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level 3 grammar summary checklist by HC12101107378


									                               Level 3 Integrated English: Grammar Study Checklist


        Use the table below & on the next page, which summarises the main grammar points tested in
        Modules 1 (mid-term exam) & 2 (final exam), to help plan your Independent Study. Only tick the
        final box when you feel you have understood the grammar clearly and have done well in the
        practice activities.

        Use these resources to help your grammar study & exam preparation:

        ILC                                  e.g. Hotbox Worksheets

        Textbooks                            e.g. ‘Developing Grammar in Context’

        Online Websites (available at)

        The new items to be studied in Module 2 are highlighted in yellow in the table.

                                     Modules 1 & 2 Grammar Checklist

    Category                 Structure                                   Example

                       Past Simple               She ate pizza.
                       Past Simple Passive       The telephone was invented in 1876.
                       ‘Used to’                 I used to ride a bicycle to work when I lived in Japan.
    Verb Forms
                       Present Simple            She eats pizza.
                       Present Simple Passive    Oil is produced by many Middle-Eastern countries.
                       Present Continuous        She is eating pizza.
                       Present Perfect           She has eaten pizza.
                       Future Simple             She will eat pizza.
                       Future ‘going to’         She is going to eat pizza.
                       Modal forms (future)      Barcelona may / might / will win the title next season.

                       Zero Conditional          When water reaches 0 degrees, it freezes.
   Conditionals        1st Conditional           He will feel happy if he passes the exam.
                       2nd Conditional           If I were a millionaire, I would buy a Ferrari.

                       Addition                   in addition (to)   what is more furthermore
                       Conclusion                 in conclusion     to conclude
                       Condition                  if   unless
                       Contrast                   while     on the other hand in contrast (to)
                       Example                    for example for instance such as
 Cohesive Devices      Reason                     because (of)
(linking vocabulary)   Time Conjunctions          since for before after when
                       Pronouns & Determiners     other another one this that these those
                       Surprising Information     although however despite
                       Reason & Result            so as a result consequently for this reason therefore
                       Similarity                 similarly
                       Addition pairs             both… and neither…nor
                       Alternative pairs          either…or
                               Level 3 Integrated English: Grammar Study Checklist

                      (v) (adj) (n) (adv)         He opened the brown door slowly
                      Adjectives: -ed & -ing     excited exciting
  Parts of Speech     Articles                   the a an
                      Prefixes & Suffixes        (un) employ (ment)

Relative Pronouns &                              that       which    who        whose
 Defining Relative
      Clauses                                    A vegan is a person who eats no animal products.

                      everything                 all
 Quantifiers with     large quantities           a lot of     most    many        much
count & non-count     medium quantities          some
      nouns           small quantities           A few       few     a little     little
                      nothing                    none

                      comparative adjectives     David is (not) taller than Mike.
                                                 A Ferrari is more expensive than a Toyota.
                                                 A Toyota is less expensive than a Ferrari.

                      comparative adverbs        The price of oil increased more quickly than the price
  Comparative &                                  of gold.
 Superlative forms
   (adjectives &                                 The price of oil increased less quickly than the price of
     adverbs)                                    oil.

                      superlative adjectives     The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the UAE.
                                                 The Burj Al Arab is the most expensive hotel in Dubai.

                      equatives                  Coca-Cola is as popular as Pepsi in some countries.
                                                 The UAE is not as expensive a country to live in as

                      comparing quantities       More women like shopping than men.
                      (count nouns)
  Comparative &                                  Fewer men like shopping than women.
 Superlative forms
                                                 From the information in the table, men aged 35-40
                                                 bought the most books, and women aged 15-20
                                                 bought the least.

                      comparing quantities       Doctors earn more money than nurses.
                      (non-count nouns)
                                                 Nurses earn less money than doctors.
                                                 From the information in the table, women aged 25-30
                                                 drink the most water per day and men aged 45-50
                                                 drink the least.

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