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									“Connecting the means to the mission” of St. Francis Hospital is both the theme and purpose of our Foundation as we raise the funds that help those in need, as we care for the dying, assure spiritual care and crisis support for patients and employees, provide professional development for employees, and create a healthier community. No doubt, this is an imposing purpose, but it is also very satisfying as we follow the application of funding and its impact on individual lives. The 2005 Annual Report provides an opportunity for us to tell the stories of the lives we touch …stories of St. Francis’ impact far and near, grand and everyday …stories that make a difference because giving and caring for others is a theme that resonates throughout our hospital, our community, and with each and every donor. An exciting and new project connecting the means to the mission is The Bridge Campaign, as we seek community support to build and furnish a free-standing Hospice House on up to eight acres of St. Francis’ South Campus donated by the hospital. The home-like facility will have a 32-bed capacity meeting the needs for end-of-life compassionate care in southern Marion County and other contiguous, southern Indiana Counties. The needs of our community continue to grow. Through the generosity of the thousands of individuals, corporations, and foundations that help us provide the means to the mission, we are prepared to meet these needs. With this Annual Report, we extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to these friends and donors.

Mark J. Pflum President, St. Francis Healthcare Foundation

Mission: Helping to continue Christ’s ministry in our Franciscan tradition by raising, investing and expending funds for the benefit of the programs and services of St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers. Vision: St. Francis Healthcare Foundation creates financial and community resources for St. Francis Hospital to provide superior treatment and compassionate spiritual care. Funding Priorities: •The care of the dying •The care of the underserved •The care of those in spiritual need •The continuing professional development and training of hospital staff History: The St. Francis Healthcare Foundation was founded and incorporated in February 1995. The Foundation seeks and maximizes philanthropic support to meet the priority needs of St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers. The Board plays an active role in creating policy and participating in the fund-raising process. Program Highlights: •St. Francis Neighborhood Health Center •Hospice/Hospice House •Spiritual Care •Patient Pharmaceutical Fund •Physician Mission Fund •Memories to Hold •Paul J. Stitzel Employee Emergency •Richard E. Fry, M.D., Memorial Nursing Scholarship •60+ St. Francis Hospital department fund



For more than 90 years the Sisters of St. Francis have been dedicated to upholding the sanctity of human life and meeting human needs in a holistic manner. Each patient that comes through our doors is given comprehensive medical treatment and caring compassion regardless of their financial position. The Sisters, physicians and employees of St. Francis believe so strongly in this philosophy that Care for the Underserved is one of our core values. The Foundation helps to support a ministry which not only restores and preserves health, but also nurtures and comforts patients and their loved ones with compassion, providing medical, emotional and spiritual care in Central Indiana and around the world.

The St. Francis Food Pantry was created to assist patients, visitors, employees and those seeking help from the community. The pantries are stocked from donations given by employees throughout the year. The Patient Pharmaceutical Fund enables the Foundation to assist patients with filling medical prescriptions that they would otherwise be unable to obtain. The St. Francis Physician Mission Endowment was created in 2004 in recognition of individuals wishing to use their healthcare skills to assist some of the world’s neediest people through local and international medical outreach. Every family wants to be able to sit down to a Christmas dinner with their friends and loved ones. With the help of St. Francis, more than 70 families are able to do that each year. Through a partnership with the St. Francis Auxiliary, St. Francis Food Pantry and sponsors such as Alverno Information Services, the Gift-a-Family Program came to life. Every December, baskets are purchased and then filled with food to distribute to community families in need, and then St. Francis employee’s hand-deliver the baskets to the recipients in time for holiday dinner. The collaboration of donors, auxilians, employees and sponsors allows St. Francis to grant Christmans wishes to numerous families.


At St. Francis the task of medicine is to care even when it cannot cure. With the end-of-life experience, physicians, patients, and family members are challenged to evaluate the use of healing technology. Reflection on the patient’s wishes, the proposed outcomes of treatment, and on the innate premise that human life is sacred in all its dimensions, helps to formulate every unique, individual decision. In this sense, a holistic approach can lead to the choice of comfort and care and the elimination of pain. The patient at the end-of-life can maintain dignity in a caring environment that assures emotional and spiritual care, and one which continues after death to provide bereavement services to every member of the family. End-of-Life services and programs include: •Palliative Care — focusing on compassionate, interdisciplinary patient care in meeting a patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. •Memories to Hold — providing resources, and emotional and spiritual support to families who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. •Hospice Services — Since 1990, St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers’ has provided compassionate care to those with limited life expectancies, emphasizing quality of life and dignity through the end of life experience.


The St. Francis Healthcare Foundation will spend the next 3 to 5 years focusing on The Bridge Campaign which will fund a free-standing Hospice House. To be located on the Indianapolis Campus of St. Francis Hospital, this home-like setting will be dedicated to providing compassionate care for patients, their families and their loved ones during the end of life process. Hospice House will serve to facilitate the interdisciplinary mission in accordance with our Franciscan values, supporting a holistic approach to the care of mind, body and spirit at the end of life.


Hospitalization, dealing with illness and uncertainty, and the related stress is always challenging. Spiritual Care Services provides comfort during these trying times and becomes an intrinsic part of the healing process. Specially trained staff, clergy, volunteers, and pastoral visitors of all denominations are available around-the-clock to be a caring presence, offer spiritual and emotional support, and listen with openness and understanding. As integral members of the health care team, Spiritual Care assists patients, families, and hospital staff meeting their many needs.

•Fully representative, comprehensive pastoral ministry to hospitalized
individuals and their families

•Thorough training and support for Clinical Pastoral Education

•Emergency resources to patients in need

We believe patients and families come to St. Francis Hospital, not by chance, but with the assurance that they will encounter profound love, compassion, healing, and care. For Jessica, it was painful and overwhelming to have a terminally ill mother in the end stages of kidney disease, much less to be a young woman in dire financial straits. Seeking emotional support through Spiritual Care Services, Jessica unexpectedly found all of her needs met. For three months, Jessica practically lived at St. Francis, at her mother’s side. And when the end finally did arrive, the support Jessica received continued.


Change is constant. Nowhere is this more evident than in the medical field. St. Francis is committed to being on the cutting edge of new technology and medical practices. In addition to advancement in medicine St. Francis believes in the advancement of people. Professional Development is a core value of St. Francis Hospitals and one of the areas that Foundation dollars support. For some this may mean going back to school to finish a degree or to start a new one. For others it is taking classes to enhance their skill set so that they can bring the most current and comprehensive care to their patients. With the support of St. Francis, employees are able to enrich their lives and the lives of their patients through their professional development. Professional Development Services and Programs include: •The Richard E. Fry, M.D. Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund provides annual scholarships to assist in the continual pursuit of education and aids in recruitment and retention of the best in the nursing profession. •The St. Francis Employee Education Fund provides financial support to attendees of specific programs and seminars who then return to St. Francis to teach their co-workers and maximize the impact of funding. •The Foundation focuses on obtaining grants that promote Workforce Development through education and training.


St. Francis Hospital has taken an aggressive position in enhancing the lives of their entry-level workforce. It is estimated that there will be major shortfalls in healthcare as the Baby Boom generation looks to retire. St. Francis’ position to establish this program has been influenced by recognizing that talent is “already in the family” of the hospital. As a result, St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers has established H.E.A.L.T.H. (Helping Employees Advance Learning Through Healthcare). The program is comprised on three tiers: Tier One - Adult Education The first tier of H.E.A.L.T.H. was established to develop the skills of individuals who need refreshment in basic English and Math. The class is taught by a certified licensed teacher who makes the class enjoyable and healthcare focused. Many of the students in this class have a desire to move to Tier Two, achieve their GED, or enroll in a community college. Tier Two - School-at-Work Tier Two consists of an Eight month program that covers a range of topics to improve the overall confidence and knowledge base of participants. In the first four months participants re-establish basic skills such as reading, writing and math. During the second half of the program, students are involved in a healthcare focused learning program, which consists of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, ethics and many other health related topics. Tier Three - Career Exploration / Computer Certification Once students have completed the eight month SAW program, they are given the opportunity to obtain an IC3 Computer Certification (these certifications are also offered to students in Tier One). This certification allows these employees to be well versed in Microsoft Office. In addition, the student is paired with mentors within departments they are interested in pursuing a career. The overall goal is to encourage our employees to pursue careers in “hard to fill professions that are projected for the 21st Century.” St. Francis is proud to be affiliated with the workforce grant and to aid our employees in their professional development.


Building healthier communities requires extensive outreach to partner and collaborate with other hospital systems, local schools and institutions of higher learning, community agencies and organizations, and funders. As a healthcare provider, St. Francis Hospital extends beyond its walls to invest in the community financially, providing staff, volunteers, facilities, equipment and supplies for health programs and important community initiatives. It is the role of the Foundation to identify, cultivate, raise, and manage the funds that sustain important community projects. The hospital has founded a community health center, participates in the Indianapolis’ school nurse initiative, and supports the physician-sponsored program dedicated to the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use for school-aged children. These are just a few of the more than 100 restricted purpose programs requiring Foundation support to connect the means to the mission.


The Learn Well School Nurse Program
When you think of children at school, you envision them in well-equipped, wellsupplied classrooms and learning centers, at play on playgrounds and gymnasiums, or being refreshed with well-balanced cafeteria meals or with lunch bags filled with love and attention from home. In these visions it would be uncommon to see a child in the midst of an asthma attack, a child with a minor or major injury from the playground or gym, or a child with spots or rashes and a fever. In the 1990s, children needing daily medications and children ill or injured might have had their medical needs addressed by the school secretary, because there wasn’t a school nurse or clinic on site to provide a professional response. Everyday, parents, teachers, and administrators had to hope for a day without illness or injury. In the 1990s, Marion County’s school corporations were experiencing reduced funding for health clinics and searching for community solutions to their funding dilemma. In 2002, the Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, with additional funding from Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, founded Learning Well as an independent 501(c)(3) organization. Learning Well was created to provide administrative oversight for a community-wide response to the need for school-based, school nurse/clinic programs, and the organization was charged to recruit local hospitals as partners in order to assure the health and wellness of Marion County’s school-aged children. Since 2002, St. Francis has operated school-based clinics in Beech Grove schools, and in 2004 and 2005 expanded to Franklin and Perry Townships, supporting 11 school sites with 14 St. Francis employees who provide medical attention to more than 10,000 students.


The St. Francis Neighborhood Health Center
In the 1930s and ‘40s, the St. Francis Neighborhood Health Center was a pharmacy and a Kroger grocery store at the corner of Madison and Southern Avenues. Although communities evolve and change, this building has always been a “mainstay” of the community that has taken on a healthcare purpose in recent years. As the Garfield Park area began to lose its economic stronghold, it was designated a medically underserved with few physician offices or clinics in the community. The Sisters of St. Francis responded to the call for medical services and opened the Health Center in 1997 in the very building that had been so important early in Garfield Park’s history. The Health Center now serves more than 2,000 patients each year, 51% of who are uninsured, making at least 7,500 medical visits. It exists to address the community’s high incidence rates of chronic disease. A facility expansion in 2005 made it possible to house needed wrap-around patient services, including nutrition, wellness and fitness counseling, prenatal care coordination, smoking cessation/prevention counseling, and social work services.


