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									              PACIFIC 2008 International Maritime Conference

              IMC PROGRAM                                                           to develop new human performance modelling and simulation
                                                                                    capabilities for naval operations, in-service support and
              The organisers of the Pacific 2008 International Maritime
                                                                                    equipment procurement projects. Current areas of activity
              Conference are proud to be participants in the biennial series
                                                                                    include: human cognitive and physical performance issues
              of international maritime and naval expositions; over 125
                                                                                    associated with motion-induced fatigue and sleep loss, motion
              offers of papers from 15 countries have been received for
                                                                                    sickness, and biodynamic problems for long-term exposure
              the conference but it can only accommodate 79 papers. On
                                                                                    to naval ship motions; and, human health, tolerance and
              Wednesday there will be three parallel streams of sessions
                                                                                    performance issues for relatively short-term exposure to severe
              including papers on the latest developments and innovative
                                                                                    motions and high-g impacts on high speed craft operating in
              ideas in the maritime and naval world.
              ABCD STREAM
              The ABCD Working Group on Human Performance at Sea
                                                                                    IMC electronic proceedings will be issued to the delegates at
              is an ad hoc association of American, Australian, British,
                                                                                    the registration desk. ABCD presentations will be posted on
              Canadian, and Dutch naval departments, government and
                                                                                    the ABCD website at
              private sector R&D organizations, universities, and interested
              parties who represent a wide spectrum of ship platform and            Hard copy proceedings will be available to registered
              human science disciplines. The primary goals for the group            delegates upon request at a cost of $250.00 per copy.
              are to develop a better understanding of the effects of ship          Please complete section ‘C’ of the attached registration form if
              motions on human performance in the naval environment, and            you would like to purchase hard copy proceedings.

              Monday 28 January 2008
1145 - 1430   Pacific 2008 Congress Harbour Lunch Cruise sponsored by SAAB
1530 - 1700   Advance Registration, Sydney Convention Centre

Day One Tuesday 29 January 2008
0730 - 0920   Registration
0920 - 1000   Official PACIFIC 2008 Opening Ceremony
1000 - 1100   Session 1 – Ship Economy & Maritime Law                               Session 2 - Harbour Control
              Chair: Mori Flapan                                                    Chair: Mike Bozier
              Law and an interdisciplinary approach to maritime affairs J. Allsop   Port State Control. L. Emmett, Australian Maritime Safety Authority
              Federal Court Of Australia Presented by M. Pourzanjari, Australian    Docking Ships in Sydney Harbour M.Makin Thales Australia
              Maritime College
              Australian Domestic Shipping; Environmental and Taxation Issues.
              B. Cleworth
1100 - 1130   Morning Tea & Exhibition Viewing (Halls 4, 5 & 6)
1130 - 1330   Session 3 – Maritime Engineering                                      Session 4 – Maritime Research
              Chair: Greg Hellessey                                                 Chair: Janis Cocking
              Gas Turbine Power and Propulsion Options for the Modern Warship       Cost Savings for Warships Using the Reconfigurable Hull Form
              D. Bricknell, R. Partridge Rolls-Royce                                Concept. M. Renilson, Australian Maritime College
              Parallel Hybrid Ferries for the Gold Coast Australia. R. Dane,        Reduction of Roll Motion of a Surfaced Submarine in Beam Seas.
