Ruby Tuesday Coupons and Brief Overview by EmptyStreets


									             Introducing You to Ruby Tuesday, the Gourmet Paradises Chain

We started Ruby Tuesday Advisor impressed with the services available in a place we now
call special but consider more or less our home – Ruby Tuesday. In our opinion, there are not
enough places in this world that make you feel welcomed and important even when all you
have in your pocket is a coupon and some change. That is why, the minute we found the
exception to the rule, we knew it had to be made famous.

So, there you have it, at, you get to see Ruby Tuesday with their
goods and bads, just the way we saw them. The minute we entered the restaurant we were
impressed with its cleanliness and coziness, with the movie-like atmosphere that had a bit of
modernity and a bit of old sweet tradition mixed with the fabulous interior designed that
emanated, it still does, warmth, fine taste and relaxation.

We were welcomed by a beautiful and polite young woman, who showed us to our table and
handed us the menus. It felt like reading a magazine, except that everything we read was
attractive and doubled by an irresistible smell making its way from the kitchen.

We were so thrilled with the dishes listed that we did not
know what to get, so we decided to go back again and again,
until we could taste everything. Of course, we could not
resist the temptation of recreating some of the recipes for
you, so you can always find some tips on what and how to
cook here, at Ruby Tuesday Advisor.

We were impressed to notice the kids’ section, but also the
wonderful mix of traditional and innovating recipes and the
wide selection of drinks available at the bar. We were expecting to find some cheap and
common diner or a place similar to the famous fast foods, but we were wrong.

It does list a couple of fast food dishes, but it is most of a family and business restaurants, fit
for business meetings and family reunions, but also for nights out with friends. But, the thing
we most loved at Ruby Tuesday was the fact that it addresses every pocket.

Even those who cannot afford to eat in restaurants stand a chance with the wide variety of
Ruby Tuesday coupons and the major discounts they give access to. If you don’t find the
coupon you want at, you can always try the local newspapers, the
culinary magazines and even the restaurant.

One coupon can save you up to 50 % of your check and, in times like these, every cent
counts. We promise to keep you up to date with any new marketing campaign that can get you
discount or special deals, as we understand the joy of receiving something for free or saving

Charity and Ruby Tuesday

We are not really into charity and donations, not because we don’t want to help, but simply
because we do not feel cut up for these activities. However, we can appreciate a good thing
when we see it and we could not help noticing that, at Ruby Tuesday, they do more than just
to sell and serve food and drinks – they actually help people.
Here, at Ruby Tuesday Advisor, we are proud to present to you the Ruby Tuesday
Community Give Back Program. What is this program all about? Well, things could not be
simpler: 20% of the sales (based on a flyer promoting a specific event) is donated to local
charity organizations that are responsible for various dining events.

In a world constantly on the run, we need landmarks, we need tradition and a sense of
stability. Ruby Tuesday is all that and more, and that is why, at, we
decided to pay them homage.

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