For Juana Rodrigues, having the St. Francis Neighborhood Health Center less than two miles from her home is a God send. Recommended three years ago by a family friend, Juana began bringing her two boys Cesar and Alejandro to the clinic for their “unexpected” healthcare needs. But, after experiencing the ease, friendliness and thorough care at the clinic, she began to utilize the clinic more and more. Juana and her husband, Jesus, are immigrants and don’t speak much English, so the interpreter that the clinic provides makes the difference between being able to communicate her healthcare needs versus accepting what is offered without input. This empowers Juana to participate in the healthcare decisions for her children, her husband and herself. Now, Juana uses the clinic for all of her children’s medical needs. From preventive methods such as meeting with staff dieticians to routine immunizations and check-ups, St. Francis Neighborhood Health Center has made healthcare accessible to the Rodrigues family offering assistance with applications for Medicaid and Wishard Advantage.


Docs vs. Jocks vs. Drugs

Walking into a high school gym, it’s obvious that a basketball game is on, but it isn’t the usual game. Perhaps it’s a “pick-up” game, because the players are not high school aged. Still, there is extraordinary support from the bleachers. To an accidental observer, it wouldn’t be obvious that this basketball game has a 20-year history in the community, and was founded by St. Francis Hospital physicians on a mission. With their concern for the continuing and growing use of drugs among youth living in southern Marion County, physicians play against high school coaches and teachers to raise money for schools’ drug use prevention programs. Often, retired-Pacer player, Rick Smits, joins the game, playing half the game for each team, lending his name in support of the cause.

More than 100 physicians have participated in the 20-year Docs vs. Jocks vs. Drugs program, raising more than $75,000 to support drug use prevention programs in more than 13 southside schools. The annual program links community, physicians, schools, parents, teachers, and students in significant projects and programs that influence life decisions. In 2004, Dr. Donald J. Kerner, St. Francis Hospital Medical Director, received the Hulman Award for his role as founder of Docs vs. Jocks vs. Drugs. In 2003, the grassroots program earned the Otis Bowen Community Service Award presented by the Indianapolis Medical Society.


Statements of Financial Position December 31, 2005 and 2004 2005
Assets Current assets Cash and cash equivalents Current portion of pledges receivable Inventory Other current assets Total current assets Equipment Less accumulated depreciation Net equipment Other assets Investments, at market Pledges receivable, net of current portion Total assets


$1,999,625 799,708 162,760 20,852 2,982,945 103,052 (42,314) 60,738 3,682,281 778,029 $7,503,993

$1,837,187 335,255 173,320 1,181 2,346,943 49,062 (33,222) 15,840 2,478,828 394,951 $5,236,562

Liabilities and net assets Current liabilities Due to St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers $ 576,271 Total current liabilities 576,271 Long-term liabilities Annuity payable 96,304 Total long-term liabilities 96,304 Net assets Unrestricted 2,170,709 Temporarily restricted 3,714,663 Permanently restricted 946,046 Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets 6,831,418 $7,503,993

$ 259,509 259,509 56,103 56,103 1,717,143 2,336,142 867,665 4,920,950 $5,236,562


Statements of Activities and Changes in Net Assets December 31, 2005

Revenues, gains and other support


Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

2005 Total

Gifts and donations $ 259,560 Contributed Services 493,682 Gift Shop Revenue 758,724 Investment Income 96,377 Net assets released from restrictions 1,332,261 Total revenues, gains and other support 2,940,604

$2,630,952 — — 20,576 (1,332,261) 1,319,267 — — — — 1,319,267 59,254 1,378,521 2,336,142 $3,714,663

$ 78,381 — — — — 7 8,381 — — — — 78,381 — 78,381 867,665 $ 946,046

$2,968,893 493,682 758,724 116,953 — 4,338,252 628,979 782,618 1,165,932 2,577,529 1,760,723 149,745 1,910,468 4,920,950 $6,831,418

Operating expenses Gift Shop Grant allocations
Total operating expenses Excess of revenues over expenses Change in net unrealized gains and losses Increase in net assets

628,979 782,618 1,165,932 2,577,529 363,075 90,491 453,566 1,717,143 $ 2,170,709

Net assets
Beginning of year End of year

2005 Gifts and Donations


For the Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2005

Organizational Giving:
Foundations Organizations Vendors Corporations $ 937,000 868,000 476,000 137,000

% of Total Dollars
30.47% 28.23% 15.46% 4.44%

Individual Giving
Employees Individuals Patients Physicians Boards Medical Groups 259,000 130,000 55,000 47,000 44,000 28,000 8.41% 4.20% 1.78% 1.52% 1.44% 0.91%

Other Giving
Others 95,000 $3,076,000 3.08% 100%



BSA LifeStructures Thelma C. Buescher Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation William & Louise Gervasio William Randolph Hearst Foundation Kendrick Foundation, Inc. Learning Well Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust State of Indiana

ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc. Anonymous Ms. Elizabeth A. Felton Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers

The Fransican Legacy was created to recognize those donors who have graciously included St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers in their estate plan. By making a deferred or life income gift such as a bequest, trust, charitable gift annuity, or life insurance, these individuals will help St. Francis to thrive and successfully meet the growing needs of our community.

Carrie E. Anderson, M.D. Anonymous AnorMED, Inc. ASHP Foundation Astellas Pharma US, Inc. St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers Auxiliary David & Laura Berman Bremner Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Steven Maurice Clark Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc. Agnes M. Hawley Hoover Family Foundation Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants Ruth Lilly Treasurer of Marion County LeeAnn McGinley Wright National Marrow Donor Program PPD Development, LP Sisters of Saint Francis of Perpetual Adoration St. Francis Senior Promise

AMGEN Noelie Driscoll Emergency Physicians of Indianapolis, PC Dr. & Mrs. Alan R. Gillespie Indiana Members Credit Union Rolla & Kathy McAdams The National Bank of Indianapolis Mr. Malcolm & Minda Pownall Sagamore Health Network, Inc. The Swisher Foundation, Inc.

Abbott Laboratories Berlex, Inc. Cardiac & Vascular Surgery Associates, PC Championship Auto Racing Auxiliary Community Hospitals of Indiana, Inc. Drs. Richard D. & Rebecca P. Feldman Indiana Heart Physicians, Inc. Indiana University Indy Southside Surgical PC Integrity Healthcare Services, Inc. Jesuit Community Brebeuf Preparatory Mr. & Mrs. Rex M. Joseph Kendrick Regional Center for Colon & Rectal Care Krieg DeVault, LLP Mr. & Mrs. William G. Laker Lifeline Systems, Inc. Lilly Endowment, Inc. Mandelbaum Surgical, PC Meadow Lakes of Mooresville, LLC Medical College of Wisconsin Monster OrthoIndy Otolaryngology Associates, LLC Pfizer, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ponski Premier Surgical Progressive Care Network & Homecare Services Radiology Associates of Indianapolis, Inc. Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. Sodexho Health Care Services Sommer Barnard Attorneys, PC Southeast Anesthesiologists, Inc. St. Vincent Hospital and HCC, Inc. Mike Watkins Real Estate Group, Inc. Charles E. & Karen L. Wilson

Howard M. Alig, M.D. Berniece Ashley AT&T Donna M. Barksdale Barth Electric Co., Inc. biogen idec Bob & Jan Boltz Dr. & Mrs. Scott Bowers Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Brendel Jane Brenton Anonymous Buchanan Group, Inc. Jennifer J. Bucki Keith Calligaro Cancer Care Group, PC The Center for Knee & Hip Surgery Combined Dr. & Mrs. Peter S. Cooney Barb K. Coulter Crystal Catering Donald Culmann DCB Foundation, Inc. Roberta Dellinger Drs. Christopher & Marla Doehring Brian Duensing Sandra DuPriest Janis Dwyer-Curtiss Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Michael F. Elmore Fifth Third Bank Flanner & Buchanan, Inc. Linda S. Fletcher Lewis H. Frizzell Douglas Gioe


The Fransiscan Legacy

Bill Kiesel Mary M. King Mrs. Sharron M. Kurz Estate of Vivian L. Langlois John & Barbara MacDougall Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Orr Michael & Julie Perigo Mrs. Alma Stanley Estate of E.K. Stucky, M.D. Mrs. Agnes R. Wertz Dan Wilson Mr. Carl E. Wolfe

Estate of Margaret Ballweg Mr. Charles E. Bateman Anonymous Mrs. Thelma C. Buescher Mr. John B. Caswell Mr. Gus Domont Mrs. Noelie Driscoll Estate of Joretta Espieg Ms. Elizabeth Felton Ms. Dorothy L. Fox William & Louise Gervasio Ms. Mary C. Henschen

Guidant Foundation, Inc. Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, PSC Anonymous Lenore Hess Vicky Hime Mr. & Mrs. William J. Holwager HomeFederal Charles E. Hughes, M.D. Humana - ChoiceCare Indiana University Foundation The Indianapolis Foundation Indianapolis Power & Light Infectious Disease of Indiana, PSC Jake Irwin IUPUI Mr. Erik Johnson & Mrs. Kristie Hill Pam Jursik Ann Marie Kavanaugh Thomas Klages Rebecca Koenig Kathy M. Kuhn L.M. Henderson & Company Dr. & Mrs. Frederick R. Lane Jerry Lane Jill K. Leslie Linda Linville Locke Reynolds, LLP Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute Evelyn M. MacAllister Mary Lou Mayer, M.D. & Steve Martin Michael McClernon Geraldine McLaughlin

Susan McRoberts Fay Micon Therese Moore Christine J. Mueller Dr. & Mrs. Manfred P. Mueller Dr. & Mrs. David J. Need Dick & Barbara Need North Mechanical Contracting, Inc. Office Max OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. Orthopaedics Indianapolis Dr. Ingrida Ozols & Mr. Rob Perdue Pacers Foundation Julie E. Porter Praxair Healthcare Services Drs. Nicolas & Ana Priscu Roche Laboratories John & Janis Ross Thomas W. Ross Rural Metro Ambulance Karen Smithers Mr. & Mrs. R. Specht Joseph C. Stephens Berry L. Stewart John K. Swartzendruber Ramona S. Thornburg Tonn and Blank Construction Kathee Torgersen Union Hospital Urology of Indiana, LLC Mike & Clare Vollmer Dawn Wagenknecht Wal Mart Dr. & Mrs. Gerald C. Walthall Kenneth L. Wessel Dr. & Mrs. William J. Wiseman Patricia J. Wolfla Michele Kuntz Wood Laura A. Wortman Eddie Zumbrun

