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Stringent CDL Regulations ATU Local


									             JULY 2006                        HOW COPE CANDIDATE’S
                                            ENDORSEMENTS ARE DECIDED
                                                                                  THE BREDA TROLLEY UPDATE
                                                                                     TRAVEL TIME LAWSUIT
                                                                                                                    39TH ANNUAL ATU BLACK CAUCUS
                                                                                                                       CARL JACKSON REPORTS
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                                                                                                                                 VOL. XXIX, NO. 7

                                                   The President’s Report

                        More Stringent
                        CDL Regulations
                                                                  By Lance F. Norton

         ow valuable is that CDL        County Metro’s decision to fall
         we have in our wallet? To      under the federal standards. Now
         most of us it represents our   comes before us another wrinkle:
livelihood. We have dealt with nu-      RCW 46.25.090.
merous changes and adjustments             Effective this past June 7th,                  We’re all adults and must
to the regulations themselves. We       “…any arrest for driving under
have dealt with the more stringent      the influence, being in physical                   make the right decisions.
physical qualifications outlined in      control while under the influence,
the Federal Motor Carrier Safety        or refusal of the breath/blood test
Regulations on vision, hearing, and     that occurred in any motor vehicle
insulin-treated diabetes mellitus       requires disqualification of the
requiring waivers as well as King       CDL.” The CDL disqualification
                                        is in addition to any suspension/       • Leaving the scene before police   • Driving while license
                                        revocation of the personal driver         arrive unattended                   suspended
                                        license. This disqualification will      • Leaving the scene personal        • Driving while license revoked
                                        be taken even if the offense did          injury unattended                 • Vehicular homicide
                                        not occur in a commercial mo-           • Leaving the scene of an           • Vehicular Manslaughter
                                        tor vehicle. Disqualifications are         accident
                                        for one year if it is a first offense.   • Leaving the scene fatality            We’re all adults and must make
                                        Disqualifications are for life if any      accident attended                 the right decisions. That CDL we
                                        one of the following offense are        • Leaving the scene fatality        carry brings with it huge responsi-
                                        already on record::                       accident unattended               bility. Not just to us, to our families
                                                                                • Leaving the scene property        and loved ones and yes, even to
                                        • Driving under the influence              damage accident                   our Employer. Please be careful,
                                        • Breath Test .04 & above               • Hit and run unattended            it’s our future.
                                          while operating a commercial          • Felony Involving Drugs
                                          vehicle                               • Felony Involving a Vehicle           Regards to all.
                                        • Hit and Run Occupied                  • Refusal to test                      Be Safe.
                                        • Leaving the scene before police       • Driving while license                LFN
                                          arrive attended                         disqualified
Lance F. Norton

AMALGAMATED • TRANSIT • UNION                                                                                                            NON PROFIT
                                                                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
          2815 2nd Avenue, Suite 230                                                                                                         PAID
               Seattle, WA 98121                                                                                                        SEATTLE WA
                                                                                                                                       PERMIT NO 1471

   2                                                                                                                                                                                July 2006

                                                   The Month at a Glance
                                                          Executive Board Report
                                                                                           June 27, 2006

  All officers were present except                  Convention in Wenatchee paying                      seven members of the CISM team                           the election challenges filed by Lori
Marc Auerbach who was on leave,                    travel, registration, lodging and                   to the annual CISM conference                            McInnis and Marco Damon, and
Judy Young who was ill.                            per diem.                                           held at Sea-Tac, Sept. 07 through                        that the International be asked
                                                      • Motion by Rick Sepolen to                      Sept. 10, 2006.                                          to head this committee to conduct
  The following business was                       allocate up to $700.00 for Local                                                                             an investigation, and the results
                                                                                                         • Motion by Brian Sherlock to
conducted:                                         587's participation in the annual                                                                            of the investigation be presented
                                                                                                       send up to three delegates to the
                                                   UMOJO festival.                                                                                              to the Executive Board by its Au-
   • Motion by Motion by Paul Neil                                                                     ATU Latino Caucus held in Denver
                                                                                                                                                                gust Executive Board meeting for
to forward Earl Mangold's griev-                     • Motion by Joe Mangiameli to                     Sept. 28 through Oct. 01, 2006
                                                                                                                                                                a decision.
ance to arbitration.                               pay the Port Angeles office rent an                  paying travel, lodging, registration
                                                   additional six months.                              and per diem.
  • Motion by Rick Sepolen to                                                                                                                                      • Motion by Paul Neil to allocate
send up to six members to the                        • Motion by Paul Bachtel to                         • Motion by Jennie Gil that a                          $750.00 for accident investigation
Washington State Labor Council                     donate $1,890.00 for admission of                   committee be appointed to address                        training.

                   Tentative Agenda                                                                                                    Business of
                                Membership Meetings:                                                                                 the Membership
CHARTER MEETING                                    JEFFERSON TRANSIT                                     At the June 2006 cycle of mem-                           The following members were
Thursday, July 6, 2006                             Monday, July 10, 2006                               bership meetings the following                           June pot draw winners: Paul
8:00 p.m.                                          8:00 p.m.                                           business was addressed:                                  Considine at the Charter meeting,
The Labor Temple, Hall #8                          Port Townsend Rec Center                                                                                     Mike Brancheau at the Morning
2800 1st Ave., Seattle, WA                         Port Townsend, WA                                      • The proposed bylaw amend-                           meeting, Troy McKelvey at the
                                                                                                       ment for Article XV, Sections 1, 2,                      JTA meeting, Ken Milliser at the
MORNING MEETING                                    CLALLAM TRANSIT                                     4 and 5 did not receive the required                     CTS meeting. Rolling pot draw of
Friday, July 7, 2006                               Tuesday, July 11, 2006                              2/3 majority vote for adoption.                          $75.00 was rolled over to the next
10:30 a.m.                                         7:00 p.m.                                                                                                    month. Next month’s rolling pot
The Labor Temple, Hall #6                          Vern Burton Memorial Building                          • Jefferson Transit members                           will be $100.00.
2800 1st Ave., Seattle, WA                         Port Angeles, WA                                    voted to change their meeting time
                                                                                                       to 8:00 p.m. for a four month trial
  Among topics to be discussed: Grievance arbitration update, Light                                    period.
Rail negotiation, Sick Leave mediation, New CDL regulations.

