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					English 098                                                                Bellah

                                                  Writer _____________________

                                                   Editor 1 ___________________

                                                   Editor 2 ___________________

To Writer:    Sign this form above. Then pass this form, along with your draft, to another
              student in your group. At the end of the peer-editing session, be sure to collect
              this form, with three signatures, along with their signed peer-response sheets.

To Editor:    Sign this form when you receive it from your peer. Then, read the draft quickly to
              gain a sense of what’s being said and it’s being said. You may make short
              comments and easy corrections directly on the draft at this time. After completing
              this initial reading, you should answer the following seven questions on a separate
              sheet of paper, also signed by you. At the end of the peer-editing session, return
              this form and your response sheets to the other students in your group.

              1. What general qualities of bullying from Berger’s article are identified by this

              2. What specific incidents of bullying from DeLeon’s and Logan’s articles are
              offered by this paper?

              3. What sentence in the paper expresses its central idea? If you cannot
              locate the central idea sentence, let the writer know.

              4. Does each middle paragraph identify a general idea from Berger, explain it,
              and then connect it to an illustration from De Leon or Logan? If not, let the writer
              know. Or does each middle paragraph focus on either DeLeon or Logan, finding
              in each evidence of general ideas from Berger?

              5. Is the paper free of fragments? Put an asterisk * next to any questionable
              sentence that the writer should reconsider as a possible fragment

              6. Are the commas correctly placed in compound sentences? Circle all
              coordinating conjunctions joining clauses and then put a C above any possible
              omission or misplacement of commas.

              7. What do you think the writer could do to improve the paper?

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