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Osama bin Laden Compound Raid Mock-up


									Osama bin Laden Compound Raid Mock-up
Osama bin Laden Compound Raid Mock-up 9 October 2012

Anonymous sends:

In No Easy Day, the book written by the Navy Seal about getting Bin Laden, he stated that they
trained in North Carolina. If you go to Google Maps and put in these coordinates at Harvey Point
Defense Testing (CIA training facility) there is nothing but an clearing in a field. If you go to the
lower link in Virtual Globetrotting and look at the same location it appears to be the mock-up
training facility for the Bin Laden raid. It is not completed in the photo, but there is enough built
to say it is an almost exact copy of Bin Laden's compound.

Google Maps 36.099724,-76.349428 Bing Maps

Construction and Demolition of the Bin Laden Compound Mock-up, Harvey Point, NC.

The one month period of the top two photos indicate the facility was constructed quite quickly,
perhaps after confirmation of the target required speedy construction for training.

The bottom left photo was taken two days before the raid on May 1, 2011, thus training had been
completed. It appears trees and vegetation in the garden had been added to simulate the actual
site, perhaps to avoid helicopter landing there.

The left courtyard of the mock-up does not match the actual site's courtyard size and location. A
model of the site was more accurate and was likely based on information gathered after that used
for the mock-up.

With the careful attention to raid preparation No Easy Day describes, there could have been an
expectation that the facility might appear on a public image site or details leaked by a
construction worker, some mock-up features may have been constructed to differ from the target
compound. Moreover, there may have been one or more mock-ups elsewhere as decoys and/or
for training the multiple teams described in the book -- the book's author says a run-through
practice took place at an unnamed base with a mock-up for VIP observation -- and "out
west." No Easy Day excerpts below. If found send to cryptome[at]

There is no certainty that the book's author told the whole truth (he admits to being sketchy about
aspects of the training and the raid), more likely some (maybe all) of the book is customary
CIA/DoD/SEAL cloaking and disinformation about operations.
It is clear that Google Earth omitted the sensitive images -- the site's historical imagery jumps
from March 17, 2010 to January 30, 2012 -- as an instance of its cooperation with governments
worldwide. That Microsoft's Bing did not is to be commended. even if an oversight.
Bin Laden Compound Mock-Up, Harvey Point, NC, Under Construction, February 15, 2011.
Bin Laden Compound, Abbottabad, Pakistan, After the Raid, May 11, 2011. Google
Bin Laden Compound Mock-Up, Harvey Point, NC, After Demolition, January 30, 2012.
Google Earth
Pentagon model of the site.
No Easy Day excerpts
     Location of the run-through not provided.

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