                                   Unfinished business                                                              In Loving Memory…
  There is no unfinished business for the month of July.                                                        Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has
                                                                                                                 not come, and when death has come, we are not.
                                                                                                                                                                 — Epicurus (341 BC - 270 BC

    ArbitrationUpdate                                                                                     Edward Seymore Jr., Full-
                                                                                                          time Transit Operator, passed
                                                                                                          away May 30, 2006 following a
                                                                                                                                                                vacationing in SE Asia. Brother
                                                                                                                                                                Rockness joined Local 587 as an
                                                                                                                                                                Equipment Service Worker in
  1. Kenny McCormick: Grieved                         being held in abeyance. Settle-                     lengthy illness. Brother Seymore                      March of 1986. He was 47 years of
     failure to follow FLSA require-                  ment discussions underway.                          began his career as a Part-time                       age at the time of his passing.
     ments for travel time for board/              5. Clint DeVoss: Grieved work                          Operator July 20, 2001 and was
     report/ATL operators. Grievance                  out of classification. Arbitration                   promoted to Full-time Operator                        Royal C. Honnald, 50 year
     being held in abeyance while                     rescheduled for July 13, 2006.                      July 03, 2003. He was an active                       member, passed away June 09,
     issue finalized in court. Issue                                                                       member working at Ryerson                             2006 in Mead, WA. Brother Hon-
     settled via Federal law suit.                 6. Garold Rand: Grieved elimina-
                                                      tion of progressive discipline as                   Base at the time of his passing.                      nald joined Local 587 October 01,
  2. Louise Gredig: Grieved pre-                      outlined in the CBA, and issuance                   Brother Seymore leaves behind                         1940. No further information
     mature non-disciplinary medi-                    of policy by employer that em-                      many friends and family and will                      available.
     cal termination. Schedule                        ployees were “at-will employees”.                   be dearly missed.
     pending.                                         Schedule pending. Settlement                                                                              William Falkenberg, retired
  3. Dar-An Kung: Grieved work                        discussions underway.                               Doug Rockness, Equipment                              member passed away March 19,
     done out of classification. Arbi-              7. Riley Jones: Grieved not                            Service Worker working out of                         2006. Brother Falkenberg joined
     tration held April 25th, 2006.                   sending two mechanics out on                        Atlantic Base passed away un-                         Local 587 May 01, 1946. No fur-
     Decision pending.                                a wrecker call per Article 17,                      expectedly June 01, 2006 while                        ther information available.
  4. Mike Whitehead: Grieved                          Section 2, Par.B. Arbitration
     violation of Lead Transit Part                   scheduled for July 18 and 19,                         Please notify the union office of any member’s passing so that this
     Specialists MOA. Grievance                       2006.                                                   information may be shared with the rest of our union family.

                                                     OFFICERS OF THE AMALGAMATED TRANSIT UNION, LOCAL 587:                                                        Letters to the editor
                                                   LANCE F. NORTON Pres/Business Representative        Minority Affairs Officer                  RAY CAMPBELL    Letters/contributions must include sig-
                                                                  email –       Transit Operator Position No. 1            NEAL SAFRIN   natures, work ID number, addresses and
                                                                                                       Transit Operator Position No. 2         MICHAEL MOORE
                                                                                                       Transit Operator Position No. 3         DEE WAKENIGHT    telephone numbers that can be verified
                                                   KENNY McCORMICK          Vice President/Assistant   Transit Operator Position No. 4        BRIAN SHERLOCK
                                                                                                                                                                during office hours. Letters that cannot
                                                                            Business Representative    Transit Operator Position No. 5           RICK SEPOLEN
                                                                  email –
                                                                                                       Transit Operator Position No. 6             JUDY YOUNG   be validated will not be published. All
                                                                                                       Transit Operator Position No. 7        LINDA ANDERSON
                                                                                                       Transit Operator Position No. 8         LISA THOMPSON    articles/letters are subject to editing and
     Published monthly in Seattle.                 PAUL B. NEIL                  Financial Secretary   Vehicle Maintenance Position No. 1
                                                                                                       Vehicle Maintenance Position No. 2
                                                                                                                                              MIKE WHITEHEAD
                                                                                                                                              JEFF STAMBAUGH    should be limited to 350 words or less.
                                                                     email –     Vehicle Maintenance Position No. 3        DEB STENOIEN   Not all letters can be published due to
 Official publication of Amalgamated                                                                    Facilities Maintenance               THOMAS A. WOOLLEY
 Transit Union Local 587, AFL-CIO,                 PAUL J. BACHTEL              Recording Secretary/   Special Classifications                   CHRIS DANIELS   space limitations. Cut off date is the
                                                                             Editor 587 News Review    Supervisors                               MICHAEL SHEA
 representing employees of Metro/King                                                                  Clallam/Jefferson County               JOE MANGIAMELI    15th of each month.
                                                                  email –    SPT/MV                                   NINUS HOPKINS
 County, Clallam Transit, Jefferson
 Transit, Seattle Personal Transit, Clal-              Web site:
 lam Paratransit, and MV Transit.                                                                                                                               Send letters to:
    2815 Second Avenue, Suite 230
      Seattle, Washington 98121
                                                          WEINGARTEN RIGHTS STATEMENT                                                                           Paul J. Bachtel, Editor
                                                                                                                                                                c/o ATU Local 587
       Telephone: 206-448-8588.                       I request to have a union representative present on my behalf dur-
                                                    ing this meeting because I believe it may lead to disciplinary action                                       News Review
   Affiliations: Washington State Labor Council,    taken against me. If I am denied my right to have a union representative                                     2815 Second Avenue, Suite 230
 King County Labor Council, Northwest Joint Con-
 ference Board, ATU Legislative Council, Olympic     present, I will refuse to answer accusational questions and any I believe                                  Seattle, WA 98121
                  Labor Council.                                                may lead to discipline.
  July 2006                                                                                                                                          3

                             Seattle Chapter of
                             the Latino Caucus         By SCLC Chair Osvaldo Fernandez

