jungle smarts by craigbarrett


									                    The Jungle Smarts-
                   Overview of Activities

          Activity         Description       Resources           Comments
   1 Feather a Parrot     Use crepe       Crepe paper        Children to work
    Visual/spatial       paper balls     PVA glue           in pairs for this
   Interpersonal         to cover a      Feather a Parrot   activity
   Bodily/kinesthetic    parrot           sheet
                                          Take it away
   2 Build a Terrarium    Make a          Fish tank or       Children help to
     Naturalistic         terrarium to   soft drink bottles   plant the
     Bodily/Kinesthetic   show a          Plants,ants,       terrarium and
     Interpersonal        typical        worms                discuss the
     Visual/spatial       rainforest      Soil,ash,sand      different plants
                          habitat        and charcoal         and animals that
                                          Glad wrap          may be inside.
                                          Spray bottle of
   3 Nature Window        Make a          Leaves             Consider WHS
     Naturalistic         pattern with    Waxed lunch        when using the
     Visual/spatial       leaves and     wrap                 iron.
     Mathematical/        include an      Cardboard
     logical              environment    strips
     Verbal/linguistic    al message      Felt pens
     Intra personal       on boarder.     iron
   4 Paper Recycling      Recycle         Paper              Imprints can be
     Naturalistic         paper using    recycling kit        made on paper
     Bodily/kinesthetic   paper kit.      Used paper         at drying stage.
     Interpersonal                        Blender
                                          Bucket
                                          Drying boards
                                          Glitter, herbs
    Jungle Smart 1 - Feather A Parrot

 With a friend, Use the crepe
  paper in the box to scrunch the
  different colours.
 Glue on to the parrot picture with
  PVA glue.
 Cut out and hang on the jungle

   Jungle Smart 2 – Build a Terrarium

 Use the materials to build a
  rainforest environment.
 Colour the terrarium picture
  and label with the words in
  the box.
      Jungle Smart 3 – Nature Window

 Collect leaves from the garden and arrange
  them on the waxed paper. (WAXED SIDE
 After an adult helper has ironed your
  creation, use the coloured cardboard to
  make a frame to hang it up.
 Write an environmentally friendly message
  on your frame with the felt pens.

    Jungle Smart 4 – Paper Recycling

 Use the paper recycling kit to
  make paper out of the pulp in
  the bucket.
 Tear up some more paper for
  the next group.
 Make an ice block stick jigsaw
  by following the instructions
  on the card.
The Jungle Smart Reflection Sheet   Name:_________________
         Activity                    Feelings        Comments

              Feather a Parrot

               Build a Terrarium

               Nature Window

                Paper Recycling

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