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									Capacity Development and Linkages for Environmental
Assessment in Africa-CLEAA

            Strengthening EIA Professional Capacity in Africa
          CLEAA Professional Development Fellowship Program
                 for Eastern and Southern Africa Regions.
The Environmental Assessment Professional Development (PD) program was initiated and
piloted by USAID’s Environmental Capacity Building Program (ENCAP) in November
2001. CLEAA has assumed the lead role for the program. In administering and further
developing the program, CLEAA works in partnership with the Southern African Institute
for Environmental Assessment (SAIEA), the Eastern Africa Association for Impact
Assessment (EAAIA), The Cadmus Group and IUCN- The World Conservation Union,
Eastern Africa Regional Office.

Following successful completion of the program and lessons learnt during its three rounds
of implementation, IUCN, EAAIA and partners, received funding from the Swedish
International Development Agency (SIDA) for the fourth round of the programme
implementation. We are therefore pleased to announce the offer of a limited number of PD
opportunities in Environmental Assessment (EA) to professionals from Eastern and
Southern Africa. The overall goal of the program is to enhance EIA capacity through
learning by doing, and to strengthen professional EA networks in the sub-regions.

The fellowship covers cost of travel, lodging, meals, tuition (where applicable) and other
associated expenses for a period of 2 to 3 months, while the PD fellows are participating on
a professional EA team or engaged in applied training. A modest stipend to cover incidentals
or out of pocket allowance will be provided as deemed appropriate. At the end of the
fellowship program, the PD Fellow must provide written evaluations on their experience in
the program. PD fellows will also be required to participate in monitoring of the program by
providing feedback on their progress in applying the gained knowledge and experience.

In summary, the benefits to the PD Fellow include the following:
     Placement for 2-3 months in a mentored professional “EA practitioner” situation,
      with essential expenses covered by the Fellowship;
     Invitation to key regional EA professional association meetings;
     Regional and global exchange & learning;
     International travel costs, within negotiated limits, depending on the situation;
     Three-year memberships in the International Association of Impact Assessment and
      the EAAIA;
     PD Fellows alumni; and
      A small honorarium to cover incidental expenses.

Up to eight PD opportunities will this time be awarded through competitive selection. The
deadline for application has been reopened for six weeks to 9 November 2007. Successful
candidates will be notified by 1st December 2007 and would be expected to begin as soon as
possible. During placement, the PD fellows are expected to gain practical EA experience in
specialized fields. The experience is also intended to link awardees with established EA
professional networks in the sub-region and internationally.

Application Criteria
The program focuses on individuals with strong academic qualifications; relevant work
experience and current employment in areas related to EA, but lack or require more practical
hands-on experience. Application is open to professionals working in governments, Non
Government Organisations, private or volunteer organisations, universities and local
consulting firms from the Eastern and Southern Africa Region ( Includes the following
countries: Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and
Uganda for Eastern Africa and Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi,
Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa).
Applicants are requested to submit a curriculum vitae and a brief proposal on what the
candidate is planning to undertake if s/he is selected as per the below guidelines.


Application Packet

1. Curriculum vitae must include:
   a) Full names (Underline family name)
   b) Contact information (fax, e-mail, telephone, mailing address)
   c) Date and place of birth
   d) Citizenship
   e) English proficiency (spoken, written, reading)
   f) Education
   g) Current position and professional experience
   h) Name, telephone, e-mail and mailing address of two referees who are familiar with
      your professional work.

2. Proposal (Write a short section addressing each item; address all items in not more than
   three pages in total)
   a) Summarize your background, including academic credentials and language
       capabilities. Discuss past and current responsibilities.
   b) What experience do you have working as part of a team in a project?
   c) What is your experience as an instructor and/or trainer (does not have to be
       specifically in the fields of EA or environmental in nature)
   d) Explain how your participation in the PD Fellowship program will be
       accommodated by your current employment situation
   e) Is there a particular EA project that you would like to join?
   f) Is there any particular organisation undertaking EAs and is willing to act as a host,
       that you would like to join? Explain your reasons
   g) Preferred location and duration of your PD experience?
   h) Which specialized EA sub-filed(s) would you like practical training in?
   i) Why would learning-by-doing training in these subfields, be of particular professional
      value to you in your current position, and how do you plan to apply the knowledge
      and skills gained?
   j) How would the proposed training enhance EA capacity in your country and in
      Eastern Africa sub-region as a whole?
   K) Provide an estimated budget, if possible.

The curriculum vitae and proposal should be sent, by email by 9 November 2007 to both
(NB: Only serious applicants need to apply):

Mr. Abdulrahman S. Issa                              Ms. Eva E. Kassara
IUCN Tanzania Country office                         IUCN Eastern Africa Regional
63/1 Galu Street, Ada Estate, Kinondoni              Office, P.O.Box 68200-00200
P.O.Box 13513                                        Nairobi
Dar es Salaam                                        Kenya
Tanzania                                             Tel: +254 20 890606-12
Tel: +255 22 2669084/5                               Fax: +254 20 890615
Fax: +255 22 2669089                                 Email:

Additional information on the PD Fellowship program can be accessed at

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