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Internal Drainage Board / Local Authority
Flood Defence Schemes: application for grant
NOTES             Once completed, two copies of this form should be sent to:
                   The office of the Area Flood and Coastal Risk Manager for your river catchment
                  The general conditions governing grants from the Agency are set out in the Memorandum relating to Flood
                   Risk Management grants. That document does not, either by itself or in conjunction with any other
                   document, constitute or form part of a contract between the Drainage Board / Local Authority and the
                   Agency, acting on behalf of the Defra Secretary of State.
                  The Agency may refuse to pay grant on work started without prior approval.
                   No grant is payable on the cost of maintenance of drainage work.
                  Please complete form in BLOCK LETTERS.

Part A: Scheme details
1.   Name of Drainage Board / Local
     Authority (LA)



2.   The Board's / LA’s Scheme reference no.

3.   Name of Scheme including location
     (maximum of 60 characters)

4.   Is this a private scheme to be carried out on an arterial
     watercourse not maintained by the Board / LA?                                 (Tick appropriate box)
                                                                                                                 YES           NO

     If YES, please
     give details

     If NO, is it proposed to finance the Board's share of the cost by:             loan?.......          or revenue?......

                          what is the loan                                    is a formal application for loan
     If by loan:                                                years    
                          period required?                                    consent by Defra enclosed?            YES         NO

5.   Estimated Grant Eligible costs (excluding statutory charges and administrative expenses charged to
                                                                                                                       £ Grant Eligible
                                      (a)    Preliminary investigations
                                      (b)    Instrumentation and machinery
                                      (c)    Construction works
                                      (d)    Land purchase
                                      (e)    Compensation
                                      (f)    Staff salaries/costs
                                      (g)    Professional / consultants' fees
                                      (h)    Other costs
                                             (please specify)
                                      (i)    Contingencies
                                                                                       Total estimated costs

FCRM 2 (reviewed 03/11)
                                                                                                                     LAIDB Finance
Part A: Scheme details (continued)
6.     Please give details and
       amounts of contributions
       (if any)
                                                                                                 Total contributions

7.     Is work to be carried out by:       direct labour?             contract?               both?                appropriate box

       Please give details.

                                   Now please read and sign the declarations below

Part B: Declarations
8.     (a)      I confirm that the obligation/s specified in the following Statutory Instruments has/have been met:
                 SI 1999 No. 1783 Land Drainage Environmental Impact Assessment (Land Drainage
                    Improvement Works) Regulations 1999, as amended to date.                                           * Delete
                 SI 1999 No 293 Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment)                        as appropriate
                    Regulations 1999.
       (b)      Declaration

             I confirm that this application in respect of the Scheme described in the Engineer's report dated
              is submitted to the Environment Agency, for grant aid under the Land Drainage Act 1991;
             I accept the conditions set out in the Memorandum 2011, and that the Agency acting on behalf of the Defra Secretary
              of State does not accept legal liability nor relieve the Board / LA of any obligation it has, statutory or otherwise;
             I confirm that all necessary supporting documents are attached to this form and are in accordance with the
              requirements set out in the above mentioned Memorandum;
             I have given details that are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

     A false or inaccurate statement can lead to loss of entitlement and recovery of any payments made.

      By the Order of the

        Signature                                                                            Date
                                                Authorising Officer

        Name in                                                                           Telephone
     BLOCK LETTERS                                                                         Number

                                                            For Official Use Only

This scheme, estimated to cost         £                     is approved on behalf of the Secretary of State for grant of                % on

estimated eligible expenditure of          £                   or the approved actual eligible expenditure, whichever is the less.

           Signature                                                                         Date


FCRM 2 (reviewed 03/11)
                                                                                                                       LAIDB Finance

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