        Union Elections                 the exiting officers for all the good   will attend. Every year the board      privacy. But by the same token
                                        and hard work they have done on        of LELO chooses an individual          I’m going to get take advantage

       irst, I would like to reflect     our behalf.                            or organization for their award.       of this policy by getting in better
       that I feel very good about                                             This year the recipient was Casa       health. For the last two months I
       the entire process of our past                                          Latina. This organization helps        have been preparing for my swim
elections. It is very encouraging       LELO – Legacy of Equality,
                                                                               mostly Latina women become more        by swimming three times per week.
when you see union brothers and         Leadership and Organizing              efficient in this society by helping    Now I feel I’m ready but will have
sisters participating in the election      I was lucky to attend an award      them with learn English so they        to wait until July 30th to cross
process. Personally I would like        dinner for LELO, an organization       may enter the workforce.               Lake Washington. Now is when I
to express my appreciation to all       that helps to organize workers in                                             would like to ask for your help in
the candidates for their efforts and    the Seattle area. I wish to thank      Swim or Fish The Body Out              pledging a donation to the cause.
dedication. Also, I would like to       the membership of Local 587 for           On Sunday, July 30th, 2006 I will   You may pledge any amount you
congratulate all of them for their      purchasing a table for members         be swimming across Lake Wash-          wish, payable upon completion of
hard campaigning and I hope that        to attend this event. I was very       ington. The purpose of the swim is     my swim. Send your pledges to
in the future the entire member-        proud to be seated at that table. At   to raise funds for the Latino Caucus   Osvaldo Fernandez, I.D. 20640,
ship will become more involved          our table there was a very diverse     Scholarship Fund. As I’ve written      at Ryerson Base, mail stop RBA-
because I believe that it is what       group, including Facilities Main-      in past News Review articles, I        TR-0100. Make checks payable to
makes our union stronger. I offer       tenance and Transit Operators.         don’t like having to comply with the   the Seattle Chapter of the Latino
congratulations to all the newly        My perception is that everyone         health assessment [King County         Caucus.
elected officers, and extend my          enjoyed the event. I hope that         has imposed upon its employees].
respect and congratulations to all      in the future officers of our local     I believe it is an invasion of our

COPE’s Candidate Endorsements:
   How are They Decided?
                                                  By Linda Anderson, COPE Committee

      ecently, a list came out of                                                                                     This year’s questions asked the
      candidates recommended                                                                                          following:
      by COPE. But how does the
COPE Committee decide which                 How much COPE money to give                                               • What are the candidate's three
candidates to endorse? And what                                                                                         top policy priorities?
is COPE, anyway?                           a candidate depends not only on                                            • Has the candidate actively sup-
                                                                                                                        ported organized labor?
        What is COPE?                     their record, but also on who they                                          • Where does the candidate stand
   COPE (Committee On Politi-                                                                                           on contracting out to private
cal Education) is a program that                are running against…                                                    companies?
looks out for our interests in the                                                                                    • Would he or she support: dedi-
political arena. Metro, Jefferson,                                                                                      cated funding for public transit;
and Clallam transits are public                                                                                         reducing the penalty in PERS
agencies, meaning that they belong      selecting which State Legislative      should be interviewed.                   for early medical retirement;
to us, the voters. They are funded      candidates to endorse. This is done       Based on the questionnaires and       security and emergency re-
by taxpayers and run by elected         by a statewide committee, the ATU      interviews, the COPE Committee           sponse preparedness training
officials. The COPE committee            Legislative Conference, which is       or the ATULC discusses and votes         for transit workers?
tracks these officials and what          a part of COPE. Local 587’s own        on which candidates to endorse         • Does he or she support requiring
decisions they make on transporta-      COPE Committee participates in         and/or give money to, first before        businesses with large numbers
tion, retirement, workplace safety,     this.                                  the primary, and then again prior        of low-wage employees receiving
healthcare and other issues that           The first thing the ATU Legis-       to the general election. How much        state subsidized health care to
affect 587 members. We lobby            lative Conference (ATULC) does         COPE money to give a candidate           reimburse the state for some
Legislators, and we interview and       is to figure out what questions to      depends not only on their record,        or part of the cost of providing
educate municipal and state can-        ask the Legislative candidates who     but also on who they are running         those services?
didates on our issues, track their      seek our endorsement. The ATULC        against, how expensive the race is,    • Would she or he support an in-
voting records, and donate money        writes a questionnaire, and meets      how much we have, and the legal          creased tax break for employers
to those who vote our interests.        to review the candidates’ written      contribution limit.                      who provide bus passes instead
We endorse Democrats, Republi-          responses. They also review a re-         Finally, the COPE recommenda-         of parking benefits?
cans, and third party candidates.       cord of how incumbents have voted      tions must go to the 587 Executive
The COPE program is funded by           on transportation, retirement,         Board and be forwarded to the             We also raised other issues in
optional contributions from many        and labor- and benefits-related         membership meetings and ap-            the interviews, such as the viaduct,
of our members who choose to            issues.                                proved by the members themselves       Sound Transit, getting an exemp-
donate a small amount a month.             Next, candidates come in for        before being adopted. Members          tion to the seat belt law so that
No contributions are taken from         interviews, where we get a chance      may segregate and discuss the          operators would not have to wear
anyone’s check without them first        to quiz and educate them in person,    COPE recommendations at the            the shoulder strap, etc.
voluntarily signing up.                 and hold them to account, or thank     meetings before voting.                   For information about indi-
                                        them, for their past records. The                                             vidual candidate responses, feel
       How Are the                      candidates for City and County                  What’s on the                 free to contact me or one of the
                                        races may also be interviewed by                                              other COPE Committee members.
  Endorsements Decided?                 the 587 COPE Committee. We                     Questionnaire?                 You can reach me best via email
  The ATU locals across the state       welcome recommendations by the           The questionnaire is redesigned      at
cooperate in interviewing and           membership on candidates that          each year to reflect current issues.
 4                                                                                                                                        July 2006

