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									What You Need to Know about
Quality Camera Rigs
                                  As far as revolutionizing the ability of a video
                                  camera or digital SLR user is concerned, the use
                                  of camera rig is often advisable to help enhance
                                  the quality of video footage by non-
                                  professional or professional videographers
                                  alike. Rigs for camera - such as DV and digital
                                  SLR rigs, POV rigs, as well as camcorder rigs -
                                  are used to strengthen the stability of your
camera, thus giving you a higher-quality video footage. These are also used for
protecting camera and expanding the range of freehand shots a user can do.

Out of the many companies that offer camera accessories, Camtrol is one of the
best suppliers that provide top quality rigs at unbeatable prices.

• Stabilize Your Camera for Higher Quality Footage:

Always remember it can be hard to consistently have a steady, clear video footage
without using a superior quality DSLR or camcorder rig. Certain shots in particular
- low angle shots, chest level shots, and shoulder supported shots - are greatly
improved when using a rig for camera. However, utilizing any kind of rig will not
always deliver the same outcome you want. The sad part is that most of the
camera stabilizers available on the market today are made from low quality plastic
materials. Good news is that there are Camtrol’s camera rigs made of aircraft-
quality anodized aluminum out in the market today to help professional
camcorder/DSLR camera users protect their camera.
• Secure Your Camera:

In spite of the type of camera you have, it is highly recommended for users to
keep it safe and secure. So in case you are looking for a product that can keep
your camera secure, then why not use Camtrol camera rigs made from anodized
aluminum materials. The protection, which this rig provides, stretches beyond
camera use. It possesses four retractable quad-pod legs which serve as a safe base
for you camera when you need to set it down, even on uneven ground. In terms of
keeping your camera secure, there is certainly a reliable website that can help you
with this particular concern.

• Shoot with a More Diversified Range:

This particular brand will enable you to not only shoot clearer footage, but a wider
range of shots as well. For instance, reduced position shots frequently need you to
awkwardly contort the body and make use of a substantial amount of power to
obtain a steady, constant shot. When you connect your camera to a rig, you are
enabled to hang it in front of you or at your side, making it easier for you to
handle the camera with the aid of gravity. This kind of product also offers three
ball joints, which you can configure and reconfigured for better transition
between shots. These ball joints additionally product a kinematic chain that aids in
preventing any type of shakes in your hands from transferring to your camera.
Furthermore, its stabilizing platform contains 3 centering channels, which allow
you to position just about any camera any number of ways.

So whenever you are looking for a video camera rig, DSLR rig or professional
camera rig, Camtrol can certainly offer the best camera stabilizers rig to help you
have a better quality video footage in a wide range of shots.

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