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									 Overview to Depression

 It is a common mental

 Caused due to imbalance of
chemical composition of brain.

 People loss interest from
everyday activities like eating,
sleeping etc.

 Very common in people
living in cities.
Symptoms of Depression:
 Sadness
 Hopelessness
 Feeling Emptiness
 Loss of Self Esteem
 Feeling of Self blame
  or Guilty
 Loss of Interest
 Having Thoughts of
  Death or Suicide
 Poor Memory
            Forms of Depression:

 Major Depression: At least 5 symptoms of depression
  are present in the depressed person. The person is not
  able to enjoy life. Sometimes want to die or suicide.
 Minor Depression: The symptoms are less. If
  depressed person is not treated then it can become
  major depression.
 Bipolar Disorder: mood of the person changes
  cyclically with severe highs(mania) and severe lows.
 Dysthymia: the symptoms are of low grade but are
  chronic which can lasts for minimum of 2 years.
     Effective Way of Depression Treatments
    Antidepressants should
   be used in order to return a
   person into normal

    Medicines are very much
   useful and effective on
   order to regain a depressed
   person into normal
Apart from medication, psychotherapy is also an effective.
     Effective Way of Depression Treatments
 psychotherapy:
   This should be done by
  specialists known as

   It is even more effective
  than medicines.

   In the current time people
  prefer these treatments as
  it does not done by
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