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									About CleverOwl
Our case management software is designed to
eliminate many of the time consuming manual
tasks, thus you will be able to save time and
money     using       our   innovative   software.
CleverOwl      case   management     software   is
popular in many sectors such as Healthcare,
Legal,   Law    Enforcement     &   Investigation,
Charities & Non-Profit Organizations (NPO’s),
Local & Central Government, Financial Services
and Human Resources (HR).
                                                       Sales &

o   Case Management
                                   Reporting                           Communication

o   Sales Force Automation (SFA)                CleverOwl

o   Workflow                               Workflow

o   Reporting
Add your own user-defined fields and screens

Record Notes, SMS, Phone calls and Emails

Upload documents

Time recording facility

Allocate to do notes to Clients
Import leads from Excel

Create bulk Email and SMS campaigns

Scheduled call backs

Automatically send Fax, Email and SMS responses at
key sales opportunities
Design and build your own workflow processes

Record incoming Faxes, Emails, Phone Calls and SMS messages

Generate automatic reminders
Gain further insight into customer behaviors, new business
opportunities and operational inefficiencies

Quickly and easily produce visual summary and drill-down reports

Create KPIs and metrics

Export data to Excel
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Website: http://www.case-management-software.co.uk
Elimination of errors                                  Deal with larger volumes
         Rapid implementation of new business strategies

 Continuous improvement                                    Maximise the use of human resources

                                 Decreases the need for training
Consistency of information and
           service                                           Inclusion of third parties in the process
  Assures the standardisation of processes and business policies

                                 The knowledge stays in the organisation and not
                                                in the people

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