              Advanced Technology Watercraft Pty Ltd                                A. Davies1, D. Ranmuthugala2, J. El-Atm3, Y. Tso3, 1Royal Australian
                                                                                    Navy, 2Australian Maritime College, 3Defence, Science and Technology
              Simulations in the Work of a Modern Classification Society.           Organisation (DSTO)
              K. Fach, Germanischer Lloyd AG
                                                                                    Future Marine Research Capability. F. Stein, Marine National Facility,
              MAN 28/33D - The World’s Most Powerful 1000 rpm Diesel                CSIRO
              Engine. R. Losch, MAN Diesel Germany
                                                                                    A Guide to the Assessment of Vessel Wash within Sheltered
                                                                                    Waterways. G. Macfarlane1, G. Cox2 , 1Australian Maritime College,
                                                                                    Kamira Holdings Pty Ltd
1330 - 1515   Lunch & Exhibition Viewing (Halls 4, 5 & 6)
1515 - 1615   Session 5 – The LHD Project                                                    Session 6 – Maritime Research
              Chair: Lindsay Emmett                                                          Chair: Martin Renilson
              The LHD Project. P. Brown, Defence Materiel Organisation                       Update on van Ortmerssen’s Resistance Prediction. P. Helmore, The
              The Tenix Marine LHD Ship Build Program K. Malpress, Tenix Marine              University of New South Wales
                                                                                             Advanced CFD Simulation of Submarine Dynamics. C.Pregnalato1
                                                                                             K. Lee1, Y. Kim1, G. MacDonald2, 1BMT WBM Pty Ltd, 2BMT Defence
                                                                                             Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
1615 - 1800   Afternoon Tea & Exhibition Viewing (Halls 4, 5 & 6)

Day Two Wednesday 30 January 2008
0800 - 0830   Registration
0830 - 1100   Session 7 – The AWD Project                          Session 8 – Navigation & Operation                Session 9 – Structures & Materials
              Chair: John Jeremy                                   Chair: Malek Pourzanjani                          Chair: Gangadhara Prusty
              Australia’s Future Maritime Air Warfare              How do you Ensure Safety Excellence in your       Recent Developments in Construction
              Destroyer Capability. W. King, Defence               Operations. P. Davison, DNV                       Techniques for Floating Structures. Y.S. Choo,
              Materiel Organisation                                Electronic Navigation Charts. M. Prince,          Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering
              SEA4000: The Australian Air Warfare                  Australian Hydrographic Service                   Residual Strength Variation of a Welded
              Destroyer Program - Combat Systems                   Seakeeping Operator Guidance. J. Colwell,         Structural Component due to a Pore.
              Challenges and Opportunities. J. Davis,              D. Stredulinsky, DRDC Atlantic                    A. Ghosh, ASC Pty Ltd.
              Raytheon                                                                                               Forecasting of Damage of Maritime
                                                         Determination of Ship Grounding and
              SEA4000: The Australian Air Warfare        Accident Scenarios of a Geographical Area                   Structures Caused by Typhoon 9918 Based
              Destroyer Program - Shipbuilding           Using Risk Analysis. A. H. Mohed Sidek,                     on EWE Method. R. Hashimura, Sojo University
              Challenges and Opportunities. S. Blackburn UNSW                                                        Prediction of Structural Life of RAN Platforms
              Presented by J. Carr, ASC Pty Ltd                                                                      using FEA Models and Sensor Data.
                                                                   Integrated Ship Survivability for the RAN.
              Application of Design Build Principles               L. de Yong1, M. Buckland1, G. Gamble1,            W. Lund, Defence, Science and Technology
              to the Australian Air Warfare Destroyer.             1
                                                                    Defence Science and Technology                   Organisation (DSTO)
              R. Toman , J. Daley , J. Carr , D. Albert ,
                       1,4         2,4        3,4         3,4
                                                                   Organisation (DSTO)                               Effect of Tuned Mass Absorbers on Large
               Defence Materiel Organisation, 2Gibbs &                                                               Structures. J. Marco, I. MacGillivray, Defence,
              Cox, Inc., 3ASC AWD Shipbuilder, 4Air Warfare                                                          Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
              Destroyer Systems Centre
              Optimised Crewing for the Australian Air
              Warfare Destroyer. P. Mingay4,5, J. Evans1,5,
              J. Prevost2, J. Sirutis3,5, D. Reader3,5, 1Gibbs &
              Cox, Australia 2Gibbs & Cox, Inc., 3Raytheon
              Australia, Pty, Ltd, 4Defence Materiel
              Organisation, 5Air Warfare Destroyer Systems
1100 - 1130   Morning Tea & Exhibition Viewing (Halls 4, 5 & 6)
1130 - 1330   Session 10 – Naval Technology                        Session 11 – Navigation & Operation               Session 12 – Structures & Materials
              Chair: Warren King                                   Chair: Alan Brink                                 Chair: Mac Chowdhury
              The role of vulnerability analysis in                Seakeeping Behaviour of a Damaged                 Flammability and Fire Resistance Issues of
              assessing blast and ballistic requirements.          Warship. T. Andrewartha1, G. Thomas2,             Composite Structures for Ships. Z. Mathys1,
              M. Buckland, Defence Science and Technology S. Cannon1, 1Defence Science and Technology                I Grabovac1, N. St John1, S. Russo1, 1Defence
              Organisation (DSTO)                         Organisation, 2Australian Maritime College                 Science Technology Organisation (DSTO)
              Naval Ship Assurance - A New Approach                Meeting the Maritime Manpower Challenge           Generalized Form Ray Tracer (GFRT) for
              J.Buckley1, B. Cuckson2, P. James2,                  The Nautical Profession L Holder1,2,              use within the Measure Of Total Integrated
