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6th Grade Parent Letter


									August 19, 2010

Dear 6th grade parents and guardians:

Welcome to Grant Beacon Middle School, home of the Griffins. It’s a joy and a privilege to be working
with the 6th graders. Our experience with them during the 6 th Grade Academy was positive and enjoyable.
The 6th graders demonstrated that they know how to be respectful, follow instructions, complete their
homework, and work collaboratively. They learned the basic rules and expectations of our school and most
of the rituals and routines of various classes. They will be learning more during the next few weeks. Thank
you for your part in the 6th Grade Academy’s success. You should be proud of your children and of
yourselves as parents.

Education can be compared to a three-legged stool. One leg represents the teachers, the second one, the
students, and the third one, the parents and the community. Take away one of those legs and the stool will
not stand properly. In other words, your role in your children’s education is just as important as the
teachers’ and the students’. We can’t do it without you! You can support your children’s academic success
         1- by making sure they’re on time to school every day,
         2- by equipping them with necessary school supplies,
         3- by checking that they complete their homework every evening (students will have homework
         Monday through Friday in Reading and Language Arts, Monday through Thursday in
         Math, and once a week in Social Studies),
         4- by encouraging them to participate in school activities, and
         5- by motivating them do their very best in every class.
Grant Beacon’s primary mission is to prepare students to be successful in High School so they can then
pursue a college career of their choice. Let’s work together to ensure your children’s well-being and
academic success as they embark on this journey toward college.

A reminder: An important intervention that we will continue to implement this year is that if
students are tardy to class, or if they don’t complete their homework on time, they will have to stay
after school (until 4:00 pm) to work on homework or classwork. After school interventions will begin
Monday, August 23.

Following are greetings and important messages from the 6 th grade teachers:

This year Mr. Mike Fink’s and Mrs. Ziegler Zimmerman’s classes will be working together closely. The 6th
graders will spend time in both of our classrooms, so we can better target instruction to specific areas for
growth and improvement, as well as enrichment. They will need to bring their portfolio (math binder) and
math book home in order to complete their homework. The portfolio is divided into five sections, including
class work, toolbox, vocabulary, homework, and assessments. If students need help with their homework,
they can reference the related class work, strategies in the toolbox, and relevant vocabulary in the
corresponding sections of their portfolio. As a parent, the most important help you can provide is to get
your child talking about the math. You can ask questions about the work and have your child explain what
he/she understands and doesn’t understand. You can also have your child show you the related class work
and compare it to their homework. Please check every night that your child’s homework is neat and
complete. In addition, we will be hosting after-school tutoring sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from
2:30 p.m. until 4 p.m. for students who are not meeting Essential Learning Goals. We will send a note
home with your child if he/she needs to stay for tutoring.

Sixth grade geography will be taught by Ms. Ingram, Mr. Welty, and Mr. Croghan. In this course, students
will be engaged in work that requires them to see the world through a geographer’s eyes. The class will
study various world regions to explore physical and human landscapes. By using the geographic inquiry
process, students will be better prepared to participate as global citizens. It is important to note that your
student will be assigned homework in this class every Wednesday to be due the following day. For more
information, please don’t hesitate to use the school website or log on to
My name is Clarissa Miclat and I will be your student’s science teacher for their sixth grade year at Grant
Middle School. I taught seventh grade science for the past three years at Grant along with sixth grade this
last school year. I am looking forward to the fun I will have with your student this year. I am excited about
the discoveries that your student will make in the study of Earth Science. I wanted to ask you, if you could,
to provide two sources of personal contact information. A space has been provided for this at the end of this
letter. An e-mail address and a work or home phone number would be the best. I want to keep the lines of
communication open this school year so that I can best meet the needs of your student. Thank you for this
opportunity to work with your student and I look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions or
need to contact me my e-mail address is or by phone at (720) 423-9400.

Sixth grade reading teachers include Mary Aflague (, Jacob benEzra
(, Sally Clode (, Fred Hesse (frederick_hesseIII@, Elsa Pla (, Shannon Styers (, and Valerie
Wickwar ( Reading in all subjects will be a main focus for the year.
Students will be expected to read in class and at home daily. They will have an opportunity to select their
own reading material from an exciting variety of newly purchased classroom books and from our school
library. Self-selected books will motivate students to read independently. Grant Beacon Middle School
teachers work towards identifying the skills and abilities of each student, in order to ensure that students are
reading at their appropriate level and growing in their reading and thinking skills.

Language Arts:
Mary Aflague (room 213) and Elsa Pla (room 216) will be teaching 6 th grade Language Arts this year. Our
curriculum’s foundation is the Colorado Content Standards/Benchmarks for Language Arts. We will be
using the College Board SpringBoard curriculum for our lessons and will be supplementing the teaching of
grammar and usage with resources such as WriteSource and Academic Workout. With SpringBoard,
students read deeply and develop the critical-thinking skills needed to emerge as successful readers,
writers, and thinkers of the 21st century. SpringBoard’s mission is the same as ours: to inspire, connect,
and prepare all students for secondary and college success. Students will have homework Monday through
Thursday, which they will take home and return in their yellow homework folders. Teachers will stay in
touch with parents through homework calendars and parent letters. Please check the homework folders for
these. Mrs. Aflague’s email address is, and Ms. Pla’s email address is Also, log on to for writing resources and tips.

Physical Education:
Greetings from Mr. Berghorn. The 6th grade Physical Education classes are going to be exposed to the
following units: frisbee activities and frisbee games, jump rope activities, wall ball, shuffle board, fitness
activities, bowling, cage ball activities, Tchoukball and Bonkerball. Students will be given the rules as well
as the strategies for the activities. Students are required to wear a Physical Education uniform everyday to
Physical Education class. The uniforms are for sale in our school store. The cost of the uniforms is $15.
The trunks are $7, with the T-shirt costing $8. Students are not required to buy the uniform, but they must
bring a white T-shirt from home, as well as a pair of black trunks, white socks, and a pair of tennis shoes to
Physical Education class everyday. Each student will be issued a combination lock which is to be turned in
at the end of the trimester. The cost of the lock is $6 if not returned.

Art will be taught by Mrs. Judy Klimek. In 6th grade art you child will have experiences with a variety of
media, art history, and techniques. Your child needs to have a sketchbook, preferably wire bound. They
last longer, and it should take them through the 8th grade. I believe you can get these at Wal-Mart, and
occasionally you might find one at the dollar store. I look forward to sharing my love of art and my
experiences with your son or daughter. Contact me at
Technology: Check out Ms. Jansen’s wikipages at

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call (720-423-9360) or visit the school.
Back-to-School Night has been scheduled for Thursday, August 26, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. We hope to see
you all then!


Alex Magaña (principal) and
6th Grade Teachers


Please complete and sign this portion and return it to your child’s science teacher:
Mrs. Clarissa Miclat.

Personal Contact Information:

1) _____________________________________________________________________


Parent Signature:__________________________________________________________

Name of Student:_________________________________________________________

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