Anonymous Larry Adams American Business Machines, Inc. Baird & Young, LLC Reba Baker, R.N. Carol A. Barnes Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Beardsley Gina S. Becovitz Jane Bell Marianne M. Benjamin Yvonne Sue Bennett Barbara Birch-Dye Blue & Company Bose McKinney & Evans Keri A. Brantley Mr. & Mrs. David E. Breedlove Jay & Kathryn Brehm Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Brody Maura B. Brotheridge Steven M. Buckley Gary Byrkett Amy Carter Patricia L. Cassidy Michael Cassiero Central Indiana Regional Blood Center Mary T. Cerino-Fettig Elizabeth A. Charnes Dr. & Mrs. Marvin C. Christie Citizens Gas & Coke Utility Drs. Steven A. & Diana L. Clark Linda Bateman Cochran Community Development, Inc. Council of God Ministries, LLC Kathleen Cowden Rebekah S. Cox Paul I. Cripe Charitable Foundation, Inc. Paul I. Cripe, Inc. Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cummings Kathleen L. Davis Delta Dental Plan of Indiana Brian S. Dillman, M.D. Anonymous Marianne Dunkman Peggy Eineman Tanya Eltzroth Valerie Entwistle ERMCO Electrical & Communications Contractors Shirley Fox Mrs. Susan Franklin Dr. & Mrs. William H. Fulton Karen S. Gahimer Toni J. Galyan Rosemary Gravelie Jennifer R.B. Greer The Grennes Foundation, Inc. Grifols Linda Groff Guidant Corporation Shirley & Dave Halterman Niki D. Hendrickson Amy S. Herron Audrey Highland



Hill-Rom Suzanne C. Hinsch Drs. Worthe S. & Marie C. Holt Brenda L. Huckeba Corrine Hull (in Memory of Fran Carman) John M. Hull Indiana Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, Inc. Indianapolis Colts Indy Steel Erectors, Inc. Insty-Prints Iron Mountain Dr. & Mrs. Steven M. James Nancy L. Janes Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Jensen Dr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Johnstone Mark A. Jones Nanette M. Kelley Dr. & Mrs. Donald J. Kerner Richard E. Kinder Dr. & Mrs. Robert Kopecky Brenda S. Krauss Kathryn LaJoie Kathy A. Layne Mike & Janice Leak Lillibridge Healthcare Management Kelli M. Limbach Judy Little Linda Locke Drs. Chace Lottich & Robert Shellman Lori A. Lucas Ginny & Pat Maher Mr. & Mrs. Mark Manning DeAnne S. Maxwell John May Susan J. McCord Patricia Polis McCrory Debra McDowell Ernestine McIntyre Marcia McKinney Dr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Merchun Merrill Lynch Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Nancy Miller Kerry Minnis Armondo Terry L. Monroe Dr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Murphy Nightingale Medical of Indiana Jan Norris, R.N. NOW Courier Nursefinders of Indianapolis, Inc. Christopher I. Obeime In Loving Memory of Van R. & Dorothea D. Ostrander Norva E. Perkins Mark J. & Janet C. Pflum Anonymous Kathy Pittman PriceWaterhouseCoopers PSI IOTA XI Sorority, Zeta Eta Chapter

Pulaski/White Rural Telephone Cooperative Nancy J. Rattin Andrew Rebman Melinda Rebman Joyce Ann Redmon Sandy Reisner Larry G. Rhinehart Sharla D. Rhodes Ruby Rice Suzanne Ritchie Natalie J. Russell Sam’s Club Mr. & Mrs. Eric Schaibley Lorraine D. Schroeder Mary Beth Sears Rebecca A. Semrau Sign Solutions, Inc. Sisters of St. Benedict Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union Sharon A. Spoon St. Francis Pharmacy Robin Standeford Therese Staton Dr. & Mrs. Chester A. Stayton Charles C. Stewart Dr. Barbara & Mr. David Sturm Robin E. Tanner Art Temple Nancy K. Temple Denise Hall Tinkel Lisa Toler, R.N. Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Unholz United Resource Network Universal Hospital Services, Inc. Mike & Rosanna Wagner Diana J. Ward Dr. & Mrs. Bill Ward David Wene Westat Jennifer Westfall Dr. & Mrs. H. Jeffery Whitaker Jean Williams Women’s Health Partnership, PC Dan P. Young

Access Mobility, Inc. Amersham Health Ruth Bailey H. Roger Barksdale Charles Bartley Linda Becker Elaine E. Bedel Bethany Village Nursing Home Dr. & Mrs. J. Brooks Bolton Charles R. Bonick Borshoff Johnson Matthews Brenda G. Bothwell Mary E. Busch Robert B. Bush Michelle Butrum

The Center for Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Anna M. Clark Sherry E. Clouser Comfort Keepers South Betty Conover Myra J. Cook CPL Associates, LLC Daniel Burbrink Trust Fund Sandra Davee DBA Mediawright, Inc. Jenny Deaton Delaney & Delaney, LLC Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Dick James Dix Joanne L. Dotzlaf Tamara Elsner Mr. & Mrs. William Favorite Dianne & Greg Felts Anita G. Gharst Eugene & Marilyn Glick Foundation Sylvia Graves Helen T. Griffin Sharon L. Haggenjos Mark M. Hamilton Noel E. Hancock JT’s Hand Foundation Fran Harper Cathy J. Harris Kittie Hartfelter Martha A. Hatfield Kathy Holmes Home Instead Senior Care Jennifer L. Hooper Don Horn Debbie Hudson Linda M. Hurm Marc Hyde Indianapolis Neurosurgical Diane R. Jacobs Mary Alice Jacobs Kimberly L. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Bob Kappus John Keiffner Mr. & Mrs. Adam Thirion Kindred Senior Care, Inc. Kirby Risk Corporation M. Rebecca Knowlton Dr. & Mrs. Mark A. Lazar Legends of Indiana Golf Course, LOI Barbara Lehman Donna G. Leinbach Deborah A. Lewis Evelyn Lineback Little & Sons Funeral Homes Pam Logan Mr. & Mrs. George M. Long Michael Ludwig Debra Madden Dr. & Mrs. Jack Mail Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan A. Mandelbaum Dr. & Mrs. Karl L. Manders MARC USA / Indianapolis Minon Marsh-Stepp Meridian Nursing & Rehab Center

Peggy Metzler Carol Michel Trudy E. Mick Ms. Beverly Middaugh Colleen M. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mills Mobiltek Medical Inc. Kim Modglin Veachel Montgomery Dr. David Moore & Dr. Mary Beckwith John & Eve Olson Indiana Pacers Jeremy & Lori Pell Donna M. Perdue Vicki Perry Mark & Alice Pershing Kathleen Pielsticker Nancy Pieper Christine Pierle James J. Poole Suzy Powell PPM, Inc. Lisa Pratt Katie Prehara Mary Ann Puterbaugh Laura J. Rader Susie Ragle Bill Rainsberger Tina Reece Annette Schneider Rhine Janet Robling Melissa S. Rockhill Debbie Ross Pamela J. Sanders Richard & Christine Scales Mr. & Mrs. Wayne S. Schmidt Dawn Scott Select Specialty Hospital Kathleen Shickles Stan R. Smith Terry B. Smith Linda E. Spacht Carla Spivey St. Francis Employees Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Stanley Leann Thieman The Travel Agent, Inc. Turtle Creek Residential Care Jeff Wadman Brenda A. Wakefield Regina G. Walters Mr. & Mrs. Philip Smiley Marilyn Whitaker Roberta White Virginia L. Wild Ronald L. Wilkes Janet S. Willhite Jennifer L. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Robert Willsey Theresa Wilson Ruth A. Wright Stephanie Zirkelbach

AARP Brent A. Ables Janie Adcock Michael Alexa Alverno Beech Grove American Art Clay Co., Inc. Americare Home Health Services, Inc. Jill Andrews Susan L. Andry Angels of Mercy HHC, LLC Rhea Archer Katherine A. Armington Julie Armstrong Associates for Womens Health, PC Atlas Supply Co. AutoTire Car Care Centers Ryan M. Ayers Bruce L. Barton Hermine W. Bauchle Daniel E. Bauer James Baumberger Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Beardsley Ronnie Beasley Trina M. Begley Peggy Bennett Jospeh A. Berkemeier Kathleen E. Bethin Ruth A. Bishop Ken A. Bochenski Drs. David & Kristina Box Peggy D. Boyd Shirley L. Bradshaw Gerald & Elaine Braverman Ruth N. Breeden Byron L. Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Jay R. Brill Julia Buckner Building Owners & Managers Association of Indianapolis, Inc. Marion E. Burden Victoria Burk David R. Busch Mary D. Bush Robert W. Butler W. E. Calligaro Lawrence R. Candler Augustine A. Capasso Georgina K. Cardis Caregivers, Inc. Calvin Carey Theresa Carnagua Elizabeth C. Carver Charles Cassinelli Eugene G. Caviston Central Indiana Chapter of Academy of Med-Surg Nurses Jeffrey L. Christie, M.D. Jo & Shelby Christoff Esther G. Clark Roger & Nancy Cole, Lisa, Pat, Jeff & Families Community VNA Home Care Ralph G. Comstock Bobbie Coombs

Jason Cooper Country Charm Residential Communities, Inc. Linda K. Crawley Crestwood Village South - Justu Trust Properties Mr. & Mrs. Justin H. Crowder Dave G. Cubel John Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Cupit Mary L. Curd Anonymous Richard Daggett Linda Daming Brenda J. Danner Donn T. Davies Bob & Vicky Davis Jeff & Lora de Lacey Dr. & Mrs. Gregory K. Dedinsky Delta Services, Inc. Ernest Denham Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Dennison Department of Public Works Dennis O. Dilley Jean M. Dilts Jill A. Doering Brian Donahue Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Donahue Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Doup Mary J. Downing Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Dugan Michelle A. Duncan Vicki Dwenger E. Harper & Son Funeral Home, Inc. Eagle Group, Inc. John J. Ekis Elder Moves, Inc. Walter W. Elliott Daniel J. Elsener Brigid A. Enochs Deborah J. Evans Joseph G. Farro Harold A. Felton Margaret A. Ferry Lillian Fiore Caroline Fisher Jean Fisher Mary A. Fitzgerald James P. Flahive Lisa Floyd Cathy S. Ford Mary L. Forster Mary Jo Fox Michele Frankovich Howard Friedman R. D. Funk Anonymous Rebecca Gamble Brenda A. Gardner Sandy Garmon Mr. & Mrs. Billy R. Garwood Kathy Gateman Leroy Gedek The Generations Project Martha Gentry Dorothy Gerdt