              S. Marshall3, 1BMT Defence Services Ltd              D Bendall , Nautical Institute Videotel
                                                                            1,3 1                    2
                                                                                                                     System Survivability (MOTISS) Program
               Lloyds Register EMEA 3UK Ministry of                Marine International Ltd, 3MariTrade / Videotel   P.F. Morrisseau Alion Science and Technology
              Defence (MoD)                                        Australia                                         Geometric Non-Linear Analysis of Stiffened
              Asymmetric Warfare in Naval Ship Context. A Synthetic 100,000 Year Database                            Structures: A Critical Review. R.E. Ojeda1,
              M. Hommels, Thales Naval Nederland         of Tropical Cyclone Waves. T.A. Hardy,                      B.G. Prusty2, N. Lawrence1, 1 Australian Maritime
              Survivability risk of Fuel Cell vs. Diesel L.B. Mason, Australian Maritime College                     College, 2University of New South Wales
              Engine on a Naval Auxiliary Ship.          The Changing Face of International Marine                   Integrated Waste Management in the
              J. Jones, Alion Science and Technology     Casualty Investigation, New Ways for                        Maritime Environment P. Donavan K. Harvey
                                                         Modern Times. P. Foley, Australian Transport                Weir Strachan & Henshaw Australia
                                                                   Safety Bureau
1330 - 1530   Lunch & Exhibition Viewing (Halls 4, 5 & 6)
1530 - 1730    Session 13 – Naval Technology                 Session 14 – High Speed Vessels                    Session 15 – Ship Design
               Chair: Ray Duggan                             Chair: Yoo-Sang Choo                               Chair: Rob Gehling
               Underway Replenishment - New Ship                                                                Meeting Future Military Capability with
               Designs D. Bricknell, P. Vedlog Rolls-Royce                                                      a Network Centric Capability (NEC)
               Minor Warship Roles - How technology is                                                          Architectural Framework A. Cameron EDS
                                                             The Application of Classification to High          Defence Services
               leading to a new vessel type. A. Kimber,      Performance Naval Craft. G. Ashe, D. Novak,
               W. Giles, BMT Defence Services Limited        American Bureau of Shipping                        Hydrofoils Applied to Canting-keel Yachts.
               Innovation Gear Solutions in Naval                                                               R.Milne1 P. Helmore2, 1Thales Australia (Naval)
                                                             A Trial Sensor Network for the Armidale            Pty Ltd, 2University of New South Wales
               Propulsion Systems F. Hoppe RENK              Class Patrol Boat. C. P. Gardiner1, P. Vincent1,
               Submarine Power and Propulsion - Trends       A. Wilson1, D. Ellery2, T. Armstrong2, 1 Defence   Improvements and Updates to Intact
               and Opportunities. J. Buckingham, C. Hodge,   Science and Technology Organisation,               Stability Standards Applied to Domestic
               T. Hardy, BMT Defence Services Ltd            2
                                                               Austal Ships                                     Vessels in Australia. M. Flapan, National
                                                                                                                Marine Safety Committee Inc
                                                             Incat Builds for Japan. C. Clifford, Incat
                                                             Australia                                          Coming to Terms with the New SOLAS
                                                                                                                Probabilistic Sub-Division and Damage
                                                                                                                Stability Provisions. R. Gehling, Australian
                                                                                                                Maritime Safety Authority
1730 - 1800    Exhibition Viewing (Halls 4, 5 & 6 )
1800 - 1930    IMC Cocktail Party – Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour

               Thursday 31 January 2008
0800 - 0830    Registration
0830 - 1100    Session 16 – Naval Design                     Session 17 – Ship Design                           Session 1 ABCD:
               Chair: Ray Toman                              Chair: Phil Helmore                                High speed craft human factors
               The Graduated Application of Susceptibility   Classification of Naval Support Ships.             Chair: James Colwell
               and Vulnerability Modelling in the            N. Rattenbury, Lloyd’s Register                    Prediction of injury risk for occupants
               Warship Design Process. G. MacDonald1,        Robust Ship Designs - Balancing                    of high speed planning craft. C. Bass1
               P. Horstmann2, 1BMT Defence Services,         Uncertainty - Impacts of Future Trends.            J. Ash1 R. Salzar1 R. Peterson2 E. Pierce3
                QinetiQ                                      T. Ray, W. Smith UNSW@ADFA
                                                                                                                 University of Virginia 2L3 Communications
               Coastal Protection Vessels - Recent
                                                                                                                 Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City
                                                             Hydrodynamic Design of High Speed Multi-
               Developments. D. Bricknell, C. Fieldstad,     Hulls and Motion-Control Devices Using a           Muscle damage: a possible explanation for
               Rolls-Royce Marine                            Panel Method. D. Sadovnikov, Austal                motion induced fatigue following transits in
               Alternative Shock Trial Techniques for the                                                       small high speed craft. S. Myers, T. Dobbins,
                                                             Optimal Design of Hull and Piping Systems          R. Dyson University of Chichester
               Air Warfare Destroyer. W. Reid, L. Deyong,    of Naval Warships for Reduced Fabrication
               P. Elischer, Defence Science & Technology     and Maintenance Costs. G. Sloan, ASC               High speed craft health monitoring system.
