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									                                            Database of Walks in County Wexford
                                                     (Working Report)

Name             Location         Ownership     Distance              Contact                    Comment              Date of
Wexford District
Three Rocks     Forth Mountain Coillte          5.5 km – linear       Amanda –Community &        This route is       Oct. 2011
Trail                                           route – options for   Enterprise: Wexford        passable but in
                                                looped trail          County Council             poor condition
                                                                      Jesper Petersen- Coillte   across approx 0.2
                                                                                                 km. Parking
                                                                                                 available but no
                                                                                                 signage or picnic
                                                                                                 facilities. High
                                                                                                 scenic value
Shelmaliere      Forth Mountain Coillte         2.5 km – looped       Amanda –Community &        Parking, no         Nov. 2011
Loop                                            trail                 Enterprise: Wexford        signage – a section
                                                                      County Council             impassable due to
                                                                      Jesper Petersen - Coillte  tree felling
Tinnacurra /     Forth Mountain Coillte            3 Trails           Amanda –Community &        Parking, picnic     Oct. 2011
Pennylands                                         (3.5 km, 3 km, 2.5 Enterprise: Wexford        area and in
                                                   km)                County Council             passable condition
                                                                      Jesper Petersen - Coillte
The above Forth Mountain Trails are part of a Failte Ireland funding application submitted by Wexford County Council (Dec.
2011). There is potential to develop more trails across Forth Mountain in addition to those detailed above.

Edenvale River Castlebridge                     Approx 5 km         Limited parking.    September
and Forest                                      round trip?                                      No picnic site or   2011
Walk                                                                                             signage
River Walk         Outside                            Looped trail         Maintained by RSS              Parking, signage       2009
                   Taghmon                                                 under WLD?                     and picnic area

Name               Location            Ownership      Distance             Contact                        Comment                Date of
                                                                                                                                 Trail review
River Walk         Glynn                              Linear trail                                        No facilities. Needs   May 2011
Raven Point        Curracloe           Coastal Walk   11 km looped trail            Parking, picnic area   June 2011
Nature Reserve                                        (estimate)                                          and signage

Ballycross Farm    Outside             Ballycross     A series of trails   Ballycross Apple Farm Ltd      Parking, picnic        2010
                   Bridgetown          Farm           through an apple     Phone 053 913 5160             area.€2 per adult &
                                                      farm                                                €1.50 per child
Carnesore Beach    Rosslare Harbour    Coastal Walk   Linear trail         Southeast Coastal Walks:       Parking, signage &     July 2011
to Rosslare                                                                Catherine Jeffers phone: 086   play ground at
Harbour                                                                    1508498. (Walking in Ireland   Rosslare Harbour
                                                                           – 50 walks)
Carne Harbour to   Carne               Coastal Walk                                                       Parking, 8km. Used
Carne                                                                                                     as part of National
                                                                                                          Trails Day
Ballyteigue        Kilmore Quay        Coastal Walk   Looped trail         Kilmore Quay Community         Parking, picnic area   August 2011
Burrow                                                                     Development Association        and signs
Rosslare Sli Na    Rosslare Strand                    Linear and looped
Slainte                                               trail.
                                                      7.2 km - linear
                                                      4.2 km - looped
Pilgram Walk       Our Ladies Island   In-land lake                        Parish Pastoral Committee      Parking –there might   2005
                                                                                                          be signs and picnic
Saltees Island       By boat from        Island walks     Walks on the island Landing by boat.       2001
                     Kilmore Quay                                                                                Limited facilities?
There are a range of coastal walks between Kilmore Quay and Cullenstown either along the beach or in the sand dune system. Some sign posting and
parking but could be developed further. There are also walks around Bannow Island and the Cockle Strand, Carrick on Bannow but more research and
local knowledge would be required to identify what is there and how to develop them further.
Name                 Location            Ownership        Distance               Contact                         Comment                Date of Trail
New Ross District
Carrigbyrne Hill     Carrigbyrne         Coillte ?        3 Trails:              Walking Routes                  Parking, picnic area   Scout
Sli Na Slainte                                            4.6 km                         and colour coded       orienteering
                                                          3.6 km                                                 directional signs      event
                                                          4.4 km                                                                        Oct. 2011
New Ross             New Ross            Quay /           8.7 km                 Walking Routes                  Looped trail with      Not walked
Sli Na Slainte                           Footpaths                                       signage
New Ross -           New Ross:           Quay /                                  Phone: 051 25028
Guided Walking       Departs from the Footpaths
Tour                 Kennedy Centre.
                     North Quay
New Ross Disused New Ross                CIE              Approx 2 km            Anthony Bailey, WCC             No walking trail       Site
Railway line                                                                                                     available. Research    assessment
                                                                                                                 and survey conducted. July 2011
                                                                                                                 Correspondence with
                                                                                                                 CIE favourable
New Ross River       New Ross                             Informally heard that Alex Kelly, Eoin Hogan, KLP      No information
Walks                                                     this is been                                           available
                                                          researched by KLP
Tintern Abbey        Tintern             Coillte          Several short walking Declan Doyle                     Parking, picnic and    2011
Trails                                                    trails                                                 signage

Hook to Slade       Hook Lighthouse                     Hook Walking Tours      Niall Colfer                   Parking and facilitites   Website
Castle                                                                                                         at Hook lighthouse        2011
Duncannon Sli na    Duncannon                                                                                  Parking
Slainte Map

Name              Location     Ownership   Distance                 Contact                 Comment                  Date of Trail
Gorey District
Gorey Slí na      Gorey Town               A series of signposts                  
Courtown Woods    Courtown     Coillte     A series of signposted   Pat O’Donnell           Parking, picnic areas    August 2011
                                           trails: Lime Walk,       Phone 055 22333         and signposts
                                           Chestnut Walk, Top
                                           Walk and River Walk.
                                           (25 hectares)

