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What If Key 1 Variations Key Different Uses Key Ridiculous Key

Alphabet Key

Forced Reverse Relationships Listing Key Key Prediction Key Question Key

Commonality Key

Alternative Key

Brainstorming Key

Interpretation Key

Inventions Key

Brick Wall Key

Disadvantages Key

What If Key 2

Black Hat

Red Hat

Design your own thinker’s key activity for the class

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The Commonality Key

Disadvantages Key

Interpretation Key

The Question Key

The Ridiculous Key

Alternatives Key

The Brick Wall Key

The Reverse Listing Key

The What If Key 1

Different Uses Key

Forced Relationships Key

Prediction Key

Alphabet Key

Brainstorming Key

Inventions Key

The Variations Key

The What If Key 2

Record your feelings about people being found guilty of a crime and being placed in jail, while still stating their innocence.

* You come across a crime scene. Write 10 black thoughts about this.  List the disadvantages of the media when crimes are committed.

Design your own thinker’s key activity for the class!

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