               Organisation (DSTO)                           Pty Ltd                                            R. Peterson1, E. Pierce2 J. Blankenship2 C.
               Human Systems Integration: How Does                                                              Bass3 1L3 Communications, 2Naval Surface
                                                             Predicting Hull Girder Strength Reduction in       Warfare Center Panama City, 3University of
               it Fit Into Warship Design? M. Grech,         Tankers in Service. G. Wang, L. Ivanov, ABS
               P. Elischer, Defence Science & Technology                                                        Virginia
               Organisation (DSTO)                                                                              Motion sickness incidence (MSI) results
               Preliminary Frigate Design using a                                                               using power spectral density (PSD)
               Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm.                                                          technique. B. Price1, M. Froelich1 E. Pierce1
               W. Smith, T. Ray ACME, UNSW@ADFA                                                                 J. Blankenship1 J. LaBrecque1 M. McCauley2
                                                                                                                 Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama
                                                                                                                City, 2Naval Postgraduate School, USA
                                                                                                                Muscular response to impacts on high
                                                                                                                speed boats. J. Ullman, Ullman Dynamics
                                                                                                                Development of a real-time shock and
                                                                                                                vibration dose meter for use in small
                                                                                                                high speed craft. D. Sanford1, A. Amiet1,
                                                                                                                J. Young2 and S. Smiljanic2 1Maritime
                                                                                                                Platforms Division, 1Defence Science and
                                                                                                                Technology Organisation (DSTO) 2Boeing
                                                                                                                High Speed Craft-Sea Keeping and Human
                                                                                                                Performance T. Coat, Naval Surface
                                                                                                                Warfare Centre
1100 - 1130    Morning Tea & Exhibition Viewing (Halls 4 , 5 & 6)
                  PACIFIC 2008 International Maritime Conference

1130 - 1330    Session 18 – Unmanned Marine Vehicles         Session 19 – Australian Shipping &            Session 2 ABCD: Other human factors
               Chair: Tony Armstrong                         Environment                                   Chair: James Colwell
               Memorial University’s Explorer AUV            Chair: Tauhid Rahman                          Application of SAGAT for navigational
               missions in coastal Newfoundland.             Novel Antifouling Surfaces Mimicked From      tasks on ship bridges. S. MacKinnon1,
               S. Adams1, N. Bose1,2, R. Lewis1,             Nature A. Scardino, Defence Science &         R Langlois2, C. Duncan1, .J Albert3,
               J. Ferguson3, J. Anderson4, T. Husain1,       Technology Organisation (DSTO)                1
                                                                                                            Memorial University, St. John’s, 2Carleton
               J. Shanaa1, H. Niu1, 1Memorial University     It’s Time to Restore the Role of Shipping     University, 3University of New Brunswick
               of Newfoundland, 2Australian Maritime         in the Australian Transport and Logistics     Vessel motion influences on human
               College, 3International Submarine             Industry P. Crumlin, Maritime Union of        performance and manual materials
               Engineering Ltd, 4Fisheries and Oceans        Australia                                     handling. E. Pierce2, M.. McCauley1,
               Canada                                                                                      B. Price2, P. Matsangas1, 1Naval
                                                             Submarine Deployed Slocum Glider
               A Combinatorial Algorithm for Motion          - Concept and Modeling J. Wharington, A.      Postgraduate School, Monterey 2Naval
               Planning in an autonomous Unmanned            Tynan, Defence, Science and Technology        Surface Warfare Center, Panama City
               Undersea Vehicle equipped with Forward-       Organisation (DSTO)                           Some important human aspects in future
               Looking Sonar. S.Chan, M. Syed, K. Lai                                                      submarine design. T. Andreasson, ASC Pty Ltd
               Thales Australia                              Preparing for the Worst - Maritime
                                                             Environment Protection. G. Chaffey,           Session 3 ABCD: High speed craft
               Energy Scavenging Unmanned Ocean              Australian Maritime Safety Authority
               Vehicles: Affordable Persistent Ocean                                                       engineering
               Surveillance. P. Kilbourn, Unmanned                                                         The effectiveness of shock mitigation
               Ocean Vehicles, Inc.                                                                        technology in reducing motion induced
               Quantifying flight characteristics of                                                       fatigue in small high speed craft.
