EPHRATA SCHOOL DISTRICT                            Terms of Employment

Ephrata is a rural community with a population of           210 Day Contract
approximately 7000. It is located in the center of          Administrative Salary Schedule
                                                            Administrative and Medical Benefits                                Ephrata School
Washington State approximately three hours from
Seattle and two hours from Spokane. Ephrata is the          In-District Residence Required                                     District No. 165
county seat of Grant County and is the headquarters
for many state and federal agencies. The City of            Selection Timeline
Ephrata has undergone a beautification project for a        April 13        Announce Opening
downtown park and plaza, and a new aquatic center
                                                            May 4           Application Deadline
opened the summer of 2002. The Cascade Mountains
                                                            May 7-8         Screening Activities
are within an hour’s drive, as are many lakes and
                                                            May 10-18       In-District Interviews               ANNOUNCEMENT OF
rivers.     These provide residents with many
opportunities for outdoor recreation.                                                                                VACANCY
Ephrata School District has a solid reputation              All application (available at ephrataschools.org -
statewide for its high quality schools. Realtors            Employment) materials must be complete and on
express that people want to live in Ephrata so their        file by May 4, 2012. Application information may
children can attend our schools.                            be obtained by calling the District Office:          Elementary School
                                                            Diane Ratigan, Executive Secretary
Ephrata schools enjoy tremendous community and
business support. Parental involvement in each of
our schools is welcomed and appreciated.
                                                            Ephrata School District
                                                            499 “C” Street NW                                    PRINCIPAL
                                                            Ephrata, WA 98823
                                                            [509] 754-2474
        Vision and Mission Statements                       dratigan@ephrataschools.org                           COLUMBIA RIDGE
Ephrata School District’s vision for a “bright future” is                                                          ELEMENTARY
to provide high performing, quality schools which are       Include the following:                                 Grade Levels K-4
            committed to lifelong learning.
                                                             Completed Ephrata School District Application
   The schools we envision are characterized by:              Packet
    Enthusiastic and motivated students,                    Letter of application related to position              For more information contact:
    A competent and caring staff,                            requirements and interest in Ephrata School
    Involved and supportive staff,                           District                                            Ephrata School District
    A continuing quest to improve, and                      Resume                                                      499 C Street NW
    High performing students.                               College Placement file and/or minimum of five             Ephrata, WA 98823
                                                              current letters of recommendation                            [509] 754-2474
 Ephrata School District’s mission is to prepare ALL         Copy of Washington Teaching Certification and             Fax [509] 754-4712
    students for the living, learning and working             Principal’s Certification                              Website: ephrataschools.org
         requirements of the 21st Century.
Announcements                                           Job Responsibilities
The Board of Directors of the Ephrata School District    Consistently implement and interpret school district
seeks qualified applicants for the position of            policy, procedures and collective bargaining
Elementary School Principal to begin employment           agreements.                                                                                                                   Ephrata
July 1, 2012.                                            Demonstrate instructional leadership through
                                                          coordinating, evaluating, supervising and implementing
Seeking Qualifications                                    needed changes in curriculum and instruction as
                                                          related to student achievement. Facilitate the
The District is seeking an elementary principal with      implementation of an instructional framework and best
evidence of a strong skill set in instruction,            practices of teaching and evaluation.
assessment, and leadership.                              Be visible and focused on student interests, needs,
                                                          activities, welfare and achievements. Focus on
Required Qualifications                                   instruction, staff well being, staff interest, activities and
                                                          staff achievements. Lead by example. Role model
     In-district residency                               high expectations, be available to staff before and after
     Possess Washington State Principal                  school day, listen, motivate, monitor, and make                                          Board of Directors
      Certification                                       improvements.                                                                                Alan Key
                                                         Communicate with parents and community                                                       Bill Correll
     Master’s Degree in Education Administration
                                                          demonstrating quality human relationships.
      or related field                                                                                                                              Mark Sieverkropp
                                                          Demonstrate equity for all students, including those
     Minimum five years elementary teaching              from different socio-economic and/or ethnic                                                 Bill Herzog
      experience                                          backgrounds. Participate in community activities and                                       Larry Duffner
     Demonstrated improvement in student                 positively promote the school district within the
      achievement for your building                       community.
                                                         Work cooperatively with other management team
Desired Qualifications                                    members for the good of the entire district. Be a leader
                                                          and a contributing member of the administrative team.
                                                          Make decisions that are consistent with stated district                                     Superintendent
     Minimum three to five years public                                                                                                              Dr. Jerry Simon
      elementary principal experience                     goals, and objectives of the annual building
                                                          improvement plans.
     Recent experience with diverse backgrounds
                                                         Demonstrate knowledge and skills to motivate, lead,                              Columbia Ridge Elementary
      preferred                                           and coordinate the work of staff toward improving                                    Grant Elementary
     Understanding of small schools and                  student achievement on state, federal, and locally                                    Parkway School
      community                                           required tests and in meeting grade level expectations.                            Ephrata Middle School
     Knowledge/experience using an Instructional         Demonstrate understanding of assessment related to
                                                                                                                                              Ephrata High School
      Framework                                           student achievement.
                                                         Knowledge, understanding of and commitment to
                                                                                                                                             Sage Hills High School
     Knowledge of NWEA and formative
      assessments                                         carrying out the School-wide Title I Plan.                        The Ephrata School District complies with all state and federal rules and

     Knowledge of TPEP and Common Core                  Implement Common Core Standards and TPEP                         regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national
                                                                                                                              origin (including language), sex, sexual orientation including gender
                                                          instructional framework and evaluation.                            expression or identity, creed, religion, age, veteran or military status,
      Standards                                                                                                            disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person
                                                                                                                             with a disability. This holds true for all district employment and for all
     Experience with RTI and Positive Behavior                                                                           students who are interested in participation in educational programs, and/or
                                                                                                                           extracurricular school activities. The district provides equal access to Boy
      System                                                                                                                                Scouts and other designated youth groups.

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