The Bill Gillaspy Family Beth A. Gill-Dilley Elaine F. Gilliam Sue E. Glover Loretta A. Goddard J. D. Gould Company, Inc. Frederick H. Graessle Ralph Graham Elizabeth M. Gregor Kathryn Griffin Pamela S. Griffin Linda Grow Mary F. Halcomb Michael J. Halloran Lena Hannon Harborside Healthcare Marisa B. Harmeson Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Harmon Roger D. Harper Susan E. Hartman, M.D. Ina J. Hatley-Gedek Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County Dean Heavener Mrs. Patricia A. Heidecker Joshua B. Heifetz Emily Hernandez Mr. Michael Hertel & Ms. Joelynn Gifford Perry Herwehe Dr. & Mrs. Horace O. “Buzz” Hickman, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Horace Hickman Helen Hicks Wendy A. Hill Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick M. Hohlt Lois M. Holben Carol Holden Mary J. Hollcraft Frances D. Hollett Home Health Depot, Inc. Homeview Center of Franklin Carla Hopkins Hubler Chevrolet/Nissan Tom & Kathy Huck Tamara Humphrey Robert Hunt Indiana Blood & Marrow Transplantation, LLC Indianapolis Gastroenterology Indianapolis PrimeTimes Irvington Radiologists, PC Julie A. Jackson Donna Jellison Keith Jewell Josefina Jimenez Beverly J. Johnson Kathleen S. Johnson Michael E. Johnson Arthur Jordan Cheryl Joy Patricia A. Judnick V. L. Kavanaugh Joe A. Keck

Connie Keesee Laura Kegerreis Donald Keller Lisa M. Kelly Wayne Kennedy Bonita L. Kenney KENRA, LLC Joyce M. Kensler Mary R. Kenworthy Rhonda L. Kibby Bill & Jennifer Kiesel Donna Kimmel Lynda Kirch James & Vicki Kirschner Dr. & Mrs. Bob Klaasen Jodi L. Kouts Cheryl D. Krueger Robert E. LaJoie Gayle L. Lang Scott Last Nancy A. Leaf Kevin D. & Mimi Leahy Emily A. Lehner Sheri L. Levine Lockheed Martin Information Technology Robert L. Maas John & Barbara MacDougall Margaret Mack Tess Mallery Manor Care Health Services Indy South William D. Martin Mary R. Massey Joseph M. Matis Sandra H. McGovern McKay Manor, Inc. William J. Mead Meals on Wheels Thomas J. Meier Meijer, Inc. Sabrina L. Meyers Charles Miller Rhonda G. Miller Thomas T. Miller Miller’s Merry Manor Marie N. Milner Beth E. Mitchum Mike Monahau Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Moncrief Lisa Moore Stephen D. Moore Marybeth Mueller Mutual Hospital Services, Inc. Carol Nelson Rita K. Newsom James M. Noggle Anonymous Carl M. North Elaine M. Norwood Drs. Chris & Mercy Obeime Office of the City Controller Old IUPUI Budget Office Mildred Orme Kathleen M. Orphey

Rita M. Osborne Linda S. Ostermeier Ruth S. Ostrander Howard R. Owen Anonymous Melvin E. Paris Shirley E. Parris Patora Fine Jewelers Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Perritt Dr. & Mrs. John G. Peters Valerie A. Pflum James Phelps Joseph R. Phillips PMX Excavating, Inc. Maria Pogatsas Diana Poore Amy Presslor Dolores J. Price John Pritchett Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Zeta Sigma Chapter Shirley J. Pyle Dennis Quigley Linda Ramey, L.P.N. Anonymous Bob & Sara Ray Donna J. Reeves Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Resener Michael W. Richard Vicki Roberson Joyce L. Roberts Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Robinson Jackie Robison Claire M. Roembke J. C. Roembke Dr. & Mrs. James Rogge Nancy L. Rohr Judy & Jack Rossman R. K. Russell Joe Sagorsky Pauline F. Saleba Marie Salemi Susan Graves Salluom Beverly A. Salyers Mr. & Mrs. Todd Schaler Mary Grace Schmidt Mary Anne Schubert Barbara J. Schwarzkopf Sue E. Scott SGI, Client Project Group Janice Shipley, R.N. Michael B. Shockley Ruby S. Sigwalt Silver Moon Care Management, LLC. Gene S. Simonsen Patricia Skaggs Mr. & Mrs. Steve Skirvin Slattery &Holman Mike Slosarz Betty Sluder C. D. Smith George Smith Southport Presbyterian Church Southside Pulmonary & Sleep Consultants George & Clara Spaeth Speedway Engine Development, Inc.

Amy L. Spotts Mariss L. Sraders St. Francis Hospice St. Francis Medical Staff Office St. Francis Spiritual Care Services Staff of the St. Francis Hospice Program Kellie E. Stark Annette L. Steele David E. Steele Kari Steele Richard & Evalyn Steininger Tom & Jean Stenger Mary C. Stergar Karen Stevenson Janice Stilts Rita M. Stobaugh H.W. Stoneberger Timothy J. Story Richard Strack Susan K. Stumpf L. Eugene & Nancy A. Summers Michael E. Sutton Steve & Nancy Swallow Anthony L. Swiezy Donna S. Swigart Kimberley A. Swisher Judith A. Taulman David Terek Dr. Eileen & Mr. John Thomason Jacquelynn Tinnerman Briggs Amelia Titsworth Marjorie Tolan Myron B. Trout Don & Diana Troutt Travis P. Tucker Your Tuesday Night Bowling Buddies Tyra & Collesano, P.C. Betty Tyra Kevin Tyra Karen M. Umholz Union Federal Savings Bank University Heights Health and Living Community University Obstetricians Gynecologists, Inc. Wallace L. Van Dyke Robert D. Vane Shenetta VanPelt Tamara Y. Viehe Vision Aid Systems Visiting Nurse Service, Inc. M. Denise Vivian Clare Vollmer W Three, Inc. Martha S. Waas Mr. & Mrs. Gregory K. Wade Wanda Wade Maria Wainwright Dorothy Walker Grace L. Walker Ron & Mary Beth Wampler Deborah A. Weir

Amy Weisenbach Theresa Weisenbach Amy L. Welker, M.D. Ron & Nancy Wells Robert Weppler Russell Werner Dr. & Mrs. John J. Wernert Carl W. West Rhonda Huser West & Family Stephen R. West Janice L. Wheat William R. Wheeler Kathy A. White Mary A. Wietbrock Wigs “We Care” Florence A. Williams Windsor Manor Health Care Gwen Wisler Dr. Thomas & Dr. Patricia Wisler Elsie Wittke Worthington House - 174 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph K. Yacko Dr. Martha Yoder & Mr. Rod Maust Ronald Yoder Shirley J. Young

Nancy E. Abbott The Abshire Ace Forms & Systems, Inc. Ada A. Adair Carolyn Adams Cathy L. Adams Christine C. Adams Garry T. Adams Iska J. Adams John K. Adams His Nieces & Nephews (Marsha Adams) Saundra L. Adams Julia C. Aksamit Forest Albertson John D. Albrecht Ron & Sandy Alexander Forrest Allen Gail & Gary Allen Luther G. Allen Richard Allen Alliance Home Care, LLC Leslie L. Allsup, R.N. Mr. & Mrs. Walker Alte American Legion Auxiliary, #252 American Moving and Storage Association Judy L. Amick AMR, Inc. Abby Anderson Kathryn L. Anderson Patricia K. Anderson Clara E. Andrews Linda D. Angel Danette M. Angerer Doug A. Anson Mark E. Anson

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Ante Peter B. Anzeveno Lisa Arbuckle Anne T. Armbruster H. S. Armstrong Margorie Armstrong Rosemary Armstrong Harold J. Arnold Melissa A. Arnold Roy W. Ash Halum Atchison Dr. & Mrs. Clayton H. Atkins James R. Atkins Mary Lou Atkins Dr. & Mrs. Steven D. Atkins Thomas L. Augustin Cynthia A. Ault Kevin W. Ault Theresa A. Austin Christina G. Ayers Thomas Ayres Mr. Fred Bagg Andrew C. Bailey David J. Baird Mary D. Bakeis Barbara J. Baker Betty Baker George E. Baker Paula M. Baker Ralph E. Baker William A. Baker Victoria L. Balser Eugene Bare Tanis A. Barger Robert B. Barnett Audrey J. Barr Audrey J. Barton Ruby P. Barton Meredith L. Basham Kristina C. Basicker Burt & Laura Jane Baughman Brandy M. Bays Mary R. Beach Rose M. Beard James L. Beasley Katherine A. Beaty Kathryn R. Beavis Steve Beberick Frances R. Beck Charles & Martha Beck Mary M. Beck Michael Beck David & Sarah Becker Gloria H. Beckley Max E. Beckley Robert L. Beeler David E. Beem James R. Bell Andrea Bemis Paul Bender The Benedict Inn Brenda & Jim Bennett Debra L. Bennett Jacquelyn Bennett Marci Bennett


Teresa L. Bennett Chris Berg Paul Berger Diana M. Bergman Bob & Trudy Bernath Alice Betts Beverly Enterprises, Inc. Beverly Nursing & Rehabilitation Walter E. Bevis Bradley L. Bex Julie Bielefeld Diana J. Billman John R. Birdzell Mary Jane Biro James G. Bishop Bituminous Casualty Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bixler Beth Black Susan F. Blackwell Karen L. Blanford Mary C. Blocker Carol Bloir Lila Bobenmoyer Jack & Janet Boeldt Robert A. Boellner Lowell & Shirley Boldt Joe & Linda Boner Martha J. Boren Mrs. M. Boren Cleon C. Bottom Margaret A. Bova Valerie G. Bowling Ray H. Boyce Doris J. Boyer Mary J. Boyles Cheryl A. Boys-Fore Stephen A. Bradbury H.E. Bradley Ralph D. Bradley Randal & Marilyn Bradley Norma J. Brady Terry & Janet Brady James F. Branham William L. Branson Bud & Milly Brehob William Brenton Shirley M. Brewer Patrick O. Brewster Joseph L. Bridgewater Cathy L. Brightwell Doris J. Brinkman Kari M. Britt Candy C. Britton Carolyn L. Brock Joshua R. Brock Leona Brock Mr. & Mrs. Steve Brock Leslie Brockman Barbara Brocksmith Jeffrey S. Brodzeller Bob & Bobbie Brooks Mary L. Brooks Kathy L. Broughton

The St. Francis Society

The St. Francis Society was established in 1996 as a leadershipgiving club representing individuals, corporations and foundations committed to the mission of St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers. Through their generosity, these donors have made an annual gift or pledge of a minimum of $10,000, helping to lead the way to a healthier community.
Abbott Laboratories ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc. Anonymous Patricia Abel Dr. & Mrs. G.L. Ahuja Howard M. Alig, M.D. Carrie E. Anderson, M.D. Teresa S. Armstrong Dr. & Mrs. Clayton H. Atkins Dr. & Mrs. Steven D. Atkins Estate of Margaret Ballweg Bank One, Indiana H. Roger Barksdale Reverend Annette B. Barnes Judy Barry Barth Electric Co., Inc. Dr. John E. Batchelder