                                  Letters to the Editor…
        Low-Floor                            I walk away as a bus driver,
                                          satisfied that I gave my best to
                                                                                the Executive Board has come to
                                                                                an end.
                                                                                                                          upon the MTA Board to re-vote the
                                                                                                                          contract that was subsequently
      Camera Buses                        the Public over the 15&1/2 years                                                approved by the members of TWU
                                          that I served them. They were and        As someone who had never been          Local 100.
                                          will forever remain in my heart,      very active in the union, I wasn’t re-
Dear Editor,                              my “true” employer. Our service to    ally sure what to expect as I began          We know the democratic deci-
                                          the Public is deeply needed by all    my term on the Executive Board.           sion by members of TWU Local 100
   What’s up with the forty foot          walks of life within our society. I   Although a bit time consuming,            to go on strike last December was
low floor camera buses? For at             learned that the best way to gain     I thoroughly enjoyed my time as           not made lightly. TWU members
least the past three shakeups at          their respect and have a positive     an Executive Board Officer. I have         lost considerable income and put
Ryerson Base, the overwhelmingly          transportation experience for “all”   become much more educated in the          their jobs on the line by walking
majority of the cameras have not          was to be receptive to their situ-    ways of the union, and the day to         off their jobs. They took such se-
been operating. Why are so many           ation and special needs and not       day efforts put forth by not only the     rious action to protest poor and
inoperable? When are they all             be judgmental in my thoughts          full time officers, but the rest of the    unsafe working conditions, and
going to be fixed? Since these are         or expressions. Unlike manage-        Executive Board officers to keep           to defend their hard-earned wag-
relatively new coaches, who is re-        ment, to survive our jobs we must     this Union running smoothly.              esand benefits — and the pensions
sponsible for the repairs and what        learn or suffer the consequences;                                               and benefits of future workers. In
will the cost be? I am concerned          if we fail to understand that it is     As I prepare to attend my last          doing so, they took a stand for all
that this situation provides a false      much harder and requires more         Board meeting, I want to wel-             working people against the in-
sense of security to our riders and       humanity to “kiss” down than it       come the new Facilities Main-             creasing assault on workers’ living
compromises driver safety. What           is to “kiss” up in the workplace,     tenance representative Thomas             standards by employers and, sad
is the point of having cameras on         we fail to meet our obligations as    Woolley to the Board. I’m confident        to say, government officials from
buses if they don’t work?                 transit operators.                    that I am leaving my Facilities           both political parties. We believe
                                                                                Maintenance coworkers in very             this was a factor in the high level
                           Sincerely,        My family and I are especially     capable hands.                            of public support that Local 100
                       Joe Kadushin       grateful to Brother Joe Mangiam-                                                received.
                       Ryerson Base       eli, the Executive Board and full-       In closing, I’d like to wish all the
                                          time Officer’s led by Brother Lance    new full time officers and Execu-             To expect TWU 100 to abide by
   Editor’s Note: Good question,          Norton in resolving my grievance      tive Board members the very best.         a law that denies them their most
Brother Kadushin. I have for-             in a satisfactory manner. Most im-    May you each have much success            important bargaining tool – the
warded your inquiry on to Vehicle         portantly I would like to thank the   in all your endeavors over the next       right to withhold labor – at the
Maintenance Manager Jim Boon,             Members of Local 587 in Seattle,      three years. I’d also like to send a      same time allowing the Metropoli-
Ryerson Maintenance Supervisor            Port Angeles and Port Townsend        heartfelt thank you to everyone           tan Transportation Authority to
Scotty Conyne, and Operations             who gave me over a 90% approval       that served with me on the Board,         bargain in bad faith is an unten-
Security Liaison David Fairbanks.         to take my case to arbitration.       and to the full time officers for          able situation. In fact, by failing to
With any luck we can get a response       Compromising with JTA rather          being patient with me. They took          bargain in good faith and putting
for the membership in the August          than having an arbitrator hear my     the time to teach me how to be an         an attack on pensions on the bar-
issue.                                    case was my decision as to what       effective Board member when I             gaining table as a “last offer” even
                                          was best for me and my family.        was a new, glassy-eyed, wet-be-           though this is a legislative issue,
                                          Without membership support I          hind-the-ears rookie. Thank you,          MTA committed an unfair labor
                                          would not have received a positive    and take care,                            practice. The MTA authorities
                                          resolution to my grievance.                                                     should be held responsible for the
   Longtime Member                                                                                     Alan Huston.       situation that resulted in TWU’s
       Departs                               Best of luck and health to all
                                          of you in 2006 and remember to;
                                                                                                                          three-day strike. To instead levy a
                                                                                                                          $2.5 million fine against TWU 100,
                                          “Row- row- row your buses gently                                                jail the president, and cancel their
  Dear Brothers and Sisters,              down the stream”!                                                               dues check-off system, has every

   In appreciation to Local 587 for                           In solidarity,
                                                                                  Our Letter to Pataki                    appearance of a union-busting
                                                                                                                          move against a labor organization
the many years of leadership and                    Jeff A. Durall, aka J.D.                                              that has a long and proud history
guidance in my tenure as an Op-                                                    Editor ’s note: the follow-
                                                                                                                          of representing New York City’s
erator at Jefferson Transit, I would                                            ing letter was sent on behalf of
                                                                                                                          transit workers.
like to thank all of our Officers both                                           the membership to New York’s
past and present. Their dedication                                              Governor George Pataki, urging
                                                                                                                             Our union salutes TWU’s mem-
to the membership is admirable in                                               reconsideration of the penalties
light of the powers wielded against       A Rep. Bids Farewell                  being levied against the members
                                                                                                                          bership and their willingness to
                                                                                                                          take a stand in defense of their
transit workers by management.                                                  of TWU Local 100. United States
                                                                                                                          pensions, and the right to humane
Without our Union to make right             To the members of Local 587:        Senator Hillary Clinton was cc’d,
                                                                                                                          working conditions and a decent
the wrongs and watch out for our                                                New York’s Attorney General Eliot
                                                                                                                          standard of living. We urge you to
working rights, fought for over the         After three years, countless        Spitzer, New York City Mayor Mi-
                                                                                                                          do the right thing and reverse the
last century, it is hard to imagine       meetings, and one trip to Las         chael Bloomberg, the King County
                                                                                                                          unfair and unjust punishment of
what our working lives would now          Vegas, my time as the Facilities      and New York City labor councils,
                                                                                                                          TWU and its membership. We look
be like.                                  Maintenance representative on         and the Transportation Workers
                                                                                                                          forward to hearing from you.
                                                                                Union International. A copy was
                                                                                also sent to TWU Local 100.
  SEND IN YOUR OPINIONS                     NOTICE TO ALL READERS                                                                          Lance F. Norton
                                                                                  Dear Governor Pataki:
 Letters/contributions must include                                                                                               President/Business Agent
 signatures, work ID number, ad-
                                                 Views and                                                                                  ATU Local 587
 dresses and telephone numbers that                                                Amalgamated Transit Union
 can be verified during office hours.
                                                    opinions                    Local 587 represents more than
 Letters that cannot be validated will                                          4,000 transit workers in the Puget
 not be published. All articles/letters
                                                 expressed in                   Sound Region of Washington State.
 are subject to editing and should be                                           We join with many other labor
 limited to 350 words or less. Not all
                                                News Review                     and community organizations in
 letters can be published due to space                                          calling on you to drop all fines,
 limitations. Cut off date is the 15th
                                             articles are those
                                                                                restore the automatic union dues
 of each month. Send letters to:
                                            of the authors and                  check-off, and provide full amnesty
          Paul J. Bachtel                                                       to Transit Workers Union Local
        News Review Editor                  not necessarily the                 100 from any other penalties that
        c/o ATU Local 587                                                       are being levied against TWU 100
       2815 Second Avenue                   official position of                 as a result of their walk out in
             Suite 230                                                          defiance of the anti-labor Taylor
        Seattle, WA 98121                          Local 587                    Law. Further we urge you to call
 July 2006                                                                                                                                             5

 The Web of Labor, Community,
   Immigration and History
                                                                  By Lori McInnis

