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PowerPoint Presentation - Internet2 Overview Part 1


									  Internet2 and its Resources for
      Research and Education

Jennifer Oxenford
Associate Director

Rutgers Cyberinfrastructure Day
April 4, 2006
           What is Internet2?

• The Research and Education Network for the United
• Led by 206 research universities
• Close collaborations with government: NIH, NSF,
  NLM, NASA, to name only a few
• An organization that serves academic and technology
  needs at all levels of education
• A venue that brings together academics and
  scientists from all over the world
              Internet2 Mission and Goals
• Internet2 Mission =
  Develop and deploy
  advanced network
  applications and
  technologies, accelerating
  the creation of tomorrow’s
• Internet2 Goals
  • Enable new generation of
  • Re-create leading edge R&E
    network capability
  • Transfer technology and
    experience to the global
    production Internet
           Internet2 Today


               End-to-end Performance

Motivate                                Middleware              Enable


          Keys to the Future
          of the Internet

• Connectivity
    • Reliable
    • Scalable
    • High performance
•   Architectural evolution
•   Reach
•   Ease of use, privacy, and security
•   Integration with advanced applications
Internet2 Universities
206 University Members, October 2005
                           Abilene (the Backbone)

Participating institutions include:
206 University members, 12 Corporate partners,
11 Corporate sponsors, 48 Corporate members,
and 43 Affiliates
Advanced Networking
Organizations around the World
                     Internet2 International Partners
Europe-Middle East
ARNES (Slovenia)                Asia-Pacific                      Americas
BELNET (Belgium)                AAIREP (Australia)                CANARIE (Canada)
CARNET (Croatia)                APAN (Asia-Pacific)               CLARA (Latin America &
CESnet (Czech Republic)         ANF (Korea)                       Caribbean)
DANTE (Europe)                  CERNET, CSTNET, NSFCNET           CEDIA (Ecuador)
DFN-Verein (Germany)            (China)                           CNTI (Venezuela)
FCCN (Portugal)                 JAIRC (Japan)                     CR2Net (Costa Rica)
GARR (Italy)                    JUCC (Hong Kong)                  CUDI (Mexico)
GIP-RENATER (France)            SingAREN (Singapore)              REUNA (Chile)
GRNET (Greece)                  NECTEC / UNINET(Thailand)         RETINA (Argentina)
HEAnet (Ireland)                TANet2 (Taiwan)                   RNP [FAPESP] (Brazil)
HUNGARNET (Hungary)             NGI-NZ (New Zealand)              SENACYT (Panama)
Israel-IUCC (Israel)            TERENA (Europe)
NORDUnet (Nordic Countries)
POL-34 (Poland)                 Asia-Pacific
Qatar Foundation (Qatar)        MCIT [EUN/ENSTINET] (Egypt)
RedIRIS (Spain)                 TENET (South Africa)
RESTENA (Luxemburg)
RIPN (Russia)
SANET (Slovakia)                                              Last updated: 1 October2005
Stichting SURF (Netherlands)
SWITCH (Switzerland)
JISC, UKERNA (United Kingdom)
               K20 Initiative

 Connect and engage K-12s,
  museums, libraries, science
  and cultural centers,
  aquariums, community
  colleges, etc.

 Increased opportunities for
  joint funding, collaboration
  with Higher ed, student
  attraction, enhanced
  learning and education
Sponsored Education Group
Participants - 34 States 9/05
            K20 Status and Growth

   Organization      Total - 9/02   Total - 5/04   TODAY
   K12 Schools         7,173          23,388       35,971
   Community            551            594          677
Four Year Colleges      526            852         1,002
 and Universities
 Public Libraries      1,482          2,360        3,325
 Museums, Zoos,         102             74          76
 Aquariums and
 Science Centers
   Grand Total         9,834          27,268       46,000
             What is MAGPI?

MAGPI Defined
 MAGPI is a regional aggregation point for Internet2.
 We serve the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New
 Jersey research and education communities.

