Taking Care of Your New iPad

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					Taking Care of Your New iPad
We all know that the main reason Apple is the most loved computer company nowadays is because of
the fact that they produce the most durable gadgets among all companies. You know that you do not
need to sell your iPad 1 because it has a life span of more than five years. Even if an iPad’s screen is
broken, it is likely that it will still work. However, even the most durable gadgets can still be unusable if
the owner is reckless and does not take care of it. Moreover, we all know how we did not eat for months
in order to have that expensive gadget. So, we have to take care of it so that we can make the best out
of it. Although an iPad does not require that much maintenance unlike personal computers, we still have
to take care of it. So here are some tips on taking care of your new iPad.

Clean It

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as the saying goes. If you clean your iPad, you avoid damage and
overheating. You can also enjoy your iPad more if you clean it. However, you have to turn off the iPad
first before cleaning it. You must also unplug the charger and anything that is plugged into your tablet
PC. Also remove the protective case. Some cloths can cause some minor scratches on the screen so it is
advisable that you use a microfiber cloth or any screen cleaner to clean the screen. Please avoid any
solvent products such as regular household cleaners or even water to clean your iPad. They might get
into the smallest crevices of your iPad, damaging the internal circuits. If the solvent is specially made for
the iPad, then you can use it. Moreover, do not spray directly on the screen. Spray the solvent unto the
cloth to prevent moisture from getting inside your iPad.
Protect It

No, you do not have to always hold it to protect it from harm. You can just buy a quality protective case
for it. If you protect it from damage, you can be assured that you will not have to sell your old iPad
someday. You can buy the Smart Cases produced by Apple, but there are a lot of cheaper brands out
there that can offer utmost protection for your iPad.

Remove Unused Apps

Sometimes we are so impulsive that we download apps more often than we need to, especially if it is a
free app. But too many apps can use up the memory space of your iPad. Remove the apps that you do
not need. Moreover, try to clear the multitasking bar of apps so that you minimize the chances of your
iPad crashing.
Update Your iPad

Updates are really important for gadgets to keep up with the fast-developing world of technology.
Moreover, updates usually give you new features for both apps and security. They even deliver you fixes
for problems in your iPad. Stay updated so that you do not have to worry about security flaws and
computer bugs.

Do Not Overheat It

If you keep overheating your iPad, it will permanently damage its battery. Not only that, it will also
affect the internal components of your tablet. Balance the temperature of your iPad between 32 and 95
degrees Fahrenheit whenever you use it. Removing the case before charging the battery will also help
avoiding overheating. Moreover, never EVER leave your iPad in a car. You know when you leave your car
and return to it afterwards? The low humidity of your car suffocates you when you get in. Well, it will
also affect your iPad.
Take Care of the Battery

The problem many people hate the most is when the battery is in bad condition. Having a bad battery is
equal to the impending death of your iPad. Most people sell their old iPads once their batteries are
going down the drain. However, you can avoid it. Try to charge your battery to full capacity once a
month and drain it completely afterwards. If you are planning to store it and not use it for more than six
months, make sure you drain the battery first. If you are to use it again after a long period of not using
it, charge it fully first before turning it on.

Take care of your iPad. For some people, it is very personal because it contains important files. If you
take care of it, you can be assured of its best performance for a long period of time.

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Description: We all know that the main reason Apple is the most loved computer company nowadays is because of the fact that they produce the most durable gadgets among all companies.