       June 1, 1981:                                                                                                    folks would be educated, empowered
                                                                                                                        and ready to lead when the flow
    ILWU Local 37 Office                                                                                                 came in.” LELO newsletter.

        wenty five years ago while                                                                                          The flow is now upon us with im-
        working in their labor office                                                                                    migrant marches across the country
        in Pioneer Square two recent-                                                                                   reminiscent of the civil rights and
ly elected leaders of Local 37, Silme                                                                                   anti-war marches of the sixties.
Domingo and Gene Viernes, were                                                                                          Immigrant workers, labor unions,
assassinated by four gunmen.                                                                                            families and many others are dem-
    Both were sons of Filipino im-                                                                                      onstrating a commitment to social
migrants, a community known for                                                                                         justice for all workers. Responding
democratic idealism and activism.                                                                                       to Congress’ agenda to reform im-
The immigrants from the twenties                                                                                        migration, millions left their work
and thirties found a stark contrast                                                                                     places, schools and stores to send a
between the constitutional ideals                                                                                       message that they will accept noth-
they had been taught on the islands                                                                                     ing less than legal status.
and the realities of life in America.                                                                                      The May Day march in Seattle
Segregation, racism, and low-end                                                                                        was lead by King County Executive
                                        Sister Lori McInnis, Executive Board Officer Neal Safrin and Brother Gérard      Ron Sims, and after a late endorse-
seasonal jobs were obstacles to be
                                        Sheehan proudly displaying the Local 587 banner in the April 10 Immigration
overcome by a community with            March.                                                                          ment from the Martin Luther King
fierce determination.                                                                                                    County Labor Council many locals
    Local 37 represents Alaska can-     suits and grassroots organizing         their constant willingness and          quickly unfurled their banners,
nery workers and had historically       efforts. Domingo and Viernes were       diligent hard work helping organize     including Local 587. I took a day
been fraught with corruption and        also longtime members of the Union      the April and May immigration           off the campaign trail to attend
elitism. For decades Union leaders      of Democratic Filipinos and were        marches lead to their decision on       and helped carry our banner with
sold jobs in the union hall and ran     using their positions to build ties     granting them the award. Board          Neal Safrin, Marc Auerbach, Linda
gambling operations to rob workers      between workers in the US and the       member, Marline Pedregosa writes        Averill, Alex LaBarba and a new
of their pay once in Alaska. Mean-      Philippines, then under the dicta-      in the program, “Throughout the         member Gerard Sheehan. The
while, segregated housing and mess      torship of Ferdinand Marcos.            planning for the recent marches,        sheer number of people was amaz-
halls and discrimination practices         As is often the case, the assas-     every time I turned around I met        ing, stretching the entire distance
in job duties and promotions by the     sination of a leader galvanizes         another woman from CASA Latina          of Jackson Street from 20th to 5th
companies went unchallenged.            the cause rather silences it. The       who had stepped forward.”               Ave. Flags from dozens of nations
    As a teenager in the early seven-                                                                                   flying and the chant “ Si podemos”
ties I once worked in a cannery on
                                        Committee for Justice for Silme              April 10, May 1, 2006:             (Yes we can) ringing throughout the
                                        Domingo and Gene Viernes was
the Kenai River. I was shocked by       formed and eight years later un-
                                                                                     Seattle Immigration                towers of downtown, the legacy this
the systemic discrimination. The        raveled a conspiracy that led to                   Marches                      generation of demonstrators will
civil rights movement was in full       an indictment of Marcos, the first         “Silme Domingo liked to talk          leave future laborers, communities,
momentum in the lower 48 states         time a US allied dictator was held      about the ‘ebb and flow’ of people’s     families and educators.
but Alaska was still in the fifties.     accountable for crimes committed        movements. He reminded us that             For information about LELO’s
The Filipino workers were housed        on US soil.                             our work is to build strong political   current projects go to www.lelo.
way off by themselves, far from the        LELO’s mission and leadership        and organizational skills so that our   org.
bunkhouses where the white kids         was quickly assumed by the next
stayed. And they were relegated         wave of leaders and has continued
to the dirtiest most demanding          to grow in breadth and scope ever

                                                                                             ATU Local 587
jobs: the slime line, where the fish     since. Last year they reorganized
were gutted and headed, and the         and changed the acronym to Legacy
assembly line clipping bones and        of Equality and Labor Organiza-
pieces of fish sticking out of the       tion.
tops of the cans.

    This was the environment that        June 10, 2006: 25th Annual
Domingo and Viernes had spent              LELO Awards Dinner
their summers, and the Union they          At their May Executive Board

had successfully reformed through       meeting, the Executive Board
a rank and file movement.                passed a motion to purchase a table
    Like many great leaders Domin-      for 10 at the 25th Annual LELO
go and Viernes’ activism and vision     Awards dinner. Osvaldo Fernandez,
extended beyond the bounds of their     Chair of the Seattle Chapter of
immediate influence. In 1973, with
two other men, Milton Jefferson
                                        the Latino Caucus, invited me to
                                        join him. The theme of the dinner                             Food ❖ Bingo
and Tyree Scott, they founded an
organization to address the rights
of minority workers across trade
                                        was Celebrating Working Women
                                        of Color in the Movement. It was
                                        an honor to participate firsthand
                                                                                                       ❖ Prizes ❖
lines and give minorities a voice       in the inter-connected web of com-
in their own locals. Jefferson was
a member of the United Construc-
                                        munity organizations, local unions,
                                        politicians and grassroots activists
                                                                                       Bingo for Everyone, Games for
tion Workers Association and the        groups.                                        the Kids and Lots of Surprises.
United Association of Plumbers and         The Domingo, Viernes, Jefferson
Pipefitters and Scott was a member       Award went to a grassroots group                     Come Join the Fun!
of the Longshoreman’s Union and a
crane worker at the Seattle docks.
                                        called CASA Latina Woman’s Lead-
                                        ership Program. This group was
                                                                                           Catered by Tony Roma’s
Together they recognized that their     originally organized seven years
struggles as workers and minori-        ago by twelve Latino women to                                      Food Served from
ties were linked and founded the        help each other navigate their new
Northwest Labor Employment Law          lives in the Northwest. It began as a                           11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Office (LELO).                           means of sharing information about                      Join us on Saturday, July 8, 2006
    LELO tied the struggles of sea-     Spanish speaking doctors, child
sonal farm workers, black construc-     care and Mexican grocery stores but                            At St. Edward State Park
tion workers and Alaska cannery         soon evolved into an empowering                                       Kenmore, WA
workers together and spearheaded        leadership development program.
many successful class action law           LELO board members said
   6                                                                                                                                  July 2006