MAGPI Mission
 To introduce new technology
 To collaboratively develop new applications with our
 To make access to these technologies and
 applications economical and sustainable
                    Current Members
   Arcadia University
                                           Mont. Co. Intermediate Unit
   Capital Area IU
                                           Mont. Co. Community College
   Carbon Lehigh IU
                                           NJEDge.Net – State R&E
   Chester County IU                       Network for N.J.
   Children's Hospital of Philadelphia    Princeton University
   Center for Advancing Partnerships      CERMUSA / St. Francis
    in Education (CAPE)                     University
   Delaware County IU                     Temple University
   DeSales University                     Thomas Jefferson University and
   Fox Chase Cancer Center                 Hospital
   The Franklin Institute                 Tuscarora IU
   Johnson & Johnson                      University of Delaware
    Pharmaceuticals                        University of Pennsylvania
   Lafayette College                      University of Scranton
   Lehigh Carbon Community College        Villanova University
   Lehigh University                      Widener University
   Lehigh Valley Hospital
•   Community College of Philadelphia
•   Philadelphia School District
•   Philadelphia Museum of Art
•   The Philadelphia Orchestra
•   University of the Arts
•   Academy of Natural Sciences
•   National Constitution Center
•   WHYY
•   …
             Good Things Happening in

• Act 183 – Creation of the E-Fund
*…“establishing the Broadband Outreach and
  Aggregation Fund; “…

The creation of Wide Area Networks that
  provide broadband connectivity to school

*Senate Actions 2003-2004 Regular Session,
  Thursday, November 18, 2004
The New Jersey State Research
and Education Network
      Internet2 Capacity (yeah, it’s fast)

                                                 6 Seconds

      56 kbps
                     ISDN       DSL/
                                Cable       T1

      168 Hours      74 Hours   25 Hours   6.4 Hours

Time Required to Download
2-hour Course Lecture DVD
       Making Connections Across
• e-VLBI astronomers leverage end-to-
  end performance tools to fine-tune
  instrument connectivity
• Corporate members build on Shibboleth
  to implement authorization services in
• Earthquake researchers routinely use
  the Internet2 Commons
               Inter-Disciplinary Partnerships
               Catalyse New Uses

•   Direct Visualizations
•   Data Collection/Integration
•   Data Mining
•   Device Intercommunication
•   Haptic Immersion
•   Augmented Dexterity
•   Advanced Sensors
•   Wireless Data Collection
•   Economic Models for
    Reimbursement Realities

                                  Image courtesy of:
                                  Dr. Christopher Johnson, Director of the
                                  SCI Institute                              1
             Enhanced Surgical Planning
                        • Training
                        • Pre-surgical
                        • Interoperative
                        • Brain atlas
                        • fMRI
                       Ron Kikinis, M.D., Steve Pieper,
                       Ph.D., Simon Warfield, Ph.D.
                       Brigham and Women’s Hospital,
Funded by NCRR/NIH
                       NIH, Harvard Medical School
New Methods of Health
Science Research

             Synthetic Worlds
• Otherwise known as massive multiplayer interactive
• Over 5 million “inhabitants” today
   • Doubling every 18 months
   • About 2% of the Internet-connected population age 14-28
     spend more time in the synthetic world than in the real world
• Linked to the real world
   • Physical artifacts like playing cards
   • Ebay auctions for “money” and resources
      • Real people make real money
             PIC Simulation and Dose

• PIC Simulations to study proton acceleration using laser induced
   • Collaborating with JAERI and NTT of Japan who provide
     computational facilities, FCCC provides the clinical application
     of this research
   • Data transfer requirements of up to 10 Gb
   • Goal to provide theoretical basis for laser accelerated proton
     beam radiotherapy
• Monte Carlo Studies
   • Accurate dose calculation and treatment validation for
   • Typical data package for remote dose computation is about
     100-500 Mb
   • Goal is to establish network based treatment planning and dose
     verification for radiotherapy
            Remote Pathology

 • Using DVTS (Digital Video Transport
   System) at 30 Mbps, Multicast
 • Pathology faculty across four regional
   hospitals can conduct regular virtual
   consults with superior high quality images
   and minimal delay in transmitted slide

Dr. Michael Feldman, UPENN
Dr. David Foran, UMDNJ
Undersea Oceanography

               Images National Geographic
National Digital
Mammography Archive

                                                  University of

                             of Chicago          University of

                                  Oakridge        University of
                                  National        North Carolina

        Dr. Robert Hollobeek, NSCP
                        Images courtesy of:
                    Dr. Robert Hollebeek, NCSA
     Changing Teaching and Learning in
     the 21st Century Classroom

What Internet2 Offers:
 Real Time Collaboration
 Immediate Access to Expertise
  and/or Audiences
 Geographical Distribution
 Authentic Learning Environments
 High Quality, Real-Time Audio and
  Video Interaction => Engagement
                  Why Internet2?

