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University of Virginia School of Law

The University of Virginia School of Law, also known as UVA Law or Virginia Law school was founded by Thomas
Jefferson in 1819. It is the fourth oldest law school in the U.S. The law school has many programs and research
facilities and offers J.D., LL.M. and J.S.D. in law. Virginia Law School has always been among the top ten law
schools in the U.S. though its positions vary according to who publishes the ranking report. Nationally, the
University of Virginia School of Law has the third highest number of alumni as chairpersons and managing
partners in law firms across the nation. According to a recent survey done by the National Law Journal, the
University of Virginia School of Law ranked fifth according to the number of graduates recruited by the top 250
firms in the nation. UVA is second only to Harvard in the number of alumni serving as general counsels in Fortune
500 companies.

Throughout the last decade, from 2000 to 2010,                    The law school is well known for its programs like Law
Virginia Law School was considered fifth among the                & Business, Law & Public Service, Legal & Constitutional
nation’s law schools in placing law clerks in the United          History, Criminal Law etcetera including law study
States Supreme Court. Even the hardcore critics of the            programs focused on diversity, environment, animals,
Princeton Review ranked Virginia Law School as No.1               intellectual property, environment, immigration and
when it came to “Best Quality of Life” and the 2nd best           etcetera.
in the nation in “Classroom Experience.”
                                                                  The law school has special programs for students to
The UVA is one of the most selective law schools in the           develop legal writing skills, professional ethics, trial
nation and has an average acceptance rate near nine               advocacy and public speaking and other profession-
percent. The class of 2013 had a media LSAT score of              oriented practical courses.
170 and median GPA of 3.86.
                                                                  UVA has 20 special clinics and more than six study
Virginia Law School receives little public funding except         abroad programs ranging from Israel to Tokyo. Third
in-state tuition subsidies. As such, the institution              year law students also have the opportunity to go for
depends upon private donors and less open to federal              dual degrees including degrees from University of Paris
dictates than other law schools. The library at Virginia          and other French law programs that allow successful
Law, the Arthur J. Morris Law Library is one of the               students eligible for the French Bar examination.
oldest and biggest among the law school libraries of
the nation and has more than 860,000 volumes that                 In admission processes being early is better, and there
also include federal, state and international documents,          is also a binding early-decision program. Applicants
treaty manuscripts and an online research database.               can add what they want to say either through personal
                                                                  statements or through addenda to the application.


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