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					                                                   Bert -V-
                                            The German
                                       ** Important new Physics data at footer. Also
                                       includes top historic referral.

                                       Left. The ravenous wild German Boar

Edited 23rd-03-2011.    I note a very interesting and fascinating “Hebrew”
translation by Scott from Crusaders Poetry. Re-edited by William R. Doidge
(1993AD).     Strangely there were no Roman‟s; those created by the UK
“historians” were mythological, the Mid-East Crusaders built the Cathedrals
(Communes) and the early “Roman Roads”. So why was a a further absolutely
super race written off?

The records of the Crown of the United Kingdom show without any doubt that
only two Romans ever came to England & Scotland. They quickly moved back
“down south” because the weather was too cold.

If one looks back through old “Hebrew” symbols on stones as Colonsay etc, you
will note many that relate to a “battle” which quite enviously took place in
England. The thousands that were written into creative verse never took place
in Scotland at all, yet they have to a very significant degree, led to its later day
fiscal downfall.

Who makes available economic facilities to such a „historic‟ moron nation? Few,
for the public face is full of battles, battered and mere. The answer is only those
who feel sorry for them. Guess it‟s time both we and they got our acts
together? I could bring in millions of tourists; I could create a great economic
climate in Scotland. Why have others constantly failed?

*** That, very crucial to the issues, is also the King who a Mun-urchin (Monarch) had
the facade to claim she descended from?

Crusaders Poetry: Bert was a Grey Dog; the biggest and finest of their kind they
had ever seen! They had met up with him on the other side (Channel) and he
became a good friend to the little ones. When we had gone across to the other
side (now England) he had decided to go with us, but he did not like the water.
The little ones said that he lay down on the raft and moaned and groaned for
such a long time!
On the third day after they landed they pulled up for a rest and moved the Carts
into a circle so „we could protect ourselves‟. No one had ever been over here to
this side so we did not know what to expect. But the next morning we soon
became pragmatic to our problems.

Bert had found a big, big Boar ravaging our crucial egg stocks – Bert did not like
the look of that one bit! The Boar did not think too much of Bert either, so the
biggest battle that was ever seen in England started.

The little ones were so frightened by all the evil noises they got up into the
Carts. The Boar they said must have weighed 500 pounds and Bert, although
the biggest and fastest of their kind they had ever seen, was about 250 pounds.

Bert did not know what to expect and the battle was still going hard on, after the
day and well into the night. At one stage things started to look very bad for Bert
as the evil one attempted to “tusk” him and nearly crushed him against the
Carts. He jumped so high to get rid of him he ended up amongst the little ones
– Bert went berserk – the Boar had broken the wheels off the Cart.

They said that they had never heard a Grey Dog make so many evil noises – he
got back on his feet and went even more berserk – he grabbed onto that which
was manly and hanging down and swung him up so high into the air he looked
like he was going up to see the Lord. ** Important Physics data at footer

The Lord did not want him so he sent him back down again. That upset Bert
even more! But all of a sudden Bert got the better of him - he took hold of the
short and curly end, and gave him another big flick;

This time he went up even further but Bert thought the Lord must have hit him
so hard with his Mace because he came down in the middle of the fire (Hell).
They could all now wait and have a good feast of the Passover.

Bert would not let anyone near the fire and he lay and looked him straight in the
eyes for hours until all was ready. They had a sods opera with the meat and the
mead and they all toasted Bert for the mêlée, and for saving their eggs and the
little ones.

It was the biggest battle that had ever been seen. There was quite obviously
nothing in England that would have got the better of Bert!

So those in the future would always know who he was and what he had done for
us all, they decided to call him EgBert and declared him the King of England!

Some time ago whilst in the Plymouth (PL 19) Library (HMSO - Her Majesty‟s
Stationary Office) I noted under considerable distress that the Her Majesty at
that time officially claimed her oldest ancestor was Egbert the King of England

That‟s digging into the bottom of the rotten UK political apple-cart surely? How
can you claim heritage from an 800 year old Grey Dog when you do not even
know who your mother and father were?
They have had so many “grabs” at heritage, none more sickening to “Us” than
the beautiful Stewart children who were friends of our family. The children came
to live with us at Lan Rik. Sir Richard became their real King. The Stewart
parents had earlier died in Scotland and the children later died from a rare virus
in Germany.

The children were buried at “a good spot”. Approx one hundred years later Sir
Francis (“Drake‟y”) said he had found it and it was at the bottom of what was
then called the Rhine Valley. They lived at Doone (hence Lorna Doon) the eldest
girl. But there‟s nothing as sickening as claiming heritage from Bert the Grey

To my knowledge and in-depth education from my late father and the late
George (V1) and Elizabeth (HMQM) of the Monarchy, they (the younger
members of the Monarchy at that time) did not seem to know who they really
were fifty years ago!

To keep history and the UK in good order: There was only one King and no
Queens. Sir Richard Doidge was the only man in history declared a King in the
real meaning of the word. He proved he was the finest man and stood
consensus of the masses in both Scotland and England; they wanted Sir Richard
to preside on their future, so he was declared the King in both nations! That is
the lawful requirement. They said he was so well liked; they asked him to sit
upon the Throne wherever he went!