        The Breda Trolley Update
                                                                  by Marc Auerbach

  Dear Brothers and Sisters,           activated based on how much pres-       makes the dynamic brakes totally        long period of time Bredas were
                                       sure the operator is applying to the    independent of the service brakes.      out of service. This should create
   The Union’s survey of Atlantic      service brakes via the brake pedal.     The dynamics will now work more         more consistent operation between
Base operators (reported in the        The dynamic braking is designed         like the retarders on diesel coaches.   coaches.
previous issue of the News Review)     to cut out when the speed of the        The dynamic brake will come on a           Also, VM will test a more aggres-
confirmed that the great majority       coach drops down to a couple of         quarter of a second after the op-       sive lining (more “grabbing power”)
of trolley drivers have serious,       miles per hour.                         erator takes his/her foot off of the    for the center axle brakes. This
deeply felt concerns about the             This approach to programming        accelerator. The second stage of the    is intended to put more braking
Breda trolleys. After providing        the dynamic brakes has made it dif-     dynamic will come on one half of        power over the center axle where
Manager of Vehicle Maintenance         ficult for operators to stop the coach   a second later. This should make        most of the weight is (now that the
Jim Boon with a complete copy of       smoothly because it creates a kind      for a much smoother and, most           diesel engine has been removed).
the survey results I was invited       of see-saw effect between the service   importantly, more predictable           VM has already installed ABS on
to meet with Vehicle Maintenance       and dynamic brakes that manifests       braking experience. In addition,        the rear axle.
Program Manager Bruce Dahl for         itself in abrupt changes in braking     the third stage of the dynamic             Problem: Sudden accelera-
an update on VM’s ongoing efforts      power. For example, as an operator      braking will be eliminated. This        tion
to deal with the issues identified by   is coming in to a zone he/she ap-       should make the transition back            VM has had difficulty replicat-
operators. The meeting was very        plies the service brake. When the       to service brakes only (when the        ing this problem. It may be related
informative and I was very pleased     operator applies a certain amount       dynamics cut out at about 2 mph)        to deficiencies in the overhead that
to see that our concerns are being     of pressure to the brake pedal the      less abrupt.                            need to be addressed by Power. But
taken seriously.                       dynamics come on and this may              Problem: Other braking               other causes are possible. More
   Problem: Grabbing Brakes            create more braking power than          issues                                  operator input about the specific
   Vehicle Maintenance is current-     the operator wants. So the operator        There have been problems with        circumstances in which sudden
ly testing a completely revamped       takes his/her foot up off the brake     sticking front brake calipers, ap-      acceleration is experienced may
program for the dynamic brakes.        pedal. This causes a loss of service    parently due to the length of time      be helpful in nailing this problem
By the time you read this we may       and dynamic brake – more loss of        the Bredas sat in the yard before       down. Any ideas folks?
have more information and per-         braking power than the operator         the conversion process started. Ac-        Problem: Cold air in driver’s
spective but I will do my best to      had intended. So the cycle starts       cording to Mr. Dahl, VM has rebuilt     compartment
explain the proposed changes for       over and can be problematic at          the front brakes on all Bredas to          VM is installing a new seal
you as I understand them today.        each of the three stages of dynamic     address this problem.                   around the steering column boot
   The brakes on Bredas are oper-      braking. Further, the sudden loss of       VM will replace the brake ap-        and sealing up other area in the
ated by air (“service” brake) and      the dynamic brakes at the end of a      plication valve in order to pre-        driver’s compartment that are the
electricity (“dynamic” brakes).        stop, even at two miles per hour, can   vent brake pressure imbalance           source of air leaks. Operators should
The old system (the one that has       seem like a substantial “bump” to       problems that resulted from oil         also be aware that there is a new
been giving us problems) has three     operators and passengers alike.         and other contaminants getting          vent in the front of the bus that can
stages of dynamic braking that are         The system now being tested         into the brake system during the                            continued on page 7

  Travel Time Law Suit Again?
                                                  By Paul J. Bachtel, Executive Board Officer

       everal years ago a small        confused as to when travel time is      ing”…clearly state “Employers              dispute an Operator’s claim for
       number of Operators filed        built into an assignment or when        may use any timekeeping methods         travel pay they can let the work-
       grievances contending Metro     it is not. Prior to the June 2005       they choose”. While this may be         force chief dispute the claim with
was not paying federally required      implementation of the BAT, I ob-        true, it does not indemnify manage-     the Operator and her/his union
travel pay at Ryerson base for time    jected to the concept of having Op-     ment from future civil litigation if    representative. The only time
traveling between assignments          erators fill out a sundry sheet as a     Operators are not paid federally        travel pay is not paid is at the end
and time spent returning to the        requirement to be paid BAT travel       required travel pay.                    of the workday for travel back to
base at the end of the workday.        pay. I argued that knowing when to         Management has indicated the         base when not required to do so
On the advice of our attorneys I       claim BAT travel pay is confusing.      new operating system being devel-       by management. If an Operator is
made a motion to pursue this issue     At times it is automatically paid,      oped (GIRO) to replace the current      required by management to return
through a federal lawsuit rather       and at times it is not. Operators do    (BOSS) operating system, should         to base for any reason, the Operator
than the grievance process. The        not have the same training as First     automatically pay BAT travel pay        is entitled to BAT travel pay.
Union was successful in wining a       Line Supervisors and therefore do       in the planning process but will not       After paying out nearly
judgment against Metro for travel      not have the skills needed to make      automatically pay BAT travel pay        $400,000.00 in back pay and legal
time between assignments but not       BAT travel time pay determina-          for work assigned at the window.        fees you would think these good
for travel time back to the base at    tions. Therefore, management            To confuse Operators more, BAT          stewards of public funds would
the end of the workday.                should meet its federally mandated      travel pay is at times paid to Re-      have learned a lesson. Apparently
   The judgment from the travel        requirement by having First Line        port Operators, and at times not,       not. Now I’m wondering how many
time lawsuit has now been imple-       Supervision input BAT travel pay,       depending on whether the Report         times the Union must prevail in
mented. Operators who were part        both in the planning process and at     Operator is told to “Check Back” or     suing to recover lost travel pay
of the class action suit received      the window when assigning work.         “Report Back”. What management          before Metro’s actions constitute
back pay checks in May. A new Be-      My complaints were ignored and          should have done, short of making       an unfair labor practice. Perhaps
tween Assignments Travel (BAT)         shortly thereafter management           this a First Line requirement, is       we will need injunctive relief in
sundry sheet is in place for Opera-    unilaterally implemented the BAT        educate Operators as to when to         the form of a federal court order
tors to record travel time between     travel pay sundry sheet.                fill out the BAT travel pay sundry       specifying exactly how travel pay
assignments. Unfortunately the            I expressed concern to the           sheets and when not to. Is man-         must be implemented to finally
BAT sundry sheet instructions are      Union office and a letter was sent       agement trying to evade paying          have Operators paid in accordance
confusing (or non-existent) and        to Metro expressing concern that        federally required travel pay?          with federal law.
have led to Operators once again       Metro’s use of the BAT travel pay          The short answer to all of this         Please, request the BAT travel
not being paid federally mandated      sundry sheet may lead to another        game playing is for every Operator      pay you are owed and if you’re
travel pay.                            travel pay lawsuit. Management          who works a split assignment that       having difficulty figuring out the
   Management seems to believe         responded by citing the Fair labor      is not a complete Combo or DTA          sundry sheet, don’t feel you are
Operators should easily be able to     Standards Act, which according to       (both first and second half) to put      alone. Ask a window person or
determine that in order to be paid     management, “does not impose any        in for BAT travel pay. This includes    union representative for help in fil-
travel pay, they must record BAT       specific method which data must          travel pay between any assignment       ing out the BAT travel pay sundry
time on the BAT sundry sheet.          be gathered”…and “Guidelines            and any other assignment regard-        sheet. Together, we will demand
The phone calls I’ve received tell     provided by the U.S. Department         less of whether overtime is being       what we are owed.
a different story. Operators are       of Labor pertaining to record keep-     paid. If management wishes to
  July 2006                                                                                                                                            7

