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									              Wedding Marquees for Hire ::Sydney NSW

Wedding marquee for hire is available in many shapes and sizes for both wedding ceremony and
reception. Event Marquees, Sydney’ premium marquee and furniture hire company offers range of
beautiful European made wedding marquees for hire in all of Sydney. Wedding marquees are also
available in Blue Mountains, the Central Coat and the Hunter Valley region.

Weekly hire

As any day is a good day for wedding, Event Marquees currently provides the wedding hire service seven
days a week, 365 days a year. Typically the setup of wedding reception medium sized (for 120 guests)
marquee takes place few days before the big day. Also the take down of the structure would then be
scheduled to happen in next 2 to 3 days after the celebration. Since the hire period is for up to 7 days,
the client or their chosen wedding decorator is given enough time to decorate, personalise and enjoy
the wedding marquee with paying for extra days hire. However not all the hire companies allow for that,
so it is good to keep this in mind when gathering the quotes.

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Marquee size

One of the most important aspects of organising a wedding marquee is to choose its right size. In most
cases the suitable size of wedding marquee is calculated first by the number of wedding guests and
secondly the intended floor plan. Of course other factors should be considered, like shape and number
of tables, dance floor, space for band, etc. For example the standard 6’round tables which seats up to 10
people require more floor space than if all guests are seated in row of rectangular tables. Since the
prices for wedding marquee hire are set by square meter it is important to work out what furniture
should be placed in, how many guests should seat per table, etc.

Usually the marquee size can be dived to:

   •   wedding marquee for hire for around 60 people       -> 10m x 5m or 10m x 10m Marquee
   •   wedding marquee for hire for 100-120 people         -> 10m x 10m or 10m x 15m Marquee
   •   wedding marquee for hire for 200-250 people         -> 10m x 20m or 10m x 25m Marquee

For larger weddings with 300+ and guests attending, different marquee structures are being used. They
do have same great sturdy design, however due to their span sizes and overall height more time is
required for the assembly. There are other factors which must be considered for large wedding
marquees, but those are quite specific and go above the aim of this article.

Wedding Marquees with Wooden flooring

Most wedding marquees are supplied with wooden flooring. There are numerous reasons why the floor
is always recommended Just to state the most important ones, the wooden flooring make the marquee
structure completely waterproof. It also allows the wedding marquees to be set up on any surface, grass
, tiled areas, sand, etc. The flooring also protects the expensive wedding shoes and as well the ground,
at precious historic or other important grounds. The marquee flooring acts as dance floor all throughout
the wedding marquee. Parquetry dance floor can always be placed on top of the flooring should the
budget allow for that however it is not necessary. The marquee wooden flooring has a beautiful natural
finish and the surface is smooth enough for casual dance night.

Event Marquees :: Sydney Marquee & Furniture Hire Company          
Get the wooden flooring with your wedding marquee

The ideal flooring is German designed Integrated wooden flooring for wedding reception marquees.
The floor consists of polished wooden floor boards which sit on steel sub frame. The design allows the
set up on uneven ground and since it locks with the marquee, ground pegs can be omitted. This is a very
important factor since not many wedding venues allow for marquees to be pegged.

Wedding Marquees accessories

Range of wedding accessories is available for hire with the wedding marquees. The most sought after
include silk gathered and flat roof lining and crystal chandeliers, fairy lights and white halogen spot
lights. All the lighting accessories are usually installed at the same time as the marquee. Wedding
marquees have also optional clear roofs and walls. Any of the walls can be easily opened at any time.
Power source should be available on site; however it is not a major issue if there is no power source at
the location. There is a range of power generators for hire with various power outputs, and in most
areas they are available for a reasonable hire fee.

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