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How to clean TABLET PC Screen The Quantum Center


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									     How to clean a TABLET PC Screen
A Tablet PC is a type of laptop computer that comes with a touch-screen that's either
an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or Capacitive (Capacitive and Electromagnetic Panel)
and a stylus (a specially designed plastic pointer type instrument) which is used to
directly touch the screen. Tablet LCD touch screens are designed to be so much
more sensitive than your average computer monitor that you need to be extra
careful when cleaning it.

Step #1. Turn off your TABLET. Disconnect the power cord. It's important that there is no power
going to the device when you clean it.

Step #2. Use a microfiber cloth (available from many sources including computer and electronic
stores). These are specially made ultra-soft and non-damaging polishing cloths.

CLOTH WARNING: Use only a microfiber cloth to clean your Tablet PC Screen, other materials such as
paper towels, cotton cloths can scratch and damage the screen.

Step #3. Apply cleaner to your cloth (never the screen) and work your way around the Tablet Screen in
a circular motion with mild pressure.

PRESSURE WARNING: Pressing down TOO HARD will damage the screen.

products. DO NOT USE WATER. The only product we recommend is Klear Screen. Unlike all other
cleaners, Klear Screen's anti-static, alcohol and ammonia free formula is safe to use on all your LCDs,
Plasma, HDTV & Glossy Screens. It is the ONLY formula used, sold or recommended by Apple, Dell,
Fujitsu, HP, Panasonic, Samsung and Ron Verhaeghe of Quantum Computers.

Ron says: Over the past 6 years, I've tested probably 30 different types of LCD/LED screen cleaners.
Klear Screen products are reasonably priced and you don't have to use very much to actually do the
job. It leaves no streaks and no residue. Klear screen has certainly impressed us and it is now the only
cleaner we use in our new production and repair areas. As Tony would say, "it's grrREAT!!"

Step #4. Now using a dry potion of the cloth wipe down the screen again, making sure any and all
moisture is removed.

Step #5. Get some Klear Screen for the Holidays and your office. You will be appreciated.

KLEAR SCREEN Deluxe Cleaning Kit: 8 oz Klear Screen in a spray bottle, 1 large micro-chamois, 4
Klear Kloths, 1 travel size micro-chamois, 1 travel size micro polishing cloth and 4 Klear Screen travel
single cloths for.
Safe to use on Laptops, Desktop Monitors, IPods, IPhones, MP3 players, PDAs, Cell Phones, Digital
Cameras and Camcorders, any Precisions Optics, HDTVs, LCDs, Plasma Screens, Scanners, Copiers,
DVD's, CDs, Blu-Ray and Laser Discs.

KLEAR SCREEN is THE most trusted LCD Screen Cleaner available.

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