               Unmanned Underwater Vehicles R. Neill1,                                                     S. Myers, T. Dobbins, R. Dyson University of
               D. Ranmuthugala2, 1Defence Science                                                          Chichester
               & Technology Organisation (DSTO)                                                            A human factors design guideline
                Australian Maritime College Presented by                                                   for high speed craft. T. Dobbins1, Ian
               F. Valentinis                                                                               Rowley2, L. Campbell3, 1Human Sciences
                                                                                                           & Engineering Ltd 2Quintec Ltd, 3Lorne
                                                                                                           Campbell Design Ltd
1330 - 1430    Lunch & Exhibition Viewing (Halls 4, 5 & 6)
1430 - 1600    Session 20 – Education, Training &            Session 21 – General                          Session 4 ABCD: Quest trial results
               Safety                                        Chair: Ted van Bronswijk                      Chair: James Colwell
               Chair: Neil Bose                              A Genetic Algorithm for a Containership       Human performance sea trial QUEST
               Marine Surveyors - Meeting the                Handling Problem at a Container Port.         Q-303. J.Colwell1, Allen1 J.Bos2 R.Bridger3
               Demands of the Next Decade.                   T.T. Nguyen1, A. Imai1,2, 1Kobe University,   C. Duncan4 P. Elischer5 M. Grech5
               A. Brink, International Institute Of Marine   2
                                                              World Maritime University                    A.Green3 M. Hogervorst2 S. MacKinnon6
               Surveying                                     KSS Abstract D.Kellsall Kellsall              K. Munnoch3 D. Perrault1 W. Roger1
               The Study of the Effective Education          Catamarans Limited                            R. Schwartz1 P. Valk2 D. Wright1 1Defence
               Technique of Ship Management System                                                         R&D Canada - Atlantic 2TNO Defence,
                                                             Use of Slocum Seaglider Technology            Security and Safety, 3Institute for Naval
               and the Present Conditions of the             in Coastal and Marine Applications
               Japanese Fleet Management. H. Kido1,                                                        Medicine 4University of New Brunswick
                                                             V. Anokhin, J. Romero, R.Steedman GHD         5
                                                                                                            Defence Science and Technology
               I.Sakaguchi2, 1Maritime Technical College     Pty Ltd
               Japan, 2Veritas Japan                                                                       Organisation 6Memorial University of
               An Effective Corvette Platform
               Training System. H. Kucharzewski1,                                                          Effects of ship motion on human
               R. Wiedemann2, M. Chang3, 1MarineSoft                                                       performance. P. Elischer, M. Grech
               GmbH/Managing 2MTU Friedrichshafen                                                          Defence Science & Technology
               GmbH/ 3MarineSoft Pty Ltd                                                                   Organisation (DSTO)
                                                                                                           Motion induced interruptions: the human
                                                                                                           factor. S. MacKinnon, Memorial University
                                                                                                           of Newfoundland
                                                                                                           Human performance at sea: effects on
                                                                                                           vigilance and complex task performance.
                                                                                                           P. Valk, TNO Human Factors
                                                                                                           Human Performance at Sea Assessed by
                                                                                                           Dynamic Visual Acuity J. Bos TNO Human
 1615 - 1700   Closing Ceremony
 1700 - 1800   Exhibition Viewing (Halls 4, 5 & 6)

               Poster Presentations
               H. Bandler                                      A. Budd Mercy Ships Australia
               Aboriginal Water Craft in Australia             TSMV Africa Mercy

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