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					                      NATURAL TREATMENT FOR COUGH

Coughing is annoying and uncomfortable. Furthermore, for those who have
continuous coughing for a long time may need to seek for treatment from doctors.
However, there are various ways to cure coughing, mostly they are home remedies
for cough, which are easy to find and easy to use in order to stop coughing.

In some aspects, coughing can be defined as a chronic nature that relates to various
causes. For instance, smoking can cause coughs. In medical aspect, cough presents
for various kinds of health problems, such as asthma, heartburn and more. With all
that definition, we can know for sure that we have to find the remedy for cough.

There are some home remedies for dry cough or cough to consider. They can be
bought from supermarket and can be prepared easily. The first remedy is to use the
mixture of these following ingredients: fresh ginger, better sliced; fresh lemon,
sliced; garlic; water and honey. For fruits, peeling off the cover, slice them into slices
then prepare the honey and water. The next step is to combine them together in a
pan. After that, turn the heat on and put them to the boiling point. After reaching
the boiling point, reduce the heat and keep the minimum heat for the next twenty
minutes. After that, pour the mixture to mugs. One can use it by now, or add some
honey or tea based on interest. This remedy will cure and prevent cough.

The first remedy has shown above, there is another kind of remedy, which only
consists of two ingredients: pure honey and pepper (prefer white pepper). For this
remedy, simply use the honey with pepper for oral. To have more effectiveness,
replace white pepper with black one, which is quite effective but not many people
can use it.

As far as we have talked, the honey plays an important role in any kinds of home
remedies for cough. The nest remedy is not an exception, either. Just combine
honey with brandy or vodka (with the rightful amount) will surely help stop
coughing. This remedy works best before bedtime, when one is about to go to sleep.

For the next remedy, we will consider a different approach of ingredient: blossom
tea. Adding some almond oil with honey and blossom tea is the also known as a
popular way to cure cough.

For easier method, simply drink more hot tea with juice or jam.

Most of the home remedies for cough are quite effective for those who are suffering
from cough. These remedies mostly contain how ingredient or hot water and honey
to cure the soar throat. However, using the right remedies is not enough. The best
way is to figure out the cause of coughing.

It is essential to understand the root of coughing. Some people cough because they
are allergic to some kinds of air, such as hot air, cold and dry air. In addition, people
may cough due to smoking or using other medicine. To completely put a stop to
cough, using remedy and identify the cause are quite needed. It is better to use
these homemade remedies than taking lots of medicine pills, which are harmful to
health and costly. Furthermore, in order to choose the right medicine pills, patient
may have to spend lots of money for doctors to examine the body and the cause of

In conclusion, there are various easy ways to deal with cough. Most of it, we can do
it from our house with cost-effective. All we need is the fresh ingredients and the
right receipt to create a simple yet effective remedy to cure cough.

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