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									                         AE BULLETIN NO. AE09-03
                         ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING

TO:             A&E Staff and Design Consultants

THROUGH:        E. Bruce Barrett
                Vice President
                Architecture and Engineering

FROM:           George Roussey
                Director, Studio 3
                Architecture and Engineering

DATE:           January 29, 2009

SUBJECT:        Portable Wheelchair Lifts

This Bulletin rescinds AE 05-05, which stated that if a portable wheelchair lift was required for a
project it was to be procured through the SCA’s access to the DOE’s contract for such lifts. The
Contract is no longer active and thus if a portable lift is the only option to provide access, it shall
be included as part of the Contract. The basis of the design and specification can be a lift
similar to Ascension SLA-2050ESD portable wheelchair lift. As before, an electric outlet should
typically be within 20 feet of such lift location.

SCA Design Managers managing in-house designers should direct the designers under their
supervision to follow the above directions for projects in design phase.

SCA Design Managers who manage consultants should direct the consultants they are
managing to follow the above directions for projects in design phase.

For those projects in construction with a lift that is indicated as N.I.C., a Bulletin is to be
prepared and issued to allow the GC to procure it.

This Bulletin has been placed on the LAN in the "Apps1 on ’sca_appsl’ (T:) sca_stds\A&E
Bulletins\ 2009 Bulletins\ae09\ae09-03 directory and on the A&E website.


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        DoED: V. Braren

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