Slieveboy         Askamore     Coillte     Three walking trails:    Paddy Byrne, Chairman          Nov. 2011
Askamore Looped                            Askamore Loop: 6km,      Askamore Community      Parking and signposts.
Trails                                     Ballybeg: 9km            Council                 One more walking
                                           Slieveboy: 12km                                  route identified for
Slí na Sláinte    Craanford    Road        Ballygullen Slí - 6km    Craanford Community
                                           Rossminoge Slí - 9km     Association             Slí na Sláinte route
                                                                                            with signposts and
                                                                                            leaflet (map)
Croghan and       Kilanerin    Coillte?    Stunning forest walks    Liam Fanning?           Parking – not sure       2005?
Ballyfad Walks                             overlooked by                                    what else? Does the
                                           Croghan Mountain                                 RSS maintain these
Name               Location          Ownership      Distance                 Contact               Comment                  Date of Trail
Tara Hill          Tara Hill         Coillte                                 Tara Hill Community   Parking and signposts.   Nov. 2011
                                                                             Development Group     Plans for developing
                                                                                                   heritage along these

Millennium         Outside Camolin   Coillte        Walking trails exist                                                    2006?
Forest: White
Wood Camolin

Coastal Path       Curracloe to      WCC            National Trails Office   WCC                   NTO undertook a
                   North Wexford                    review of the coastal                          detailed audit of this
                                                    path                                           section of the coastal

Ballymoney Shore   North Wexford     Karin Dubsky   Coastal path                                   Parking at beach car
Loop                                                                                               park

Name                 Location         Ownership      Distance                 Contact              Comment                 Date of Trail
Enniscorthy District
Enniscorthy Town Enniscorthy          WCC            Roads                    Phone: 053 9236800
Heritage Walk                                                                                      4.9 km
Enniscorthy -                                                                                      Slí na Sláinte route
                                                                                                   with signposts and
                                                                                                   leaflet (map). There
                                                                                                   are guided Walking
                                                                                                   Tours that departs
                                                                                                   from opposite the
Enniscorthy: River   Enniscorthy      Maintained by 6 km round trip                                Parking and play        August 2011
Slaney                                WCC?                                                         ground at entrance to
Promenade Walk                                                                                     walk along the river
                                                                                                   slaney with signposts
                                                                                                   and seating.
Kilbrannish Forest   7 km west of                    Two official trails of                        Parking , picnic area
Recreation Area      Bunclody                        3km and 5km but                               and signs.
                                                     longer walks are

Nine Stones          Mount Leinster                  Walking trails up to                          Cairn at top of Mount
Mount Leinster       (Co. Wexford /                  Mount Leinster.                               Leinster. Parking
Summit               Co. Carlow)                     Walking trail up to                           available
Corribut Gap                                         Nine Stones,
                                                           Slievebawn and
                                                           Tomduff Hill: 8km.
                                                           (Walking in Ireland –
                                                           50 walks)
                                                           11 km linear route
                                                           from Ballycrystal to
                                                           Mount Leinster
Coolmelagh           Bunclody                              Three looped walks                                         A recently launched
Forest                                                     used as part of                                            walk through forests
Recreational Area                                          National Trails Day.                                       up to the summit of
                                                                                                                      Gibbet hill.
The Blackstairs Mountain and Mount Leinster have a series of walking trails that are not detailed here. Further research required and there are
opportunities for inter-territorial work with border counties in Carlow and Kilkenny. Some trails across Blackstairs Mtn. used as part of National Trails Day.
Additional Notes
     7 walking trails in County Wexford on the Irish website
     12 walking trails on the website

Wexford Walking Tours: Email:
Monica Crofton, Phone: 086 107 949 7
Joanne Crofton, BA Heritage Studies, Phone: 086 352 613 3
Siobhan McDonald, Phone: 087 917 517 1

Southeast Coastal Walks:
Catherine Jeffers, Seaview, Kilmore Co. Wexford, Phone: 086 1508498 or

Walking Clubs
Wexford Hill Walking / Mountaineering Club: Tel: 085 2420090
Shelmalier Walking Club                      Denise Feeney: Tel: 086 7302249       Email:
Bunclody Community Council / Clody Loafers Walking Club: Rory Murphy: 087 3211390 or
Woolgreen Walking Club                       Sean 087 254 5739 / Kathleen 087 655 6782     Email: / r.kath|ene1@gmai|.com
Wexford Walkers / Joints in Motion Walking Group: Bernie Broaders 087 6259631 of

Mountain Meitheal
Mountain Meitheal is a group of volunteers, people drawn from a wide range of outdoor backgrounds, who undertake hands on trail projects on our
mountains and in our forests with the aim of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable outdoor recreation into the future.
They work with the various landowners including, the National Park & Wildlife Service, Coillte and private landowners.

Mountaineering Ireland
Mountaineering Ireland is the representative body for hill walkers and climbers in Ireland.   
Bord Oiliuint Sleibhe (BOS) is the Irish Mountain Training Board. It is responsible for mountain training in the Republic of Ireland and is a sub-committee of
Mountaineering Ireland. Although it does not run training directly it sets standards and validates training and assessment course providers.
For more information on Bord Oiliúint Sléibhe (BOS) contact the Training Office, Mountaineering Ireland (+353 1) 625 1117

Irish Sports Council
Doug Corrie | National Trails Office: Irish Sports Council | Top Floor Block A | West End Business Park | Dublin 15: 01-8608839
Cormac McDonald
On line database of hill and mountain walks around Ireland.

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