Margaret & Andy Brown Ms. Jane Brown & Ms. Virginia Bryant Michael J. Brown Sharon Brown Susan K. Brown Winslow Brown Cynthia E. Bryson Bob & Ann Buccieri Dave Buchholz Jeff & Linda Buckley Jan Buckner Dave Buechlein Lisa A. Buening Sheila K. Buhneing Ruth E. Buis Beverly Bunch Katherine A. Burgess Linda J. Burkhard Stephen Burkhardt Jill M. Burkhart Mary A. Burkhart Brian K. Burton Volly Burton Betty J. Burtt Andrew J. Buse Kathie J. Bush George L. Butcher David & Beverly Butler Charles F. Butler Marcille D. Buuck Carl G. Byrne Rose A. Byrne Charles W. Cain Sandra K. Cain Jacynthia V. Calaway Kathleen M. Campbell Megan Campbell Patricia Campbell Steve R. Campbell Walter Campbell Darrell Candler Ross Candler Darlene K. Cannon Kim & Paul Cantrell Robert E. Card


Cardiothoracic Anesthesia of Indiana, P.C. Deborah J. Carman Gary W. Carmickle Mary J. Carrico William H. Carson John S. Carter Marita K. Carter Diann G. Cary June R. Casey John J. Cashman Joseph F. Casper Thurman D. Cassetty Michael A. Castellanos Mary Catron Sally B. Cekander Center Grove Foot & Ankle Care, PC Central Indiana Camaro Club John & Shirley Champe Kenneth H. Chandler Nancy A. Chandler-Gibboney Georgian Chappell Duane E. Chartier

Baxter Healthcare Corporation Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Beardsley Bell Tech.logix Marci Bennett William J. Berg, M.D. David & Laura Berman Debra K. Berner Borshoff Johnson Matthews Cheryl A. Boys-Fore Jay & Kathryn Brehm Bremner Healthcare, Inc. Bright Ideas Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Brody BSA LifeStructures Dr. Mark A. & Mrs. Karen S. Caldemeyer Cardiac & Vascular Surgery Associates, PC Dr. Steven W. & Mrs. Lisa A. Carr Jeffrey L. Christie, M.D. Dr. & Mrs. Marvin C. Christie Drs. Steven A. & Diana L. Clark Dr. & Mrs. Steven Maurice Clark The Clowes Fund, Inc. Mark D. Cohen, M.D. Paul Corsaro Dr. & Mrs. Gregory K. Dedinsky Dan & Glenda Dennison Kim & James Devine Donald & Marge Dietel Duke Realty Investments, Inc. Stephen R. Dunlop, M.D. Emergency Physicians of Indianapolis, PC Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Emmick Dr. Patrick & Mrs. Lydia Enright ERMCO, Inc. Estate of Joretta Espieg Deborah J. Evans Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation Jack Farr, II, M.D. Drs. Richard D. & Rebecca P. Feldman Joel T. Fennig Margaret A. Ferry James W. Fleck, D.O. Michelle, Andrew & Michael Fry Dr. & Mrs. William H. Fulton Jason & Susan Geddes William & Louise Gervasio Dr. & Mrs. Alan R. Gillespie Barry M. Glazer, M.D. J. D. Graham, M.D. Karen Hein Gregg Dr. Robert S. & Mrs. Darcy A. Griffin, Jr. William C. Griffith Foundation Tanya Hand Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Hanson Dr. Greg & Mrs. Kelly Hardin Amanda Haugh Agnes M. Hawley William Randolph Hearst Foundation Dr. Jonathan E. & Mrs. Elizabeth A. Helvie Michael Hertel & Ms. Joelynn Gifford Dr. & Mrs. Horace O. “Buzz” Hickman, Jr. Drs. Worthe S. & Marie C. Holt

Hoover Family Foundation Tom & Kathy Huck Charles E. Hughes, MD Ice Miller Indiana Community Cancer Care Foundation Inc. Indiana Heart Physicians Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants Indiana Medical Education Board Indiana Members Credit Union The Indianapolis Foundation Indianapolis Power & Light Indianapolis Star & News – Season for Sharing Indy Southside Surgical, PC Marcia Jenkins Jesuit Community Brebeuf Preparatory Keith Jewell Robert M. & Ellen N. Johnson Michael E. Johnson Dr. & Mrs. W. Joseph Johnston Pamela Jones Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kavanaugh Kendrick Foundation, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Donald J. Kerner Bill & Jennifer Kiesel Dr. & Mrs. Donald G. King Mary M. King Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis, Inc. Stephen H. Kliman, M.D. Indianapolis Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Robert Kopecky Irwin N. Labin, M.D. Dr. & Mrs. Frederick R. Lane Joseph & Christina LaRosa Keith & Linda Lauter Kevin & Mimi Leahy Dr. & Mrs. Lorin L. Lee Ruth Lilly Eli Lilly and Company Lilly Endowment, Inc. Connie Little Locke Reynolds, LLP Mary V. Losh Dr. & Mrs. Stephen S. Luther John & Barbara MacDougall Tom, Christi & Mia Malasto Dr. & Mrs. David M. Mandelbaum Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan A. Mandelbaum Fr. John H. Mannion Jeff & Sandy Mara Dr. Robert P. & Mrs. Raye A. Marske Rolla & Kathy McAdams Patricia Polis McCrory LeeAnn R. McGinley Wright Susan McRoberts Meijer Inc. Merrill Lynch Kerry Minnis William R. Montgomery Family in memory of Kathleen A. Montgomery Dr. Jeffrey R. Mossler Dr. & Mrs. Manfred P. Mueller

John & Beth Murphy National Bank of Indianapolis National City Bank NBD Dr. Michael J. & Mrs. Susan C. Need Dick & Barbara Need Ray & Natalie Novak Drs. Chris & Mercy Obeime Mr. & Mrs. Thoburn L. Orme Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Orr OrthoIndy In Loving Memory of Van R. & Dorothea D. Ostrander Pfizer, Inc. Mark J. & Janet C. Pflum Malcolm & Minda Pownall Richard & Cecilia Quade Radiology Associates of Indianapolis, Inc. Mr. Michael & Dr. Angela Rearick Dr. Jeanette P. Reilly The Reilly Foundation The Peter C. Reilly & Dr. Jeanette P. Reilly Foundation Rita F. & Charles F. Ressler Claire M. Roembke Rollins Construction Company Inc. John & Janis Ross Terri Ruff David & Linda Ruskowski Sagamore Health Network, Inc. Richard & Christine Scales Schuster’s Building Products Kelli Foster Searles Drs. Katrina & David Seitz Dr. Nalin M. & Mrs. Jyoti N. Shah Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. Sheets Drs. Robert & Chace Shellman Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. Dr. Russell W. & Mrs. Denise A. Sinn Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Skillman Sodexho Health Care Services Sommer Barnard Attorneys, PC Sisters of St. Francis Health Services Inc. St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers Auxiliary St. Francis Hospital Medical Staff Sally A. Stellhorn Dr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Stern Estate of E.K. Stucky, M.D. Drs. Robert & Patricia Stump L. Eugene & Nancy A. Summers The Swisher Foundation, Inc. Randy & Jennifer Todd Greg S. Torrison Anita Trackwell Shelley D. & Theodore R. Voelz Mike & Clare Vollmer Dr. & Mrs. Gerald C. Walthall Joyce Weliever Roger F. West, Jr., M.D. Dr. & Mrs. H. Jeffery Whitaker Charles E. & Karen L. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Terrance E. Wilson Joyce Yakimicki



Chartwell Midwest Indiana, LLC Patrick J. Chesley Mary M. Chestnut Nadine B. Chipps Keh M. Chou Terry & Jodi Christian Helen Chroniak Church of the Holy Cross Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Cisco James W. Cissell Elizabeth Clade Lyle & Bea Clark Jane Clark Leslie M. Clark Patricia M. Clark Samuel A. Clark Jennifer Claus Leon & Shirley Clements Bette M. Clements Lannie Clemons Susan Cline Cheryl H. Clossey Cloverdale Middle School Club Roland Manor Christopher C. Coats Lisa Cobb Phyliss A. Cody Mabel A. Coffey Gayle L. Cogdill Debra Coleman Laura A. Colgate Douglas A. Colgrove Betty L. Collins Laura M. Collins Susan & Ben Collins Renee Collman Columbus Regional Hospital Auxiliary, Inc. Mary E. Combs Michael Combs Nathan Comer Nancy H. Compton Virginia A. Compton Rosalie K. Conaway Sarah Conaway Brittany Connolly Catherine M. Conrad Janet Conway Debra K. Cook Courtney G. Cooper Robert L. Cooper Dawn M. Copas Catherine A. Coppinger Kathryn S. Corbett Jennifer Corbin Alice Corey Paul Corsaro Mr. & Mrs. John R. Costello Martha D. Covert Co-Workers at Lilly Max Cox Claude T. Coyle Michael & Julie Coyne David E. Crane

Patricia Crawford Rebecca Crawford Critical Care Systems, Inc. Marian Crody M. P. Cronin CSI Electronics Andrea L. Culver Stan & Bev Cummings Barbra J. Cunningham Judy Cunningham Miriam D. Curran Jeanine R. Currans Scott Curren Lisa M. Curry James I. Cutshaw Greg & Julie Daeger Rosemary L. Daeger Benjamin D. Daggett Kathleen N. Dalesio Alisa L. Daniels Renee S. Daprile Carolyn Davis Evan L. Davis Fred Davis Lisa Davis Louise Davis Pearl Davis Ronald H. Davis Anonymous Henry De Witte Dana DeBaun Karen Decatur John W. Deckard Lisa K. Deckert Defense Finance & Accounting Services Amanda J. DeFrance William D. DeHaven DeInda D. Dellacca Delphi Specialty Publications, Inc. Lisa DeMais Margaret Demien Heather Denger Dan & Glenda Dennison Alene G. Denny George R. Denny Dental Associates, L.L.C. Linda Deputy Aurora Deshdeepak Norma Deutsch Scott DeVoe Karen DeWitt Joan Di Michele Mildred L. Dickinson Thomas Dietz Robert F. Dilger Melba Dilk Margo L. Dill Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Dill Garnet Dillingham The James Dimos & Family Lynette J. Disch Barbara A. Dishno Paul B. Dits Janet Ditslear Tom D. Dodd

