, aqu.                          1          sodium bisulfate (sodium-hydrogensulfate)         1
potassium permanganate 10%, aqu.                 2          sodium bisulfite (sodium-hydrogensulfite),
potassium phosphate (mono and dibasic)           1
                                                            sodium borate (borax)                             1
potassium sulfate                                1
                                                            sodium bromide                                    1
potassium sulfite                                1
                                                            sodium carbonate (soda) aqu.                      1
propane gas                                      1
                                                            sodium chlorate, aqu.                             1
propane, liquid                                 2-3
                                                            sodium chloride (common or table salt)1)          1
propanol (propyl alcohol)                       1-2
                                                            sodium cyanide                                    1
propargyl alcohol, aqu. 7%                       1
                                                            sodium dichromate                                 1
propionic acid (propane acid)                    x
                                                            sodium fluoride                                   1
propyl acetates (acetic acid propyl esters)      x
                                                            sodium fluoroaluminate 10%                        1
propyl alcohol (propanol)                       1-2
                                                            sodium hydroxide (sod lye) 25%, 100°C             x
propylamine                                      x
                                                            sodium hydroxide (sod lye) 25%, 20°C              2
propylene (propene)                              x
                                                            sodium hypochlorite 10%                          2-3
propylene glycols (propandiols)                 2-3
                                                            sodium hypochlorite 30%                           1
propylene oxide (methyloxiran)                   x
                                                            sodium metaphosphate                              2
prussic acid 20%                                2-3
                                                            sodium nitrate, aqu.                              2
prussic acid 98% (conc.)                        2-3
                                                            sodium nitrite                                    1
pydraul (hydraulic liquids phosphate ester
                                                 x          sodium perborate                                  2
pyranols (oils, transformer oils)               2-3         sodium peroxide                                  2-3
pyridine                                         x          sodium phosphate (s. also trisodium
pyrrol                                           3
                                                            sodium silicate, aqu.                             1
quick lime (calcium hydroxide)                   1
                                                            sodium sulfide, aqu.                              1
radiation, radioactive                           1
                                                            sodium sulfate (Glauber`s salt), aqu.             1
radioactive radiation: applicable in general     x
                                                            sodium sulfite, aqu.                              1
rapeseed oil1)                                  2-3
                                                            sodium thiosulfate (antichlorine)                 1
raw sugar sap                                    2
                                                            solvents s. specific designations
redoil (aniline)                                 x
                                                            soyabean oil1)                                   2-3
saccharose (sugar) aqu.                          1
                                                            spirits (ethanol, denaturated)                    1
salicylic acid (spiric acid), aqu.               2          staining solution (20% nitric acid 4%
salmiac (ammonium chloride)                      1          hydrofluoric acid)
salpetre (pottasium nitrate)                     1          starch syrup1)                                    1

salt (table or common salt, sodium chloride)     1          starch, aqu.1)                                    2

salted water (brine, sea water)                  1          stearin (stearic acid)                            2

seawater                                         1          stone oil (naphthalene, liquid paraffine)         x
                                             Application Bulletin                                      No. 297e
Peristaltic pumps for liquid handling                                                                   Page 11

styrene, monomer                               x          vinyl acetate (acetic acid vinyl ester)             x
sublimate (mercury chloride)                  1-2         vinyl chloride (chloroethene), monomer              x
sugar aqu. 1) (s. also raw sugar juice)        1          vitriol oil (oleum)                                 x
sulfur dioxide s. sulfurous acid                          vitriol blue (copper sulfate)                       1
sulfur trioxide (sulfuric acid anhydride)      x          water:                                              1
sulfur, molten, 90°C                           2          -aqua regia                                         3
sulfuric acid 10%                              2          -mineral water CO2 saturated1)                      1
sulfuric acid 30%                              2          -seawater                                           1
sulfuric acid 50%                              2          weathering                                          1
sulfuric acid 75%                             2-3         wines red and white1)                              2-3
sulfuric acid 90%                              3          wood oil                                            x
sulfuric acid conc.(oleum, fuming sulfuric                wool grease (lanoline)                              3
                                                          xylene                                              x
sulfuric ether s. ether
                                                          xylidine (dimethyl aniline)                         1
sulfurous acid 10%, moist                      3
                                                          zinc acetate, aqu.                                  x
sulfurous acid 75%, moist                      3
                                                          zinc chloride, aqu.                                 1
table salt (sodium chloride)                   1
                                                          zinc sulphate, aqu.                                 1
talc (magnesium silicate)                      1
tallow                                         1          Key
tannic acid (tannin)                          1-2         *) at 20°C ambient air temperature
                                                          *1) when used for foodstuffs: please ask for food-grade
tar (s. also hot tar)                          3          qualities
tartaric acid, aqu.1)                         1-2         *2) please ask for detailed information and give exact
                                                          chemical composition
tetrachlorocarbon (tetrachloromethane,
tetra, carbon tetra chloride)
tetrachloroethans                              x
tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene)        x
tetrahydrofurane (THF)                         x
tetraline = tetrahydronaphthalene              x
thionyl chloride                               x
tin-II-chloride, aqu.                          1
toluol                                         x
town gas, lamp gas (natural gas see later)     x
train-oil                                     2-3
transformer oils                              2-3
tributyl phosphate (TBP)                       x
trichloro acetic acid (TCA)                    x
trichloroethane (methylchloroform)             x
trichloroethylene (ethylene trichloride)       x
trichloromethane (chloroform)                  x
tricresyl phosphate                            3
triethanolamine                                2
triethylamine                                  2
trioctyl phosphate                             x
trisodium phosphate                            1
tung oil                                       x
turpentine (-oil)                              x
urine                                         2-3
varnish                                        x
vaseline s. oils u. greases, mineral
vegetable oils                                 2
vinegar1)                                      2

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