MEETING MINUTES                        MAY 31, 2011                          TOWN OF ALSTEAD

The Alstead Board of Selectmen met in open session on Tuesday, May 31 st, 2011 at 7:00PM at
the Municipal Offices. Members present were Matthew D. Saxton and Michael Jasmin. Sam
Sutcliff, resident and member of the Cold River Local Advisory Committee, Anton Elbers,
Captain of the Ambulance Squad, Ted Kilton, Ann Acheson, Matt Gillette, and Glenn Elsesser, all
residents of Alstead also attended the meeting.

Anton Elbers are come to the meeting to update the Selectmen on the Ambulance Squad. The
Squad had a meeting last week and it looks as if they may be able to offer a First Responder
Class if David Hogan can find an instructor that will work with him on teaching the class. Anton
had also just come from a meeting with Mark Houghton, Walpole Fire Commissioner. The
Walpole Fire and Rescue is willing to help with training but at this time is not willing or able to
help with Alstead calls unless it is an emergency. Walpole may be offering an EMT B course in
the Fall. Anton explained that Walpole had sent out a letter about Community Wellness and he
thought that maybe the letter we send might go at getting volunteers that way.

Sam Sutcliffe, member of the Cold River Local Advisory Committee came to the meeting to
discuss restoring another portion of Warren Brook. This would be between Kmiec’s Garage and
the Sweeney properties. DES has approximately $80,000 they want to put toward the project
and the local advisory committee would need to raise $40,000 in matching funds. The
Selectmen stated that they were in favor of the project as long as no tax payer money was
involved in the project. Sam stated that there would be no tax payer money involved.

Ted Kilton came to the meeting to ask the Selectmen to have a Public Hearing on making the
Class VI portion of the road between Cook Hill Road and Porter Road an emergency lane. It was
pointed out that it could be put on the warrant next year and the whole town could vote on it.
The Secretary stated that the Road Agent no longer had the money to do it this year anyway.
Matt stated that he wanted to drop the whole idea and Mike stated that he thought it would be
a good idea to continue the discussion. Since they were of opposing opinions, it would have to
wait until Joel got back and he was able to make a decision.

The Secretary stated that there was a problem with the Septic system at Vilas Pool and the Girl
Scouts were camping out this weekend there so she had called for a port-a-potty just in case we
don’t get it fixed by the weekend.

The question was asked as to want part of the Route 123A construction was going to take place
this year. Matt stated that he thought that some of the detours might be worked on, but the
major construction was not going to be done until the next. Matt thought that the bid process
was going to begin soon.

The letter of deficiency on Pine Cliff Road was discussed. The Secretary had faxed the letter to
Sean Sweeney at Headwater’s Hydrology and Sean had emailed a letter back to the Selectmen
stating 4 or more options, one of them being to point out the deficiencies in the sampling
protocols described above and contest DES’s finding. The Secretary is to call Sean and see if he
can come down next week to meet with the Selectmen to discuss the options.

Minutes of the Meeting of May 24th, 2011 were read and accepted with corrections. Vouchers
for payment of various bills totaling $46,077.07 were submitted for payment. The Selectmen
read their mail and signed the Manifest and most of the Abatement Recommendation Forms.
We still do not have two of the recommendations. There being no further business before the
Board, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM. The Board will meet in open session on Tuesday,
June 7th, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Municipal Offices.

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