Mr. & Mrs. Luis Dominguez Robert E. Donica Jim Dora Andrew P. Doran Patricia Dorman Duaine B. Dormer Betty J. Dorsey Susie L. Doughty Robert L. Downey Richard K. Downing Gilbert G. Downton John F. Doyle Lou Ann & Bob Doyle Al & Carol Drake and Family Rudy & Virginia Driver Warren O. Druetzler William Dubois Lance E. Duke E. G. Dulin Ann L. Dunaway Sarah Dunn Christopher M. Dupont Thomas E. Duwel Missy Dwyer Mr. & Mrs. Glen W. Dych Eastside Dental Clinic, Inc. Francis R. Ebenkamp Paula D. Eck Urban Eckert Elizabeth Eckler Mary E. Edwards Pat Egenolf & Family Paula Sue Egenolf Sally Elder Elizabeth Eldridge Bonnie K. Ellinger Beverly S. Elliott Brooke Elliott Gloria B. Ellis Paul J. Elsbury Tracy Elson June E. Ely William L. Emberton Rachel A. Emenhiser Sabrena England Richard & Stephanie England M. Jeanette Englehart & Janice Gray Frances A. English Mark English Jerry & Jacque Ennis Delores J. Enoch Jo Ann S. Ernst James B. Evans William S. Evans Jana Everett Pauline E. Eversole G. P. Eveslage Randy & Korryn Fairman Mary Falkenberry Keith Farrand Jim Moody, Bev Felton & Zach Mr. & Mrs. Clinton E. Felton Mary & Joel Fern Carol J. Ferrante Thomas W. Ferverda

Edward J. Fillenwarth David Finegold Lola M. Finn Mary J. Finneran First Separate Baptist in Christ Church Mary Fischer Carol S. Fishburn Judy J. Fisher Mary Rose Fisher & Russell Hanson Chris & Darlene Flake Toni M. Flamion Flatrock River Lodge, LP Virginia L. Fletcher Corey M. Flick Ronald J. Flora Vicky L. Flora Geneva Floyd Jim & Ronna Flynn Alta K. Ford Perley A. Ford Rosanne Forgione Elizabeth A. Foster Four County Comprehensive Mental Health Center, Inc. Linda K. Fox Marianela D. Fox Fraternal Order of Eagles, Ladies’ Auxilliary Amy Fredericks Ronda Freije Jill M. Friedland Joyce A. Friel Judith L. Frizzell William H. Frosch Wesley J. Fry Janet E. Fulk Arvina J. Fuller Patsy Funk Sharon, Adam & Nathan Fuss Carol A. Gaffney Maryann Gallagher Don Gallaher Garry Garcia Mary G. Garnier Dave & Jackie Garvey Robert & Helen Gasper Rebecca B. Gastel Mary A. Gates GBIP Security Stewards Jason & Susan Geddes Leon Gelman Patty George & Rick Newman Mr. & Mrs. Dale Geren Mr. & Mrs. Glen Geren Mitch Gersh Amanda Gersten William A. Geshwiler Judith Gibson Theresa D. Gibson John P. Gill Vivian S. Gill John E. Gilliland

Sue A. Gilroy Marvin Ginn Florence Gioe Phillip Gioe George E. Gladding Mary E. Gladson Lori K. Godbee Winnie Goelz William Goff Darren W. Goins Marcy Goldman Marge Goodrich Wanda Gordin Edward Gordon Wanda Gordon William R. Gordon Thomas R. Gore Kathie L. Gose Mary L. Grable-Dale Mr. & Mrs. Carl Grandey Helen Grandey Mr. & Mrs. Tim Grandey Charles H. Green Fern M. Green Roberta Green Greenwood Health & Living Community Greenwood Village South William R. Grider Arden Gridley David W. Griebel Christian & June Gries Dawn Griffin Jill & Mike Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Randall D. Griffith Sherri Grigsby Patricia J. Grimm Rita Grubb Francis S. Gruey Thomas Gryzbek Lloyd Gudorf Alma B. Guinan Elizabeth M. Gunn Rosemarie Gust Sandra A. Gutzwiller Helen J. Haag Joe & Art Haag Mark & Marilyn Haag Sue Ann Haffner Cathleen C. Hagans Mark A. Hagee Stephen L. Hair Mary J. Halfaker Edgar W. Hall John Halter Mrs. Mary Halter William J. Ham Keith Hamilton John D. Hammond Kathleen Hannibal Jerry & Peggy Hannigan Hannon Hutton & Associates, P.C. Oddie Hannon Ruth E. Hans M. Susan Hanscom Roberta L. Hanscom

Bob & Sharon Happe Kathy A. Hardey Robert E. Harmon Sharon Harrell Neil R. Harrington James W. Harris Jeffrey R. Harris Peggy L. Harrison Gary E. Hart Hart Marketing Inc. Rosella Hartley Geneva E. Hartman Judy Haupt Dave, Pam, Katie & Evan Hauser Carol Hawk Christy Hawk, R.N. Margaret F. Hawkins Rebecca Hawkins Lyle R. Headington Josephine Healy Laurence J. Healy Hearth at Prestwick, LLC Julia Heathman Karen A. Heavener Betts Heckman Tammy L. Hege Greg & Deanne Heidrich Angie Heinzelman Barbara Hejnowski Jon Henderson Rose L. Henneke Jennifer & Larry Henry Pat Henson LeRoy C. Hentrup Deborah Hentz Heritage House Convalescent Center Olive Herron Russell Hersberger Dawn M. Hershberger Laura L. Hickey Peggy A. Hicks Dana Higgins Laura L. Hildebrand David L. Hileman Jane Hill Krsitie L. Hill Wilma Hill Peggy Hinchman Robert Hinds James P. Hinkle Delois M. Hinton Merry L. Hirt Elva M. Hively Helen C. Hochgesang Helen M. Hodges Mrs. Kim Hodges Beverly Hogan James E. Hogan Julia M. Holdorf Jacqueline L. Hole B.A. Holt Gary L. Holt Susan Holtsclaw Mark A. Holtzlander Lois & Norbert Holzer



Louella Hood Margery A. Hood Michael R. Hood Charles M. Hoover Roger & Betty Hopper LeAnne Horn Mr. & Ms. Thomas “ Thom “ Horn Gary L. Horney Gladys Hostetler Ms. Suzanne H. Hostetter Kendall L. Hottell Cheryl D. Howard Margie L. Howard Sue & Tom Howell Dr. & Mrs. Brian C. Howse Debra Huber Marilyn Huber F.W. Hubler Veronica M. Huck Rebekah L. Hudson Christine M. Huffman Sheila G. Huffman Kelli M. Hughes Ethel Humphrey Rebecca Hunt Susan Hunt The Hurley’s Mary A. Hurst Alan Hutchens Robert C. Hyatt Judy Hyden Karen E. Hyfield Richard Hyra Hubert H. Hyten IAAAA Education Institute Ron Ice Kevin Idzi William Imel Indiana CWA RMC Indiana Masonic Home, Inc. Indianapolis Business Journal Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association Ronald Ingels Nancy L. Ingram In-Home Care Network, LLC Janice M. Isbell Cynthia Ison J. Everett Light Career Center J.A. Benefits Christopher Jackson Maurice J. Jackson Lynn M. Jacob Kimberly D. Jacobs Rita D. James Mildred Jarboe Dorothy Jarrell Charles F. Jarvis Betty Jaynes Linda J. Jenkins Joseph & Debbie Jensen Pat & Elaine Jerrell Beth A. Johnson Carol S. Johnson

Catherine Johnson James E. Johnson Janet S. Johnson Ken & Anne Johnson Mary Beth Johnson Mary K. Johnson Nadine Johnson Patricia Johnson Tom & Crystal Johnson Doris M. Johnston Timothy W. Johnston Jessie Jolly The Jones Family: Georgia, Kim, Kevin & Darrell Chuck & Beckie Jones Christopher A. Jones Clovis H. Jones Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Jones Pamela Jones Louise Jones-Mills Kenneth Joostberns Rose Marie Joralemon June A. Jorgenson Charles D. Joseph Thomas L. Kail Frances Kaiser Becky & Bob Kaiser Bill & Joan Kammler Jeanette Kannapel Kimberly Kappes Fred & Elsie Kapsch Joseph T. Karmanowski Therese Karwowski Troy I. Kassing Pearley E. Kauchak Donald E. Kavanaugh Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kavanaugh Mary M. Kavanaugh Jennifer N. Kedra Kevin Keegan Deana Keen Dessie H. Keen Robert E. Keene Barbara Keister D.L. Keith Janet Keith Albert G. Kellar Mr. & Mrs. William Keller Jo A. Keller Norma Keller Stacey Kelley Scott Kello M. J. Kelly Marquita Kelly Todd Kemmerer Agnes C. Kennedy Dorothy L. Kennedy Pegg A. Kennedy Teresa J. Kennedy Dorris L. Kent Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Ketron Phyllis Keyes Margaret A. Keyler Phyllis M. Kidd Anna M. Kiefer Thomas J. Kiefer

Michelle A. Kieffner Kindred Healthcare Operating, Inc. John P. Kindred Dr. & Mrs. Donald G. King Horace A. King Jeanine D. King M. K. King V. A. King D. C. Kingsbury Stacy Kinnett Douglas M. Kinser Bernadine E. Kinslow The Kirk Family Patty Kirkman The Frank Kistner Family Nancy Kitchen Larry W. Kizer Paul N. & Joan L. Kjeldsen Shane Klee Joe & Rita Kleemann Sarah B. Kloenne Edward R. Knapp Patricia W. Knapp Thomas R. Knarzer Ronald Knoy Charles Knust Earl Knust Kay F. Koch Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Kocher Rita Kocher Mariann Koeneman Marvin E. Kolp Cynthia Koltcz John R. Konkle Steven F. Kordesh Paul & Diana Kouts Thomas & Mary Kouts Russell & Sara Beth Kouts Shirley Kowalisyn Carol Koziczkowski Martha K. Kraft Myra K. Kratz David F. Kress Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kriech Clarence Kroeger Donna Lacy Mary M. LaFlower Gene Lakey Richard W. Lally Ron LaMaster Dorothy Lambert Pattie Lambert James A. Lamping Patricia M. Lamping Hazel Lancaster Aloha Landwerlen Jean W. Landy Byron A. Lane Sona M. Lange Thomas J. Lannan Gail Larkin Michael L. Lathrop Leslie D. Lawrence Laura J. Lawson Pam Lawson Anne L. Lear

