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									Beachcomber:                                                           Aug. ‘09

                            Slalom Course

   The slalom ski course at the north end of the lake, the orange and yellow floating balls,
is designed for skiing only. We have had to repair a lot of damage by wave runners and
tubers going thru it. There are a few of us who spend our own money and time
maintaining it. The slalom course is not designed to withstand the abuse it takes from
wave runners and tubes. Skiers are welcome to use it.
   Please help us control the abuse by asking your family members and guests riding wave
runners not to ride thru the slalom course or pull tubes thru it.
   If you see someone trying to ski thru the course, please show them courtesy by staying
away from the area for a few minutes and give them the calm water needed to ski thru it.
   To learn more about how to ski thru a slalom course you can go to:

 With much appreciation for any help you can give us in this matter,

DR. Gene Parks      John Sutter    Robert Campbell      Steve Kulow

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