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Wednesday, 10 October 2012                                                                          Blog Archive
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  Automatic Rent Collection: Easy, Fast,                                                             ▼ October (1)

  Money Saving                                                                                          Automatic Rent Collection: Easy, Fast,
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  As a property manager, whether you are the owner or a management company, collecting
  rent, AND keeping track of who has paid or who is late is a common, monthly thankless
  chore. Owners-managers who work a regular job know that the rent collection process can           About Me
  be a bothersome, time consuming task. All tenants don’t pay their rent on time or on the             Sunil Yadav
  same day. Often it is necessary to go to the post office and / or to the property several
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  times per month to collect rent from irresponsible or dodgy tenants.

  The process is compounded by the fact that it takes several trips to the bank to make
  timely deposits. To further exacerbate the rent collection process, when rent payments are
  returned as nonsufficient funds (NSF), it is not discovered until several days later. Thus it
  costs more money: $15 - $25 per returned item. Now it becomes necessary to not only
  collect the rent, but also add a late fee and returned check fee. Knowing full well that if the
  tenant doesn’t have the regular rent, how are they going to pay the rent PLUS extra fees?
  Owners-managers frequently forgive the extra fees, just to collect the regular rent!

  As an owner-manager myself, I have found that ACH processing is the most cost-effective
  and efficient method of consistently collecting rent WITHOUT the loss of time, gas, money
  and energy required with standard rent collection. At the time of signing the lease (or
  renewal, or at any other time), the tenant must sign an ACH payments auto draft
  authorization form. An agreed-upon date of auto draft is set, and on that day, each and
  every month, the system automatically debits their bank account and deposits the monies
  into my account without any effort from me. Through ACH processing, I can automatically
  collect rent while on vacation, working or doing anything I choose to do without worrying
  about my ACH transactions.

  The system keeps track of all payments, viewable in real time, 24/7/365. If ACH payments
  are returned as NSF, I am informed via email within 2 – 3 days, not a week later. The
  system will automatically add a pre-determined returned item and / or late fee, and try to
  debit their account again, up to 3 times. At the end of each month, I download all ACH
  transactions into my accounting software. It couldn’t get any easier! Best of all, it only
  costs 35 cents per ACH transaction. NO POSTAGE, NO GAS, NO TIME!

  I have been using ZoomACH payments processing for several years now, collecting rent in
  CA, NJ, NY and anywhere within the USA. With ZoomACH payments processing, I would
  NEVER return to the old, cumbersome method of rent collection again. With more time on
  my hands as a result of Automatic rent collection , I use my leisure time to do things I
  enjoy, instead of wasting it on collecting rent.

  For full details, call ZoomACH for Payment processing services at 888-962-4665 or go
  to www.zoomACH.com .

  Posted by Sunil Yadav at 04:09

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