                                                The Recording Secretary (elect’s) Report

                                              Yee Haa! Elections
                                                Are Complete!
                                                                                      By Paul J. Bachtel
Paul Bachtel

        very three years our mem-        • I’m grateful to President Lance         years of skillfully balancing our    likewise try their hand as shop
        bership endures officer            Norton for the experience and           union accounts.                      steward/chief shop steward first.
        elections. By the time elec-       confidence I have gained serv-                                                Experiencing first-hand the level
tions are completed many candi-            ing as your Partisan Arbitra-         • I’m most grateful to our member-     of responsibility involved in car-
dates are physically, emotionally,         tor, Full and Part-time Transit         ship for having the faith to trust   rying out Executive Board duties
and some, financially exhausted.            Operator Negotiation Chair,             me with the office of Recording       convince me such prerequisites
The membership has reached its             Sick Leave Negotiation Chair,           Secretary. I’m well qualified to      should be required.
tolerance limit for campaigning and        Small Property (SPT) negotia-           serve as your Recording Sec-             On a more personal note I’d like
is thankful the process is finished.        tion team member, Light Rail            retary as a direct result of the     to thank one particular North Base
We, as a union are democratic to a         negotiation team member and             mentoring I’ve received. I will      Operator for his endorsement. I
fault, and yet I believe we wouldn’t       the list goes on.                       not let you down.                    couldn’t have done it without you
have it any other way.                                                                                                  buddy!
   Kudos to all candidates who           • I’m grateful to Jennie Gil for           I, too, intend to mentor any           Looking forward, I intend to
ran for office! Out of their cam-          allowing me to officiate at Full       member willing to grow and learn       make a few changes. The Local
paigns the elected leadership              and Part-time Transit Opera-          the many skills needed to serve        587 website will get a new look
accesses the opinion of the mem-           tor picks and serve as interim        as a full-time union officer. I was     with added links to the many laws
bership and gains many new ideas           Recording Secretary in her ab-        surprised to see so many candidates    and regulations that govern our
for the future. Many of those not          sence.                                run for full-time union office that     working lives. Your ideas will be
elected will continue to serve as                                                had not served on the executive        greatly appreciated. Additions
shop stewards, election tellers,         • I’m grateful to Glen Travis for       board. Many skills and a great         to the News Review will include
pick crew staff, COPE commit-              tolerating me in my early years       deal of background knowledge           new legal requirements for com-
tee members and in many other              of radical union activity only to     are required to serve effectively in   mercial licenses and information
areas of need. They truly deserve          forgive and mentor my progress        full-time union office. I hope can-     on protected leaves. Again, your
our gratitude. To each of you I’m          as time passed.                       didates interested in running for      ideas will be greatly appreciated.
grateful for your participation in                                               full-time union office in the future    More to come on improvements to
the process.                             • I’m grateful to Paul Griffin for       choose to serve at least one term      the web site and News Review in
   I’m also particularly grateful to       always being there to answer          on the executive board. It is in the   future articles.
the following leaders:                     finance questions and his many         long term best interest of both the
                                                                                 membership and the prospective         In Solidarity,
                                                                                 officer. I hope those interested in     Paul J. Bachtel,
                                                                                 running for executive board will       Recording Secretary-elect

