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British Literature
Anglo-Saxon: Beowulf

Directions: As you view the power point, fill in the notes on this sheet. You will be responsible for
learning and understanding these notes for homework, quizzes, and a test.


Anglo-Saxon Period
    The _____________ period is the earliest recorded time period in __________
    Few people _________ in this period
    Oral tradition – was performed and/or sung by a Bard (________) from memory
      in _________________.

         ** This is why there are often several versions of the same story.
        Scops – ____________/______________
        Authors were __________________


        _____________ marks the beginning of English literature
        Beowulf is one of the earliest known _________________ in the __________
         language; written in Old English
        It contains specific Motifs
             o Motifs – a motif is a recurring _________ or ___________ in a work of
                       ___________ and ___________ Allusions
                       __________ Customs
                       __________ Customs
                       Traits of the _____________
                       Beowulf’s _____________

        The story of Beowulf wasn’t written down until about ____________ by
         “The Beowulf Poet” who is unknown. He wrote down the poem which for many
         years had been only ________ or _____________.

        Scholars believe “The Beowulf Poet” was most likely a ____________________,
         thus adding a ______________ perspective.

        There is only________ original Beowulf manuscript existing today. It is in the
         ___________________ Museum in London.
   BEOWULF is an _________ poem.
      o _____ – a long, narrative poem that relates the great deeds of a
               larger-than- life hero who embodies the values of a particular
            Examples of other EPICS are…
                   Greek “________” and “___________” – Homer
                   _______________ and __________________ – Tolkien

And of course there’s the EPIC HERO!!!!

   ___________ – must undertake a quest to achieve something of tremendous value
                  to himself and his society


   A ____________, ____________ poem
   ________________ hero; often with ________________ characteristics
   Concerns eternal human problems like the struggle between _________________
   Presented in a __________ manner using elevated (___________) language
   Hero represents widespread _____________, ___________, or _________ values

   This EPIC poem of BEOWULF is often divided into 3 sections; it is about
    Beowulf’s _________________________.

       o …the Battle with ___________ (Grendel represents_______)
       o …the Battle with ___________________ (She also represents ______.)
       o …the Battle with _________________
          (It not only represents evil but also___________.)

   Just in case you wanted to know, Beowulf himself represents ____________:
        o _______________
        o _______________
        o _______________
        o _______________

   Beowulf: Where does it take place?

       o Geatland and Denmark (Modern ______________ and _____________)

   Note: None of the action takes place in _______________!!!
The Scary, Horror Movie “Where”
    More specifically…

    Beowulf takes place in a “once upon a time world” which taps into “three
    archetypal sites of _________.”
        o The barricaded night house / _______________ (____________)

        o The infested underwater ___________(Grendel’s ___________)

        o The Reptile-taunted rocks of a wilderness and cave (Fire Breathing

I like to think of them this way, in terms which may mean more to your or my

        o Our bed on a story night when we are alone in the house (where we should
          feel safe.)
        o A murky lake or a beach where Jaws takes place.

        o The dark recesses of the earth: a cave, or even your own dark basement!!!

Why do we read Beowulf?

    It’s a very creative, imaginative, poetic ___________________.
    It gives us insight into the origins of the __________ people, the culture, who,
     through seafaring conquests, founded the world we currently live in.
    It gives us insight into the _________of our ________________.
    It gives us insight into _____ _________ everywhere and throughout time (time,
     birth, death, fame/success/glory, honor, friendship, conflict, home, country,
     adventure, spirituality – all of these things _______________________ and
     matter to all people)
    It’s __________________ and we love a good challenge!!!
    It’s ____________ and gets us to think about our own worst____________
    It’s a VERY important piece of ______________ historically
    (This is the “because we have to” reason!!)
Characteristic features of Anglo-Saxon Literature
Alliteration - the repetition of ___________ __________ ___________ in lines of poetry

______________________ – a metaphorical phrase used to replace a concrete noun
      Ex: sea = _____________________
      Ex: battle = _______________________
      It is like a _______________________

Caesura – a _______________________ in the middle of a line of poetry.
•2 part line – each line is separated by a ____________ or _____________ in the middle
of the line; each part generally has ____ _________ ________.

Caesura example: Put a smiley face where there is a separation.

 Then the Scylding warrior savage and grim,
 Seized the ring-hilt  and swung the sword
 Struck with fury despairing of life
 Thrust at the throat  broke through the bone rings:
 The stout blade stabbed   through her fated flesh.

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