In all he and other members of the family have sat upon the Thrones of at least
six nations since the seventeenth century.

All the other “Kings & Queens” were created by way of Creative Verse and
Tartan history! Only Chev (arrow) was mentioned in Scotland as a King of their
kind; a very interesting point in the history of Law More.....

Note: After reviewing both my parents autopsies (not of natural causes) and
the subversive front and threats of the last fifteen years, which has resulted in
further financial base damages of over £780 million (GBP) subject to base circa
£5000 per day interest, I made the Official and Public Statements from my
Office which deposed of the face of the Sovereigns Office;

Because of that which lay on my desk, I had no option. Had the situation
continued for a further few days it would have quickly destroyed the United
Kingdom! The family were no longer suitable for such offices of trust – they
never had been!

That of the true Royal Family and Grand Knight are a super family. The United
Kingdom now needs reality as it has never needed it before, or it very quickly
dies! Scotland does not stand a chance! It has been fighting a losing battle
against such poor economic influence for generations. Its offices of power have
had some good men and women, but at the higher level they have not been of
Merit. Without Meritocracy and the Royal Family it does not stand a chance.
Note. International experts have put damage of £6.5 billion (GBP) as the
resulting reparation to the family. Currently experts have estimated costs are
possibly “ten” times that figure. The family‟s current damages are now believed
to be far in excess of £1000 million to the inadequacy of both the Governments
of the day of the John Major and even poorer Blair.

The Grand Knight said that you must read the over-rule of the Land Registry
(See “Official London” – was because my family had been
unlawfully “highway-robbed” of in excess “Establishment” with no inherited
rights whatsoever.

In my New Year Speech I addressed the public face as an atheist with good
reason; she was at it again. Only when you read that file will you appraise the
sickening standards that these gluttonous nobodies have left us with in the
United Kingdom. The Crown has officially recovered all its Land! There are very
few who will be entitled to, or gain compensation. Few who were not aware of
just what was going on!

Atheist? A person‟s religious belief is his/her rights; the Law of the Land is, if
you have a God of your own you must prey to him. The her Majesty‟s family
“God” was called the “Devil” and from the time the family were first noticed in
history (in relation to the death of the Lords only son) they have used him to
fuel war right across the earth!

We have a lot of early work to do to get the United Kingdom worthy of my
current family. It will take me less than 90 days to get you smiling on both
sides of the border – with your God‟s help, right across the Earth!

Scott at his finest - William almost at his best More...

*** Important Physics Note: It was mentioned by “Scrope” that the famous
nineteenth century writer (Scrope) had, in his book The Great Dogs of the
Heather, said that it was not uncommon for those Grey Dogs to take hold of a
deer of up to sixteen stones and “cartwheel” it or “flick” it eighteen or so feet
into the air. It was in fact quite common.

Scientist believe this to be a reflex action / merger of final emission from the
body with advanced physics caused at the moment of physical
connection/extreme pain - the throes at the point of death.       The responder
would certainly at that time be unaware of the issue.

In a minor case as in the Judoka where a small, say for instance girl, throws a
quite heavy man; but in these instances, without the speed, terror or associated

It was one of the reasons Mary the Queen of the Scots called “no” on the Dogs
chasing the Stags. Sir Richard (Lion Heart) had told her they cause them far too
much hassle - we no longer need the deer; they must now be allowed to walk
free. „They and the Lambs have given far too much for us all‟!
What is interesting is they say in the Monarchs “history book” that Mary loved
the great deer chases? Always reverse whatever you read in a Monarchs
Scottish or English history. My great, great grandmother wrote all that rubbish
for her tartans. Boy did she create some battles, Kings and Queens? There
were none! There was no battle of this and that, including Culloden.   The true
account of the “battle” of Culloden Moor is quite simple:

“Charley” started cussing at some English gentleman who were trying to get up
the Glen. On the second day they got fed up with him and they knocked him of
his perch with a blunderbuss. To show his contempt he sent the Grey Dogs in
and they “nobbled” a half a dozen “English Bulldogs” (believed to have been
regimental Englishmen); the rest of them ran off and did not stop to bury them.

So the boys gave them a title and did it for them. In the end they got together
and decided to call Charley a “Prince” – because he did not know what he was
talking about in the first place! “Prince” in law means someone too young in
years to know what it‟s all about. That “Scott” said was what Culloden was all
about! In history it said that 2500 Scottish troops died and 1500 of the English
Regiments. The whole population of Europe and Asia was possibly less at that
time. The Population of Scotland was less than one hundred.

There was no Spanish Armada or Columbus rounding the Cape; no battle of
Trafalgar; no Waterloo! There was a battle of Traf-Al-Gar when “Vicky‟s Victory
fell over – too much up the top, not enough down the bottom!

That was the biggest battle Nel‟s son ever fought. No one knew where he had
come from but Nel had brought him up and that was why they called him Nel‟s

I will not bother you with Nap-o-Leon Bon-a-Parte – he always spoke of the
great Lion battles he had fought (Nap-o-Leon) - to fight like a Lion; but he was
born and died at sea (Bon a Parte). Horatio (horn blower) was ten times worse.

What you should remember was there were a lot of herculean men and women
right across the Earth who worked hard to build these nations – its time you all
woke up!

Enjoy your evening.

William R. Doidge.

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