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									                                   The benefits of preschool

Like many aspects of childrearing, there are two schools of thought when the decision of whether
or not your child should attend preschool. Some people believe that sending their child to
preschool can potentially be detrimental for their child- perhaps the child is not ready to be apart
from his or her parents for such long periods of time or perhaps the parents are simply not
comfortable with the idea of public education and would rather home-school their child.

A great deal of others believe that there are nothing but benefits to be had from a preschool
education- their children learn valuable socialization skills from a young age, and they also
slowly learn to become self-reliant and self-confident the more time they don’t spend depending
on their parents.

Even though almost all early childhood education research supports the idea that preschool
benefits children more than harms them, preschool attendance is not yet mandated at the federal
level. Legally, it is up to each parent to decide whether or not his or her child should attend

Luckily for parents who want to send their child to preschool in Walnut, many publicly funded
preschool programs are available either at the local level or through the state. Although all states
have some level of preschool programs available, Illinois, Georgia, West Virginia, Oklahoma,
New York, and Florida are the only states that have publicly-funded preschool programs
mandated in their state’s legislation. Do you want find the best school walnut, we will help
through this – Trust us

 Early childhood education in Diamond Bar greatly benefits the child not only socially but
intellectually as well. A study by the National Institute for Early Education research has found
that children who have had at least a year of preschool prior to attending kindergarten have much
stronger reading skills, more enriched vocabularies, as well as superior math skills than children
who had not attended preschool. It has also been reported that children who have attended
preschool are better behaved than children who have not.

The higher social and intellectual levels of children who have gone to preschool can be attributed
to the fact that the human brain during the first few years of life is capable of absorbing more
information than later in life- if certain things are not taught or exposed to children while they
are still capable of rapidly learning new skills and faculties, there is a good chance that they will
either have a hard time learning it in the future or simply be unable to learn it at all. Indeed, a 25-
year study on a group of over 1000 children has revealed that those how attended preschool
during their early childhood years went on to have higher incomes, higher levels of education
obtained, and better healthcare, with lesser instances of criminal behavior, than their non-
preschool counterparts. CLICK HERE for some more good information regarding this.

It seems that the majority of American citizens agree with the idea that preschool benefits
children more than harms them. It has been estimated that over two-thirds of all American four-
year-olds are currently attending preschool and that more than 40% of all American three-year-
olds were enrolled in preschool during 2005.

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