Breda Update, continued
 be opened and closed depending on
weather and preference.
   Problem: Drive axle failure
                                         or hill-holder, in part because there
                                         is no clear consensus from operators
                                         about how to do this.
                                                                                        Upcoming at Local 587
   There has been a problem with            The Bottom Line
                                                                                   JULY 3 –Part-time restriction forms scheduled to be
the drive wheels spinning on wet            Vehicle Maintenance personnel
                                                                                   sent out to the worksites this week. Please see your base
or slick pavement and then hitting       have put a lot of thought and energy
dry pavement so hard that the axle       into addressing our concerns (thank       dispatcher/Planner for a restriction form.
breaks. VM will reprogram the coach      you!). In the final analysis, however,     JULY 6 – Installment of new officers at the Charter
to drop the throttle down during a       the proof will be in the driving.         membership meeting, 8:00 p.m. Labor Temple, Hall #8.
skid. (VM will also test reprogram-      Operators will have to decide if the
ming the dynamic brakes to drop          changes meet our high standards           JULY 8 – Local 587 Summer Barbeque at Saint Edward State
out during a skid condition).            for safety and service. I am hopeful      Park.
   Problem: Dead/low batteries           that we are on the road to making         JULY 25 - Executive Board meeting.
after lift use                           this coach right. And, while no
   In electric mode, the Breda puts      coach is perfect, it is important to      AUGUST 11 –PART-TIME RESTRICTION FORMS DUE,
a major strain on the battery. With      remain vigilant and to speak up if        7:45 p.m. Forms must be turned in at the window. No
frequent lift use (common on the         you perceive serious problems.            forms will be accepted at the union office or in the pick
routes to which Breda trolleys are          A Personal Note                        preview room. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE FORMS WILL BE
assigned) there have been major             After almost eleven years as a         ACCEPTED.
problems with dead batteries.            Transit Operator and eight years
   VM is testing a system that will      as an active Union member I am            AUGUST 14 through 18 - Part Part-time Pick Preview.
automatically shut down heater           taking a leave of absence to return       Central/Atlantic Base upstairs quiet room, 8am-4pm. Check
blowers, turn the dome light down        to school. I would like to extend my      your Operations Bulletin for further information.
to 50% power, and turn off the           deepest gratitude to the members          AUGUST 15 through 20 - Full-time Pick Preview.
power steering motor when the lift       and leaders of this Union, past and       Atlantic/Central Base upstairs classrooms, 8:30am-4:30pm.
power switch is engaged. When lift       present, for all that you have done
                                                                                   Check your Operations Bulletin for further information.
power is turned off these items will     on behalf of transit workers in King
return to normal operation. This         County and beyond. It has been a          AUGUST – 19 & 20 and 26 & 27 - Part-Time Operator Pick.
will reduce the drain on the battery     privilege to work with you over these     Central/Atlantic Base. Please consult your seniority list for
when the lift is used. Additionally,     past years in the fight to secure fair     your pick time. Please remember to allow enough time to
VM is testing batteries that hold a      contracts, protect transit funding,       walk to pick from the Central/Atlantic/Ryerson parking
greater charge and/or that can be        stop privatization, improve safety        garage.
recharged more quickly.                  and security, and build a more just
   Problem: Location and                 and equitable society for all working     AUGUST 21 – 25 and 28 – 31 - Full-Time Operator Pick.
switch type for hill-holder and          people. I am leaving behind great         Atlantic/Central Base. Please consult your seniority list for
four-ways                                friends and co-workers whom I have        your pick time. Please remember to allow enough time
   VM is installing extensions on the    grown to love and respect over the        to walk to pick from the Central/Atlantic/Ryerson
four-way switch to make it easier        years. Please know that you are           parking garage.
to activate. At this point there is no   in my thoughts, and please stay
plan to relocate the four-way switch     in touch.                                 AUGUST 29 – Executive Board meeting.
 8                                                                                                                                   July 2006

The 39 Annual ATU Black Caucus:

Brotherhood through Understanding
                                                 By Carl C. Jackson, Central Base Operations

           hen ATU Local 587 Mi-        of the Caucus. Both days had us in    pension system such as the “PERS”       to think, “out-of-the-box” on issues
           nority Affairs Officer       daylong workshops that covered a      system that we at King County           that effect our work environment.
           Ray Campbell called me       wide range of topics. I was able to   Metro Transit enjoy. Under those        Some issues make us feel that we
one morning and offered me the          chat and share information with       circumstances, the ATU works            are alone as a union local, sort
chance to attend the Amalgamated        union members from Oakland,           with the local to establish a pension   of a “why is this happening only
Transit Union’s 39th Annual Black       CA; Shreveport, LA; Atlanta, GA;      plan that allows the membership to      at Metro” kind of thinking, while
Caucus in Baltimore, Maryland,          Toronto, ONT and Portland, OR. As     contribute monies into a privately      many other issues are immediately
I was surprised to say the least.       usual, there was just not enough      held pension fund. Once again,          identifiable as affecting the entire
This is my fourth time attending        time to get involved in all of the    organized labor is able to take care    union. The ATU Black Caucus is a
a union caucus, and I felt that it      various issues and topics that were   of its own.                             means to an honorable end, a tool
would again be a special opportu-       brought to the table.                    Sunday was spent saying fare-        to use for the good of the entire
nity to learn and share information        One of the main topics covered     well and voting on the site for         membership of our union. I was
with my union brothers and sisters      was the union’s Pension Plan.         next year’s caucus at the business      honored and proud to be a part of
from all over North America. Once       Some of our union locals repre-       session conclusion. All in all, this    that process.
again, several of my close friends,     sent workers that do not have         was a rewarding experience. It re-
as well as new friends (thank you,      the luxury of having a municipal      minded me that sometimes we fail
Elaine) would be attending. We
had a wonderful time. It was re-

                                                  18 ANNUAL KING
warding to learn about issues that
affect us, not as Black Americans,
but as members of an interna-                                    th
tional labor union. Our common

                                                 COUNTY EMPLOYEES
goal this year was to learn and
understand the intricacies of the
pension system that will effect all
of us in due time.

                                                 CAR SHOW at the 30
   I had the pleasure of attending
this year’s conference with Minor-
ity Affairs officer Ray Campbell,                                   th
Esther Hankerson, Elaine Mon-

zon, and John Bouie. We arrived
in Baltimore late on Wednesday,
May 3rd and checked into our ho-
tel to get some much-needed rest
after spending the early morning
and late afternoon in airports and
airplanes. My thanks to Brother
Paul Griffin and the staff at our
local for doing such an excellent job
of handling the arrangements.
   The following day started with
breakfast and conference registra-
tion. After registration, the host
local, ATU Local 1300, provided
a tour of the city of Baltimore.
For those that have never been
to Baltimore, it is a charming city                           Saturday July 15, 2006
with a blend of Americana (in the
form of 13-star American flags                        Metro Transit Safety and Training Center
and early American architecture)
and modern attractions. Much of                          11911 East Marginal Way South
Baltimore’s downtown has been
revitalized and includes the fa-
mous “Inner Harbor” as a tourist                                     Registration 9 AM – 10 AM
and business destination. The host
agency, Maryland Transit Admin-                                       Car Show 10 AM – 1 PM
istration (MTA) is the 10th larg-
est transit system in the country                                    Awards ceremony 1:30 PM
and operates a world class light
rail, subway, commuter-rail and             All King County Employees, their families and friends are invited
bus system that extends all the
way to Washington, DC. We were              to show off their antique, classic or special interest cars, trucks,
impressed with the efficiency and             motorcycles or any other vehicle at the 18th Annual King County
cleanliness of the MTA system and
we used it to travel around Balti-               Employees Car Show. Registration fee is $5 per vehicle.
more whenever possible.                        Great Prizes and giveaways. Free lunch for all contestants.
   Historically, the first day of the
conference is devoted to conference                   Additional lunches may be purchased onsite.
registration, a tour of the host city
and a friendly, but important, golf
tournament. Titled “The Big Time
Hackers” Golf Tournament, it
                                            For more information e-mail us at or
features a very competitive round
of golf between the Caucus’ best
                                                    call the MEHVA hotline 684-1816
players. This year, our own John
Bouie came in at second place                Sponsored by the Metro Employees Historic Vehicle Association -
(actually very close to coming in
first). Friday and Saturday was                                         MEHVA
spent actually doing the business

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