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									American English

 Comparing Salutations: UK vs. US
  Typical saluations used in the UK are seen in the top half.

  Typical saluations used in the USA are seen in the bottom half.

             Salutation                      Greeting
    Dear Ms Huxley            Yours sincerely / Sincerely yours
    Dear Helen
    Dear Sir                  Yours faithfully / Faithfully yours
    Dear Sirs
    Dear Madam
    Dear Sir or Madam

             Salutation                       Greeting
    Dear Ms. Wexley:          Sincerely, / Sincerely yours,
    Dear Helen:
    Gentlemen:                Sincerely, / Sincerely yours,
    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    To whom it may concern:

   Follow up            Defective
   Inquiry/enquiry      To host
   Complaint            Delay
   Salutation           Inconvenience
   Apology              Dissatisfaction
Key expressions

 Previous contact
    In reply to your email/call of {date}…
    With reference to our meeting/phone conversation…
 Complaint
    I am writing to complain about…
    I would like to express my dissatisfaction with…
 Apology
    We are very sorry for…
    Please accept my apology for…

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