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									Lesson plans for First Six Weeks 2011-2012
Celeste Hollister
Language Arts 8-1

8/22                     Intro to 8th Grade Language Arts Powerpoint
8/23                     Expectations/Procedures
                         Find Someone Who (ice breaker game)
                         Set up Reader’s Notebook
                         Notes: Parts of Speech
                         Fill out information card
                         PreAP: Sign contract to take home to parents
                         Homework: 50 adjectives, due 8/24 and 8/25
8/24                     Expectations/Procedures
8/25                     Turn in Homework
(A) analyze linear       Notes: Literary Terms in Journal
plot developments
(e.g., conflict,         Literary Elements game (Powerpoint)
rising action, falling
action, resolution,
                         Partner Activity – Plot diagram a movie they have both seen, due at end of
subplots) to             period
determine whether        Homework: 50 adverbs, due 8/26 and 8/29
and how conflicts
are resolved RC2

8/26                     Expectations/Procedures
8/27                     Turn in Homework
                         Set up Writer’s Notebook
14 (B) develop
drafts by choosing
                         Free write: “You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.” Indira Ghandi
an appropriate           Begin reading “The Elevator” by William Sleator
organizational           Plot diagram of story
strategy (e.g.,
sequence of              Homework: (Parent letter) Plot diagram a 30 min. TV program
events, cause-           (fiction; not news or reality) due 8/30 & 8/31
effect, compare-
contrast) and
building on ideas
to create a
organized, and
coherent piece of

8/30                     Expectations Quiz
8/31                     Turn in Homework (to be returned after checked)
(A) determine the        Begin Vocabulary Week #1
meaning of grade-
level academic           Picture/Picture
English words            Notes: Types of Conflict
derived from Latin,
Greek, or other          Slides of Sea Devil
linguistic roots and
affixes RC1
                         Begin reading “The Sea Devil” by Arthur Gordon
                         Pair reading first with dialectal journal
                         Read together – answer questions (whole class)
                         Homework: Vocabulary Puzzle
9/1                    Vocabulary Quiz
9/2                    Notes: Annotation
                       Finish Reading “The Sea Devil”
F19 E summarize,
paraphrase, and
                       Using a Summary Model, summarize “The Sea Devil”
synthesize texts in    Fill out plot diagram
ways that maintain     Make an assertion:
meaning and
logical order within   The conflict in this story is…
a text and across
                       The inciting incident occurs when…
                       The conflict is resolved when…
                       Use text evidence from the story.
                       Homework: Literary Terms Study Guide (Test on 9/8 & 9/9)
9/6                    New Vocabulary – Picture/Picture
9/7                    Notes on analogies
                       Notes on characterization
                       Guiding Question: How can a character affect the conflict/resolution of a
   F19 F make          piece of literature?
 between and           Analysis of Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean
 across texts,         Two scenes: Intro of Captain Jack and Fight between Jack and Will
 including other
 media (e.g.,          Use graphic organizer to determine the character of Jack Sparrow.
 film, play), and      What sort of character is he? How do you know?
 provide textual
 evidence RC1.         Apply the same model to the Man in “The Sea Devil”
                       Homework: Literary Terms Study Guide
9/8                    Literary Terms review (quizlet)
9/9                    Literary Terms Test (regular classes can use study guide)
6(B) analyze how
the central
                       Finish character analysis of the Man from “Sea Devil”. (project tie-in?)
characters'            Notes: Phrases, with focus on appositives
qualities influence    Appositive Phrase practice from Kilgallon
the theme of a
fictional work and     Homework if not completed in class
resolution of the
central conflict

9/12                   Turn in Homework: Appositive Phrase practice from Kilgallon
9/13                   Journal/Free Write: Character (Amadeo Modigliani – Young Apprentice)
(A) analyze works      Notes: Characterization -
written on the
same topic and         Character Map: static/dynamic characters
compare how the        Analyze characters from Sea Devil, Pirates, and The Elevator to determine
authors achieved
similar or different   which ones are static/dynamic
purposes               List 10 more familiar characters – with a partner, discuss which ones are
                       static/dynamic. How do you know?
                       Homework: Vocabulary puzzle or analogies practice
9/14                   Vocabulary Quiz #3
9/15                   New Vocab. – Picture/Picture
(A) determine the      Notes on Point of View
meaning of grade-
level academic         Analyze previous stories for POV – extend discussion to other movies, etc.
English words
derived from Latin,
                       Begin Literary Terms Project (children’s books)
Greek, or other        Students work in pairs to choose a children’s book to analyze for literary
linguistic roots and   elements
affixes RC1
                      PRE-AP: Begin storyboarding project (parent letter)
6 (C) analyze         Homework: Parent letter home about project, signature due 9/20 & 21
different forms of
point of view,
including limited
versus omniscient,
subjective versus
objective RC2.

9/16                  Journal/Free Write: What people never see. Students choose a P.O.V. and
9/19                  write what they think the adults never see in their lives.
(B) develop drafts    Project timeline: All students (regular & pre-AP) should finish reading
by choosing an
appropriate           storybook in class. Regular students then begin writing rough drafts of
organizational and    literary element paragraphs.
building on ideas
to create a           Pre-AP begins creating storyboards for children’s book.
focused,              Homework: Vocabulary Puzzle
organized, and
coherent piece of

9/20                  Turn in homework: parent letter
9/21                  Vocabulary #4 Quiz
Pre-AP:               New Vocabulary – Picture/Picture
write imaginative     Project timeline: Regular students complete writing paragraphs and begin
stories that
develops              drawing images to illustrate paragraphs.
                      Pre-AP: complete storyboards; begin writing children’s story.
                      Homework: Analogy practice
9/22                  Notes on Tone/Mood
9/23                  Project timeline: Last day to work in class on Literary Elements Project
3 (A) analyze         At the end of the class period, one student should take the project home to
literary works that
share similar         finish final details.
themes across
cultures RC1;
                      Pre-AP: Create foldable for children’s book; will take home book to finish
                      All projects due 9/26 and 9/27
9/26                  Reminder: All projects due
9/27                  Free Write: Special place (real or fiction)
F19 D make
                      Use imagery and adjectives to describe a place that is special to you.
complex               Guiding Question: How does setting affect how you live, what you do,
inferences about      what you value, and what you believe?
text and use
textual evidence to   Read Sandra Cisneros’ “Bums in the Attic”
support               Setting: How does setting affect how characters live, what they do, value
                      and believe?
                      Homework: Projects due next time!
9/28                  Projects due.
9/29                  Six Weeks Test (can be moved to an earlier day)
Summary of Assignments:

In-class assignments      5
Homework                  10
Quizzes/Major tests       5
Projects                  2
Notes/Free-write          2

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