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Personal Lines Insurance Premiums to be


                                                                                                     Vilma Scott
                                                                                         MarketScout Corporation

           Personal Lines Insurance Premiums to be Monitored by MarketScout

         MarketScout Provides Consumers and Insurance Professionals with Pricing Metrics

DALLAS, March 13, 2012 – MarketScout announced today that it has begun tracking U.S. personal lines
rates for homeowners, automobile and personal articles coverages.

According to Richard Kerr, founder and CEO of MarketScout, “MarketScout has been a proven industry
resource for tracking commercial insurance pricing since 2001, and we are now pleased to offer similar data
for personal lines. We are monitoring personal lines pricing and coverage
terms across the United States. Because of the many factors that impact the
prices consumers pay for personal lines insurance, we are taking note of the
class of business, geographic location and coverage requirements when
monitoring these prices. We are also differentiating between high net worth
accounts (homes valued over $1,000,000 or total premium over $10,000)
and traditional personal lines accounts.”

Kerr explained MarketScout’s tracking capabilities by noting, “We have an
exceptional amount of data which is captured from the MarketScout
Exchange which enables us to track pricing in the personal lines
marketplace. Also, via our affiliation with The National Alliance for Insurance
Education and Research, we conduct in person surveys of thousands of
insurance agents, company personnel and other professionals attending
continuing education and designation update institutes. By combining the
data from the MarketScout Exchange with the surveys from The National
Alliance, we are able to provide a unique, credible system for summarizing pricing information in the personal
lines marketplace. This information will be of great value to insurance professionals and consumers alike.”

In February, the composite premium for personal lines was up 2 percent. Premiums for homeowners
insurance for homes under $1,000,000 in replacement cost value were up 2 percent on a national basis.
Homeowners insurance for homes over $1,000,000 was up one percent. Automobile insurance increased two
percent and personal articles (jewelry, paintings and the like) increased one percent.

A summary of the February 2012 rates for personal lines is set forth below.

Personal Lines

Homeowners under $1,000,000 value                Up 2%
Homeowners over $1,000,000 value                 Up 1%
Automobile                                       Up 2%
Personal Articles                                Up 1%

For more detailed ratings analysis or market projections by specific coverage, account size, or geographic
location, contact Vilma Scott at

About MarketScout

MarketScout is an insurance distribution and underwriting company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The firm
owns and operates the MarketScout Exchange at as well as over 40 other online and
traditional underwriting and distribution venues. MarketScout owns Monster Energy; a Bermuda based
reinsurer covering primary workers’ compensation, general liability and automobile exposures in the energy
industry. The firm also manages workers’ compensation and personal lines MGA business across the U.S. In
2010, MarketScout launched MarketScout Wholesale, LLC (MSW), complementing its electronic underwriting
and distribution strategy. MarketScout and MSW have offices in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut,
Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, Oregon, Texas and Washington D.C.


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