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									Meet the Suppliers - anytime,
anywhere, free.

iMeeting is a revolutionary service.
It is designed to help buyers save time and effort. Through iMeeting, we will
help you find the suppliers AND chat with them face-to-face over a safe
video-meeting platform.

iMeeting will find the suppliers for you.
It’s simply that easy. We will help find them according to your needs. We will
help organize the video-meetings for you.

iMeeting is effective.
iMeeting is effective, efficient, and almost effortless. Qualified Taiwanese
suppliers are waiting to meet with you. We have already helped over 1,200
buyers from 45 countries meet with more than 6,000 qualified suppliers.

iMeeting is free.
So contact a TAITRA office today! Call us on +886-800-506088, or write to us
at to find out how to sign up!

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