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8-9-2011 menu


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									                                 Blessed Sacramament School Lunch Menu August & September 2012
                                    Lunches are Prepared for Pre Kindergarden through 8th Grade
        Monday                  Tuesday                   Wednesday                      Thursday                 Friday
        29-Aug                   30-Aug                     31-Aug                         1-Sep                  2-Sep
                       Hot Dog on Bun              Pasta with Meat Sauce         BBQ Ham Sandwich        Pizza                     Alternate Lunches
                       Buttered Noodles            Tossed Salad                  French Fries            Celery/Carrrot Sticks     Pre K - 3rd Grade
No School              Broccoli with Cheese        Bread and Butter              Baked Beans             w/dip                   String Cheese
                                                                                                                                 Cubes of Ham and
                       Fruit                       Fruit                         Fruit                   Fruit                   Turkey
        5-Sep                    6-Sep                        7-Sep                        8-Sep                  9-Sep          Fruit and Milk
                       Open Faced Turkey           Hamburgers or                                         Fish Sticks
                                                                                 Cheese Ravioli
                       Sandwich                    Cheeseburgers
                       Mashed Potatoes             Corn                     Sauce on Side                Rigatoni with Sauce      Alternate Lunches
NO                     Cranberry Sauce             Tomato Salad             Broccoli w/cheese            Fresh Veggies                 4-8 Grades
SCHOOL                 Tossed Salad                                         Bread Sticks                                         Chef Salad
                       Fruit                       Fruit                    Fruit                        Fruit                   Lettuce/Tomato
      12-Sep                    13-Sep                       14-Sep                    15-Sep                    16-Sep
Meatloaf                Breakfast Bowl w/Ham,      Baked Beans and Franks Salad w/Chicken                Ham & Chesse Pretzel Ham&Turkey Slices
                        Eggs, Cheese, Potatoes                              Tenders and Fries            Sandwiches                  or Tuna
Mashed Potatoes                                    Carrots and Celery w/dip Lettuce,Tomato               Home Fries          HB Egg Quarters
Broccoli w/cheese      Garlic Bread Sticks         Bread and Butter         Cheese, Hard Boiled Egg      Veggies and Dip     Cheese and Crackers
Bread and Butter       Corn                                                 Roll and Butter                                  Fruit and Milk
Fruit                  Fruit                       Fruit                    Fruit                        Fruit               Milk in Included with
        19-Sep                   20-Sep                      21-Sep                    22-Sep                    23-Sep
                                                                            Walking Tacos or
Beef Stew over         Puzzle Sandwich w/          Meat/Cheese/Strombolli Taco Salad                     Popcorn Chicken         Alternate Sandwich
Rice                   Ham and Turkey              with Sauce               Lettuce, tomato, Cheese      French Fries            Ham and Cheese
Tossed Salad           Carrots and Celery w/dip    Tossed Salad             Nachos                       Broccoli w/Cheese       You can also choose
                       Corn                        Green Beans                                           Bread and Butter        a Veggie and Fruit
Fruit                  Fruit                       Fruit                    Fruit                        Fruit
        26-Sep                   27-Sep                      28-Sep                    29-Sep                     30-Sep
Baked Ham              Beef Goulash                Ground Beef and Gravy    Hot Dog on Bun               Stuffed Crust Pizza
Bread and Butter/ Au
Gratin Potatoes        Green Beans                 Mashed Potatoes               Buttered Noodles        Tossed Salad
Green Beans            Bread and Butter            Bread and Butter              Tossed Salad
Tossed Salad                                       Green Beans                                           Green Beans
Fruit                  Fruit                       Fruit                         Fruit                   Fruit
                                     A VARIETY OF MILK IS SERVED EVERY DAY
                               Menu Subject to change without notice,but we will provide a substitute.

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