•    The student who will enter medical school in 5 10 years can
    absorb multiple channels of information

                                           lecture               note taking


                          Slide courtesy Parvati Dev, Stanford
  Rich Multimedia Libraries:
  The Research Channel
   Rich Multimedia Libraries
   Teachers’ Domain - WGBH
        Rich Multimedia Libraries
        NSDL – National Science Digital Library
Lehigh University Remote
Scanning Electron Microscopy

                 QuickTime™ an d a
                H.263 de compressor
           are need ed to see this p icture .

           International Collaborations
           Leni-Basso / Group Motion DanceCo.

• Keio University in
  Tokyo and
  Montgomery County
  Community College,
  Blue Bell, PA                       QuickTime™ an d a
                             Motion JPEG OpenDML decompressor

• Live rehearsal and
                               are need ed to see this p icture .

  critique of “Rondo”
         Game Film Project

• Interactive Game Film
• Used Access Grid
• Apple Servers run out of
• Access Grid support by
  Penn Video Network
• International University
  Collaboration between 13
         Distributed Medical Simulation

• CERMUSA/St. Francis
  University partnering with
  USUHS and others
• Using DVTS (Digital Video
  Transport System) at 30
  Mbps, Multicast
• Medical Education and
  Distributed Patient
                  Immersive Segmentation
                                                                 3-D medical simulation
                          QuickTime™ and a
                                                                 based on the virtual
                     MPEG-4 Video decompressor
                    are neede d to see this picture.

                                                                 human project
                                                                 Distributed interactive

                          QuickTime™ and a
                                                                 Evaluating hosting the
                     MPEG-4 Video decompressor
                    are neede d to see this picture.
                                                                 dataset locally on
                                                                 MAGPI for regional
                                                                 access by
Dr. Steven Senger, Univ. of Wisconsin,
La Crosse Scientific Visualization Project
High Performance Group-to-Group
Collaboration ; 150 sites worldwide
Internet2 DV Guide

 Over 4,000 applications
 Projects and resources
  from more than 30
 Developed by UIUC,
  funded by NSF
 Also searchable from
             I2 Working Groups, SIGs, BoFs
   Health Sciences             Voice over IP
   Medical Middleware
                                Digital Video
   Veterinary Medicine
                                VidMid VC
   Arts & Humanities
   Arts Performance            VidMidVoD
   High Energy and Nuclear     ResearchChannel
    Physics                     Network Storage
   Geospatial Apps             Presence & Integrated
   Orthopaedic Surgery         Communications
   Radiology                  Teaching & Learning
   Bioethics (proposed)      …
   Astronomy
         Federated Authentication

• Scalable, decentralized infrastructure
• Critical to a broad range of initiatives
• Being adopted and implemented
  • Industry
  • International partners
• Middleware is an increasingly enabling
• Examples:

• A layer of software between the network
  and the applications
  •   Authentication
  •   Identification
  •   Authorization
  •   Directories
  •   Security

         Internet2 Middleware Initiative

• Internet2 community has unique needs and
   • Middleware Architecture Committee for
   • Early Harvest and Early Adopters
   • Internet2 PKI Labs
   • Shibboleth (authentication)
   • Computational middleware (Beta Grid)
   • Medical middleware
   • Directories
          Get and Stay Involved

 Talk with your campus IT folks and local
  Internet2 liaisons to MAGPI
 Seek/be faculty/student champions
 Follow and join MAGPI K20 User Group/Forums
 Sign-up for MAGPI PD or VC Training
 Host/attend an Internet2 Event
 Participate in Virtual Events - Megaconference,
  Gigaconference, Keystone, etc
 Send me feedback/updates/inquiries
 Have a “virtual beer” with other I2 champions
                  The MAGPI K20 Support

•    K20 User Group and Virtual Forums
•    Tri-State Database
•    K20 Portal
•    K20 Newsletter
•    Training
      • Videoconferencing/I2 Commons Training
      • Curriculum Integration/Professional Development
           More Information

         Q&A - Thank you!

Contact Info:

 Jennifer Oxenford


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