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					              20th Annual
           Barbecue Cook-off
                    Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012

Please complete the registration forms and
return to Pat Stewart (SC 700) or Doris
Maertz (FPP) by Friday, Aug. 3.

All teams registered for the cook-off by
NOON Monday, July 30, will be entered
in a drawing to win a free hotel stay at the
T Bar M Resort.
Dear Team:
Welcome to the 20th Annual LCRA Employees’ Barbecue Cook-off. The chief cooks’ meeting will
be Saturday at 8 a.m. When you are given your container, take out the envelope (ticket enclosed) that
is inside and put it in a safe place. This is your only means of claiming your entry. There is also a
ticket taped to the bottom of the container in a sealed envelope that is exactly the same as the one
inside. Do not remove this envelope; leave it attached to the container. We will call from these
numbers for the winners in each category. Showmanship will be judged starting at 10 a.m. Each team
will bring its entry to the designated area and place it in the box. Once all entries are accounted for,
we will number the entries and then take them to the Judges. The times are as follows:
    10 a.m.:     Showmanship/Jackpot
   11 a.m.:     Beans
   11:30 a.m.: Chicken
   Noon:        Pork
   12:30 p.m.: Brisket

There is a two-minute window for each turn in time. That is, the latest your entry will be accepted is
two minutes after each time posted above, or it will not be judged.

The scoring system will be the same as last year:
First place:   Three points
Second place: Two points
Third place: One point for each category (not including Showmanship).

The team with the most points at the end of the judging will be considered the “all around” winner.
The Employees’ Club will award a trophy and a monetary amount to the first, second and third place
winners in each of the following categories: Chicken, Pork, Brisket and Beans. A trophy only will
be awarded to the winner in the Showmanship category.

Monetary amounts:
Brisket:     First place: $175; Second place: $150; Third place: $125
Pork:        Same as above
Chicken:     Same as above
Beans:       First place: $100; Second place: $75; Third place: $50

LCRA Employees’ Club Board
Barbecue Cook-off rules and regulations
1. A $25 one-time entry fee (enter as many categories as you like) is due by Friday,
Aug. 3, to Pat Stewart (SC 700) or Doris Maertz (FPP). Make checks payable to the LCRA
Employees’ Club.
2. The chief cook will be held responsible for the conduct of the team. The chief cook must be an
LCRA employee or retiree and must be present for the entire cook-off. Misconduct, excessive
use of alcohol, loud and disturbing music and fighting will be grounds for disqualification and
ejection from the picnic grounds.
3. Contestants will be allowed to set up Friday evening, Aug. 17. Hotel rooms are available at the T
Bar M Resort for $105 per night on Friday and Saturday night. Contact Pat Stewart or Doris Maertz
by Friday, Aug. 3, if you are interested in booking a room. A limited amount of rooms are available
and will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis.
4. Meat can be pre-seasoned before cook-off.
5. Pit area will be approximately 20 feet by 20 feet. You will not be allowed to reserve spaces for
other teams.
6. The contest committee reserves the right to make additional regulations or changes as situations
7. Barbecue will be judged on Saturday as follows: 10 a.m.: Showmanship; 11 a.m.: Beans; 11:30
a.m.: Chicken; Noon: Pork (ribs only); and 12:30 p.m.: Brisket. The winners will be announced
Saturday evening with the picnic door prizes at 6 p.m.
8. Each entry will need to be brought to the designated area at the time of respective judging. You
will be given a Styrofoam container and location to drop entries off at the chief cooks’ meeting. You
may wrap your meat in new foil when placing it in the container.
9. All pits must be wood or wood substance fuel. No electric or gas pits are allowed. Contestants
must supply all needed equipment and supplies.
10. Absolutely no glass containers permitted.
11. Barbecue will be judged on texture, moisture, tenderness, aroma and taste.
12. No open fires. All fires must be in containers.
13. No red sauce or glazes or garnish on meats at turn-in. The entry will not be judged if these
are present on the meat.
14. No three- or four-wheelers allowed on park grounds.
15. Beans: When turning in your beans, nothing can be in the container other than beans and
juice – no meat or other garnish.
16. The Jackpot entry can consist of a dessert, drinks or appetizers. The team can decide on its
Jackpot entry to hand out during showmanship judging.
17. No pets are permitted on the T Bar M Resort property.

Barbecue Cook-off
Sponsored by the LCRA Employees’ Club

Team Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Chief Cook: ____________________________ LCRA Extension_________________________
Mail Stop: _________________________ Phone No.: __________________________________
Assistant Cooks: 1. __________________________ 2. __________________________
3. __________________________ 4. __________________________
Categories: 1. Brisket _____ 2. Pork _____ (pork ribs only) 3. Chicken _____(Half of a chicken with
bite-size pieces should be turned in) 4. Beans _____ 5. Showmanship ______

Entry Fee: $25 (One time - enter as many categories as you like)
Entry fee due by Friday, Aug. 3.

Exhibitor agrees to abide by all rules and regulations for the 20th Annual Barbecue Cook-off
sponsored by the LCRA Employees’ Club.

I have read and agree to abide by all rules and regulations governing the Barbecue Cook-off
sponsored by the LCRA Employees’ Club on Aug. 17 and 18 of 2012.

_______________________________________ ___________________________
Exhibitor Date

_______________________________________ ___________________________
Exhibitor Date

_______________________________________ ___________________________
Exhibitor Date

_______________________________________ ___________________________
Exhibitor Date
_______________________________________ ___________________________
Exhibitor                                   Date

_______________________________________ ___________________________
Contestant’s Parent or Guardian (if under age 21) Date

_______________________________________ ___________________________
Contestant’s Parent or Guardian (if under age 21) Date

T Bar M Resort has a liquor license. Cooks may have coolers during the cook-off with beverages of
their choice (please no glass containers). At 1 p.m. all coolers must be placed in vehicles, and outside
beverages will not be permitted during the picnic.

I acknowledge that T Bar M Resort has a liquor license, and I agree to abide by the above policy.

_______________________________________ ___________________________
Signature                             Date

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