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									Crocodiles lay only eggs. Should we admire a crocodile by describing it to be a very big
aquatic reptile, can live in land and water, is a very powerful predator, lives for several
long years, has ever growing teeth etc., or should criticize and laugh at it by seeing the
fact that despite all, still it lays only eggs and cannot deliver young crocodiles?

Although, crocodiles are amazing animals with several admiring qualities, but indeed
they are oviparous or egg laying animals. Oviparous behaviour is considered
biologically, more precisely from the developmental biology angle, is primitive. By just
taking this quality, can we ever call this gigantic animal, primitive?

The biological classification of primitive and evolved group of animals has only very
limited scope for extrapolation. Hence the biological definitions should not be stretched
beyond a point. This piece of advice is very essential for all the people in the corporate
world than for the scientists.

The CEO’s in many corporate may be like a crocodile in their strength, strategy and
success plan. They also know how to sail the corporate through all adversities like how
a crocodile can live both in water and land.

But, like crocodiles, these CEO’s may not have great caring attitude towards people in
the corporate. They can give only very ‘crude’ and ‘hard’ tasks to people to implement.
These CEO’s also give limitless ideas and tasks to people like how a female crocodile lays
large number of eggs.      The mother crocodiles although check the eggs but offer no
care to them.

When the eggs hatch out, the mother crocodile shift only a very few baby crocodiles to
water and rest of them either have to find the way to water or must fall prey to their

Many corporate may find such CEO’s as an asset but quite contrary to the philosophy of
the corporate, the employees find them to be primitive, have no work knowledge and
are like ‘just an egg laying crocodile’ as none of their suggestions and tasks are
workable. Even if it has to be put into practice, one has to wait the entire incubation
period to see any sign of life like how if one has to rear a baby crocodile has to wait till
the eggs to hatch out.

The issue is two fold. The corporate has a reason to have ‘crocodile’ like CEO’s. They
only see the strength of such people and they need only such strength to run the show.
But, other people in the corporate become judgmental about such CEO’s and their role

Corporate has a reason and so are the people. The wise entrepreneurs wisely ‘use’ such
CEO’s for running the business and refrains them from running the people. However
scary and strong a crocodile may be, no one engage a crocodile to guard a heard of

The corporate leaders and the entrepreneurs must understand the distinctions between
the ‘corporate need’ and ‘people need’ and must play the cards accordingly. To have
such wisdom, one has to be an avid learner of nature.

Indeed, crocodiles like people can head your business to great success through their
vision and strength. But only with people, corporate can celebrate its success. Hence
one must realize that the business success not lies only in the vision or its strength but
also in the people. Balance the both, their lies the art of success.

Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Learn more from the management book – ‘Jungle wisdom for corporate management
– lessons from the university of nature’ by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S

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