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National Productivity Council Dr Ambedkar Institute of Productivity


									                  NATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY COUNCIL
                  Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Productivity

                Hands on Training in “Compressed Air System”
                                   (16 – 17 August, 2012)

Industrial manufacturing facilities use compressed air as an essential energy source to
power pneumatic tools and equipment, for process or control applications and to meet
instrumentation needs. In Indian industries compressed air systems account for nearly 25%
of industrial electrical energy demand. Compressed air system optimization offers a saving
potential of 20-25%. Matching the compressor to the system to enable best efficiency point
operation is often ignored during the selection of compressors. The energy saving potential
in compressed air system is hidden and can be unearthed only by a detailed study including
measurement of flow and determination of operating efficiency.

The hands on training will serve as a valuable programme for learning the importance of
proper compressor operation and typical behaviour in application. The programme is
designed to provide the practical knowledge and skills needed to address common concerns
involving compressors and apply it back into your work place.

Hands-on exercises are essential to allow the participants to have a feel of energy efficiency,
gain life long experience and develop right expertise for energy efficiency project

Compressor Training Facility
The compressor training facility has 2 screw compressors of Hitachi make. One compressor
is on load-unload control and the other with a VFD control. Each compressor is driven by a
7.5 kW motor. The compressed air system comprises of air receiver, a refrigerated air dryer,
air filter and distribution system of various pipe sizes and headers. The flow measurements
are carried out with advanced vortex, magnetic and thermal flow meters. The data is
captured through a data logger and then displayed visually in a computer for analysis and

The practical energy efficiency training covers the following.
    Load/unload control vs. speed control using VFD
      Effect of pressure reduction on power consumption
      Variations in pressure drop and power consumption with different pipe diameters
      Effect of leakage on power consumption
      Demonstration of air amplifier (transvector nozzle) for cleaning applications

Senior Consultants from National Productivity Council. All are Certified Energy Auditors with
20 – 25 years of experience in the field of energy auditing and management.

This programme will be conducted through lecture session, discussions and visual aids and
laboratory (CETEE) advanced pump training facility.

Participation Profile
The programme is meant for Engineers from Utilities, Technical, Project, Services,
Maintenance, etc.

Date & Time
16th & 17th August 2012
10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

National Productivity Council,
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Productivity,
Centre of Excellence for Training in Energy Efficiency (CETEE),
6, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Ambattur,
Chennai – 600 098.

Rs. 10,000/= per participant (Non Residential) + 12.36% S.T.
The payment should be made in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of “National
Productivity Council” payable at Chennai.
(Hostel accomodation: Single A/c room accomodation is Rs. 750 per day + 12.36% S.T.)

Last date for registration is 13th August 2012. Please send your nomination indicating the
name, designation and official address of the participant with contact number in advance to
the following address.
                                  The Director & Head,
                          Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Productivity,
                Centre of Excellence for Training in Energy Efficiency (CETEE),
                                National Productivity Council,
                  6, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai – 600 098.
               Ph : 044 26251808, 26255216 ; Fax : 044 26254904, 26255012

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