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									Golf School is Post Retirement Fun Consider golf school for your post retirement life. For those who aren’t ready for full retirement, your can learn more about your favorite hobby. Get thee to a golf school! You love the sport and you have always dreamed of spending the entire day on the greens. Now that you have retired, it is a perfect opportunity to turn that wish and your hobby into a rewarding second career. By doing something you love rather than something you have to do, you can improve your quality of life as well as expand your horizons. Have you found yourself sitting around the house lately wondering when you will be able to get your friends out for another round of golf? Are they all still working while you are retired? Sure, you planned ahead and you are quite comfortable financially. How well off are you psychologically? Do you find yourself going stir crazy more and more lately? Is golf always on your mind? Do you dream about the grass on the greens? Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night finding yourself “swinging” your club? Why not indulge yourself in a second career in golf? A proper education in the business as well as the sport of golf at a quality golf school will lead you places you probably never thought possible. While you know and love the game, there may be aspects of the industry which you find worthwhile learning about and putting your skills to work. Perhaps management is where you view yourself. Maybe you want the more hands-on feel of the greens keeper. By going to a golf school first, you can be educated in the various facets of the sport and then decide what fits you best. Maybe becoming a golfpro has always been a dream of yours. A proper education can lead you there. No doubt the thought of going back to school is very intimidating – even for someone who has as much experience as you do. Having said that, you already have the benefit of those life experiences under your belt. Use your skills to your advantage. Schools do tend to be populated by young people, but more and more older folks are going back to school to achieve the second career they always wanted and they are quite successful doing so. In choosing a school, make sure you find one in a climate which allows for as much golf play as possible. Green time is critical, so make sure you find one which provides a lot of time out where the action is. This could be range practice or rounds of golf. At the same time, you want a curriculum which is well rounded. Look for a school which provides more than a purely vocational education. The rules of success have not changed. The more well rounded and adaptive you are, the better your chances. Maybe you just want to get the best golf game possible. Whose to say you can not go to school just for that purpose? Golf colleges will grant you that opportunity. Look around. Find out what schools are out there and closely examine their programs. There is bound to be one which provides the right fit. Remember, you are in control and shop around for what you want. Golf is a great sport for keeping fit well into one's golden years. If you have ever entertained the idea of pursuing golf after your retirement, and you can afford it, look into a quality golf school. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Retirement is a time for you to indulge in more of the things you enjoy. A second career in golf can be a very rewarding adventure.

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