Irene Leavell Matthew Lecher Gary & Carolyn LeClaire Bonnie L. Ledenican Juanita Lee Gerard Lehner Carol S. Lemons Cynthia Leonard Walter W. Leonard Norman Lepper Joseph P. Leskow Joseph S. Leverett Joann T. Levi Mrs. Charles Levin Opal M. Lewellen Mary F. Lievertz James D. Lighty Chrystal L. Likens James R. Lindeman A. S. Lindsey Mandy Lindsey Ruth Lindsey-Donaldson Charles W. Link Robert J. Linn Connie Little Agnes Litzelman Tina Lockhart Rosemary Looney Jo Lorenz Maria A. Lorenzano Cheryl A. Louks Deeanna Loving Loyal Mothers Class of Englewood Christian Church Lisa A. Luebkeman Ronald Luther Kathie Lyon David L. Lytle Mary Maberry Penny S. Mabie Mr. & Mrs. Thomas MacKean John E. Mader Diane J. Magdaleno Ernestina A. Maio Tom, Christi, Mia & Camille Malasto Garry B. Malnar Rodney L. Manns Dorothy F. Mariutto Nancy C. Markland Norma Martin Stan Martin Frank & Mary Mascari Robert L. Mason Kathryn R. Massengale Amanda L. Massey Kathryn Massing & the Ladies in the Auxiliary Workroom Editha A. Masters Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mathus Shawn Matney Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. Patricia L. Mayer Robert W. McCartney Janet S. McCarty

Mr. & Mrs. John M. McCarty Bridget L. McClellan Diana R. McClure Robert McClure Janie McClusky Jenny R. McCollom Doris L. McCombs Richard L. McConahay Mary J. McConnell Deborah McCullen Megan S. McCullough Candy McDonald Debbie & Adrien McDonald Gregory L. McDonald Jack H. McElfresh Shirley A. McElfresh Ray P. McElroy Monica M. McFarlin Nancy E. McGaughey Dayna McGinley Roberta McGovren Eileen McInnes Bobbie McIntire Alberta C. McKay Geriann M. McKay Michelle McKnight Norma McKnight Donald E. McMahon Margaret A. McMahon Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Mel McNairy Kori McOmber Steven C. McRoberts Michael McTarsney Evelyn Mears Jean S. Medenis Michelle Medsker Susan E. Meece-Hinh Ray Melcher Brenda Melton Mary P. Mennel John & Janyce Merz Gary L. Metcalf James D. Metz, Sr. & Family Isaac J. Meyers Reva Michealree Midwest Concrete Pumping, Inc. Carol I. Mielke Barbara J. Mieras Gail Mikesell Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Miles Carol L. Miley Arnold E. Miller Jeff Miller Mary A. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Miller George R. Milne James R. Minder Melody L. Mink Patricia Mitchum Laura L. Monk Angela K. Moore Karen Moore Rebecca Moore Harvey & Rosemary Morehouse Jeffrey Morgan

Karen S. Morgan Maxine Morgan Sandra Morningstar Patrica A. Morozowski Kim Morrison Patrice Morrison Pauline R. Morrison Morristown Manor Don Mosby Fred & Marti Mosemiller John J. Moskal Mitzi Moss R. G. Mosser Richard Mouradian Paul E. Moxley Linda K. Mulcahy Olive M. Mullis Doug Murphy Melanie J. Murray Martha A. Myers Nancy Myers Steven R. Nading Janice Nagy National Association of Railway Business Women Rusty Neal Elwood Neff James L. Neff Anna L. Neidhamer Jeffrey W. Nelson Ronald F. Nelson Chuck & April Nemeth Jamie L. Neu Rebecca Neuman Junnie C. Nichols Doreen Nickerson James Nickolas Berniece C. Nolting Debra Nordholt Mr. & Mrs. Dean North Mr. & Mrs. Floyd North Gloria North Jack North Mr. & Mrs. John North Mary A. Norton Osas Nosa-Idahosa Oaktown Christian Church Mark N. Obergfell Rita M. O’Brian Mary L. O’Bryan Andrea Ocker Cecilia A. Oder Off The Record Research, LLC Sharon Ogan Sherry L. O’Hara Carolyn R. Ohlsen Olinger Distributing Co., Inc. Dorothy I. Olsen Denise Olson Barbara, Dan & Dana Orr Dana Osswald Claire E. O’Tain Our Lady of Fatima Golfers (K. of C.) Frank & Patte Owings Andrew J. Ozlowski


Holly Page Richard E. Palmer Lena R. Panyard Doris E. Paprich Colleen M. Parker Hank Parker Harold & Phyllis Parker Crystal Parks Frank Parks Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Parrish Bonnie Parsley Kenneth P. Paschall Gilbert Pate Ruby H. Patrick Helen J. Patterson Tom & Sharon Patterson Charlie & Diana Paul Mary A. Pavlides Frederick C. Peaper Paul E. Pearson Shirley Pease Mr. & Mrs. Oliver R. Peavey Peerless Pump Company Minnie Pellecchia Fusako Penner Donna J. Pepper Jenny S. Perry Mary L. Peters Kimberly Peterson Kathleen Petrere Richard T. Peyton Ann Pfeiffer Fred Pfenninger Bertha M. Pfisterer Wilma I. Pheifer Ralph, Harriette & Steven Phelps Phi Beta Psi Sorority B. J. Phillips Joyce Phillips Karen A. Phillips Mildred L. Pickens Judith L. Pieper Kristopher W. Pierrot Ted & De De Pierson Rita M. Pilarski Mr. & Mrs. Roger Pippenger Brinda A. Pitcher Pattie L. Pitchford Jane A. Pitz Bob & Jeri Plake Mr. & Mrs. Paul Plake Don & Kathleen Plake Pleasant View Lodge, Inc. Duane Plumlee James & Pat Poe Virginia G. Poletunow Ryan L. Polk Monica Ponce Leo Pope Ruth A. Pope Kevin J. Porter Lee Poulimenos H. E. Power

Preferred Home Health CareVincennes, Inc. Donna L. Prendergast Maribeth Presnal Elaine A. Price Melody S. Price Primo Banquet Hall Howard L. Pritchard Larry J. Pritchett Progressive Home Care Services Virginia Prokl Tamara L. Prosser Christine Pruitt Public Access of Indianapolis, Inc. Helen M. Puskarich Rachel & Ron Putnam Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Pyatskowit David A. Pyle Richard & Cecilia Quade Richard A. Quade Beth A. Quarles George J. Quigley Gregory D. Rafanelli Richard Rager Francis E. Rains Joyce A. Raker Carol Ralstin Cindy Rambis-King Judith D. Ramey Linda A. Rancour Kelly S. Rathje William C. Rathjen Nancy A. Rausch Shanna D. Rawlins Jenny, Brad & Calvin Raymer Erin M. Records Martha Reich P.J. Reichel Roy E. Reid Gerry Reker Tara L. Rembusch Rosemary Renn Kristina D. Renner Research Data Design, Inc. Michelle Reuille Ralph J. Reynolds Robert L. Reynolds Shirley Reynolds Mary & Lucian Rhodes Debbie Rice Marjorie J. Rice Ada M. Richard Lyle Richards Robert F. Richardson Samuel E. Richey Patricia M. Ridenour Amy Rievley Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Rigelman Right At Home Dan Riley & Ann Forey Sherry A. Riley Don & Sally Risser Pauletta M. Rist Nancy D. Rivera Nancy J. Rizzi


Linda M. Roach Margaret Roach William Roady Mr. & Mrs. Lee Robbins Loran W. Robbins Lynn Robbins Carole L. Roberts Jack & Marilynn Robertson Marilynn Robinson Dr. & Mrs. Donald L. Rockey James W. Rodarmel Sharon A. Roeder Rose M. Roelle Janice L. Roevekamp Peter Rogan Bernadette Rollison Ann M. Romanski Sandra L. Ronan Larry J. Roop Julia A. Rose Pete Rose Helen G. Rosebrock Maria Rosenbohm Harold & Milllie Ross Mary V. Roth Rose L. Rousopoulos Carla Rowe Phyllis M. Royer Nellie M. Ruble Martha R. Rucker Elaine M. Rueff Robinn R. Ruff David Ruhmkorff Jackie Runion Arthur H. Rupersburg Joan E. Russell Terry Russell Dorothy E. Ryan Shirley A. Ryan Sue Ryan SAFECO Larry & Sue Sahm Roberta J. Salada Anonymous Natasha J. Salyers Mark & Linda Sample Rachel Sappenfield Florence & Mary Patricia M. Scarpone Heinie & Thelma Schakel George E. Schaub Anthony J. Scheidelmeier Vincent Scheller Stanley D. Schiffli Karl F. Schilling Angie & Louis Schlegel Betty L. Schmaltz John Allen F. Schmitt Kenny Schnell Donna J. Schnittgen Lois A. Scholl Jo Ann & Fred Schramm Richard J. Schroeder Ronald L. Schumake Joyce Schweiss John N. Sciarra

Billie J. Scott Bradley J. Scott Judith E. Scott Seals Ambulance Kelli Foster Searles Don & Karen Seay Robert S. Sedam Loretta B. Sederis Steve Sego Angelina M. Seibert James L. Seibert Anna V. Seipel Kleo M. Selby George W. Selke Marshall M. Sellers Paulette Sellers Senior Home Companion of Indiana, Inc. Sepracor Martin Sermersheim Michael P. Serviss Julia A. Shafer Carole & Richardson Shanley Mr. & Mrs. John R. Shannon Marlene M. Shapley Betty Sharp Ronald E. Sharp Cathy A. Sharrer Connie L. Shaw David J. Sheehan Annette Sherer Mary F. Sheridan Allen L. Shew Donald E. Shimer Janice K. Shives David L. Short Jo Ann & Donald Short Kristen M. Short Michael G. Shotts Lowell A. Shroyer Jack D. Shumate Hubert & Shirley Silcox Gisela Silguero Catherine L. Simmerman Karen Simpson Dorothy L. Sisson William Skinner Jennifer Skobel Harold M. Slager Tom Slemons Eric Sluder Amy L. Smith Andrea Smith Cheryll A. Smith Cynthia J. Smith Gail E. Smith J. D. Smith Jennifer Keller Smith Judith A. Smith Julie I. Smith Kathy Smith Leslie M. Smith Mary C. Smith R. B. Smith

Randall W. Smith Thomas Smits David B. Smock Elizabeth S. Snelz Angela M. Snyder Denise K. Snyder Helen Snyder Susan Solomon Norman Sorge South Grove Intermediate School Southport High School Rosemary I. Spearing Sandra K. Spence Earl L. Spencer Patsy W. Spencer Ms. Sherry L. Spencer Linda M. Spice Gwendolyn M. Splinter St. Francis Coding Compliance Department St. Francis Hospital Medical Staff St. Francis Human Resources St. Francis Lab & School of Medical Technology St. Francis Surgery David & Jeanine Stace Marilyn Stafford Walter Staford Ron & Misang Stalzle Paula Stanfill, R.N. Marvin W. Stantz Myrea Starrett Gerald F. Stawick Joel L. Stearns Doug Steele Sue M. Steelman Stephen D. Steiner Matt & Lori Steininger Phyllis Steinmetz Sandra Stephens-Arbuckle Brian W. Sterling Sarah Sterrett John Stevens Sandra L. Steward Diana E. Stewart Henry Stewart Shirley M. Stickney Bruce Stickroth Anna E. Stilwell Jim Stilwell Richard B. Stokke Fred E. Storer Barbara Story Scarlett Stout Joseph M. Straatman Clora Strange Julia E. Streer Christina Stricker Beverly G. Strode Sharon L. Strong Barbara L. Stuntzman Frances B. Sturges Kari Suhr Fred & Barb Sullivan Bobbie L. Sullivan Louise C. Sullivan

Marion S. Sullivan Cynthia & Christian Sum William F. Sum Marian C. Sunier Ron & Nancy Susemichel Nellie A. Swartz Rosemary Swiezy William F. Swingler Diane I. Switzer Terri Swoveland David Syrus Ed Szczepaniak Pam Tabler Karyn Tackett Mary K. Talley Evelyn B. Tandy Cathy A. Tanner Michael J. Tapp Mr. & Mrs. Terry Taskey Carolyn Tate Dessie L. Taylor Paul J. Taylor Robert W. Taylor Shannon M. Taylor Temple-Inland Display & Packaging Temple-Inland Foundation Ter Horst, Lamson & Fisk, Inc. Cathy L. Terhune Jason R. Tester Mildred G. Thacker The Monday Night Bridge Club Elizabeth A. Thomas Elvira C. Thomas Frank J. Thomas Nancy Thomas Adrianne Thompson Antonette J. Thompson Danielle M. Thompson Glenn E. Thompson Jill Thompson Jane Thrasher Jacqueline Thurman Mary Tipmore Mr. & Mrs. Richard Titus Andrea Walker, Lee & Ted Tobias Jackie Tondreault Marika E. Tosi Pearl B. Town Michael Trieste Bobby G. Trinkle Frank L. Trout Pearl M. Tucker Tim Tucker Tulip Street Christian Church Mary A. Turner Amy Tworkowski Jean Tygum Kathleen M. Tynan Lynn & Joann Tyner Gerard R. Tyra R. K. Tyson Bonnie B. Uber Chad Uebelhor John M. Uhrig Roger C. Underwood Sammye J. Underwood


Ann M. Unversaw Carolyn M. Upshaw Janet L. Vails Beatrice Van Deventer Pam Van Dyke Wayne & Deloris Vandenberg Michelle L. VanDusen Vitalis V. Varpsaleitis Deborah L. Vaught Versailles Baptist Church Veterans of Foreign Wars of United States Joe Voeller Bernard D. Vogel Florence Voirol Michael & Janice Wade Mr. R. Richard & Carol Wade Robert & Betty Wade Wilma Wade Larry & Judy Wahlman, Calvin & Marilyn Goodpaster, Roger & Vicki Short Walgreens Walker & Associates Insurance Charlotte Walker Jennifer Walker Susan M. Walker Joan F. Wallace Joy L. Wallace William L. Wallace Elaine Wallington Norbert Wallington Charlotte R. Walters Dale Walters Robert L. Walters Linda C. Wampler Julie A. Wamsley Nancy J. Wamsley Bob & Sandy Ward Lori & Paul Warner Shree Warner James Held & Rhoda Warren Anita R. Watkins Evelyn T. Wattam Roy & Earlene Watts Kathleen M. Waugh Mary F. Weatherly David G. Webb Judy K. Webb Mary Beth Weber Jeff & Pam Weber Benjamin W. Webster Elizabeth J. Webster Bernard Weidenbenner Thomas Weilhammer Jean A. Welborn Welcome Credit Union Patricia Welker Nancy M. Wellman Wellpoint HR Pearl K. Wells Shirley M. Wendling Paul & Cathy Wessel


David W. Westerhold Westminster Village North Gus Weymire Carmen D. Whalen Jack E. Whalen Marjorie R. Wheatley Brenda Wheeler Mary M. Wheeler Sue A. Wheeler Norma J. Whiffing David C. White Donise L. White Mary A. White Samuel L. White John C. Whitmore Barbara Whitsett Andrew Wiesman John F. Wiggins Carol B. Wilder Mickey J. Wildin Stephen J. Wilkey Don Wilkins Cheryl E. Williams Donna J. Williams Jim & Connie Williams Judith Williams Laurrie C. Williams Linda M. Williams Susan Williams Terri A. Williams Don B. Williamson Mary F. Willis Mireya R. Willis Olga T. Willoughby Dawn R. Wilson Kathryn M. Wilson Melanie L. Wilson Dr. & Mrs. J Winckelbach Eileen Windhorst, Marjorie Barnes & Robert Windhorst Angeline Winegar Edna S. Winn Doug & Shelley Wiseley Roy & Loretta Withem Carol S. Witthaus M. J. Wolfe Renate A. Wolfe Martha L. Wolfla Sherri & Kevin Wolsifer and Family Gary L. Wombles Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Woodall, Sr. Gary Woodell Mr. & Mrs. Eldon C. Woods Harold E. Workman Carolyn A. Wright Paul & Peggy Wright Rick Wright William S. Wright Mary L. Wroblewski Tim & Barb Wycoff Philip A. Wyss Winfield P. Yahn Wu-Kuang Yeh Susan S. Yoke Beth A. Young Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Young

Karen Young Ron & Mary Youngs K. Zarse John Zetzl Robert Zimmerman Teresa Zuccollo Isola Zuckschwerdt Bob, Marilyn & Jesica Zuckschwerdt

The 1914 Charter Club

The 1914 Charter Club was inaugurated in 1999 to provide an opportunity for St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers employees to demonstrate their own leadership in giving. Members of the Charter Club pledge one hour’s pay per pay period for a minimum of one year. Charter Club members may also choose to donate their PTO (paid time off) hours.

Anonymous Armondo Leslie L. Allsup, R.N. Berniece Ashley Reba Baker, R.N. Donna M. Barksdale Bruce L. Barton Jane Bell Barbara Birch-Dye Brenda G. Bothwell Keri A. Brantley Jane Brenton Marianne Brewer, R.H.I.T. Jeannette D. Brush Steven M. Buckley Gary Byrkett Amy Carter Patricia L. Cassidy Michael Cassiero Elizabeth A. Charnes Sherry E. Clouser Barbara Coulter Kathleen Cowden Rebekah S. Cox Sandra Davee Kathleen L. Davis Linda Deputy Brian Duensing Sandra DuPriest Janis Dwyer-Curtiss Bethany Edwards Peggy Eineman Tanya Eltzroth Dianne & Greg Felts Linda S. Fletcher Shirley Fox Susan Franklin Karen S. Gahimer Mitch Gersh Douglas Gioe Myla L. Graham-Boggs Rosemary Gravelie Sylvia Graves Jennifer R.B. Greer Sue Ann Haffner Noel E. Hancock Cathy J. Harris Christy Hawk, R.N. Agnes M. Hawley Betts Heckman Amy S. Herron Vicky Hime Suzanne C. Hinsch Jennifer L. Hooper Brenda L. Huckeba Corrine Hull (in Memory of Fran Carman) John M. Hull Robert Hunt

Mary Alice Jacobs Nancy L. Janes Kimberly L. Jenkins Mary Beth Johnson Mark A. Jones Therese Karwowski Ann Marie Kavanaugh Richard E. Kinder Thomas Klages M. Rebecca Knowlton Rebecca Koenig Brenda S. Krauss Kathy A. Layne Mike & Janice Leak Jill K. Leslie Linda Linville Judy Little Linda Locke Pam Logan Debra Madden Tess Mallery Mr. & Mrs. Mark Manning DeAnne S. Maxwell John May Michael McClernon Debra McDowell Marcia McKinney Colleen M. Miller Nancy Miller Kim Modglin Terry L. Monroe Veachel Montgomery Therese Moore Jan Norris, R.N. Osas Nosa-Idahosa Holly Page Sandy Patton Jeremy & Lori Pell Donna M. Perdue Mark & Alice Pershing Kathleen Pielsticker Kathy Pittman Katie Prehara Mary Ann Puterbaugh Charlie Randolph Sarah Randolph Andrew Rebman Melinda Rebman Joyce Ann Redmon Sandy Reisner Annette Schneider Rhine Debbie Rice Ruby Rice Suzanne Ritchie Margaret Roach Janet Robling Natalie J. Russell Terry Russell Mary Anne Schubert Mary Beth Sears

Rebecca A. Semrau Terry B. Smith Karen Smithers Mr. & Mrs. R. Specht Therese Staton Berry L. Stewart Karyn Tackett Robin E. Tanner Art Temple Nancy K. Temple Nancy Thomas Ramona S. Thornburg Denise Hall Tinkel Dawn Wagenknecht Mike & Rosanna Wagner Sherri Walker Shree Warner David Wene Virginia L. Wild Janet S. Willhite Jean Williams Jennifer L. Williams Theresa Wilson Patricia J. Wolfla Michele Kuntz Wood Laura A. Wortman Dan P. Young Stephanie Zirkelbach


Ambassadair Ashley’s Gifts Dr. David J. Black The Bonefish Bar & Grill Bright Ideas The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Clear Channel Outdoor Coca-Cola Enterprises Mr. Douglas A. Colgrove The Dairy & Nutrition Council, Inc. Dick’s Sporting Goods Dr. Christopher B. Doehring Expo Design Franklin Township Fire Department Games Preserves Gerdt Furniture Hewlett Packard Dr. Worthe S. Holt Howl at the Moon Indiana Fever Indiana Repertory Theatre Indiana Sports Corporation Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Indians Indianapolis Marriott Downtown Jonathan Byrd’s Cafeteria Marsh Supermarkets, Inc. Ms. Patricia Polis McCrory Tim McDonnell Med-Care Accounts Service, Inc. Napoli Villa Restaurant National Wine & Spirits O’Charley’s OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. Palomino Patora Fine Jewelers Pentera, Inc. Mr. Mark J. Pflum Piazza Produce Ms. Dianna Porter Mr. Mike Resener Mr. John E. Ross Mr. Anthony San Pietro Select Specialty Hospital Simply Organizing, Inc. Skyline Club Sodexho Health Care Services Speedway Police Department St. Elmo’s Steakhouse St. Francis Employee Assistance Program St. Francis Sleep Center Stone Creek Dining Superior Auction Dr. James M. Thompson Valle Vista Country Club Mrs. Dawn R. Wagenknecht WYJZ / 100.9

St. Francis Health Foundation Board of Directors
Jay Brill, Robert Brody Jefferson Brougher Marvin Christie, M.D. Ron Collier Gregory Dedinsky, M.D. Christopher Doehring, M.D. Luis Dominguez Tanya Hand Michael Harrington Pamela Hickman Erik Johnson Arthur Jordan Rex Joseph, Jr. Kevin Kavanaugh Donald Kerner, M.D. William Kiesel Patricia McCrory Beverly Middaugh Frederic Mills Eve Olson, M.D. Mark Pflum Malcom Pownall Sister Marlene Shapley, O.S.F. Nancy Summers Patzetta Trice Gerald Walthall, M.D. Michael Watkins Tom Zupancic


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